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Lucky Old Sun
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  • Another great CD
    I listen to is cd every time I am on my computer or in my car. Can't get enought of Kenny's voice it just sooths my soul. One of my favorites songs if I had to pick one would be "Down the Road". I love every song on the cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1...more info
  • Made Me an Instant Chesney Fan!
    A friend made me listen to this CD and I can't thank her enough. This effort of Kenny's is a little bit Jimmy Buffett -- whom I enjoy -- and country too. His voice is so smooth and romantic -- more so than Jimmy's, (sorry, Jimmy.) The songs range from country topics, "Down The Road," to, yes, more island and boating themes. Don't most people enjoy songs about the sea? I love many types of music, and if Kenny Chesney likes to move his band in between a couple of genres, it gives his fans options too. The live songs thrown in have so much energy, I want to see him in concert the next time he comes to town!...more info
  • Kenny in his best laid back form
    This album is over the top, his best effort since Be As You Are. Most excellent duets feturing Dave Mathews, Mac Macannaly (of Coral Reefer Fame), and Willie Nelson, not to mention the Whalers. Kenny is steadliy breaking the mould and creating his own sound. Keep it up, and see you at
    Sidney's Peace & Love....more info
  • Nice Tunes
    This is the first Chesney CD I've ever bought, and it sounds really nice. Most of the tunes aren't overly "country," but rather are mid-tempo ballads that are bittersweet in nature. The sound quality and arrangements are excellent. Kenny still wants to write songs about the beach and the islands (you can only do so many of those!), but those types of tunes are also quite understated here. Of special note are the duets with Dave Matthews ("I'm Alive") and Willie Nelson ("Lucky Old Sun"). Who would have thought a touch of melancholy would suit Kenny Chesney so well?...more info
    Enough already with the island themed albums filled with references to drinking margaritas, basking in the sun and floating in a boat while getting a nice sun tan. This album is worse than looking at your friends vacation slides. Every song is some serenade to the island life. Kenny, it's time you docked the boat, washed off the sun tan lotion, and headed back to dry land. The 2 stars that I am giving this album is for the duet with Dave Matthews. ...more info
  • Not my favorite. . ..liked Just Who I Am Poets and Pirates Better!
    Not my favorite Kenny CD, I liked his last CD much better as a matter of fact I joke that I'm going to burn it up. If you liked his CD Be As You Are (which I did not, I'm selling it in my garage sell and I've been a Kenny fan from the beginning) you'll LOVE this CD. I had been waiting for it to come out since "Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven" was released but I listened to half the CD and wasn't impressed, honestly skipped over one song after a minute. My best suggestion is go preview it on rhapsody or something to see if you like it before buying I wish I had remembered to do that first but knowing Kenny I didn't think it'd be bad. Which I know it's a matter of opinion but just fyi if you didn't care for Be As You Are like me don't get Lucky Old Sun :-) ...more info
  • Sure feels good for some time to be still.....
    This album is unbelievable and has serious soul to it... If you like Kenny, dream of being on the coast somewhere, and love great chill music you will love this album.

    Everytime I listen to it I dream of being on a boat somewhere in the Carribean hanging out with good friends. I cant recall how many times Ive listened to "Im Alive", "Spirit of A Storm", and "Nowhere to go, nowhere to Be" over and over on my Ipod in the dead of winter and these songs will take you to that warm beach or paradise in your memories! I have converted several people who werent fans of KC until they listened to this album. If you have a boat, put this album on, mix a drink and let it take you away....

    It is easily the best album since Be As You Are. Take my advice and go get it. ...more info
  • I love the Caribbean Country feeling of this album*****
  • Another great CD from Kenny Chesney!
    This is another great cd from Kenny Chesney. It is great and you will really like it....more info
  • Best ever Kenny!
    This is one of Kenny's best albums yet... I absolutely love "Boats"... and "Key's in the Conch Shell" is such a catchy tune.. Working with Willie had to be a ball with "Lucky Old Sun" and "Everybody Wants to go to Heaven" rocks! I would recommend this CD to anyone ... not just Kenny fans.. this CD is not just island music he's been putting out lately....I LOVE this album. Thanks Kenny - this album makes me one of your fans now!...more info
  • sorry but not country
    I love the early stuff but this so called "island country" just don't cut it. Really Island country is just something people made up. Stick to the country Kenny and leave the Island music to Jimmy...more info
  • My favorite KCHES CD to date!!
    This is my favorite Chesney CD to date! Highlights for me are 'Ten With a Two' and 'I'm Alive'! This CD is fantastic and you can just feel the emotion in these songs! Much more personal of an album than Poets & Pirates in my opinion. ...more info
  • Kenny Chesney Lucky Old Sun Deluxe CD
    I purchased this item for my son's birthday and he was absolutely thrilled with it. He loves the variety of songs and I enjoy hearing them, too.

    ...more info
  • Such an amazing album
    If you liked Be As You Are, you will love this album. Just as great, if not better, this album has simple lyrics that are deep and meaningful at the same time. I am a big Kenny fan but personally have found his last two albums lacking. I actually bought Lucky Old Sun the day before I left for the Keys and spent the trip listening to it, lying on the beach by the ocean; I can't describe the relaxation and happiness I experienced. Again, if you enjoyed Be As You Are, you will absolutely love this album!...more info
  • WOW Kenny!
    I just love, love, love this CD! I highly recommend it. I'm a huge Kenny fan and this CD makes me like him even more. Makes you want to be on the beach too. He's my absolute favorite country singer. If I could give it 10 stars I would. I've played it over and over again. My favorites are Way Down Here and Nowhere to Go. One of his best CD's. Great job! Keep up the good work Kenny....more info
  • An honest, emotional gift
    This is my first Kenny Chesney cd. I had the tv on and heard someoneone singing on Jay Leno. It was Kenny Chesney singing EVERYBODY WANTS TO GO TO HEAVEN. I loved it and have always been intrigued by Kenny Chesney so I purchased this cd. What an amazing gift this cd has been. I can easily say that the song I heard him sing is great but not even near the best on this cd.

    This is a very cohesive set of honest, heartfelt declarations from Kenny Chesney as he goes on different levels of a true spiritual journey of discovery. He finds that the water, boats, the ease of Carribean life bring him a true comfort and place of peace in life. I can relate to this. I have always loved the quiet side of Key West and always go there when I need to get in touch with myself.

    This set flows effortlessly and draws you in as each song gently evolves like waves gently rocking you. The set opens with I'M ALIVE an introspective piece about just being grateful and thankful for being alive and that life as it is is better than all the problems that may be going on. He is being reborn. All the tracks do center around ocean life and how it helps Kenny deal with life. WAY DOWN HERE shows him at a difficult time but turning to the ocean where he feels most at one with himself. SPIRIT OF A STORM uses the storm and weather to signify the troubles and unrest he has been feeling. These songs are all sung with the raw emotional delivery only Kenny Chesney can provide. His broad baritone caresses every note.

    BOATS and THE LIFE both exemplify the wonders that life can be and the simple, peaceful beautiful life we can possesss by keeping things simple. The nature of the ocean and rest by the sea that helps Kenny evolve brings an emotional honesty rare in music today. NOWHERE TO GO, NOWHERE TO BE wraps it all up. This is the only place to be for all that life has to offer - the good and the bad - to be ok. This cd is very introspective and every time I listen to it it helps me and makes me feel at peace. The single EVERYBODY WANTS TO GO TO HEAVEN is a great track and fits in here perfectly but it is the emotive depth and raw honest way every track is delivered that makes this cd great. This is country music at its best. I thank Kenny Chesney for sharing his personal journey....more info
  • Enough Already!!!
    I miss the Tennessee Kenny! He needs to move back home and find his roots and come back to country. I understand trying something different but the last couple island Jimmy Buffet albums are getting old! This is a depressing cd and I gave it away. First of all , It's my bad buying it because I should of noticed he did a song with the all time loser Dave Mathews (sorry, can't stand him and his cough cough music). Theres a couple good songs on here but Kenny needs to get back to the states and off the islands!!!...more info
  • If You Like 'Be As You Are' You Will Love This Album
    There are two types of Kenny Chesney albums - the She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Tennessee country Kenny and the Jimmy Buffet Island Kenny. His last album was more tractor Kenny, so he was due for an island Kenny album. And this album doesn't disappoint.

    If you liked Be As You Are, you will love this album. If you like The Road and the Radio, this album may be too slow for you. Lucky Old Sun has fewer up tempo songs than Be As You Are. Only Ten With a Two is up tempo, but I would hesitate before saying it doesn't fit in the album. Ten With a Two fits in Lucky Old Sun like 'Guitars and Tiki Bars' fits in Be As You Are.

    I thought Key Lime Pie on Be As You Are was a cheesy, throw away song. Perhaps too simplistic even for that album. Kenny just threw it in as filler. Lucky Old Sun lacks a filler, throw away Key Lime Pie track, which is a good thing.

    Based on what i hear from country radio, the singles I would expect them to pick to follow the first single, Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, would be (in order of likelihood):

    Nowhere to Go, Nowhere to Be
    The Life
    Spirit of the Storm
    Down the Road
    That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)

    My favorite track on the album is Way Down Here, but at nearly 6 minutes long, it is too long and mellow (read: boring) to be a radio single. Criticisms of the album will be it is boring or depressing or all the songs sound the same. There are only a few really depressing tracks, but only one up tempo track.

    I wouldn't put it past country radio to make Ten With a Two, Key's in the Conch Shell, or I'm Alive a single.

    Dave Matthews provides hauntingly raspy, smoky vocal accompaniment on I'm Alive. Willie Nelson provides piously hopeful vocals on That Lucky Old Sun....more info
  • If you want more depressing stuff - this is your CD
    I'm a huge Kenny fan - have been since he got started fast approaching 15 years ago now - back when no one knew him and he was opening for the amazing Clay Walker. I've purchased every album of his and enjoyed them all. I didn't hesitate to purchase this one when I saw it was released this past week.

    However, I was disappointed. There are only two real "upbeat" songs on this album, and honestly, I didn't care for either one of them - including his current release "Everybody Wanna Go to Heaven". This is personal preference, I know, but that's what this review is about.

    If you want to hear solely about heartbreak, recovering from it, and moving on with your life - buy it now. Some people need this; clearly Mr. Chesney did, and I'm glad he found it.

    If you want a CD like his past ones, skip this one and wait for the next.

    I really liked his album "Be As You Are". I thoroughly enjoyed most of the songs on it, even though it focused on island life. This one is much more "down". It still speaks of the much-needed peace he's found in the islands, but it also focuses (nearly the entire album) on his mistake and his recovery from it. I wasn't expecting an entire album of this.

    Just a heads up, I guess - it's a depressing album. If that's for you - buy it. He does it well. If not, wait for the next - he'll be around a long, long time...

    ...more info
  • Still Kenny just better
    If you like Kenny Chesney when he is singing about life's little treasures like in the Good Stuff, Old Blue Chair, No Shoes No Shirt, For the First Time, then like me you will love this collection of songs. This is his best release yet, every song is a keeper and a a reason alone to own this CD. They all have the easy rhythm of his best music, his vocals have never sounded so relaxed and yet full of the emotions expressed in the lyrics. "Way Down Here" is one of the best songs I have heard in a very long time. If you aren't into country music don't let that stop you from giving this music a chance, it doesn't sound country or have a country vibe. If you're a die hard country fan how can you resist giving the boy from Kentucky a listen, you'll be two stepping in no time. This music is truly infectious and will be finding its way into your ears constantly once you own it. The music could bring to mind the likes of Jimmy Buffett, James Taylor, or Gordon Lightfoot but without sounding derivitive in the least; delivered in the best vocals Kenny Chesney has yet captured on vinyl or plastic or whatever media you chose. The man makes good music and this is the tops don't miss it ...more info
  • Just so-so
    I have all of Kenny's cds. I am sorry to say that this one is not one of my favorites. I am glad I didn't buy it. The only songs I really enjoyed are the live versions of cuts from previous albums. But give it a listen. If you are a Kenny fan you will probably enjoy it just because you like Kenny....more info