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Quantum Of Solace: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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  • A Worthy and Exciting Follow Up to Casino Royale
    Working without the breadth of thematic material afforded by the superb storyline of Casino Royale, David Arnold has nonetheless crafted a melodic, colorful, and pulsating score that is a very worthy follow up to his incredible score for Casino Royale. Again, if you're looking for the great Monty Norman theme to blare out repeatedly, then get a Bond's Greatest Hits cd; as with CR, Arnold has woven the theme through the fabric of the score which makes it that much more exciting when it appears. The subtle re-appearances of the beautiful but almost tragic Vesper theme and the sweeping CR love theme are reminders that Quantum is a film not only of revenge but also memories. With all due respect to the Bourne films, which all Bond fans must thank the re-direction of the series to what Ian Fleming originally intended, when it comes to a comparison of the scores, there is no comparison....more info
  • For Arnold fans
    It's not as good as Casino Royale, but it's a very good soundtrack - it's something new. Saying it's horrible just because there's no main theme would be stupid, even if it was true, which it's not - in case you're deaf, the leitmotif is repeated through the whole album, for instance in tracks 7, 9 or 18, and because it's usually using the melody of the theme song, it's not as expressive as in other bond soundtracks (those who've heard Another way to die know what I mean). The music is more moody and melancholy, but other parts have a really good pace. In short, if you liked the previous bond soundtracks by david arnold, definitely buy it!...more info
  • Very good
    I'm really enjoying this soundtrack. Even more than the one for Casino Royale.

    A few standout tracks for me are 3, 7, 12, 18.

    I don't mind that the James Bond theme shows up only a few times. I think this soundtrack has plenty of Bond style. ...more info
  • Not up to Arnold's Brilliant Casino Royale
    David Arnold's soundtrack to QUANTUM OF SOLACE is not up to his exceptional CASINO ROYALE. It is rather repetitive, somewhat innovative yet unfortunately strangely mundane and uninspiring. There were many complaints about the sparse use of The James Bond Theme in CASINO ROYALE. Well, you can barley find it on this soundtrack. It is there, interwoven, interpolated or whatever but essentially it is missing. I think many of us were led to believe that the use of The James Bond Theme would be more prominent since the finale of CASINO ROYALE ended in such a grand display of the theme and James Bond was now ready to return musically to his roots but continue with the new found realism in the next film. Unfortunately that is not the case, at least musically speaking. Too bad, David Arnold's score for CASINO ROYALE was pure genius....more info
  • Never Say Never Again mister arnold
    Unbelievable as it may sound there is no James Bond them on this CD. You may get a hint of it or did I? It's that disappointing. "Another Way To Die" by Jack White & Alicia Keys is the best cut on here. It's the closest thing to sounding like James Bond music and that is really stretching it? We will never hear that unmistakable sound, the real James Bond music again. ...more info
  • This is an excellent soundtrack
    This is a good soundtrack. The highlight of this soundtrack is the duet "Another Way To Die". This is a very funky song. I love it. Jack White plays cool guitar riffs on this track. He also plays drums and sings with Alicia Keys. Alicia shows her talent playing the piano here. Composer David Arnold provides an excellent score. He takes the listener on an emotional rollercoaster. I love the tense suspenseful sound of "Time To Get Out" and The Palio". He creates a feeling of excitement and dread on the tracks "Inside Man" and "DC3". There are some beautiful tracks like "What's Keeping You Awake" and "I Never Left". The piano playing is lovely on these two tracks. The music on this soundtrack is so good. I can't wait to see the movie. ...more info
  • A Fantastic Bond Score
    Great music has always been an integral part of the James Bond franchise. The Monty Norman "James Bond Theme" has been interwoven through each of the 20 Bond films preceding "Casino Royale." Through the decades it was altered, changed, synthesized, and then returned to its more original form more times than can be counted.

    After the 1987 Dalton film "The Living Daylights," a problem sprang up for Bond's people: John Barry, the primary musical driving force of the franchise, left the scene. Barry's score for "The Living Daylights" was one of the finest additions to the Bond franchise up to that time. The 1989 score for "Licence to Kill," on the other hand, may take the cake as the worst Bond score ever (its competition being, without question, Marvin Hamlisch's score for "The Spy Who Loved Me"). Even 1995's "Goldeneye" score was not terrific. With the 1997 Bond-debut of David Arnold for "Tomorrow Never Dies," however, things pulled a 180. Arnold re-invigorated the Bond music, returning it to its roots in 1997, and quickly adding his own dramatic flair with the 1999 and 2002 films.

    With the re-launch of the series in "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace," however, we are seeing Bond re-born. The scores for these films portray that "newness" with a sparse showing of the Bond theme - this is not the same spy who had fought the Soviets during the Cold War, but an all-new man of the 21st Century. This score, then, is a perfect fit for the new film. It shows Arnold's orchestral flair and flourish, as well as his adaptive abilities in exploring new musical concepts. There are some wonderful throwbacks to the piano-theme for Vesper from "Casino Royale," reminding us of the driving force behind this film's plot, as well. When the Bond theme does put in an appearance, it is fresh, refined, and interesting.

    I fully expect that the finished movie, when released, will most likely have more raucous "Bond theme" moments (the trailer, for example, had a high-energy and all-new guitar version of it), but the CD release is a wonderful standalone. If you're expecting to hear the Bond theme every five seconds, you might perhaps be disappointed, but considering the context of the two latest films, the balance of this score seems to be terrific!...more info
  • The soundtrack to "Quantum Of Solace" is excellent!
    The soundtrack to "Quantum Of Solace" is excellent! All of the score tracks by David Arnold, are excellent. As is the theme from Jack White And Alicia Keys, "Another Way To Die".

    Track Listing (All 23 Tracks done by David Arnold)
    1. Time To Get Out
    2. The Palio
    3. Inside Man
    4. Bond In Haiti
    5. Somebody Wants To Kill You
    6. Greene & Camille
    7. Pursuit At Port Au Prince
    8. No Interest In Dominic Greene
    9. Night At The Opera
    10. Restrict Bond's Movements
    11. Talamone
    12. What's Keeping You Awake
    13. Bolivian Taxi Ride
    14. Field Trip
    15. Forgive Yourself
    16. DC3
    17. Target Terminated
    18. Camille's Story
    19. Oil Fields
    20. Have You Ever Killed Someone?
    21. Perla De Las Dunas
    22. The Dead Don't Care About Vengeance
    23. I Never Left
    24. Another Way To Die - Jack White & Alicia Keys...more info
  • Unmemorable, with the worst 007 title track ever
    Over the years I've purchased a copy of all the bond soundtracks available, including Casino Royale, despite the fact that the theme song wasn't included on the soundtrack. (I still can't believe that they did this. If you're spending $30 on a CD based on a movie then you should get the whole score. Not including the title track was a poor marketing exercise, intended to help sell CD singles)

    Quantum of Solace will be the first 007 score that I won't be buying.

    One of the things that helped Casino Royale was that the score was excellent. Most Bond scores are essentially derivatives of two themes - the main title song of the movie, and a love theme. In Quantum of Solace the title song is in my opinion, the worst bond song ever. Unfortunately the rest of the score is just as unmemorable. I've enjoyed all of the other scores by David Arnold since he took over in 1997, (Particularly Tomorrow Never Dies, which had excellent music from start to finish) but even by current movie standards this score just isn't inspiring.

    But it's when you compare this soundtrack to previous Bond movies that it suffers the most. Live and Let Die, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice... all those movies had brilliant scores, and fantastic theme songs. The soundtrack from Quantum of Solace just isn't in the same league. Hopefully the music in the next Bond movie sounds like it belongs in a Bond movie. ...more info
  • Music for the Worst Bond Film in Years
    David Arnold has never disappointed in his Bond scores - except that we never quite get the full score on CD, especially the gun barrel and opening music from World Is Not Enough. This score may not quite compare to Arnold's best, but it IS the best part of Quantum of Solace, a film with no plot, no characters, and none of the cleverness and freshness of Casino Royale. Thank God it was the shortest Bond film for decades. It took Sean Connery four films to look bored playing James Bond - the terrific Daniel Craig seems to have gotten there after just one. Not to be outdone by the movie itself, we have a really wretched Bond tune from Jack White and Alicia Keys. I didn't think I'd live to see anyone out-perform Madonna for worst Bond tune, but this blend of idiotic lyrics and amateur-grade music is right up there - or down there - with the movie itself. It's ironic that the great Bond tune from Casino Royale, You Know My Name, was left off the CD while this turkey makes it onto the Quantum of Solace CD, though thankfully at the end so it's easy to skip. All is definitely not right in the creative world of Bond, but lets hope David Arnold sticks around....more info
  • Good Companion and Followup to CASINO ROYALE
    David Arnold's soundtrack to QUANTUM OF SOLACE is a good companion and followup to his provocative soundtrack to CASINO ROYALE. Really, this picks up where CASINO ROYALE ended. It has the same sound, mood and contemplative nature that CASINO ROYALE did. It also does not focus on The James Bond Theme but refers to in it an impressionistic manner. This is an excellent soundtrack. ...more info