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Death Race (Unrated Edition)
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Ex-con jensen ames is forced by the warden of a notorious prison to compete in out post-industrial worlds most popular sport: a car race in which inmates must brutalize & kill one another on the road to victory. Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 12/19/2008 Starring: Jason Stratham Tyrese Gibson

Mayhem rules in Death Race, a head-over-heels remake of the Roger Corman cult classic Death Race 2000, in which cars become lethal weapons. The strength of this new version is its total single-mindedness about vehicular homicide; it has the virtue of no cluttering subplots or simpering sentimentality. And banish all memory of the original's wild satirical comedy: Death Race is as grim as a dinner tray to the face (a reference that will be explained in a key sequence). In a slightly futuristic maximum-security prison, cons take part in brutal races around the island prison, their violent deaths watched live by millions of viewers. Jason Statham, possibly cast because of his driving dexterity in the Transporter movies, plays a man wrongly imprisoned for murder. Joan Allen provides her brittle cool as the warden, who recruits Statham to assume the masked persona of a legendary driver called Frankenstein. Tyrese Gibson is Frankie's main rival, Natalie Martinez provides the fetching eye candy, but the acting honors go to Ian McShane, as the philosophical prison mechanic. One misses the cross-country race from the original film, as the setting here is claustrophobic and the cars are largely colorless and indistinguishable from each other. Director Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil) continues to display the sensibility of a video-game addict, which will either be a recommendation or a turn-off, depending on your own tastes. At least it doesn't have the hypocritical moral blathering of something like the somewhat similar Condemned--who knew you could be so grateful for simple, straight-forward head-bashing? --Robert Horton

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Customer Reviews:

  • "Death Race": The Title Says it All
    I know this is a remake of Paul Bartel's cult classic "Death Race 2000" from 1975, but Paul W.S. Anderson's "Death Race" (2008) looks more like a cross between Mel Gibson's "Mad Max 2" and Arnold Schwarzenegger's "The Running Man." With lots of actions and plot holes, "Death Race" only wants to entertain us. Though the film still has room for improvement, especially the way it wraps up the story, I liked the film for what it is, pure entertainment.

    The time is set in 2012. Jason Statham plays a retired ace racer Jensen Ames, wrongly accused of murder. He is sent to "Terminal Island," the worst kind of jail controlled by a cold-blooded, money-hungry warden Hennessey (very icy Joan Allen). There, disguised as the star racer "Frankenstein," Jensen joins the survival games staged as a hugely popular online show.

    Despite its weak (and sometimes very silly) plot, "Death Race" delivers nice car stunts, some of which are clearly inspired by the climax car chase of "Mad Max 2." The racing scenes are the greatest merit of the film, but I think with less hectic pace and erratic editing the racing footage could have been better. On the acting side, Jason Statham turns in a decent performance as the hero and you can enjoy watching (delightfully, I hope) over-the-top acting from Joan Allen, who delivers one of the most memorable lines of the year. Don't miss it....more info
  • Death Race Rocks!

    After watching "Death Race" with Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson, I had to take a long breath.

    "Death Race" is a remake of the original Roger Corman film from 1973 that is still fondly remembered and is considered a cult classic. Once you see this version, you will promptly forget Carradine and remember Jason Statham for a long time.

    This is truly an action film. There are races based on speed, based on weaponry, and perils that are orchestrated by the prion matron/action director of a live Terminal Island race to the death seen around the world. Talk about the ultimate reality show! Forget being voted off the island, or voted off Idol. Try surviving the armored speed vehicle assault squad. Fire, oil, nails, napalm, and falling metal are only some of their favorite things.

    The wrongly convicted Jensen Ames, aka Frankenstein, is driving for his life against mass murderers and felons. Death has no meaning except for a way to advance to freedom. His co-operation has been assured by the blackmail of Hennessey and the location of his daughter. The race is only part of the appeal of this film.

    Surprisingly, behind the violence and tough language, a great film lives. There is drama, compassion, and a fight for freedom amidst the most dangerous of circumstances. Yep, only a cable TV audience can inspire the severely twisted!

    The stunts are terrific. The special effects explosive. And the cast is perfect. No pretty boys here.

    The special features include 'Start Your Engines', 'Behind the Wheel', 'Stunts' and a commentary. My version includes both the rated and unrated versions.

    Don't expect your kids to drive like this!

    Tim Lasiuta
    ...more info
  • This was just silly
    Maybe there are only so many plausible movie plots before they start trying to stretch the plausible ones into movies. I would say to rent this one when it comes out on video and is of the overnight rental shelf, but I can't even do that much.

    1. Can we really be expected to believe that someone was able to find out who was a good racer and unemployed out of a population of 300 million? And then send a killer to this man's house who was a prisoner to kill his wife and frame him for it?

    2. Can we really be expected to believe that even though the US economy collapsed that something like 70 million people had enough disposable income to pay $250 to watch people kill each other with race cars?

    3. OSHA and various arms of the federal government have made life unbearable for people who have to work with chemicals. It is no exaggeration to say that the compliances costs of any business are more expensive than the capital. And yet there was no government arm to be found anywhere in a business where 5-6 contestants got killed every week.

    4. Prisoners in the USA have been known to sue prisons over serving them crunchy peanut butter. Can we really believe that people lived in the conditions that were in this prison?

    5. the warden puts a bomb in the car. When it was shown to have been put on the car, it was attached as securely as if it has been put on with a piece of duct tape. And we are really supposed to believe that: A) Someone expected it to stay on a car moving at 150 mph with bullets being shot at it from every direction; B) The people who found it knew exactly where it was and how to detonate it; C) The device could be sent back to the warden and detonated with a detonator that was made by PRISON MECHANICS???

    I'm glad that I only spent 5RMB on this (US$0.83) and would advise any buyers to spend no more than that....more info

    This is for those who don't know another remake that was put out there, but unlike most I was actually excited about this one. I knew that this was one that needs the brain shut off and that really won't have character development, but that is ok. The thing that I was happy about is that the original films legendary producer Roger Corman returns as a producer on this film, that's enough for me. I know some people were worried because Paul W.S. Anderson is the writer/director of this film, but he is an action director and on that level he succeeds. Still this is a remake and with that there will always be disappointments, when watching this I felt like they missed a lot of opportunities. By that I mean this could have been a mindless, fun, and wonderfully violent EPIC film, instead it is the first three and just a decent flick.

    After 2008 the economy started to fall through [yikes that is kinda happening] and the crime rate rises while every one losses their jobs. This sets things up for prisons to be very corrupt and very full, makes things interesting. At one prison in particular the warden has a little reality show on the internet called "DEATH RACE". An event that pits inmate against inmate in a race to the finish line, the only problem is you may be finished before you get there. Why do the inmates agree to do it you ask, well because if the win 5 times [I think is the number] you win your freedom. Yeah that sounds great for the population a crazy prisoner gets released from jail into the public after killing other prisoners live on a show, break out the welcome wagon.

    It seems a racer named Frankenstein [David Carradine from the original for a quick cameo] is killed right before he wins his freedom, seems he was the fan favorite and Warden Hennessey needs him back in the races. So she sends out a prisoner to frame a famous former race car driver named Jensen Ames, it looks like he killed his wife so he goes to jail only to become the new Frankenstein. Of course he doesn't want to but he needs to be freed to see his daughter, so at least that much makes sense. So we are off to the races I guess to a fun filled violent experience to see who will win it, I mean it will be a close race. Jason Statham has driven many a fast car and Tyrese was "2 Fast 2 Furious" so it should be close.

    This film is far from the original mainly because the first film is such a classic amongst the Corman fans like myself, but to be honest this is a new film for a new day and Roger did sign off on it. I find this film to be a really good buddy film, and I don't mean like a buddy cop movie or anything like that. I mean this film is best viewed eating and drinking with your friends; you can all get just as loud as the film and have a mindless good time. My brother, my girl, and a few others all enjoyed this and I think it was because of the atmosphere, good times had by all. Don't get me wrong you can enjoy this at any time but that is best way to watch this type of film I believe.

    As far as the direction it is pretty straightforward, it is all centered around the action and that is fine since it doesn't try to be anything else. Anderson does a good job here as far as that aspect is concerned but don't expect a lot of character development. The deaths are really cool at least in my opinion even if there some over the top moments, but with a title like Death Race what do you expect. The cars are fun and match the atmosphere and look of the film and the action is solid, also The Dreadnought is a cool killing machine but it comes and goes to quick I think. Jason Statham is excellent in the lead role and really I felt he was the best guy for this type of flick. Tyrese though is another story because I just didn't see him in this, he did a great job with his character and maybe because of the lack of script he just seemed, I don't know. Joan Allen on the other hand I felt was great in this and made for a believable villain, I wanted to say something else. Natalie Martinez is decent in this and Ian McShane as Coach is very good in this as well.

    To me this was a fun film although far from a classic it is still good enough in my opinion for a rental at least. I bought it as to continue owning all things Corman, don't have everything yet but I will get there eventually. Like I said before order some pizza crack open a few drinks [whatever you sip on] and watch this with you friends. It is a good time if you turn off the brain; at least I had fun with it.
    ...more info
  • ZERO stars
    Just bouncing around the Amazon Blu Rays and happened to notice this trash at an average of FOUR STARS! Just like the Dark Knight has... except Death Race is a total joke. NO character depth in the LEAST, action that is pointless since the motivation is weak, and an ending I saw three frames back. This movie has all the appeal of an urban produced jail flick.

    Please, if you want a Blu Ray just for picture quality and do not intend on watching this non sense ok, but if you want a GOOD Jason Statham flick try Crank, but Death Race is ABYSMAL on every level except picture transfer, but have some pride!...more info
  • Price for this
    I dont understand the high price of this dvd. Just about all single disc dvds are around $16.99 this hasnt been under $20.00 & is now $26.99. The movie is ok but i would never pay the high price for it im wondering if Universal is trying to make some of the box office total back by asking such a high price....more info
  • Good Mindless Fun
    The stunts were good....lots of action and interesting background...and even a little humour.
    Guaranteed not to win an Oscar...but who cares....more info
  • Oh What Fun It Is To Ride
    I love a movie where you don't have to think. My wife claims the opposite, but by the end of "my kind of movies" she always says, "that was better than I thought it would be." Death Race fit this category perfectly.

    Death Race is a remake of 1975's Death Race 2000. I remember seeing Death Race 2000 years ago when I was a teenager (um...many years ago). I don't remember too many details, but I remember loving it; it had Sylvester Stallone in the part of Machine Gun Joe and there was ton of bloody violence. Death Race (2008) lives up to its predecessor with the exception of no Stallone.

    Jason Statham is the lead in the current version of Death Race as, not the actual monster....Statham's a legendary driver horribly disfigured by multiple racing wrecks...or is he??? Regardless, the race that Statham is in is no ordinary race; you see, the drivers are all prisoners racing for their freedom if they can manage a 5-victory streak before they are "knocked out" of the standings.

    Death Race was a lot of fun. Deadwood's Ian McShane throws down an enjoyable supporting performance and the whole bloody mess of a movie comes together with a well-told story and good acting to make a very cool action film.

    Check it out.
    ...more info
  • Surprisingly awesome.
    DEATH RACE basically revolves around a reality show in which inmates of the world's most dangerous prison race heavily modified and heavily armed vehicles on a track. There are no rules and the object of the race is to be the last person alive. If a prisoner wins five Death Races, he's a free man. Jason Statham plays a prisoner who is given the task of portraying a character named Frankenstein, a masked and disfigured racer who was killed on the track by another prisoner named Machine Gun Joe (Tyrese Gibson). However, because Frankenstein was a huge ratings draw his death was covered up and played off as just an injury. So all Jason Statham has to do is don Frankenstein's mask and keep the legend of the character alive. There are a few twists involving why he's in prison and why he's the person chosen to play Frankenstein, but you'll find it all out when you watch the movie... or read the back of the freakin DVD cover.

    This movie is not very similar at all to the original "Death Race". In the original movie, the Death Race was a game in which drivers hit random pedestrians and accumulated points based on their victim's age, gender, disability, so on and so forth. A pretty awesome idea for a movie if you ask me! The only thing similar with the new DEATH RACE are the characters of Frankenstein and Machine Gun Joe. When I heard about how much changes were going to be made with this new movie I was pretty disappointed and didn't have any desire to see it whatsoever. And it doesn't help that I'm not the biggest Jason Statham fan. However, with a DVD release I thought I would give this movie a shot and I'm actually pretty glad I did. The plot isn't as dumb as I thought it would be and actually came off quite well. The actual script is pretty dumb and is a little too fast and furious for my taste, but the overall movie is well done. The pace is extremlely fast and the Unrated version which is almost two hours, went by very quickly. There was never a dull moment in this film.

    The whole movie definitely has a Post-Apocalyptic vibe to it even though it only takes place in 2012. From the look of the prison to the look of the vehicles, there is a slight MAD MAX feel to it, but for the most part it stays with the times. The cars in the movie are pretty impressive, especially a monstrosity of a vehicle called the Dreadnought which acts as an obstacle in the race. It's like Mechagodzilla on wheels. The theatrical version of this film is rated R, but surprisingly there isn't a whole lot of gore in the movie. One person gets obliterated by a vehicle in borderline ROBOCOP fashion but that's about it.

    If you can suspend your disbelief and not take DEATH RACE too seriously, you'll probably enjoy it. Normally, I hate most big budget Action movies that are heavy on the special effects, but I was really surprised by how awesome DEATH RACE is. There were a few things I absolutely hated about it though. The main thing was the script and the dialogue, but coming from Paul W.S. Anderson, I should have had low expectations. More often than not, DEATH RACE delves into FAST AND THE FURIOUS territory thanks to the lead female character in the film who is basically Frankenstein's assistant. An extremely hot woman in the world's most dangerous prison that's made up of all MEN?? Yeah... OK. I'm all for suspending one's disbelief but there are a few things I can't get over and DEATH RACE pushes the envelope as far as that's concerned. I could go off on a rant about how pea brained the script is, but I won't. The action sequences and the characters more than make up for it. The bottom line is on an entertainment level, DEATH RACE is easily a five star movie. If I were to rate this movie on an intelligence level, then it would probably be a two star movie. As an overall package, which is essentially an Action film, it more than delivers. If you're looking for a fun movie then you won't be disappointed with this one.

    4 stars...more info
  • The Staying power of Statham
    Jason Statham. Wow. Even a bad movie he makes a small 30 second cameo in is better for his overwhelming badassness...and this movie isnt too bad. He's what Vin Diesel should've been. I don't think you can really quantify the qualities he adds to a movie, just a sneering, Charles-Bronson-Clint-Eastwood granite-like presence that adds a lot of credibility to an action flick.

    And this flick could probably use some credibility. Dont try to approach Death Race too cereberally, it is named Death Race after all. You can drive the behemoth truck "Dreadnaught" through the plot holes and circumventing of reality this movie frequently puts out there.

    But damn its fun. Ian McShane says it best, "That's entertainment". It is, and a 90 minute movie with no lull in the action is something that is sadly missing from Hollywood these days. As popcorn flicks go, this is one of my favorite in a long, long time....more info
  • What do you want for the bargain price of $250.00??!!
    I swear I'm becoming a fan of these types of films!

    Once the whiners finish with their laundry list of "Why I didn't like's", what we are left with is a reasonably decent remake of the obviously dated but campy Corman original. Corman also had a hand in making this one, as well, so it's no wonder the film comes off the way it does.

    I'm not one for Jason Statham (he's just too UGLY), but he does well in action flicks. He plays well off the other principles even for a guy with as sparse dialog as Statham had.

    The story is spare as is necessary for action films of this type, but not totally lost amidst the carnage, I think the real stars are the cars. It's one of the few (VERY few) times that guns were bolted to cars in a semi-believable manner. I also liked the nice touch of bringing back David Carradine to reprise his role as the original Frankenstein at the start of the film, even if it was only a voice-over.

    There are so many things in this film that cannot be taken seriously by ANY measure, but the film IS exciting. So it doesn't have a story, the characters are two-dimensional, the premise is TOTALLY unbelievable, but hey, the death and destruction are more than just on-par. I mean, you have to admit, there are some pretty unique and novel ways to die in this film.

    Blood, guts and carnage. I'm popping some popcorn and am going to sit back and watch "Death Race". I've paid my $99.00 for stage one!...more info
    I am a fan of the original film, but this slick looking remake is like a bad video game. It's long, not much fun and I found myself wondering why I was wasting my time. Even for a no brain action film, this one doesn't cut it! Watch the original and leave this one in the scrap heap! The DVD transfer look very good....more info
  • Total carnage. I love it.
    Statham will blindly accept ANY script shoved into his scowling face. History shows this. In fact, he is so without a filter for quality projects that I find myself doubting that he even has an agent. Gladly, though, there are some pleasant surprises that occasionally rise to the top from amongst the stinkers. This here is one of them. So if you can violently suspend your disbelief enough to buy Tyrese as a tough guy, then check out Death Race. Please don't let the name Paul W. S. Anderson scare you away if you have been burned before by one of his prior cinematic gems. This movie is just pure fun. Don't ask yourself why Joan Allen is in it. There are no answers for you here. Just enjoy the races, the death scenes, the crazy RV "boss battle" and (for the ladies) the obligatory Statham shirtless pull-ups. The movie is essentially the Twisted Metal videogame series put on film, complete with power-ups that the drivers race over, Mario Kart style, to activate offensive or defensive bonuses. I went in with zero expectations and came out satisfied. Check it out. If you don't like this movie then you hate fun....more info
  • Death Race Best of its Kind... For this Type Movie
    Death Race is death to the finish car race in the prison system. Action is great...I am not going to get into the movie in my review ...This is a must see movie with this regular DVD looking like High Def with great color saturation....more info
  • Grade a C - bouncy camera action and obvious plot
    I liked the idea of the film because of the 'car wars' reference. The movie apparently is a remake of a book or movie called 'car wars 2000' though i was interested in the concept because of a game called 'car wars' by a dice game company.

    The movie has a very simplistic character development and you don't feel the characters so you don't really get into the film. A lot of the film is quickly moved on. Again no development.

    The Plot is written to move quick and like the characters pretty blah. so you can predict its every move.

    As for the action, it is alright though if you want to actually see the action it is a bit like 'daredevil' in that the camera bounces around so fast you can't really see what is going on or get an idea. I personally don't like that as much.

    The way it is shot, the taste of the grit look is nice and gives a nice appeal.

    i give it a C- really. not a memorable one, nor really just fun, but just is. A let down for me. ...more info
  • It is what it is
    If you've read the critic reviews of this movie prior to watching you're expecting a horrible movie, devoid of any sort of enjoyment whatsoever. To a point they are right, there are a lot of ways that this movie lacks. The story is pretty weak, and there is an awful lot of overacting in this movie.

    But that said, the movie is what it is. Action packed from beginning to end and enough to keep any action junkie satisfied.

    Don't put too much into this film and you'll get what you should expect, a fun diversion for an hour and 45 minutes with enough groans and "ewws" to make you not regret it....more info
  • great action movie, with no complications
    Certainly is tons of action in this movies, and no complications like plot twists or love interests. Just cars, crashes, murders and action. Statham is great ... just his usual self. How can you beat it? Don't look for Gone With the Wind, and you'll be happy.
    A great non-chick flick. Don't misunderstand, I like 27 Dresses, but as a mindless wonderful action film, this one is just fine....more info
  • Action from start to finish, loved it
    I wish this movie was longer, it goes fast with all the action. The storyline is somewhat predictable but has great action and intensity. The blu-ray quality video and audio is exceptional. Good LFE and surrounds are used throughout. The making of extra is in HD as well. ...more info
  • Things Blowed Up Real Good
    Okay, if you are looking at purchasing "Death Race" then you should know what to expect:

    Lots of Explosions
    Plenty of Gunfire
    Cool Cars
    Bloody Violence
    Tough Hero & Heroine
    Viscious Villains
    Loud Pumping Music
    Cars crashing in Slo-Mo
    Guns Firing in Slo-Mo
    And did I mention Explosions??

    If on the other hand you are looking for something with a complicated storyline, heavy on dialogue and plot....well "Death Race" isn't going to work for you.

    This is a fun action flick that meets all of the criteria laid out above. The action is almost non-stop, and where Roger Corman's original had a fun campy feel to it, this updated version goes straight for the action and blood.

    The basic story featured in "Death Race" is that in 2012, prisoners are forced to race to the death in hopes of gaining freedom. The race takes place in 3 legs around the prison itself. Each prisoner gets a cool and deadly vehicle to compete with, complete with napalm, machine guns and various other weapons. When the top rated racer, "Frankenstein", is taken out of action, the Warden in charge of the game needs a replacement quick. Luckily (or not so luckily?) Jason Stratham's character arrives just in time to don the "Frankenstein" mask for the upcoming race.

    I wasn't sure if I would like this recent remake (so many 1980's remakes coming out of Hollywood have been so disappointing), but gave it the benefit of the doubt. I am glad I did. I love a great action movie, and "Death Race" more than fits the bill. This is just the type of flick you need when suffering from "mortgage-credit-card-kids-job-how in the hell did you do that to the car?-the boss needs what?...when?-how much is the heating bill?" type of stress. Forget your world for 90 minutes and just enjoy a film with bullets flying and pyro going off on a regular basis....more info
  • Blu-Ray Death Race Best of its Kind!!!!
    Death Race Best of its Kind... This is a Bell Weather Blu-Ray up there with Iron Man...for an Example of an Show Case into HD Blu-Ray...

    Death Race is death to the finish car race in the prison system. Action is great...I am not going to get into the movie in my review ...This is a must see movie with this regular DVD looking like High Def with great color saturation and now I have the Blu-Ray as well and Blu-Ray is Slightly better in depth and deeper color and Hi Def Sound...And yes I do recommend getting the Blu-Ray version......more info
  • Death Race 2000
    Excellent movie a real guys movie lots of gunz and lots of chicks.Incredible action....more info
  • Good Action Movie
    If anyone has seen "The Condemned" it is along the same line as that. The economy is in poor shape and they take convicts and kill them over the television and internet. In "Death Race" the plot is creative and the movie is worth watching. I enjoyed the action sequences and I liked that it wasn't another shoot 'em up movie. ...more info
  • Death Race : Remake of Death Race 2000
    Death Race is an updated remake of the cult classic movie, Death Race 2000. Where Death Race 2000 took place out on the streets of America, this movie takes place in a high security prison called Terminal Island. It is the year 2012, and the US economy has collapsed, and private companies now run our prisons. "Gladiator Death Races" now entertain the masses of America, and also fund Terminal Island. Inmates drive custom death cars around a prison death track. Inmates may acquire offensive or defensive weapons to eliminate the other racers. The object is to be the last inmate to cross the finish line after 3 stages of the race.

    Into this scenario comes Jensen Amos ( Jason Statham), who has been accused and sentenced for the murder of his wife and child. Jensen is offered the opportunity to stand in for Frankenstein, one of the premier death racers, who has died in his last race unbeknownest to the public and other racers. Jensen becomes familiar with his pit crew led by Coach (Ian McShane), and his female assistant, Case (Natalie Martinez). Together, they take on the other Death Racers in the 2 races leading up to the Final Race. Jensen's big rival is Machine Gun Joe (Tyrese Gibson). The warden in charge of Terminal Island and the Death Races is Hennessey, played by a serious Joan Allen.

    There is plenty of action, explosions, and deaths in Death Race. One of my favorite scenes, is in Stage 2 of the race, where the racers have to not only take on each other, but the tanker/tank Dreadnaught. The end of that race is very cool, and nicely explained in the Bonus Features. The movie is set in a bleak environment, with alot of greys, blacks, and other dark colors. The special effects are great in the way the various drivers meet their demise.

    There are 3 items in the Bonus Features. 1) Start Your Engines: Making a Death Race. Explains the making of Death Race, and how the filmmakers wanted to make a more dark and serious film than Death Race 2000. 2) Behind The Wheel : Dissecting the Stunts. This feature broked down the filming of the stunts and how they were devised. As I mentioned earlier, the part on the Dreadnaught was pretty cool. 3) Feature Commentary with Director and Producer. There are also some trailers of other movies at the beginning of the DVD.

    If you enjoy action, cars and crashes, you should like Death Race. Having been a fan of Death Race 2000, I was not disappointed by this remake. Similar but definitely stands on its own! See it !...more info
  • Lots of fun!!
    My expectations were low for this movie but I really enjoyed it. It was action packed and lots of fun!!!...more info
  • Oh What Fun It Is To Ride
    I love a movie where you don't have to think. My wife claims the opposite, but by the end of "my kind of movies" she always says, "that was better than I thought it would be." Death Race fit this category perfectly.

    Death Race is a remake of 1975's Death Race 2000. I remember seeing Death Race 2000 years ago when I was a teenager (um...many years ago). I don't remember too many details, but I remember loving it; it had Sylvester Stallone in the part of Machine Gun Joe and there was ton of bloody violence. Death Race (2008) lives up to its predecessor with the exception of no Stallone.

    Jason Statham is the lead in the current version of Death Race as, not the actual monster....Statham's a legendary driver horribly disfigured by multiple racing wrecks...or is he??? Regardless, the race that Statham is in is no ordinary race; you see, the drivers are all prisoners racing for their freedom if they can manage a 5-victory streak before they are "knocked out" of the standings.

    Death Race was a lot of fun. Deadwood's Ian McShane throws down an enjoyable supporting performance and the whole bloody mess of a movie comes together with a well-told story and good acting to make a very cool action film.

    Check it out.
    ...more info
  • Good mindless entertainment!
    If you are looking for snappy dialog, a complex believable plot, excellent acting or a thought-provoking ending, you are looking at the wrong movie! The dialog is a means to move from the last to the next fight or car chase. The acting is good enough for this move but you will not see any of these people at many award shows. Ian McShane, is the best named actor in the move. A number of the supporting cast members are excellent within the type cast character they play so well. This move is not going to be one of the hallmark films for the genre either, as the original "Death Race 2000" did. Having said all these nasty things about this film, why did I watch it?
    It is good mindless fun! The standard story of a stoic hero railroaded by evil business people working for faceless corporations can accommodate another action flick. The acting is good enough, the hero is heroic, the villains are pure evil, the eye-candy is excellent and the action sequences are very very well done! This is a kick off your shoes, loosen your belt, turn off your mind and enjoy yourself! Within that frame, this is a fun way to waste two hours in mindless entertainment.
    ...more info
  • Mad Max + Video Game = Death Race
    Jason Statham, awesome. If you liked him in The Transporter, Crank, his driving movies, you'll enjoy him in this film. The problem with this film overall is that it tries to be almost a video game, super mario gets power ups, people get shot at constantly but don't die, cars are almost superheros, our hero lead character sets his car to "no damage, easy play level." It's actaully kind of annoying.

    The Mad Max homage is huge, he drove a Jensen Interceptor. Jason Statham's name is Jensen. Coach (Ian MacShane, Lovejoy) remembers driving several, like trucks. The racing action is so Mad Max.

    The action is wild. It's furious. There are blood and guts everywhere. There are several moments where the director has gone "too far" with killing somebody. And the whole back story is a bit hard to really believe. The plot is predictable.

    However, the sound is really well done, those explosions are great. The cast has a ton of potential, Frederick Koehler as Lines, and Natalie Martinez as Elizabeth Case. And they frequently work well together. Visually the film was done well, especially the opening 15 minutes.

    Deathrace is mindless, gore ridden, foul language riddled movie.

    Most definately R rated for violence and language. There is no nudity (the slo-mo women exiting the bus is a bit too far over the top). And should be watched on a big screen with a good sound system.

    The DVD includes some special features, theatrical and unrated releases, and some making of featurettes. ...more info