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Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 02/03/2009

The third film in the Air Buddies series, itself a spin-off of the Air Bud series, Space Buddies features five golden retriever puppies who have a knack for getting into mischief. While the Buddies separated at the end of Air Buddies and currently live with different families, their kid owners all go to the same school and live in the same town. When the kids take a field trip to see the launch of a real space shuttle, excitement runs high and Buddha quickly gets his brothers and sister together to sneak onto the school bus and join in the fun. The dogs get the adventure of a lifetime when they tour the shuttle at the wrong time and inadvertently get launched into space on a trip to the moon. All is not as it should be in mission control, and saboteur Mr. Finkle (Kevin Weisman) may just get the whole mission scrapped--Buddies and all. Mission control's Slats (Lochlyn Monroe), remote pilot Astro (Ali Hillis), spaceship designer Pi (Bill Fagerbakke), and his pet ferret Gravity try their best to save the shuttle and the Buddies, but the success of their mission hinges on help from crazy Russian cosmonaut Yuri (Diedrich Bader) and his cosmodog Spudnick. Voice talent includes Jason Earles as Spudnick, a Russian bull terrier with a decidedly strange accent, and Josh Flitter, Liliana Mummy, Nico Ghisi, Skyler Gisondo, and Henry Hodges as the Buddies. Bonus features include a 13-minute making of featurette that includes some history about space travel and is narrated by the Buddies, bloopers, and Alyson Stoner's "Dancing in the Moonlight" music video. An adventure story with a nice message about family and teamwork, children ages 3 to 10 will enjoy Space Buddies with its cute talking puppies and not-too-scary space travel, but those seeking believability will not be impressed. --Tami Horiuchi

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Customer Reviews:

  • Great
    My 2 year old and my 8 year old, loved this movie!! If you are an animal lover, get this movie!! The buddies rock!!!...more info
  • Great movie for kids
    I bought this for my 3 year old son. He loves the movie and it arrived very quickly....more info
  • Another talking dogs movie - where does it stand?
    Children's fare has changed from what I enjoyed as a kid. For me, animated talking turtles slinging one liners and nun chucks sufficed; if you believe Disney's Space Buddies, today's tikes require a more advanced form of talking animal. Apparently, the bar has been raised. If you consider Labradors with CGI enhanced mouths as raising the bar.

    A quintet of "talking" Labradors find themselves launched into space after the field trip of their child owners becomes more participatory than originally planned. Rosebud the lone female, B-Dawg the obnoxious gangsta' talkin' puppy, Buddha the sublimely at peace leader dog, Butterball the thickheaded and diabetes-bound dog and Mudbud, the compulsive mud rolling puppy form the quintet which quickly becomes a sextet after lodging with the abandoned USSR space station after an in flight malfunction where the meet the resident mutt, Spudnik. Get it? Witty, I know. After a catastrophic departure from the space station the dog pack finds their way to the moon and finally back to Earth - but not without oodles of pulse-pounding excitement.

    What truly bewilders me about Space Buddies is the dialogue. The target audience, assuming talking dogs have a target audience, can't be older than 7 or 8 - and yet the dialogue seems slanted towards really immature, albeit stupid, high-schoolers. The language used seems just slightly out of the grasp of your typical child. The entire time I listened to B-Dawg - who I'd put down in a second if given the option - the more I came to resent the 10 one-liners a minute structure of the Space Buddies script. The funny thing about all of this is that the target audience of 7 or 8 isn't really watching Space Buddies for the dialogue. Ironic considering the animators went through such lengths to animate their mouths, but the child who will draw any delight from Space Buddies will be of the age where the only thing necessary to keep their attention is the presence of 6 puppies (and a ferret...voiced by Amy Sedaris of all people) romping around on the screen.

    Really, any and all dialogue is extraneous beyond the mere presence of puppies in space suits. I mean really, what more could your 7 year-old ask for?

    Of the human actors in Space Buddies, of which there are about 10 who stay on screen, there are only 3 worth mentioning for keeping Space Buddies entertaining. First we have Kevin Weisman who plays the semi-villainous Dr. Finkel who, for some unknown reason, wants the Vision Space Expedition to go wrong. Why? We don't really know, but it doesn't matter. Kevin Weisman is an interesting enough actor that we tolerate pretty much whatever he does on screen without question. Then we have Diedrich Bader (whom you'll remember from the Drew Carey Show) who plays the lonely and slightly puppy-crazed cosmonaut aboard the ill-fated space station. While his one-liners are just as bad as any delivered by the gangster puppy, his entire presence in the movie seems tinged with an air of self-deprecation that makes Bader so much fun. He knows he's in a kiddie flick about talking dogs - but he doesn't care. Good for him. Finally we have the combo of Lochlyn Munro and Ali Hillis who as a command center team come together to pretty much form an entire character. These two, of all the cast, seemed to be having the most fun (not counting Bader).

    As far as kiddie fare goes Space Buddies is a mixed bag. As previously noted its content makes it hard to determine its exact demographic. There's a definite age where the novelty of dogs with computer enhanced mouths just doesn't cut it but at the same time there's a minimum age where the one-liners and quips of the entire cast begin to appeal. It's as if to elongate, as much as possible, the appeal of Space Buddies they took a specifically 4-6 year old gimmick and bolstered it with dialogue to make it more appealing to an age group maybe 3 or 4 years older than that.

    Blu-Ray Extra Features:


    Okay, now I know what you're thinking - anything more than physical mistakes made by the puppies aren't really bloopers but rather planned little comedic bits to pad the Extra Features reel. And you're right - but if we accepted bloopers from Toy Story and other animated Disney movies we've created precedence which says that we're willing to laugh at fake bloopers. With that precedent in mind, Disney gave us the reel of Space Buddies bloopers which are additional takes on a few scenes wherein the puppies' lack of or boon of enthusiasm is manipulated to comedic effect.

    Backstage Disney:

    Disneypedia: The Buddies Guide to Space Travel:

    The voices of the puppies take us on a behind the scenes tour of Space Buddies to explain some of the science behind space travel and the special effects used in creating the movie. While actually interesting in the parts where they discuss the history of space travel, a good thing for kids to learn, it does mean you'll have to listen to more B-Dawg spouting lingo overly infused with pop-culture references.

    Buddy Facts

    This might be the best way to watch Space Buddies. Playing the normal movie, Buddy Facts will pipe in every now and then with little pop-up video style notes about the actors, space facts, etc. Definitely the better way to watch the movie - especially if the adults are going to sit through it with the chitlins.

    Games & Activities: Buddy Finder

    Like Budy Facts, Buddy Finder offers an alternative way to enjoy the Space Buddies movie by turning the viewing experience into a game of iSpy. With a list of 100 things to spot during the movie, Buddy Finder requires the viewer to press the remote whenever they spot one of the listed items in the movie. Again, for the adult watching the movie with their child this will help keep the interest.

    "Dancing in the Moonlight" Music Video by Alyson Stoner

    No one creates their own celebrities like Disney does. Pimping Alyson Stoner (who I'd never heard of before) and her rendition of "Dancing in the Moonlight" along with clips of the movie, Disney has found the perfect mechanism for creating brand awareness in your kids at an early age. The music video is harmless fun with surprisingly innocent dancing (compared to the norm of today).

    As I've said Space Buddies crosses interesting territory by employing the adolescent-aimed talking puppy gimmick alongside dialogue that would typically be aimed at an older crowd. In this way it's hard for me to tell you exactly how well your 9 or 10 year old will respond - and for all I know there are a few tweenagers who'd bite for this material - I don't know. But for all intents and purposes it's mediocre children's fare. You could do better with 90% of Disney's classic library - but if they have a hankering for talking puppies...well that's a hard niche to fill.

    I think it's a universally accepted principle that the world feels bad for animals forced to wear costumes. But maybe, just maybe, some gangster-talkin' puppies deserve such treatment....more info
  • Space Buddies
    The DVD Space Buddies is good. It is a good movie to watch. The condition is good. I love the movie. ...more info
  • Love it!
    My kids, four and two, love all of the "Buddies" movies. This one probably isn't as good as Snow Buddies, at least to me as an adult....more info
  • Space Buddies
    Adorable story. My grandchildren ages 2 to 5 loved watching over & over. Puppies are the cutest! Held interest from beginning to end....more info
  • air bud series, latest movie
    every once in a while it is like a vacation to suspend adult logic and let yourself enjoy like a child......believing anything is possible. Walt Disney understood that this is as re-juvenating as a vacation. His company continues to present movies that not only allows this activity of mind....but allows us to continue enjoying evenings at home with our children....or grandchildren as is in my case. I have collected all the air bud series and contue to watch them when I need an "ah" evening.
    If one is capable of disconecting adult logic and be able to believe in dogs talking to one another then this movie is charming, funny at moments and truly enjoyable. Thanks for the continued family content quality movies....more info
  • awful!
    our kids are ages 13 to 4 months. Not that the 4 month old watched it but the rest did ...2 year old, 4 year old,8 year old and especially the 13 year old thought it was awful!! I tried to watch it. couldn't!!
    ...more info
  • The kids liked it
    The kids liked this film. Garden variety animal movie, predictable plot.

    1) The blu-ray quality was horrible in scenes that were dark. Very grainy picture quality.
    2) As an adult, this movie was basically unwatchable.

    The kids loved it, which I would expect is the only criteria anyone who is buying this movie would care about. Save your money and buy the non-blu-ray version. Kids who would enjoy this movie wouldn't care about the "blu-ray" quality....more info
  • great
    This was shipped at once great entertaining movie recomend it to all...more info
  • Wonderful!
    This is a lovely movie. It is fantasy, but there are technical terms that are real and give the movie a sense of reality. My children were on the edge of their seats at times in case a disaster happened and such relief when it all turned out ok. It's great for those children interested in aviation and space - it gives them more to think about. I enjoyed the movie and would certainly recommend it. No age restrictions!...more info
  • It Was Just OK, A Few Good Laughs
    Space Buddies - the whole Buddies franchise, well it's fun, and it has worn out it's welcome in some ways. A thirteen year old says, yep it was an OK movie (he did laugh a number of times), but it wasn't really that good. Here's dad's take, the earlier versions were better, a bit more engaging, a bit funnier.

    There's a lot less dog moving mouth and talking scenes in this one. The CG on the moon, well it's really downright bad. It actually looks like a person with a Macintosh and a couple of hours could have done much better. A ferret talks the dogs back to earth. Nothing about the film is real or believeable, but it's entertainment, so a person can suspend reality for a while.

    Daumer from Coach days is the head dunderhead owner of Vision rocket company. And there's a Robert Downey Jr. wanna be that is the villan. The other characters were filler Disney characters. The kids were, as usual chez Disney, cute and smarter than the adults.

    It's a pleasant, decently fun movie to watch for an hour and 20 minutes. There's no real rewatch value. Definately PG, and appropriate for just about everyone. There's a moment when the Russian space ship burns up, and it looks like the Cosmonaut (Diedrich Bader from The Drew Carey Show) will burn with it. However, he gets in an escape pod and is launched away. He also drinks some clear liquid and gets very happy. But it's also possible that was water and he was happy because of the music played and his dancing. By the way, Bader is not exactly terribly believeable as a Russian. His accent comes and goes frequently.

    All in all, a pleasant movie to watch on a Saturday evening in March where huge snowflakes are unseasonally falling. Kids will enjoy this. Parents will not be annoyed by it. And everyone will get a laugh or two here and there all in a good healthy manner.

    The DVD has a bloopers reel as bonus feature. ...more info
  • Space Buddies
    This movie is cute but like most sequels it lacks the surprise factor. Very entertaining....more info
  • Bev the great
    Space Buddies is a wonderful family movie. I am very happy that I purchased this on Amazon. I had received a very good price and it was delivered even faster than estimated....more info
  • Great kids movie!
    We bought this dvd as a surprise for our 4yro son to watch during a 14 hour flight. He LOVED it and watched it several times over! Making a long flight not seem so long. His words "a movie with dogs, space and a ferret! This is the best movie ever!" The movie is a bit corny and cheesey but it is fun. This is definitely geared towards little ones, older kids might get bored. I liked that this film kept the plot simple and easy for a little one to follow, and the bad guy wasn't over the top or scarey. It is a true G-rating unlike some other animated G-rated movies, I highly recommend it for wee ones....more info
  • Space Buddies Okay
    I purchased Space Buddies for my two boys - 3 1/2 and 5 years - because they kept seeing the commercials for the video. Since we're always looking for good videos, I thought I would give it a try. In a nutshell, the movie is fair to poor. To give some detail, the first time my 3 1/2 year old watched Space Buddies was on an airplane ride. The movie was on for only about five minutes until he was bored. We were at home the first time my 5 year old saw the movie, and he watched it for probably about a half hour. We have had the movie for about a month now, and they have not asked to watch it once since the first time.

    Below are some video suggestions instead of Space Buddies (most for boys):
    1) Iron Giant - I cannot express in words how much my boys have loved this movie. They are absolutely enamored by with this one.
    2) 101 Dalmations
    3) Spectacular Spiderman (Not Amazing or other Spiderman videos)
    4) Transformers
    5) Curious George Movie - They loved this when they were a little younger. A good age group would be 2 to 4 years.
    6) Enchanted - Even though this is supposed to be a girls movie, my guys really like it. And I think it is pretty funny at times.
    7) Barnyard (with Kevin James)
    8) Sandlot
    9) And the obvious Disney greats - Monsters Inc, Toy Story 1 & 2, Cars, etc....more info
  • Space Buddies DVD
    Space Buddies is a wonderful family movie. My children love all the "dog" movies,and we do have them all.This one, by far, has been their favorite. They are already watching for the next one. The antics that the dogs go through are so cute and make you laugh over and over again. The language is good, which is a must,and makes for a wonderful family event.You will love it! ...more info
  • Family
    This is a very good family movie It is funny and keeps your interest. The kids really loved it as well as I did. ...more info
  • gave my 5 year old nightmares
    the big explosion and the fire almost burning up the Russian man kept my son up till midnight. Good for an older child, though. Nothing really crude, that I can remember, and they didn't speak as fast as in many of the Disney movies. My son hated it and I hated the nightmares he had because of it....more info
  • Missed It;s Bark
    This was the worst buddies movie. It was a complete waste of my money. As an owner of all the bud and buddies movies it makes me wonder what they were thinking?...more info