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License To Drive
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  • 80's movies!
    If you are a child of the 80's and if you remember being a teenager, this movie is for you! Its hilarious and great movie in general. You know that great feeling when you first get your license and everyone wants you to drive them anywhere? Well, that's what happens in this movie, except the driver's test wasn't passed! OOPPPSS! Its a great movie though~I don't like to give to much away, you'll just have to see for yourself~ ...more info
  • Australia bound?
    This is the funniest movie ever made! The story line is so clever and the cast pull it off so brilliantly. If only this movie was available in Australia to buy on DVD because i have been waiting for ever!...more info
  • Fantastically funny, brilliant movie!
    I just have one question. WHY, WHY, WHY, in the name of the all the powers that be, is this movie not yet on DVD??? I was about 15 the first time I saw Licence to Drive and, apart from finding it an absolutely brilliant move, I also fell instantly in love with Cory Haim! I'm now in my 20's and I'm dying to add it to my DVD collection and for the last couple of years I've been checking the internet regularly to see if it's been released on DVD but still no luck! This is a movie that anyone of any age can enjoy and it's a crime that it seems to have been forgotten about....more info
    Thiz iz One oF ThE GREATEST 80's Movies EvEr MaDe..aN u Think They WouLd HaVe iT OuT oN DVD By NoW...BUTTTTTT THEYYYYY DONTTTTT...WHYYYYY Whyyyyy NoT PuT Thiz Great Funny 80's Movie oN DvD aN make aLL The License To Drive FaNz HaPPy!!! pLeaseee PuT iT oN DvD...Cory Haim an Cory Feldman RULE!! PLEASEEE PuT Thiz oN DVDDDDDDDD!!!!...more info
    This movie is GREAT! Definitely a "must-have" for the 80's fan! I'm so excited about this DVD release, I've been looking for this movie since forever and it was out of print, this is definitely GREAT!...more info
  • License to Drive
    Watch Video Here: License to Drive is a classic movie. It stars both of the two Corey's from the 80s. So Corey Haim failed his drives exam in the movie, he lies and tells is parents he passed. They pressure him into taking the car out for a spin but says "NO" so his parents think that something is going on. He takes a girl out on a date in his grandfathers Cadillac when he has no license! Les Anderson (Corey Haim) pretty much ruined his life after the night is over! ...more info
  • 80's in nutshell
    The Corey's second best film behind Dream a Little Dream, but this is definately them at their funniest.You know in Ferris how everything seemed to go his way , well the Corey's go the opposite way. If you ever snuck out at night and were doing things that now would land you in jail just to be wild and be a teenager this is for you. Things never went right for me on those nights and the Corey's are no acception. This is a hilarious ride through 80's hair, music, and clothes with a great cast.(Heather Graham's first) Also if you liked this check out the 90's version called Trojan War....more info
  • "Get into my car"(and into my DVD player, hehe)
    after many years of waiting License to Drive is finally coming to DVD. The DVD will have some nice extras,(commentary, deleted scene, interviews and trailers) I can't wait to dump my worn out VHS tape....more info
  • Classic 80's movie - I LOVE it :-)
    I still love this movie. I don't watch it all the time, but occasionally I love to take a trip down memory lane and watch this classic comedy. It's so cool. Corey Haim wants his license, doesn't pass the test, but still takes the car out to go on a date with his dream girl. You can imagine the trouble he gets himself into. It's one of the movies he teamed up with the other Corey and it's their best together. It's so funny - even though now, some of the humour is a little dated. But it has that great 80's feel. I wished they made movies like this again today. Anyway, you have to watch this. It's also got the great Carol Kane (who is so funny) staring in this as Haims mother. Watch the special at the end and see how the guys look today and hear what they said about what was going on during the making of this film. I'd give this 10 stars if I could....more info
  • Feldman keeps the movie honest.
    Caught this one on HBO back when I was a teenager and of course it cracked me up. The humor is totally in your face and you just got to kind of enjoy it. But "LTD" is no great shakes and could have been insufferable.

    Corey Haim is the straight man and let me tell you this kind can't act. His character has the lamest development (none) and his big adventure is nothing but a procession of gags. Thank God Feldman shows up to breathe some life into the film and rescue it from falling apart under its cliche-ridden self. The guy has charisma and an honesty about him that I really like. Goonies are good 'nuff 4 me.

    So, in the end, License to Drive is mild teen fare that deals with a major hurdle for the kiddies in a sympathetic way, replete with requisite super soft-core T&A and foul language. It narrowly escapes joining the ash-heap of impotent 80s teen fare that we grew up with....more info
  • The Perfect 80's Film
    The Perfect Light Hearted 80's Film
    I can't help but smile when thinking of film and television icons from the 80s. From The Dukes of Hazzard to Knight Rider, from Max Headroom to Magnum PI. But there were two actors who's body of work pretty much sums up all that was wonderful about the 80's-- Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. License To Drive (1988) is a GREAT film that stars both the Coreys when they were in their prime. With great hair and great 'tude they made this film an unforgettable timestamp of the era. Haim plays Les Anderson who like every high school kid has two things on his mind--cars and girls. But Les doesn't have the hots for just any girl, no, he has his eye on the most beautiful girl in his high school [played by the one and only, Heather Graham.] He finally scores a date with her, but needs to get his Drivers License first. Well, this is where the real fun begins. License To Drive really has it all. It's good clean teenage fun start to finish. With a totally killer soundtrack and extras to the max, the DVD is well worth your time. Crank up the sound and fasten your seatbelt because you are in for one hell of a ride.

    Also Recommended: The Breakfast Club, Can't Buy Me Love, Say Anything, Sixteen Candles...more info
  • Finally coming on DVD
    This movie is great and Anchorbay is releasing this movie on dvd on April 19 2005. I can't wait for it to come this movie brings back so many good memories....more info
  • The best 80's movie ever
    I hope that they put this movie on DVD because it is the best 80's movie ever. It was made when Cory Haim and Cory Feldman were at there all time best. Put this movie on DVD...more info
  • No thanks dad, I already have a Mercedes ; - ).
    Corey Haim and Corey Feldman star in this totally hilarious and great 80's teen comedy flick, this was a favorite movie of mine when I was a kid and it doesn't get better than this. I decided to check this out since I was feeling abit nostalgic and I was surprised that the film turned out to be just as good as I remembered, both the Corey's managed to pull off surprisingly good performances and they both rocked (which is not saying much) and its also nice to see a young Heather Graham in her first role ever I think although I'm not sure but she still looks gorgeous, anyway the film's about a teenager named Les Anderson played by Corey Haim who decides to sneak out for a date with a hot chick named Mercedes (Heather Graham) in his grandfather's Cadillac, see the only problem is that he failed his written driver's test and had to lie to his parents and friends but that doesn't matter since he doesn't want to miss his date with Mercedes so alot of hilarious stuff happens including the scene where the drunk guy steals his car while listening to Grandpa's top ten lol this scene had me laughing so hard, oh and watch out for an early role from Judge Phillip Banks from the Fresh Price Of Bell Air and another scene where Les Anderson (Corey Haim) picks up his friends Dean (Corey Feldman) and Charles and go to a drive-in diner called Archie's and they end up in a huge fight with some older guys, hilarious stuff!. This is all typical 80's silliness and was a bit absurd but it was still great and very entertaining. Well what else can I say? I loved it and thought it was a cult classic, make sure you watch this as a double feature with The Lost Boys its more fun that way. ...more info
  • Great 80's Flick!!!
    I'm an 80's child and I grew up watching Corey Haim. This is one of my favorite childhood movies and it will make you laugh the whole way through it!!! I think this is an excellent movie for kids who are going for their license and an all around good family movie!! I'm so upset that this is not on DVD yet, I would love for my own kid to see it!! Somebody PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put this movie on DVD!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Great movie!! Really takes me back to the 80's!
    This movie is great fun. I remember watching it quite a few times when I was a kid, and it is just as good now with this edition on DVD.

    Interviews with both Corey's let you know a lot about what happened between the two of them and how they became friends. Only disappointment is that Corey Haim comes across as a real stuck-up snob type of person. It makes you want to slap him because he seems so pompous.

    Corey Feldman was great to watch and he hasn't changed much in the last 18 years. Still a great movie and I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed it when it was first released....more info
  • Classic Corey/Corey/80s Movie
    You know you rushed out to see this if you are a child of the 80s. The Coreys team up with Heather Graham (in one of her first movies) to take you on a typical 80s adventure. A must have for any fan of the genre or the Coreys. Definately worth the sticker price....more info
  • Where is the DVD!!!!
    This is one of the best movies from the 80's, and it still holds today as teens can relate to it's story and characters. Funny as well, this great movie shouldn't be sitting around on VHS, but rather should be shining on DVD. PLEASE SOMEONE GET THIS MOVIE TO DVD!!! =0)...more info
  • this movie should be on dvd
    all i have to say is when i was younger this was one of my favorite movies. i would love to see it on dvd as well as all of the corey and corey movies b/c i love them!! i don't think i am alone when i would say that i would buy the corey movies on dvd...more info
  • put this movie on dvd
    i think movie like this one an other need to be put on dvd license to drive i like that movie alot make you laugh all the way though it wish they make more movies like this one like lot of the older movies should be put on dvd...more info
  • Bring it on the DVD
    This is one of my childhood favorite movies and I'm surprised that it's not released on DVD and there are other movies that wasn't half as good as this movie that are released on DVD's, this is one of the underrated teenage comedies of the 80's and this movie is about a 16 year old Les Anderson (Corey Haim) who is trying to get his driver's license and he wants to go out on a date with the beautiful Mercedes (Heather Graham and this was her film debut) and he wants to impress his friends Dean (Corey Feldman who puts in a great performance) and Charles (forgot who played him), later at the party Mercedes asks Les out for a date that night and he is ecstatic and that was the day when he has his driving exam but things didn't turn out the way it plans for Les cause he failed his driver's exam and he lies to his parents (Richard Masur and Carol Kane who also put on great performances) that he passed and Les's father is a guy reaching middle age that is trying hard to deal with insanity and the parent's find out about him failing his driver's exam and the father grounds him for 2 weeks, later that night Les sneaks outside in his grandfather's classic 1972 Cadillac Sedan Deville out for a joyride and picks up Mercedes and goes out for a thrill of a lifetime, but unfortunately Mercedes gets all drunk and he picks up his friends Dean and Charles and what happens later on in the movie is frightening but hilarious and it'll make you cringe and laugh at the same time, but I won't spoil the details....more info
  • 2 Coreys One Heather = Super Movie
    20 years ago (1988) I caught this movie in $0.99 double feature local cinemas in Portland OR. Didn't expect much, but as soon as the lights go out the fun starts. It is funny from beginning to end. 20 years later (2008) I bought this online and since quite familiar with the movie contents, I decided to watch it with Audio commentary (Director Greg Beeman and script Neil Tonkin) and what a blast. These guys are a lot of fun. The movie itself still funny after all these years. Just a little note, this is the debut for lovely Heather Graham.

    I left out the summary for this movie as it has been described in lenghty details by other reviewers but I have to say that this DVD is a must own. The movie is funny, the audio commentary is a lot of fun to listen to. The Dolby 5.1 is ok and the picture is generally good. No complaint in both departments. A must own for any age. HIghly recommended. Go and buy it....more info