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Pushing Tin
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  • simply put - male ego
    i love the runway scene with billy bob and john cusack !!
    i named my team after the line: "...she's a bit of a saucemonster..."
    i liked this movie.
    unlike a previous viewer, this movie is funny every time i watch it.
    it is simply entertaining and what else do you watch a movie for??...more info
  • This is a comedy?
    I own this movie because it came as part of a box set. I'd never heard of it before and didn't know anything about it, but eventually decided to watch it. I've tried to sit through it twice now, but can't seem to make it. It's supposed to be a comedy, but it's just not funny. I don't think I more than cracked a smile through the first 45 minutes. I kinda skimmed the rest of it, but I just didn't get it. The only things funny about this movie are that someone thought it was a good idea, and that idiots like me actually own it. Save your money....more info
  • Couldn't wait for it to be over
    This is one of those flicks that had me changing the display on the DVD player from "Elapsed Time" to "Remaining Time."

    As I pilot, I found the ATC communications to be refreshingly authentic, although I can't vouch for the behavior of the controllers. (And I most certainly hope that the previous reviewer was kidding when he said the portrayal of the TRACON environment was realistic.)

    The whole plot drags on and on, without much in the way of twists or diversions. The characters are flat, despite the best efforts of the actors, and the script is bland in addition to being fairly unbelieveable.

    I gave this one two stars only because I was able to stomach watching it all the way through, although I can't say I enjoyed it. I can't even recommend a rental here.

    If you're a Cusack fan, you'd be better off buying "One Crazy Summer."...more info

  • Smooth Flight, Crash Landing
    Ohhhhhh boy. What to say about this one? All the reviews have mentioned the polished, terrific cast and the clever direction so I'll leave that be for now. This movie had me, hardcore for the first 45 minutes or so...the gorgeous transition from "The Zone's" POV to his mind's eye view is beautiful (and slightly underused)and the cast really had me. Then enter the neuroses, the competition, the "human" story of the ATC - the battered, bruised, stressed warriors of our skyways - plus the whole rigamarol between warring hotshot controllers and their wives and egos and bla-bla-bla....and well, you have a damned fine film that nosedives into the worst ending since "Jade" (it really sucks terribly). Thornton is super: spectral and friendly, inviting and foreboding. Cusack is, as usual - great, even when the plot and dialogue belie the humanity he brings to the Zone. Blanchett has a Lon Chaney like flawless transformation from Britain to Jersey and Jolie just lays me out with her painful honesty and simplicity (see: the sipermarket scene in this film)...I just wish that the stunning prescedent set in the first hour or so was maintained. All in all - a good rental - but don't buy this damned thing....more info
  • A Great Film!
    I'm reading a lot of reviews dogging this movie, but I must strongly disagree. I don't know anything about the airline business, but I've gained a whole new respect for ATC's. I found this movie to be a fascinating study of primal male rivalry in its purest and most basic form. I cannot think of another actor who could have portrayed the character of Russell Bell with greater entrancing, hypnotic elegance than Billy Bob Thornton. Ladies, if you like Billy Bob even a little, you would love him in this movie. Aside from the eyeball rolling reconcilliation between the Falzones at the end, this movie was surprisingly unpredicatable, highly entertaining, brilliantly acted by all, and quite a refreshing change of pace. It's also one of those movies that's better the second time around, in some spots things happen so quickly subtle nuances can be missed. Lighten up and enjoy it for the sheer entertainment it provides....more info
  • Why was this made? Avoid at all costs!
    I thought it sounded quite interesting, plus, I seem to be going through a serious Billy Bob phase at the moment, and it's the film where he & Angelina met, and got married. And then divorced.

    The first half hour of the film is quite interesting, if they'd kept it up throughout it wouldn't have got a 1 star rating from me. I found it very interesting that all these guys are in control of the planes in the skies, and how close they can come close to making a mistake. Thank God I'm not going on a plane anytime soon!!! But unfortunately, it went downhill, and I have to admit, I find John Cusack the most boring, uninspiring actor behind Clive Owen. He just has nothing to him. Emotionless, expressionless.

    Now Billy Bob is an entirely different matter. This guy is cute. He's nearly almost completely deadpan during what I did watch of this, and the one time I caught him smile, I saw a guy I know in Billy Bob. But he has more hair ;) If only he stayed like this in real life. He scrubs up well for films, then is a scruff in real life. Him & Angelina were the only saving graces about this film, but even then I couldn't even watch it all.

    Angelina is definitely looking good in this, she has really cute hair, and a cute fringe to boot. She knows she appeals to both men & women, and shows it. She speaks incredibly quietly in this, there's none of her usual sassiness showing.

    I'm just not sure what it was about this film, that I didn't like. It just seemed to go downhill, and be the same old, same old after a while. I gave up (which I seem to be doing a LOT lately on films, my mind keeps drifting to bigger & better things), and I'm not sure whether to keep it or not. If I do keep it, it'll be purely for the couple of shots, where he reminds me of someone. It's not worth the resell value though....more info
  • decent
    Pushing Tin is a strange movie. It's a mix of romance comedy and drama. It actually does a fairly decent job of showing the viewer why relationships are important. It wasn't really a funny film to me personally. The segments that were supposed to make me laugh didn't work, and I was just waiting for the drama bits to come in. The first 30 minutes of plot were basically nonexistent, with me just wondering why *nothing* is happening. Eventually a storyline is created, if you're a patient person willing to wait for it to come.

    Maybe I laughed at some of the cruel moments, which made me feel bad. The final 20 minutes of film were truly really good moments of creative writing and made the movie a worthwhile purchase. I should have seen the ending coming a mile away, and yet, I didn't. I forgot all about *something* Billy Bob's character had a fascination with, so it was a nice surprise to see how they managed that particular spot to fit into an excellent storyline segment.

    Overall, decent, but not something you'd want to see more than once or twice....more info
  • Not that great
    This movie is predicated on the premise that Air Traffic Control is an interesting job. About halfway through, the filmakers abandon the exitement of the control room for a plot about adultery and revenge. The characters are really uninteresting. John Cusack should be embarrassed for hamming it up as this guy who thinks he is macho because he's an Air Traffic Controler. Or is he an Air Traffic Controller because he thinks he is macho? Australian actress Kate Blanchette, whose best known role before doing this movie was Queen Elizabeth I in "Elizabeth," here plays Cusack's wife as a setrotypically dull middle-class American who doesn't really do that much. Her talent is completely wasted here. The main interest for this movie is that Billy-Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie seem to have first met while making it, resulting in there breif, yet highly publicized marriage.

    Somebody else who reviewed this for Amazon says this movie is a comedy. While I admit there is some comic relief, it never occurred to me that this movie was ever meant to be a comedy....more info
  • Pushing Tin
    Having seen this film in a theater, I bought it for a friend who is an airline executive. It can be wonderful -- if a little scary -- for the frequent flyer....more info
  • Zen And The Art Of Air Traffic Control
    Nick Falzone (John Cusack) is at the top of his profession, the number one air traffic controller servicing one of the busiest airports in the U.S.A. Nicknamed "the zone" he is the epitomy of focus and control. This need to be the best is not restricted to the control tower, but permeates every aspect of his life. At first it appears that Nick is the master of his own destiny, unbeatable in everything he puts his mind to. That is until a fellow employee breaks down on the job and Russell Bell (Billy Bob Thornton) is hired to replace him.

    Russell may be new to this particular airport, but he has a reputatiion amongst fellow air traffic controllers that has reached almost 'urban legend' proportions. Known as a maverick, a headcase, a lunatic, but also a brilliant air traffic controller, rumor has it that Russell was fired from his last job for laying on a runway in front of an oncoming 747. Whether truth or fable, Russell is given a second chance and his reputation as a highly skilled controller is evident from his first day on the job. Nick realizes his position at the top of the heap may be in imminent danger.

    Hoping to study his new rival in a different setting, Nick invites Russell and his wife to his home for a company party. Up until now Nick's wife Connie (Cate Blanchett) had been considered the prettiest wife amongst co-workers. However when Russell's wife Mary (Angelina Jolie) arrives at the party it becomes immediately obvious that a new consensus of opinion has been reached. Now the competition really begins.

    Nick's obsession for outdoing Russell escalates. Russell on the other hand plays along with the pretense of competition while remaining unattached and emotionally undivested in what the outcome may be. You see Russell has already passed through his own "dark night of the soul" and has overcome his inner demons. He has no further need or desire to prove anything to anyone. That of course is what bothers Nick most of all. For a man like Nick one of the major benefits to winning and being number one is the acknowledgement of defeat from your opponent. For Russell there is no defeat, for there was no competition.

    As Nicks' life disintergrates around him Connie moves out after learning he slept with Mary. He eventually suffers a nervous breakdown and is given a leave of absence from his job. Alone and emotionally shattered, his once famous ability to focus and control every situation has been called into question. His only hope now is Russell, someone who has already been there. Russell shows him the folly of his obsession and points him towards a new perspective of reality. To fully embrace this new way of life a rite of passage is required, one that demands trust and bravery. Will Nick have the courage to see it through to the end?

    Marvelous script, extraordinary cast with great chemistry (Billy Bob and Angelina married shortly after completing this film) and witty dialogue. A movie to be enjoyed over and over again. ...more info
  • "You have one little mid-air and you never hear the end of it."
    The life of New York City air traffic controller Nick Falzone (John Cusack) is stressful enough until super controller Russell Bell (Billy Bob Thornton) arrives. Nick gets a little too close to Russell's wife Mary (Angelina Jolie, who met future ex-hubby Thornton on the set of this film) and hijinks ensue. A number of scenes show the controllers at work, although real controllers no doubt spend much more time looking at their screens than the characters in this movie. Watch for the scenes that show how Russell has a special fondness for wake turbulence. ...more info
    John Cusack. Angelina Jolie. Billy Bob Thornton. Cate Blanchett. Jake Weber. How did such good actors get in such a lifeless, pointless movie? Basically nothing more than a testosterone competition between Thornton and Cusack, the movie isn't funny and its dramatic attempts fail because the characters are so shallow and unlikeable. Director Mike Newell blew this one, folks....more info
  • Pushing Tin 2009 DVD
    I purchased this new release of Pushing Tin because the 1999 version was not Anamorphic widescreen and 2:31:1, very annoying on a widescreen monitor. I had hoped that the new version was being released in Anamorphic widescreen, but to my disappointment; it was not. Besides a few new extras, the DVD is EXACTLY the same as the 1999 version. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME BUYING THIS DVD AS I DID!...more info
  • Don't waste your time
    Sure, Pushing Tin has a great cast, but the script they're working with is flat at best. I kept waiting for the film to generate some energy or some thrills or some laughs, but it never happens. The sappy Hollywood loves-story "lets make up" ending is a real eye-roller. The DVD picture quality is first rate but apparently the studio didn't think the film was worthy of adding any extras....more info
  • Third Time Around...Lost It's Charm
    The first time I saw "Pushing Tin", I remember smiling and laughing and commenting about what a good movie it was. A couple of years later, I found it in the bargain bin of my local video store and remembered how much I liked it, and bought it on VHS. During this second viewing, my mind wandered and I think I was doing my grocery list in my head. But..I still held onto it for some reason. Maybe my mood just wasn't right for it at that time. So here it is, another couple of years since my last view, enough time past so that it should play fresh to me. It was the big moment, do I want to upgrade this film to DVD now? Alas, I didn't even make it through the entire film. By this third time, it had definitely lost the appeal it had years ago.

    A great ensemble cast, including John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton,Angelina Jolie and Cate Blanchett(no lack of talent there),and a fun story, it just lacked that "take me somewhere else for a while" quality that makes a film stand up to repeated viewings time and again.

    Here's the story. The setting is a building on Long Island, New York. Air Traffic Controllers work the busiest skies in the world. Three busy airports have planes coming and going. It's a job that requires great skill and a level head. Millions of lives are dependent on the expertise of this group. And they are a tight knit group. They even hang together with their families outside of the "office". Nick Falzone(Cusack), is obviously, the leader of the pack. He's the guy with everything. The coolest head at work, brings in the flights perfectly("I got em lined up lock Rockettes"), the prettiest wife, a great house and car, can sink the most free throws, etc etc....

    Enter a new Controller. One Russell Bell(Billy Bob). He's strange and quiet, but soon proves to be the best of the everything!...Well, the you know what contest begins. Falzone can't take someone else being better then him. He's supposed to be the star of the show. Pretty soon, they are going head to head on everything. Including, messing in each other's personal lives and each other's wives.The obsession and tension of the games they play effects the quality of their work(putting human lives in danger), and home life as well.

    A fun view the first time around with these mucho macho guys, and also a little lesson in what a great but stressful job the Air Traffic Controllers have.I was impressed with the way this cast worked together as well.I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet, as a rental. Also Billy Bob and Angelina fans will enjoy their performance(and a little more from Angelina!) Just didn't make my upgrade to DVD or hang on to it for another viewing list.

    here is a pair of great mystery films for fans of John Cusack:City Hall/Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

    and for Billy Bob collectors:
    Stars Fell on Henrietta(a small early role)
    Primary Colors

    You may even think twice, before flying again!...enjoy...Laurie
    ...more info
  • A controllers view
    As a controller, most of the air traffic scenes within the approach control were well researched. I felt like I was inside a IFR room where the real controlling takes place. The characters personalities were about the way real controllers are, at least at my facility. The plot line was a little off. No controller would plug into position and start working airplanes without first bieng trained and watched by a rated controller, but this is hollywood. And no person, controller or not, would be allowed onto a active runway while a jet is landing. All in all, it was a good film that gives a very realistic view into our unusual and misunderstood profession....more info
  • Pushing Trash
    This was clearly one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I could not conceive of who would have read the script and agreed to take part in this debacle. A serious waste of celluloid. Is risking people's lives so that you can appear cool to your alcoholic, philandering, uncaring co-workers meant to be funny? A better night would be spent listening to traffic reports--it would be as funny and entertaining....more info
  • Amazing Cast-Mediocre Movie
    Pushing Tin was a bit of a disappointment, considering the makeup of the cast: John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina Jolie, and Cate Blanchett among others!
    The movie sheds light on a New York air traffic controller who seems to have it all, but whose life takes a sharp turn for the worst from the moment a new transfer arrives to work by his side...
    The plot has elements of both comedy and drama making it rather difficult to label it as one or the other; it's actually a bit of both.
    The acting is pretty good (though nothing great), while the humor and the plot are just about average.
    Though the potential for a great movie was definitely there it fails to take off. A shame really...
    In a nutshell, it's an ok movie, and that's about it; it lacks that extra something to put it over the top. No masterpiece here.
    If a Billy Bob Thornton movie is what you're looking for, check out Monster's Ball.
    If John Cusack is what you had in mind, check out Serendipity.
    ...more info
  • Fools rush in to push tin
    Perfessor Mom Pressfour here, film critic and Jolie fan extraordinaire. *Pushing Tin* (1999) is an odd film that stars John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie, Vickie Lewis, Jake Weber, Kurt Fuller, Matt Ross, Jerry Grayson and Michael Willis. Mike Newell (*Four Weddings and a Funeral*) directs.

    I call it odd because while *Pushing Tin* is technically well-made, and features good acting, and has an interesting, different premise, and starts off begins to go flat a little past the halfway point. By the end--the scene of Nick (Cusack) talking from ground control to his wife Connie (Blanchett) in the cockpit of an airliner--the movie is unwatchable. It's a 2-hour long film that plays half an hour longer than it's worth. I didn't see it in cinema, I know it only from DVD--but it's more than likely that when it played the theaters, many more people were seated for the start of *Pushing Tin* than the finish. John Cusack, the headline star, summed it up: "It wasn't very good."

    But still it was a big boost for Angelina Jolie's career. Her last scene, with Cusack in the car on a rainy day, marks the peak of the movie's interest curve. After this, it's all downhill. Thus the better part of *Pushing Tin* is Ms Jolie's part.

    She plays Mary Bell, wife of Russel, an air traffic controller. Like many a Jolie character, there's more to Mary than meets the eye. Naturally what meets the eye is very easy to look at. Angelina is absolutely stunning in this movie. In her fifth scene--her return to the Italian restaurant, this time with her husband--she's dressed as the real Angelina Jolie is known to often dress: in leather pants and a snug-fitting dark sleeveless top. Sexy times ten. But Mary is not only a shapely piece of eye candy. She's trained as a social worker but hasn't found work. She feels she could do more with her life. Fond of all kinds of books, Mary likes to read (as does the real Jolie). Growing plants is her hobby. Her husband keeps to himself (IDIOT!), leaves Mary alone at night a lot, and though she doesn't seem to resent him for it, she's lonely. Whether it's just due to loneliness or something else too, Mary drinks. A lot.

    I mentioned a couple of Ms Jolie's scenes; I should summarize all six by number. The first is at the house party hosted by one of Russel's colleagues. Mary causes a stir among the crowd of suburban-looking air traffic controllers and their wives by showing up dressed like a biker chick: in a leather coat and a short leopardskin-patterned skirt that flatters her ample chest. ("Think they're real?" asks one wife cattily of another behind Mary's back. "If they are," comes the answer, "we'll have to kill her.") In all of her scenes Mary wears the same garish set of jade jewellry on her neck, wrists and fingers. She speaks softly with a pleasant Southern accent. At the party she's cool, distant, but ever-so-slightly potty, showing little interest in anyone or anything other than her husband and the mixed drinks Nick serves at the outdoor bar. Mary's second scene is in the supermarket where Nick finds her crying. One of her plants died that day, her husband has taken off for the night, and, well, the poor girl is just overcome. More out of pity than anything else, Nick invites her to an Italian restaurant. Mary's dinner with Nick is the third scene. It's my favorite. She loosens up here--as she tells Nick, "I'm not as big a bitch as you think I am"--and shows him just how charming she can be. Mary unleashes this smile that could level a forest! Poor Nick...the sweet sap of his well-intentioned concern for his colleague's unhappy wife ferments into intoxicating lust. The fourth scene is the logical result. Nick and Mary end up in bed together at Russel's house. (Ms Jolie wears a bra throughout this scene, but during the filming it slipped, exposing her nipples. No loss...) It's as this scene closes that Jolie speaks one of her oft-quoted lines: "What's the fewest number of words you can use to get out that door?" The fifth scene is at the restaurant again. Nick feels guilty about the tryst with Mary, so he takes his wife Connie out to dinner. But in the meantime Mary must have told Russel about this nice Italian place, because Nick and Connie walk in to find them there. Nick is mortified. Connie, however, is pleased (she has no idea what happened between her husband and Mary). The two couples end up sharing one table. Russel takes over, becoming the center of attention for both women. This is the first step in an eventual affair between Russel and Connie. The sixth and last Jolie scene is when Nick meets Mary in a rainy parking lot. They talk in her car. She's called him there to let Nick know she's told Russel about their night together. "ARE YOU NUTS?" he shouts at her. Taking a swig from a pocket flask, Mary purrs, "I'm way too sober for this." He bolts from her car, giving it a kick before he runs to his own and roars away.

    The other reason this movie is odd for me is that Russel, the husband of Jolie's character, is played by Billy Bob Thornton. This was the start of their much-publicized real-life romance and marriage, a phase of Ms Jolie's life that in hindsight is embarrassing. You can't watch *Pushing Tin* without remembering them kissing and feeling one another up before the press...the "Billy Bob" tats on Jolie's right shoulder and another part of her anatomy...the insistent declarations of love until death...the phials of blood...

    Ah well, everybody makes mistakes no matter how well they do in life. That's the central theme of *Pushing Tin*. A quotation from an air-traffic controller starts the movie: *You land a million planes safely, then you have one little mid-air and you never hear the end of it."

    ...more info
  • A Hollywood Version of ATC Reality
    If you want spectacular picture about of a real history of Air Traffic Controller, this isn't your picture.

    This picture is a good comedy, with elements for have funny session viewing a light history, with real elements, but the "Hollywood" elements are present in all of the history.

    Good elements are the enviroment of the "office" of ATC's, ambiented on TRACON of New York and procedures followed, but have drops of unreality.

    Good picture for enjoy on a weekend, specially for people funs of aviation. For general people is posible they don't understand some procedures.

    Pushing Tin...more info
  • Great comedic drama; all-star cast
    The cast in this movie is terrific: Cusak and Thorton are at the top of their game as adrenaline junkies competing to be the best air traffic controller, the best at any casual sport, and the best with their friends and the ladies. Anglelina Jolie and Cate Blanchett also put on terrific performances as the love interested of Thornton and Cusak, respectively. It's interesting to watch the two of them a little earlier in their careers.

    The movie has a great setting in the high-paced, high-stress job of air traffic controllers. I learned a lot about the job and seeing the aviation shots (like standing behind a 747 blast) was amazing. The love web/ego competition plot would have been nothing without the terrific setting in the world of air traffic control.

    Check this out to see some terrific peformances by the greats of American modern cinema....more info
  • Entertaining glimpse into lives of Air Traffic Controllers!
    This was a well made movie about co-worker rivalry, spousal infidelity, and the high energy stress and pace of Air Traffic Controllers all wrapped into one. The all star cast consists of John Cusack, Cate Blanchett, Billy Bob Thornton, and Angelina Jolie, and they all shine! Dialogue is often fast and direct, which reflects the attributes of an Air Traffic Controller's life, and helps to keep the movie moving along at an interesting pace. ...more info