Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
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  • NOTHING NEW!!!!!!
  • Satisfied Wal-Mart Customer
    Last year I found myself in a small town in Indiana, after 8:00pm one night, suddenly in need of a dress shirt for a photo shoot the next morning. The only store open anywhere was the Wal-Mart across the parking lot from my hotel.

    Reluctantly, I ventured in. I was AMAZED. Here was this entire department store, in the middle of nowhere, with clothes and tools and food all scattered willy-nilly everywhere with no salespeople anywhere in sight. It reminded me of Goodwill but with price tags. I found a shirt that would look okay on camera and paid $5.97 for it. So what if it was made in China by virtual slave labor? The bored clerk rang up the sale and I was back in my hotel room by 8:15.

    I still have the shirt -- although I haven't worn it since....more info
  • Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
    Walmart uses, mistreats and generaly takes advantage of their employees, their customers, local governments, state governments and the US government. They are about as un-American as you can get....more info
  • Biased
    I ordered this movie to use in my high school economics class and was very dispointed. I expected it to be biased, but not that much. According to this film Wal*Mart is the root of all evil in this country. There is a shorter 20 minute version included on the DVD which is much better....more info
  • Not the whole story.
    While this documentary makes several good arguments regarding the negative effects Wal-Mart stores have on some small communities, it conveniently ignores any positive contributions Wal-Mart makes to local and international economic communities as a retail powerhouse.

    Nevertheless, the overall message of hypocrisy is very agreeable. It is evident when juxtaposing Wal-Mart's corporate messages with the reality of their business practices, such as disregard for the environment, the well-being of overseas factory workers, and the US employee benefit programs. Furthermore, I found it appalling how the company gobbles up millions of dollars in tax subsidies for construction while sending its employees to Medi-care programs and food stamp offices.
    ...more info
  • Greed
    The sons and daughters of Walmart were born without souls, and that's putting it lightly. I've read on many occasions that film makers have reached out to Lee Scott to get HIS side of the story for their films, but he never seems interested. Probably because he can't dispute the cold hard facts and statistics that these types of documentary's reveal.

    The amount of greed associated with Walmart completely boggles my mind. I've seen it first hand here in my city, they build one supercenter, and just a few miles down the road they build another. WHAT'S THE POINT? Is the 30 billion dollars a year not enough?

    And the Wholesome All-American image Walmart portrays in the media and television is just icing on the cake....more info
  • Walmart, selling a lie.
    I think this movie is a must see for anyone who even questions Walmart's integrity or their sales practices. It shows footage from the plants where most of Walmart's products are produced. It is packed with facts and actual footage about how as Americans we are being lured to Walmart with the promise of low prices, yet sold a lie. By buying from Walmart we are destroying our own economy from within, not only via the way they treat their employees and the lousy wages they give them, but the lengths the company will go to ruin small bussiness. Again I cannot emphasize how important this video is, and is a must see....more info
  • When big business takes over...
    I had the opportunity to view this movie in my Labor Relations class last night. I am, or shall I say was all in favor of Wal-Mart. Their prices are impeccable and they offer job opportunities to young people getting through high school and college. Now the argument of some will be that Wal-Mart is doing what any other retailer does to make a profit, paying low wages to beat the bottom line, outsourcing manufacturing to beat the bottom line, discriminating against minorities to beat the bottom line...hmm...this is not a corporation I would like to support. And for the record, $3/day is a slave wage in today's time, no matter where you reside. China should be ashamed of itself for allowing this corporation to come in and give it to its population with no vaseline. At some point, big business has to take a moral and ethical stance, and we as consumers have to force this stance and make 'big businesses' accountable. I am no longer a Wal-Mart Shopper. I will not contribute 1 penny to that corporation ever and I plan to show this video to anyone who will watch. I also plan to do more research so that I can be justified in my decision and make people aware of Wal-Mart's business practices. ...more info
  • A Shocking Documentary, But I Still Shop There
    I heard a lot about this documentary and finally set aside time to view it. From the title alone you know that the film is going to be a Wal-Mart bashing story from beginning to end. With documentaries and television news features like this I normally begin with a bias favoring the defendent -- in this case, Wal-Mart. I expected to hear the usual digruntled rantings of lazy terminated employees and other crazies who thrive on complaints against their "oppressive" employers.

    After watching the film I decided that my preconceived notion was incorrect. Though there may be some professional conspiracy theorists interviewed in the movie, there are such a variety of current (as of 2005) and prior employees, both management and associates, involved in this project that there must be validity to their complaints.

    The one thing that bothers me about the film is that it lacks balance. We never get Wal-Mart's side of the issue except for pirated clips from corporate videos and short interview snippets that were lensed by someone else. These clips are always presented with commentary, captions, or ominous music that automatically characterize them as Wal-Mart propaganda. Surely there must be at least one current or former Wal-Mart manager or associate willing to stand in front of the store in the parking lot to say something good about the organization.

    There are a lot of givens with Wal-Mart. One of the movie portrayals is that Wal-Marts have destroyed old fashioned downtown businesses. Face it, most downtown businesses with their limited floor space and modest hours deserved to go the way of the dinosaurs. I remember years ago living in a small Georgia town where the Main Street businesses, complete with shoddy Mayberry awnings, already looked as if they were half abandoned. Those still operating opened but a few brief hours and did not accept credit cards or personal checks. These were the types of stores where you often found yourself waiting, sometimes in vain, for assistance at the register because the clerk thought it more important to finish telling his epic hospital stay or fishing story to some other flannel shirted crony. In the case of this particular Georgia town, when it was announced that Wal-Mart was moving in there were the usual complaints about a mega store dooming Main Street businesses. How can you doom something that is already terminal? Those Main Street businesses that could modernized their images, rebuilt their store fronts, set up tables on potted flora on the sidewalk, and did other things to attract customers to an environment they cannot find at a mall or department store. Others simply played the "woe-is-me end of the family owned business" card and shut down.

    The documentary tables a lot of issues about Wal-Mart. The most shocking is the way its employees are treated and compensated. Low wages, unpaid overtime, threats, and at-will terminations without reason if the person is deemed a union instigator. One premise set forth by the movie is that Wal-Mart installed security cameras not so much for controling store pilferage, but to ensure that employees are watched and dissuaded from any lawful assembly. This is hardly late breaking news. Wal-Mart is not alone in the way it treats its employees. I worked for years in a large grocery store chain where managers doctored time cards (when we actually used time cards) to work underage employees well past their legal evening curfew, deferred overtime hours to subsequent days so as to avoid overtime, and greatly reduced the hours of tenured employees while at the same time provided additional work days to new hires with much lower hourly pay rates. As such I heartily disagree with the way Wal-Mart treats its employees. On the other hand the Wal-Mart penny-pinching workhouse philosophy is not new to the industry.

    Way back in the early 1980s I never heard of Wal-Mart. Living in the Northeast and later in the Southwest there were either no or very few Wal-Marts in those areas. It was not until we moved to Georgia that I was exposed to the Wal-Mart phenonemon. Remember too that Wal-Mart creator Sam Walton still held the reins to this up and coming giant. The stores at the time were almost identical. They were clean and I do not think I ever had an interaction with an employee that was ever unpleasant. In fact, those were the days where it was not uncommon for a store manager to randomly ask you if found everything you were looking for. Wal-Mart was also very big on selling American made products over foreign manufacture whenever a US product was available.

    Of course that was before the sudden growth surge of Wal-Marts across country and in Europe.

    Wal-Mart is traditionally non-union. The documentary spends a lot of time on Wal-Mart's battle to keep unions out. According to the film Wal-Mart has a multi-million dollar response team that flies out on a moment's notice whenever there is a hint of union activity. Here too it must be pointed out that Wal-Mart is hardly the only large chain store that is not unionized. However in Wal-Mart's case maybe it should be if for no other reason but to ensure that employees are offered affordable dental, health, and prescription plans. Many of the employees interviewed in the film discuss the high cost of Wal-Mart's health care. More disturbing are the allegations that Wal-Mart employees are reportedly encouraged and coached to apply for state and Federal aid programs. If true the bottom line is that our tax dollars pay the health "benefits" for Wal-Mart employees.

    While watching the film I thought about the amount of times I shop at the retail giant. Even though I initially walked away from the movie with a firm resolve to never frequent Wal-Mart again, I found myself driving there the following day for lawn care and back to school items. The other similarly distanced retailers did not have what I needed and were already setting up Christmas displays -- and it is still summer. Despite the telling evidence of the movie I have yet to find a more convenient store to pick up all the things I need at once.

    The bottom line is that after watching this documentary you have to draw your own conclusions as to the absolutes: What allegations are true, which are exaggerated, and whether any or all of the evils tabled about Wal-Mart are significantly different from those perpetrated by other retail giants.
    ...more info
  • life changing
    i say life changing because i don't know anyone who doesn't shop at walmart except one other person who also watched this. i promote this movie to friends and family, hopefully they will accept it. one profound thing i took away from this movie is that small town living is priceless and walmart destroys small towns....more info
  • Another Anti-American Conspiracy Theorist Paranoid Schizoprehnic Film.
    Wal-Mart cares about its employees and the community! This CD is just a bunch of paranoid schizos that watch Alex Jones and think that the world is being run by Elite Bankers... what a bunch of losers!!!

    Wal-Mart offers great benefits and salaries to ALL of its employees! I have 1st hand experience, I used to be a greeter at my local Wal-Mart and I made a killer $5.25 an hour last Winter Break! Now tell me where you can find a job like that people?

    AVOID Alex Jones and the conspiracy nut videos, and shop at your local Wal-Mart!...more info
  • What I expected and more.
    I didn't watch this expecting to see or hear two sides to the story. The cover art is a dead givaway that this is an "attack-u-mentary" so that's what I expected.

    What I saw was a well edited 90 minute prima facie case that there is something really wrong with Wal-Mart. Now, I don't shop at Wal-Mart and I don't know personally anyone who works there. I have no reason to like or dislike Wal-Mart as a company. However, this documentary gave me pause for thought. Is getting the lowest price on anything always, or ever, the best thing to do?

    I don't have the knowledge to judge whether or not this documentary gave an accurate assessment of Wal-Mart, but I can say that it's very watchable and doesn't leave you at the half-way point looking at the little time display on your DVD player and thinking "yikes...we're only half way through this tedious ordeal".

    Also, the bonus features are fun. The spoof commercials are funny.

    My only criticism is that I was hoping to get some insight on all the manufacturers here in America that Wal-Mart has supposedly put out of business by sourcing from China. We get to see destroyed small businesses and gutted small towns, but no manufacturers.

    Still, it's worth a look-see. ...more info
  • Don't Waste Your Time or Money!
    I don't why I waste my time watching these supposed documentaries that are so predictable based solely on their title. This one is no different, however, this supposed documentary was just a terrible attempt at spreading propaganda. The editing, the interviews, and the half-baked facts they presented were terribly done and not convincing whatsoever.

    What this film producer failed to point out is that Walmart is a corporation that is in the business of making money for themselves and for their stock holders. They are not in the business to provide socialized medicine for all of America. Since when has any retail store provided great paying jobs with health benefits so that the average employee could support a middle class family? Retail jobs are a good for; 1) to supplement a family's income and 2) to provide entry level jobs for people with no work experience who are trying to better themselves. Just like thousands of other people, I put myself thru college working various low paying retail jobs and the experience obtained in the retail industry (along with my education) help me better myself to enter the business world.

    Walmart is so successful because they save consumers so much money and give back to the communities they are in. All of the Walmart haters should walk thru one of their stores and be observant. They carry the same brands that Kroger,Target, and Home Depot have and they sell them a lot cheaper. Unfortunately, a lot of our original US based brands are now made overseas.

    Unfortunately, the American consumer has forced most of our manufacturing base out of the country. The east and left coast consumers are the worst. They pass laws to keep Walmart out of their communities and then the consumers on the coasts are the largest buyers of foreign made cars. America's auto industry is one of the last major manufacturers left in the USA. The US auto companies are the largest private providers of health care in the world and they provide strong middle class wage to their workers. The US auto market share is down to about 50% in the US, however, on the Walmart hating coasts, the US Auto market share is around 20%. The big three automakers have had to slash 100's of thousands of their jobs from their workforce as American consumers have quenched their thirst for foreign products. I think its time for the hypocrites to look in the mirror because it isn't Walmart ruining this country, it's the large group of ill informed hypocitic American consumers (concentrated on the east and left coast) who talk out of one side of their mouth abouting hating Walmart, as they drive around in their foreign cars. It becomes quite obvious that the Walmart haters not only dislike American companies that sell some foreign products, they also hate American companies that sell American products!
    ...more info
  • Wal-Mart flipped.
    This was a powerful documentary, even though you could tell by the title that it's obviously anti wal-mart. I didn't have a problem with that, because I myself am anti wal-mart. I used to believe in that chain, loved the way Sam Walton went from store to store in every town, flying his own small plane and dressed in jeans and flannel. He knew exactly what was going on in every store down to the piddliest details like uniform costs, and other minor details. I loved the way he would go out of his way to put US made products on his shelves, and he built a giant on the premise of low prices/US goods. Well he must be spinnin in his grave now, looking down on his what his spoiled kids have done to that chain. Putting their bottom line ahead of our national security, selling out to the Chinese. Now I know that it's harder and harder to find any goods that aren't made in China, but at least the other big chains didn't build their business on touting US made goods, and then turn around and stick it to American companies and their goods. How long is going to take this apathetic country of ours to realize that if this continues to go on, eventually we won't manufacture anything anymore. At that point we will be done as a powerful nation, because we will be fully dependent on, and beholden to the Chinese. Which is exactly what they want. All we'll have to do is piss them off, and they could impose a trade embargo that could cripple this nation. This is what the film fails to lead to. That at this very moment, China could leave every single wal-mart (as well as most other stores) as bare as a baby's butt. What do you think is going to happen to soccer mom when she can't get anything at the store? When all the soccer moms start fighting and rioting over the last of anything. Which is why wal-mart getting into the grocery business really, really scares me. What will happen when a corporation controls all the food and clothing you need, and is in bed with an enemy of the US? When China can control us at that level we are doomed. If you think you are improving you children's lives by buying everything at wal-mart's low prices, think again. Every dollar you spend there is a dollar towards the decimation of their future. Hopefully this film can open enough eyes to prevent this anti-American, subversive, greedy Walton family from selling our country out from under us lock, stock, and barrel. I share it and tell everyone who'll listen all about this film. To me, it's about saving this country before it's too late. Thanks for reading this....more info
  • One of the best documentary films I have seen
    This brilliantly researched and sculpted documentary doesn't just rip Walmart a new one, it rips them seven new ones. Contrasting the company's utterly bogus advertising and PR with the truth: Walmart cares not a whit about the people who make their products, sell their products, or buy their products. And then there's their devastating effects on the environment and local businesses. All for the sake of their insatiable greed. See this film and become informed. Highest recommendation....more info
  • Somebody Is Paying The Price
    This was a fascinating look at the Wal-Mart entity. The documentary takes the viewer on a back and forth ride between what the CEO of Wal-Mart says, and what they, as a corporation, do. Words versus Action. What it really exposes is the fact that the "every day low prices" are for paid by someone, whether they be the community, associates or Chinese workers. This show clearly demonstrates the greed of the company and the abuse that the workers suffer. It also shows the direct attack on those wishing to form a collective bargaining unit. The old axiom holds true, you can't get something for nothing, or in this case for a low price. I highly recommend this film and join with those who refuse to support these unethical practices.

    One more thing that could be added, that isn't shown in this film, is the lobbying Wal-Mart did after Sept 11 to stop the federal government from inspecting more cargo that enters the US because it would cost Wal-Mart in time and sales. Sick!...more info
  • Amateurish, shamelessly subjective
    I was indeed hoping for a meaningful documentary in this, but it's well below par of something a true news organization would put its name to.

    Although nobody starts such a documentary without an agenda, in this case it's shamelessly obvious. A great deal of people are interviewed but they unanimously have nasty things to say about Walmart. Other than a few headline-news statistics, this is all hearsay; not backed by anything except the word of mostly disenfranchised ex-employees.

    The only pro-walmart people to speak are of the CEO via news clips taken from the him speaking in interviews or other speeches.

    Of course, there's the cliche of the downsized town (no mention of those in the town who really appreciate the new Walmart), ex-employees talking about sexual harassment or racism (as if no other business suffers from such things), etc. ad tedium.

    Nothing new to learn here. I do feel sorry for people who lack such objectivity that they'd easily be sold to this documentary's agenda, though.

    I gave it a 2/5 and not a 1/5 because it did a good effort of presenting one side of the story, but there is always another side--unless you're the author of this piece and your mind is already made up, that is....more info
  • The high cost of low price
    This video should be required viewing for anyone who already has or is going to get a WalMart store in their city. It is very informative and full of the ugly truth about WalMart's fleecing of small town America....more info
  • great movie, great story
    I loved this movie. It does a great job of showing you what the real costs of Wal-Mart happen to be. Its all true, but you had to get this movie to hear it. My only compliant is with their use of the ACORN nuts. That group is unamerican, and using them as experts was horrid and wrong. Otherwise this is an honest-to-goodness insight into the nightmare of wal-mart....more info
  • The truth hurts
    I have watched this movie more than a few times, and everytime I watch it, I learn something else about this company. I no longer shop at Wal-Mart after watching this movie. It's not safe for me or anyone else I care about. They treat thier employees like garbage and how anyone can support that is beyond me. If you don't believe me, watch the end of the movie first to see how many stores have had people killed at them. The movie may be a little bland but the truth definatly stands out. Don't just take my advise, watch the movie. It will open your eyes....more info
  • Know the truth
    Walmart screws its employees. Walmart screws the taxpayers. Walmart screws you. Watch this well made video, learn the truth, and never support this company again. ...more info
  • Poor, Poor, Poor
    This documentary was not only very poorly produced in terms of direction, editing, sound mixing, titles, etc... but the information presented was very poorly researched and presented. The documentary is VERY biased, not seeking to understand or explore Wal-Mart, but wanting to destroy it at any cost. Most of their arguments have EASY explanations and counterpoints. I am a documentary film graduate and feel like I wasted 1hr 45min of my life after watching this....more info
  • I cut up my Sam's card after viewing this video
    I will not go into detail about the documentary content, as other reviews have covered that quite well, but I will relate my reaction to the video.

    This was my second Wal-Mart documentary. I had previously seen a Frontline documentary that was very informative, but not as in depth as this video. After the first documentary, I stopped shopping at Wal-Mart. I really enjoyed shopping at Sam's, though, and rationalized continuing to shop there. After seeing this video, I cut up my Sam's card halfway through the year and will never give the Wal-Mart corporation another penny of my hard-earned money. I'm voting with my dollar, because sometimes that is the only way to let these greedy people know that their inhumane practices will not be tolerated. ...more info
  • Too simple, tries way too hard...
    The most damning footage is Wal-mart's own internal anti-union "training" videos.

    Unfortunately, such clips are severely under-utilized. Instead, be ready for constant (mostly) unsubstantiated blanket statements and on-screen statistics with little to no context given (other than the music, which is decidely ominous).

    I stopped watching when the DVD literally started blaming Wal-mart for murder and rape. If you are looking for something engaging and educational, skip this. This documentary has only one goal: to make you HATE Wal-mart....more info
  • Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
    It's plain and simple. You watch this, you'll stop shopping at Wal-mart. They have a moral obligation as the world's largest retailer to set an ethical standard and to be a model for other corporations. They dropped the ball in favor of GREED. The corporation only cares about it's shareholders and that is black and white - you don't mess with that. Nothing else matters but the bottom line, not even human decency. It's disgusting. I bought a copy of this movie and it's circulating it's way through my family. A must see. ...more info
  • Everyone should see this DVD!
    Watch this movie and you will see why we need to pass the Employee Free Choice Act!
    There is more at stake than most people realize. Big business is prepared to spend $200 million to mislead us, block the Employee Free Choice Act and stop us as employees from being organized in the workplace. BUT realize this; The real goal is to keep us unorganized as citizens, the stewards of our own government.

    It is our responsibility as US Citizens to fight the corporate greed which has left our economy in ruins. What can we do? Spread the word and join together in contacting your congressmen and senators. The CEO's and the Financial Elite DO NOT WANT THE PEOPLE UNITED and they will oppose any attempts by the people to unite against them. The CEO's and the "Financial Elite" are preparing to spend $200 Million in advertisement and marketing to deceive you into voting the way they want you (and your congressional representatives) to vote...again! Being informed, you will be able recognize the coming campaign of deception when you see it.

    The "Employee Free Choice Act" will allow employees the ability to join together in union against the CEO's and the Financial Elite. It will allow employees to join or form a union when a majority of employees sign a card requesting a union (majority sign-up). However, if 30% of the employees wish to have a secret ballot vote, the employees will then have secret ballot vote to decide if they wish to have a union.
    Currently it is the employer who chooses if the employees shall be able to join or form a union by majority sign-up or by a secret ballot election...and almost every single employer demands an election and they like it that way!

    Why? After a majority of employees sign a card requesting a union, the employer then demands an election. It takes at least 45 days until the election is held and in that time the employers hire anti-union consultants to train their supervisors who then intimidate, harass, coerce and even fire the employees who try to join together. Many corporations keep an anti-union team which can be flown out in a moments notice to crush an organizing drive.
    After being threatened, the remaining employees then decide (Surprise!) that it is not a good idea to join together.

    The "Employee Free Choice Act" DOES NOT TAKE AWAY AN EMPLOYEES RIGHT TO A SECRET BALLOT VOTE! $200 million will be spent by the CEO's and the Financial Elite to convince you that it does...but now you know the truth. The Employee Free Choice Act does take away the absolute power the employers have over the employees during an election because the employers can no longer demand an election. The employees can still demand an election at any time!

    The CEO's will tell you that they only want to protect the employees right to a vote... Really? Were they protecting your rights when they deregulated the financial markets and then hid what they were up to (the sub-prime mortgage mess, CDO's Collateralized Debt Obligations and CDS's Credit Default Swaps)? Visit our website www.iam126.org for an explanation of the Sub-Prime banking mess! Were they protecting your rights when they took your pension money and then used it to `sell you' the company in an ESOP so the shareholders, Officers and board of directors could take your money and leave you the debt? Gee, I wonder why the Tribune has written articles against the Employee Free Choice Act?
    Were they protecting your rights when they took away defined benefit pensions and replaced them with 401K's (Now 201K'S)? Were they protecting your rights when they shipped your job out of the USA? Were they protecting your rights when they cut your wages? Were they protecting your rights when they fired you or your coworker when they spoke out against an unfair practice? Were they protecting your rights when they made you part time and then took away your benefits? Were they protecting your rights when they fired you so they could hire someone else at half your wages? Were they protecting your rights when they took outrageous salaries (up to 500 times what the `floor worker' makes) and huge bonuses as their companies go bankrupt?

    Do you really believe that the CEO's and the financial elite would spend $200 million to protect "your" rights?

    Our vote and our voice are more powerful than their money. Do not be fooled again!

    Support the Employee Free Choice Act,
    Join together against the CEO's and the Financial Elite
    ...more info
  • Great Documentary
    This should be required viewing in our high schools. Wal-Mart goes against everything that america once stood for and they are a huge drain on our state,county and federal tax system. So far American taxpayers have spent over $1,500,000,000,000.00 (over 1.5 trillion) 0n healthcare and welfare programs for Wal-Mart employees. Those who think they save money by shopping at Wal-Mart are being fooled, by the time they pay the additional taxes they are paying more at Wal-Mart than they would elsewhere.
    Then there are the sweat shops owned by Wal-Mart where people are worked 16 hours a day for $2.00 wages and forced to live in Wal-Mart owned dumps so by the time rent and utilities are deducted the employees are left with nothing!!! Wal-Mart is anti human rights, anti worker rights and anti american and should be boycotted woldwide. ...more info
  • A librarians view.
    The name says it all. As documentaries go, its not the most fair and balanced review I've seen. However it does give a propelling evidence that should be considered before we all do our shopping. As a elementary school librarian, I loan it out to as many teachers as I can so that can share what they learn with their students....more info
  • Serious eye-opener
    After viewing this dvd, my resolve to not shop at Wal-Mart was renewed. There is no good reason that I/or any other conscientious citizen should support this unscrupulous coorporation...more info