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Spider-Man, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four will never be the same after this outrageously funny spoof of your favorite comic book movies! Drake Bell (Drake & Josh) stars as a nerdy high school student bitten by a genetically-altered dragonfly. He stumbles hilariously through the process of becoming a crime-fighter and as his new powers grow, so do the laughs. Sara Paxton (Aquamarine) and Christopher McDonald (Spy Kids 2) costar as the clueless damsel in distress and the comically intense super villain, along with Pamela Anderson and Leslie Nielsen. Going from superzero to superhero has never been this much fun!

Adolescent fantasy meets sophomoric humor in the latest cuisinart comedy, Superhero Movie. The story of how frustrated loser Rick Riker (Drake Bell of Drake & Josh) becomes the superpowered Dragonfly is largely poking fun at Spider-Man, but there are a handful of digs at X-Men, Fantastic Four, and other Marvel Comics superhuman flicks. What's disappointing is how few of the jokes are specific to the genre--the abundance of gags about urine, feces, horniness, and especially flatulence (long, drawn-out gags about flatulence) could have been shoehorned into a parody of pretty much anything. The strong point of Superhero Movie is the above-average cast; while there are the obligatory cameos by the likes of Pamela Anderson, the cast is mostly filled out with actual actors like Marion Ross (Happy Days), Christopher McDonald (Thelma & Louise), Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development), and Leslie Nielsen, who trots out his trademark deadpan one more time. As Dragonfly's love interest, Sara Paxton (Aquamarine) does a flawless and subtle imitation of Kirsten Dunst's sultry vocal mannerisms. And for fans of Airplane! (the movie that started the whole everything-but-the-kitchen-sink genre of comedy), there's an appropriate cameo by Robert Hays as Rick Riker's father. Superhero is a step above such recent tripe as Date Movie and Meet the Spartans... but sadly, that's not saying much. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • SPOOF done properly... well BETTER
    Honestly, this movie is just okay, and I was tempted to give it 4 stars, but then came down to my senses. I wanted to give it 4 stars because compared to Meet the Spartans, Date Movie and Epic Movie, SUPERHERO MOVIE is comedy GENIUS. A shining beacon in the spoof movie doodoo fest we've been enduring recently.

    Yet, in its mere 85 minutes, it seemed to come and go. There were moments of hilarity and there were moments where it slowed down to crawl. Although, there were dozens of things that SUPERHERO MOVIE did that made it rein supreme over some of the retarded comedies hollywood has been spewing out lately.

    First of all, there was a story to follow. YEAH! Hard to believe that is something that I had to say, but it's true. The story may have been lame and one dimensional, but at least there was one. Secondly, it had set up to its jokes. They didn't just put a Britney Spears look-alike somewhere and do something stupid to her. There was a method to the madness.

    Ultimately, there were moments in SUPERHERO MOVIE that had me busting out laughing. Yet, compared to classics like AIRPLANE, NAKED GUN and KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE, SUPERHERO is the kind of doodoo we should be complaining about, instead of movies that should never have even found funding like the previously mentioned excrement.

    At least SUPERHERO shows future moviemakers and movie funders, what should be green lit and what she be flushed....more info
  • Another Awesome Spoof!!!
    I love spoof movies, and this one is awesome and hilarious! It makes fun of Spider-Man, X-men, Batman, Fantastic Four, and more! Rick Riker is bitten by a genetically altered dragonfly and soon turns into a superhero. His friend, his girlfriend, and his uncle (Played by the legendary hilarious Leslie Nielsen) try to help him along the way. He must stop the evil Hourglass from destroying the world. If you love Spoofs, you'll love SUPERHERO MOVIE!!!

    p.s. I can't wait for a sequel!!!...more info
  • Move Over Spider-Man...Meet Dragonfly!
    If you're over THE DARK KNIGHT and IRON MAN, waiting for what they're going to do to SUPERMAN, and if you need good laugh? Check out SUPERHERO MOVIE. This reviewer was totally aghast by MEET THE SPARTANS (along with the other recent parody EPIC MOVIE), but SUPERHERO MOVIE fares way better. One reason SUPERHERO MOVIE works is because one of the Zucker Brothers (AIRPLANE, NAKED GUN films) is one of the producers and the legendary Leslie Nielsen is in a support role. The film is a total, and shot-per-shot, parody of the first SPIDER-MAN movie with a character called "The Dragonfly", with a little of BATMAN, X-MEN, and FANTASTIC 4 thrown in. This reviewer actually laughed thoughout most of the film and perhaps it works on the grounds that Spider-Man is more accessible and recognised. Also, the film has a great ensemble cast of actors familiar with comedy from Nielsen, Marion Ross (HAPPY DAYS), Christopher MacDonald (HAPPY GILMORE), and Dan Castellaneta. One of the more hilarious targets is of physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking. In a bit of inspired casting, moviegoers will recognise character actor, Robert Joy (CSI:NY,*61) as having the perfect likeness to playing one of the greatest minds of modern science. The creators recycle some of the gags from AIRPLANE and NAKED GUN as a definite homage to Leslie Nielsen's past work, but are still funny in the context of the film. This parody is not the "train wreck" that is MEET THE SPARTANS, but is a pretty smart and funny movie.
    ...more info
  • Not funny, no wonder we never heard about it before!
    This movie is trying to mock spiderman. Its trying hard to be funny, but it simply can't.

    Full of Repetitive jokes!

    Very Predictable!

    Quite Silly, and not the kind of funny silliness.

    Total failure to mock a great movie such as Spiderman

    It thought it could be successful by mocking Spiderman the same way Scary Movie did with Scream, but there is no comparison what so ever between the two.

    I don't remember laughing or even smiling while watching the movie.
    ...more info
  • The funiests movie ever
    Superhero Movie is super funny. When I saw it everyone laughed through the whole thing. It was awasome. You got to see it. When you see it your gona laugh and love it. When you see it your even gona want it. You have to have it. ...more info
  • Yeah, it's better Date Movie, Epic Movie and Mee the Spartans...
    but that's not saying much. First, I did like the fact this had some semblence of a plot (a la Airplane) where they took the blueprint of another story (in this case, Spider-Man) and tried to make things funnier, rather than going from one skit (movie spoof) to another, such is the norm lately. Superhero Movie does go in that direction once or twice, most obviously when they tried to take on the X-Men movies (with utter failure).

    The rest of the movie has some decent jokes, but this is still no where near Airplane! or even the B-level spoofs like Top Secret! and Hot Shots! Is it better than 2008's other spoof flick, Meet the Spartans? Sure is, but that's almost like comparing one rotten apple with another, they're both pretty bad.

    As for the DVD, there's some OK features but nothing worth the price tag. Now, since I didn't see the movie in theaters, I'm not sure what was actually reinserted. The commentary does mention one scene put in but, IMO, it was dumb (it involved two balloons "doing it"). Also, they apparently removed some gag reel or deleted footage from the end credits and put it with other deleted/extended scenes. The commentary itself is alright but if you've listened to them for either Scary Movie 3 or Scary Movie 4, it's really more of the same....more info
  • No jokes you couldn't see coming
    It's always weird to review a movie like this which claims to be a spoof but doesn't really creatively spoof the actual genre it mocks. This has become a big problem with the recent spate of movies in this genre and only seems to be getting worse. One thing these movies keep doing is just doing an imitation of a scene from a famous movie in the genre they're making fun of. That problem continues here and to be honest that's not good writing. It's just lazy. If these folks aren't going to spend the time writing some insightfully funny about this why even bother?

    Just re-watch the movies this is making fun of, you'll have a better time. And if you want to read an interesting new take on the superhero genre, check out BABY MONSTERS at [...]...more info
  • Super Waste of Time.
    The idea of making fun of super heroes like Spiderman, etc is interesting but the execution of this film is bad. There are a few laughing scenes at the beginning. After 15 minutes, it's very boring because the jokes are repetitive.

    What a waste of time and money....more info
  • A waste of Miles Fisher's Talents
    Movies like these are either hit or miss. For me it was a hit, especially the Tom Cruise spoof segment. Unfortunately as you all know, the Tom Cruise segment was heavily edited when it was played in theaters. It was only 22 seconds long instead of 2 minutes. You'd think that the original Tom Cruise spoof(as can be found on Youtube) would be included as part of the deleted scenes in this EXTENDED edition. However that's not the case. What were these producers thinking not to include that two minute clip???? What a waste of Miles Fisher's talents! They did include some more Tom Cruse stuff as extras but it was too short and it was garbage compared to the original spoof. Also the extended edition is only a one disc set, not two as listed on Amazon. Despite my repeated efforts to get Amazon to change it, they would not. I give it three stars because they omitted the best part of the movie....more info
  • The best spoof movie since Airplane!
    Superhero Movie is brilliant. Unlike the Scary Movie franchise this spoof focuses on a single movie, the first Spiderman, so there are not hundreds of references to other movies to dilute the gags.
    Unlike Meet the Spartans, the source, Spiderman, has enough to laugh at and writer/director Craig Mazin doesn't go for the easy,obvious laughs.
    Leslie Nielsen and Marion Ross are great as Dragonfly's aunt and uncle while Drake Bell and Christopher McDonald are excellent as Dragonfly and nemesis Hourglass.
    There is not a single slow part in this one.
    The final showdown is brilliant
    The special features are okay the commentary track really sucks....more info
  • you'll laugh, or maybe groan
    Remember, like, in elementary school when someone farted? And it was really funny? Do you also think it's hilarious when someone gets hurt, like getting bonked on the head? Over and over? Well, then, you'll appreciate this movie. Otherwise, you might be out of luck. "Superhero Movie" is much better than the earlier "movie" parodies by the same people, but unfortunately, not that much better. Drake Bell is appealing as the Peter Parker-type teen who gets bit by a dragonfly and develops superpowers. Other cast members, including Leslie Nielson and Sara Paxton as the love interest (mugging like Kirsten Dunst) do a good job, too, but they can't make such a lame script funny. Unless of course, you find flatulence really funny. There's lots of farting in this movie. And a few small clever bits, but they are few and far between. These movies are like the Y2K equivalent of Tom Green movies, you can't figure out why they keep getting made. Oh well, maybe they appeal to somebody. ...more info
  • Another Spoof, But A Good One
    Yes, another spoof has been made, but this one ain't half bad. If you are a comic book fan, or at least a fan of the recent comic movies, then you will enjoy this movie. There are parts of the film that I was literally laughing out loud (which isn't good when you are watching the movie at 1am and everyone else is asleep in the house).

    The sad thing is, there are parts that weren't funny and kind of dull. I can't tell where, but it starts off pretty funny and then loses steam. However, unlike some movies, this one eventually picks up again. The part that I didn't care for was the X-Men reference. It wasn't even really needed. So yeah, I'd say that this is a movie to check out if you are a fan. ...more info
  • A solid entry into the spoof genre. Much better than Epic, Date, Teen movies
    SUPERHERO MOVIE bombed at the box office, but as a lifelong fan of the genre and movies like AIRPLANE, TOP SECRET, and NAKED GUN, I felt almost compelled to watch it. I doubt there will ever be another breakthrough spoof movie due to the fact that now there are so many of them. During the eighties and nineties, spoof movies came out every other year or so, now they come out every other month (Scary, Date, Epic, Disaster, etc). SUPERHERO MOVIE is not a great movie within the spoof genre, but it provides many good laughs and returns to the roots of what made the movies like Airplane and Naked Gun so great.

    The DVD has a feature called "Anatomy of a Spoof" that among other things, gives director Craig Mazin's (a Zucker prot¨¦g¨¦ and fan) philosophy of spoof movies. First, the actors need to play it straight, and second, the movie needs to have characters you care about and create an actual story within the genre you are trying to spoof. It this movie, all the actors play it straight. Drake Bell is Rick Ryker, the Peter Parker clone who gets bit by a Dragonfly and gets superpowers. Sara Paxton plays the love interest. Christopher McDonald is the evil Hourglass. Leslie Neilsen is the wise uncle. The plot follows the basic structure of Spiderman, and throws in Fantastic Four and X-men spoofs as well. The movie avoids trying to create comedy by recreating scenes from famous super hero movies. Director and writer Mazin really tries to make a story the viewers will care about, and many of the jokes are found in the dialogue.

    Mazin knew what he was doing. He crafted an entertaining spoof full of witty dialogue. A few things brought the movie down. First, the glut of spoof movies took away any chance for this film to be original. Second, it seemed a limited budget took away from some of the special effects that could have been utilized. Third, Mazin just isn't as talented as the Zucker brothers. Still, this movie had some good stuff, including my favorite, Steven Hawking. This is a must see for fans of the genre. It's not perfect, but SUPERHERO MOVIE is definitely trying to follow in the footsteps of AIRPLANE, and that's more than can be said for all the Date and Epic movie spoofs.
    ...more info
  • funny movie
    I watched this movie only because I am a great fan of Brent Spiner.
    He plays a little role, but indeed his performance is great...
    The protagonist is really funny and I hope that there will be a sequel...
    ...more info
  • Good movie that could of been better!
    Everyone played their funny parts well but all the stars you really wanted to see had short parts. Would I watch it again yes, but I would only buy it used and not new....more info
  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dragonfly
    The creators of "Scary Movie" and "The Naked Gun" set their sights on the comic book genre in the latest big screen parody "Superhero Movie". After being bitten by a genetically enhanced super dragonfly, high school student Rick Riker (Drake Bell) develops superhuman abilities and learns that with great power comes great responsibility. Rick becomes the masked crime fighter Dragonfly and battles the life-draining villain Hourglass (Christopher McDonald) who seeks to become immortal by killing thousands of people. "Superhero Movie" is a decent spoof of the blockbuster "Spider-Man" franchise and other comic book movies like "Batman Begins", "Fantastic Four" and "X-Men". The 2008 comedy delivers a good dose of sight gags and gross-out humor. The cast also includes Sara Paxton, Kevin Hart, Brent Spiner, Jeffrey Tambor, Marion Ross, Tracy Morgan and Leslie Nielsen. "Superhero Movie" is a fair improvement over such recent lame parodies like "Date Movie", "Epic Movie" and "Meet the Spartans".

    If you liked "Superhero Movie" in theaters, then you might want to check out the Extended Edition on DVD. The 2008 spoof of comic book blockbusters is presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen format. The extended edition includes a few minutes of additional footage not seen in theaters. The picture quality is very good and its 5.1 Dolby Digital sound is fairly enjoyable. Among special features, the DVD includes an alternate ending, 21 deleted scenes, theatrical trailer, "Meet the Cast" and "The Art of Spoofing" behind-the-scenes featurettes and audio commentary by writer/director Craig Mazin and producers David Zucker and Robert K. Weiss. Overall, "Superhero Movie" Extended Edition gets a "C"....more info
  • rent before you buy
    I watched this movie with some friends the other night. I found myself and a few of my friends actually falling asleep by the middle of the film. There were very few funny parts, this movie was a BIG waste of time. Lets pray they don't release a second....more info
  • Not as bad as you might think...nor as good as it could be
    This isn't "Date Movie" or "Epic Movie" or "Meet the Spartans." Let's get that clear up front. Of course, in all honesty, this isn't "Airplane" or "Naked Gun" either. But it's much better than the former set of movies, and that's what counts.

    I won't re-hash the plot--you've seen it in your favorite superhero movies anyways. Drake Bell, as Rick Riker (turned Dragonfly), shows promise; he's not quite to the Leslie Nielsen level, but then no one really is, so we'll forgive him for that. As for Nielsen...he's given a few clunker lines, but it's Leslie Nielsen; even the worst line ever written is enjoyable coming from him. His presence alone helps elevate this movie somewhat.

    As does the rest of the cast. There is a surprisingly large amount of talent in this film. Christopher McDonald, as the villain Hourglass, is always a welcome presence in this type of movie. Kevin Hart, as Riker's friend, is also a nice addition. Brent Spiner milks the most from his small performance; and Keith David, only in a couple small scenes, delivers one of the funniest lines of the movie: "What Empire City needs is more police officers--and a Hooter's." Other cameos (Robert Hays, Simon Rex, and yes, even Pam Anderson) help flesh out the film, adding some extra humor that might otherwise be lacking.

    However, the excellent cast is also a bit of a let-down, considering the movie isn't all THAT great. There are a few great scenes (the beginning scene in the lab, with the pheromones especially) and some great one-liners...but they just aren't up to par. It's hard to take a spoof seriously these days; we can thank a long line of horrible or near-horrible parodies for that. The parody has become a money-maker, and not the art form it once was. "Superhero Movie," despite its high points, displays that prominantly.'s good for a few chuckles, even a couple hearty laughs. I wish they'd have given it a different name, to seperate it from its predecessors (as well as give it a different cover that didn't blatantly rip-off the "Scary Movie" franchise). But the movie itself is decent. I suppose that's the best we can expect these days, in the parody world ("Scary Movie 3" being the only exception I can think of). We can still hope, though, that one day someone will come along who will truly appreciate the art of the parody. Mel Brooks is still making movies, isn't he? Somebody should give him a call....more info
  • Four Words
    Sometimes it's a single word: "Plastics." Or two words: "My precious." Or "Bond. James Bond." (Is that two words, or three?) For movie lovers, some words or collections of words are magically evocative, forever associated with whatever was immortal about the films that featured them. A few days ago, four more words entered this privileged lexicon for me. My son, who will be 13 in September, wanted to see "The Superhero Movie," starring Drake Bell. My son has been a fan of Drake and Josh on TV. We rented the movie on our cable system. It comes in two versions, a PG-13 version and an unrated "Extended" version. Not aware that I could rent the PG-13 version, I rented the extended version for $4.99. The four words that I'll forever associate with the movie came about 10 minutes in. A snail was among a diverse group of animals frenetically attempting to have sexual intercourse with Drake Bell's character. In a subtitle, the snail said the four words: "Take it all, bitch." I was transfixed. The line so overwhelmed me that I found myself unable to watch more of the movie. I turned to another channel, and my son's only reaction was, "Dad, I'm surprised it took you so long to do that." Today, before writing this review, I took the trouble to rent, for another $4.99, the PG-13 version of the movie. The same scene, and the same line, were there. I'm not sure what else to say, except maybe, "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"...more info
  • "SUPERHERO MOVIE" isactually the better of the "from the guys who brought you SCARY MOVIE and the NAKED GUN" type of films
    For the week of Halloween 2008, I decided that there will be no horror movie marathon. This week, I will watch the various comedy films that typically feature on the front of the DVD "from the guys who brought you SCARY MOVIE and the NAKED GUN".

    I pretty much know what I'm getting into with these films and know you have to have an open mind because although many scenes will have its funny moments, you can expect your share of really idiotic moments as well.

    I know people who can just laugh and know what to expect with these films but some who have never seen these type of films and just feel the wasted their time watching it. So, with that being said, enjoyment of this film depends on your take of these type of movies.

    "SUPERHERO MOVIE" is a film that parodies the first "Spider-Man" film, "Fantastic Four", "X-Men" and "Batman".

    The film revolves around Rick Riker, a nerdy high school teenager who loves his classmate but bullied quite a bit in his school. Things go from bad at worse at a school trip when he accidentally spills a chemical which attracts animals to him and somehow he ends up being bit by a radioactive dragonfly.

    Riker develops special powers and next thing you know, the Dragonfly is born.

    Marion Ross and Leslie Nielsen play the aunt and uncle of Rick Riker. In true Leslie Nielsen fashion, if you watched the "Naked Gun" films, you know what to expect for his role. Marion Ross of "Happy Days" fame was quite interesting as the aunt who has a major flatulence problem and just can't stop farting.

    Tracy Morgan plays a Professor X type of role, trying to help Riker learn his new powers and show him the school of teens who have powers. Pamela Anderson plays the role of Invisible Woman who has been caught messing around with Professor X by Mrs. Professor X.

    One of the highlight scenes is when Riker and the girl of his dreams, Jill Johnson are about to share a kiss but his aunt Lucille (Marion Ross) sleeping right next to them leashes continuous farts that just sound so horrible. Fart jokes can be funny and the manage to include a hilarious gassy scenes in which Jill who really wants to kiss Riker, uses her tampons to put up her nose to avoid smelling the fart. Fart jokes are gross but when done well, you can't hep but laugh.

    Of course, probably the coldest jokes are the ones on physicist Stephen Hawking. The gags on his character featured getting his head accidentally stuck in a beehive and not able to get out of it because of his disability. And of course, using his vocoder device to simulate Hawking screaming profanities. For a film to really make fun of his disability to get some cheap laughs is just very cold.

    There are so many gags in this film with those type of gags, some quite funny and some that are just idiotic but I found this film more to the funny side fortunately. But with jokes such as the Stephen Hawking (which there are numerous scenes with this character), I can see many finding it tasteless and some to find it so funny knowing it's so wrong.


    Truthfully, I wasn't paying too much attention towards the quality of the film and as for the audio, the film is strictly dialogue. Not much need for special audio effects.


    The extended version features the alternate ending, deleted scenes, two featurettes and a theatrical trailer plus a commentary. The regular version only features the alternate ending (which was so dumb, I'm glad they didn't use it), deleted scenes and the theatrical trailer.

    There are three versions of this film on DVD in the US. The regular version which is only 74 minutes long and has only the alternate ending, deleted scenes and theatrical trailer, while the extended version which is 82 minutes long and has the additional commentary track and featurettes. The third version is a Blockbuster exclusive which features additional deleted scenes.

    So, far of the movies within this genre and created by the same creators of "SCARY MOVIE" and "NAKED GUN", of the more recent films, "SUPERHERO MOVIE" was probably the funniest compared to the others. Again, this is comparing to the other related films by the same creators.

    There is a lot of funny jokes throughout the film but there are also a good number of idiotic jokes as well.

    I enjoyed the superhero film parodies on this film and although there are a few well-known talent who made cameos on this film, I'm just glad many of their segments were quite short. In fact, I'm glad that the film was quite short.

    In the end, I definitely didn't find myself disliking it. I suppose it's because I enjoyed the superhero parodies on the film and I haven't seen a film go so far to do a parody based on superhero films in this magnitude.

    All in all, a fun film if you come watching with an open mind....more info