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Brother PC-Connectable, 1 Wide Label Maker with Auto Cutter (PT-2430PC)
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Product Description

Full featured, P-touch PC Connectable 1" Wide Label Maker with Auto Cutter requires no software installation. Easy to use and share, the PT-2430PC it is great for all your professional labeling needs. Design durable, laminated labels up to 1" wide. Built-in auto cutter cuts labels to desired length. Perfect for supporting mobile labeling applications. Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and Vista Uses 6 AA batteries (not included) or AD-24ES adapter (included) Barcoding and database printing available with installation of full version of P-touch Editor Software (included) Great for labeling file folders, reports, & CD spines Tape Family - TZ Tape Sizes - 9/64, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, & 1 Tape Length - 26.2' Tape Types - Standard Laminated, Flexible ID, Extra Strength Adhesive, Tamper-Evident, Non-Laminated, Iron-on Fabric, Acid Free Print Resolution - 180 dpi Maximum Print Lines - Unlimited Maximum Print Height - 18 mm Auto Numbering - 1-5,000 / A - Z / a - z Text Framing/Fill Pattern Print Speed - up to 10 mm / sec In the box - One 1/2 black on white TZ starter tape A/C adapter USB interface cable P-touch Editor Lite/Printer driver for PCs (built-in) CD-ROM - P-touch Editor 5.0/Printer driver (PC) Unit Dimensions - 2.6 x 7.4 x 4.4; Weight - 1.3 lbs (without batteries) Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty

The Brother P-Touch PT-2430PC PC-Connectable Label Printer with auto cutter features a simple plug-in design to make it easier than ever to print labels without the need to download any software. This compact, PC-compatible label printer has all of the required software built right in, which makes it a breeze to print labels from any PC quickly and easily.

The Brother P-Touch PT-2430PC:
  • Prints text and graphics on up to 1-inch-wide tape.
  • Features a built-in Automatic cutter.
  • Offers easy one-cable installation.
  • Includes built-in P-touch Editor Lite software.
  • Supports all True Type/Scalable fonts available on any PC.

With software built into the printer, there's no software to install on your computer. View larger.

Print scannable barcodes.
Create Professional-looking Labels Quickly
It's never been easier to print high-quality labels and barcodes than it is with the Brother PT-2430PC. The P-touch Editor Lite software is built directly into the printer, so there's no software to install on your computer. Print graphics and text exactly how it appears on your monitor, and the PT-2430PC supports all True Type/Scalable fonts available on your PC.

The printer is compatible with six different label widths up to one-inch wide, and it accepts TZ laminated tape for both indoor and outdoor applications. The built-in automatic cutter makes it easy to get perfect cuts each and every time.

Simple Installation
Installing the Brother PT-2430PC label printer is as simple as connecting the included USB cable to any Windows-based computer. The printer also requires 6 AAA batteries or the included AD-24ES adapter.

Easy Label Printing On-the-GO
Because of the PT-2430PC's compact stature and built-in software, it makes it easier than ever to print while on-the-go from anywhere there's access to a Windows-based computer. Keep sensitive prints secure while traveling since no software is left behind on the computer.

Upgradeable Software for Added Functionality
For added features and functionality, you can install the included full version P-touch Editor software and enjoy seamless integration with your PT-2430PC label printer. This added functionality allows for easy barcoding and database printing.

The Brother PT-2430PC label printer is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. It measures 2.6 x 7.4 x 4.4 inches (WxDxH) and weighs 1.4 pounds (without batteries). It's backed by a 1-year limited warranty and replacement service.

What's in the Box
Brother PT-2430PC label printer, 1/2 inch (12mm) x 16 foot (5m) black on white laminated TZ starter tape, user's manual, AC adapter (AD-24ES), USB cable, CD ROM: P-Touch Editor software and drivers, and Software Installation Guide.

  • Easy - Fast - Secure!
  • Easy to Use - No software installation required
  • Uses tapes up to 1 wide, laminated for indoor/outdoor use
  • Prints multiple lines of text and graphics
  • Uses AD-24 adapter (included) or 6 "AAA" batteries (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • A solid label printer
    This Brother label maker works very well. I've had it now for a couple of months and have had no problems with it.

    I use this at my home office, mainly for labeling folders and disc cases. But I've also used it to label storage boxes and such around the house. (For the first week or so everything around you looks like it needs a label, but try to contain yourself!)

    Setup was easy. It plugs into your computer via a USB port. There's no software needed in addition to that inside the printer, but the optional software really makes making professional, legible labels pretty simple.

    The quality of the labels is very good. They are durable -- the lamination really helps. The labels are said to be good for outdoor use, but I haven't had the chance to try that claim out yet.

    You'll need to get additional tape pretty soon; the role it comes with isn't too long. The tape isn't too expensive, though, and comes in a good variety of styles.

    Lastly, the printer comes with a USB cord, which is nice. My recent printer I bought didn't and I had to run out and get one.

    NOTE: This only makes labels up to one inch in width, so if you need bigger labels you'll need to move up to another model. ...more info
  • This is an amazing label maker!
    Many of the other reviewers have gone into the specifics of this product. I just want to say that it is great! It is easy to install and run the software on the computer; within a short period of time you're off to the races making labels for anything you want. There are a variety of tape sizes and colors offered, and better yet, you can find them on Amazon. I'm a student and I have used mine to organize all sorts of items in my apartment. Highly recommended!

    ...more info
  • Easy to set up, easy to use, extremely versatile -- if you need to make labels, this is it ...
    I'll admit straight off that this is not really a necessity for me, and is far more versatile than I'd ever need. I use it to label various boxes and packages and folders and such -- but you could use it for product labels and bar codes, you can put pictures, fancy borders, text in a wide range of fonts (all True Type/Scalable), pretty much anything that will fit. You can buy different kinds of label tape -- it comes with a 1/2" wide cassette of white tape.

    It's easy to set up -- there are two settings: easy and more advanced. There is a switch at the back that toggles between these two modes.

    Plug it in to the computer in the easy mode and it will play right away with the "Editor Lite" software that downloads directly from the label maker. Nothing else needs to be installed. This is very handy if you are going to use the label maker with different computers. For me this is all the functionality I need.

    But you can switch it to the more advanced mode, but for that you do need to install the software and driver that come with the dvd included in the package. The instructions are very clear and straightforward, and it took me only a few minutes to have it running in that mode. The software for the advanced mode really allows you to do a lot -- and I haven't explored all the options since I don't have use for them, but it would allow a lot of flexibility, especially for the small business owner, for whom this product seems ideal. ...more info
  • Amazing in every way!
    This is by far the BEST label maker I've ever used. No longer do you have to mess with tiny keyboards, difficult to find options/functions, and cutting your own labels. This label maker has taken out ALL of the frustration of handheld ones and made labelmaking easy and fun.

    All you do is hook it up to your computer and you're off. It has its own software installed so you need not install anything. If you'd like more advanced options, there is a disc of software to install. However, it's not at all necessary. Just type out your label, hit the "print" button, and it prints and cuts it for you!

    I've had absolutely no computer compatibility issues using this on multiple PCs. Don't hesitate to get this thing!...more info
  • Turn it on, Plug it In, Type your label and Print!
    The Brother PC-Connectable, 1 Wide Label Maker with Auto Cutter (PT-2430PC) is not complicated, and that's what I like about it.

    You open it up to put in the cassette containing the tape, plug it into your computer's usb port, power it up by AC adapter (included) or 6 AA batteries (provided by you...) and the pre-installed software package shows up on your desktop ready for you to type in whatever you want it to print and click the print icon. "TA-DA!" You have made a label!

    I like that it's fast to print, compact, easy to use, plug-n-play to any Windows based computer system running Windows 2000, XP or Vista, and can run on batteries or via the AC adaptor.

    What's not so great is the cost of the cassettes that hold tape refills of various sizes. The included supply order form has different kinds of tape (widths and colors), replacement cutting blades and hard carrying cases listed. Prices on the tape vary, but the lowest price I saw was $13.99 for a 1/4" Black on Clear tap up to the larger 1 1/2" for $34.99. All tapes are 26.2' long unless noted, which should last a long time, but there is a bit of waste with each printed label, so every inch of tape isn't used.

    This product would be an excellent portable label printer for scrapbooking parties or a person who loves to organize and label their world. It would also be a super way for people who use bar codes to print them quickly by utilizing the included supplemental software available on the included driver disk.

    Check out my photos in the images for this product and don't hesitate to get one of your own. A fun, useful toy!...more info
  • A Handy Device
    It kind of fills a niche between a fully portable device with batteries and built-in keyboard and a completely PC-dependant device.

    What you see on your screen pretty much what you get. You can use any of the fonts that are on your PC, without having to install software.
    It uses a USB to mini USB cable.
    It uses any of the standard Brother TZ tapes, up to 1" wide.
    It is capable of printing barcode labels, which I did not test out, but what might be its best feature.
    Your PC should recognize it as a disk drive when in `Lite' mode.
    It is pretty compact, about as large as an automatic stapler or largish pencil sharpener and it is not very heavy, either.
    The quick-start paper / setup guide was fine. Read it first. Setup was easy. You could be printing in minutes.
    It comes with everything that is listed - you do not need to go out and buy a power supply.

    Not like:
    It requires AA batteries when being used as a portable. It would be nice to use USB power or even a cigarette lighter adapter option. It would appear to require 9v and USB is only 5v so I guess USB only was not possible.
    It always spits out a nearly 1" long piece before it starts printing, which seem wasteful to me, but I suppose it is better than having to trim the ends of the tape if you are `on the go'.
    The little switch on the device where you choose which version of the software you use.

    On the back end is the hinge for the cover, the jack for power, the jack for the mini USB, the software type selector switch, and a spot for some sort of security device.

    I think this is most useful for printing labels from a database while `on the go' so it might be useful for low-volume inventory in various types of business....more info
  • Cool Little Label Maker
    I am really impressed with this label maker. It was fun to use and makes some really nice labels. I too missed the small section in the instructions where it tells you to flip the little switch to allow you to install the printer driver. I actually found the answer in the Amazon reviews. The other problem is that the unit wastes a bit of label each time it prints. It cuts off a little bit. The label cartridges are not cheap either, so it's not fun to see it waste a bit each time you print. Overall this unit is a good value and creates great labels.

    - You need to flip the little switch on the label maker to change from the Lite Version to the full version of the software.
    - Printer Driver will not install if you have the switch set for the lite version. If the printer is showing up as a drive on your computer, then you need to flip the switch to the other position.

    - Great labels.
    - Small unit.
    - Both the full and lite versions of the label maker software are really nice. You can make very professional labels.
    - Runs on AC power or batteries.

    - Label Cartridges can be expensive.
    - Seems to be a lot of waste when you make a new label. The unit cuts off a small bit of label and lets it drop....more info
  • Super easy to make creative labels with fonts and graphics
    I've been tempted for the last year to buy one of those portable label makers with the keyboard built in, but never quite took the plunge. Then I saw this label maker, with the ability to do creative fonts, layouts, and graphics, and I was sold.

    You must hook this labeler up to your computer to use it - it has no keyboard. But the hookup is incredibly simple. Just plug it in (or install batteries) and connect to a USB port. You do not need to install any software. The software that is hard-wired into the labeler provides:
    Multiple fonts
    Single or multi-line labels - including a mixture, by using text boxes
    Graphics - including symbol fonts, pictures from your hard drive, or screen capture
    Numbering (so you can print "Item 1", "Item 2", "Item 3" in a single step)

    There is additional software that can be installed if you need to print barcodes or from a database (like a mail merge). I don't anticipate doing those, so I'll likely never install the software. The hard-wired software is plenty sophisticated for my needs.

    I was pleased to discover the wide range of tapes available for this unit. You can get TZ tapes in a variety of sizes, from a very skinny tape for jewel cases edges up to 1". There are a variety of colors available, including different ink colors. There are tapes for specialized applications (extra-strength adhesive, extra flexible for wrapping around small items). I was thrilled to discover an iron-tape for making fabric labels - perfect for marking kids' clothes for school, sports, camp, etc.

    I was surprised at the cost of the tapes. Prior to receiving this unit, I guess I had envisioned the tapes as being simple rolls that would be threaded in. Actually they are plastic-and-metal cartridges that include the tape and ink. They are pricey, just like buying ink cartridges for your regular printer. It makes sense now that I know - I just didn't anticipate it. Do your research and look at the cost of the TZ tapes before making your decision on a labeler.

    ...more info
  • Great little device
    Since so many other reviewers have already written extensively on how easy it is to install and use this little gem, I'm not going to waste more valuable space repeating what has already been covered.

    When I first ordered the P-Touch 2430pc I was mainly thinking about relabeling all those manilla folders filling up my file cabinets that are currently covered in my own personal "chicken-scratch." Looks really bad I know. So unprofessional. But once I got it I realized I had an even more frequent use for this little handy-dandy: generating shipping address labels on the fly. No more fiddling with MS-Word, printing to a full sheet of paper, and then cutting out the address, laying it on the box and putting clear packing tape over it to keep it in place. Yes, that's actually what I've been doing all these years every time I have to ship another box of books to Amazon. But, alas, the only tape they include with the unit is the 1/2" variety. Perfect for labeling file folders but no good at all for shipping labels. So I guess I'm just going to have to spring for one of their 1" cassettes.
    ...more info
  • Easy to use, labels look high quality
    The last time I used a label maker was when I was in junior high school, too many years ago to reveal to you. Things have come a long way since then! By way of comparison, what I had back then utilized a dial to set each letter of the label. When you had the right letter set, you squeezed the handle to make an imprint on the rather thick plastic label. If you made a mistake you had to begin all over again. Once made, the device cut the label, after which you peeled off the backing and applied the label. As I said, the label was rather thick and the lettering imprint made it even thicker.

    Fast forward x number of years to today when I unpacked my modern day label maker. First of all, everything was securely packaged in a sturdy box. It was very easy to remove everything and identify the components: the label maker itself, a USB cable, power converter and starter tape/label cassette.

    The unit was easily opened and the cassette installed smoothly. I did not install the optional software. My operating system is Microsoft Vista. As soon as I plugged in the USB cable and turned on the unit, Vista recognized and installed the device. The label making screen appeared.

    From that point it was very easy to make a label. I also tried printing a logo. On closeup inspection the lettering in the logo graphic was somewhat jagged but from a foot away you can't tell. It looked smooth. I thought that was great considering how small the logo was. The regular print on the labels came out sharp and clear, with no smudges. The label and the material itself both look very professional - black lettering on a white background with a glossy finish. The label material is also very thin and is easily applied to a firm surface.

    What is nice about this label maker is the ability to use the computer to design the label. It hooks up very easily to a USB port and it is not necessary to install the software on the hard drive, thus using no disk space or other resources once the unit is turned off and disconnected. Also, using the computer makes this practically error-proof since you can make sure everything looks like it should before clicking the print button.

    Negatives: The only complaint I have, which is shared by numerous other reviewers, is how the label maker spits out about 1/2" of blank label every time a new label is made. And it actually seems like it is spitting at you, the way it comes flying out of the machine. Also, the price seems on the high side compared to the standalone Brother P-touch label makers but they probably don't have the versatility this one does. They certainly can't be hooked up to a computer and import graphics or do font styles, etc., like this unit can.

    Also, it is nice that this unit has an a/c adapter that can be used instead of 6 AA batteries. That's a lot of batteries. Since it is also on the larger/heavier side, it doesn't seem like this could be considered a "portable" device. It's more like something to keep on your desktop and not move around all over the place (although installation-wise that would be extremely easy to do.. it's mainly the size of the unit that makes it impractical for portability).

    All in all, this is a very nice product. The build quality appears to be high, and so does the quality of the labels. I'd say it is miles ahead of that last label maker I used! ...more info
  • An intelligent, fun and easy label printer capable of making good looking, long wearing labels for a variety of needs.
    I started off a bit skeptical with the Brother PC-connectable label maker. I already use Dymo Letratag hand-held printers for most of my quick labeling needs. But when I connected the portable compact Brother label maker to my PC, I discovered the brilliance of this unassuming printer. And I was going to have fun!

    Brother did some very smart moves with this printer:

    - It can be used on any PC without having to load drivers or software. (Not sure about Apple PCs....check product info for that.) This feature makes this SUPER easy to get started FAST with no hassles other than to plug it in. Once you plug it in, the internal flash memory works to provide the driver AND the software you need to print great looking labels. The PC will automatically ask if I want to start to the label program (a light version, a full version is provided on the included disk). One click and just like that, I'm in the program making new labels.

    - You can easily switch to different size tapes (up to 1 in. wide) as your label needs require. The printer comes with a sample 1/2 in. wide tape which has, so far, has worked well for me. Nicely, there are other sizes and types available in a variety of colors. I look forward to getting the 1 inch wide tape myself.

    - The software is super easy to learn and use. The light version, which the version loaded on the printer itself, is a very capable program and will even work with graphics. So far I haven't had the need to use the regular version included on the install CD.

    - Brother label printer is capable of printing photo graphics, but they are low resolution and print only in black and white. Regardless, I still have used photo art for making some of my labels and been happy with the results.

    - Can either be battery powered or A/C powered.

    A couple of small drawbacks:

    - No storage bag/carrying case. For a portable printer, this would have been handy.

    - Approximately 1/4 in. tape loss for each print job. I don't understand why. Everytime I start a new print job, the printer will spool out a 1/4" length of blank label and cut it off. I find this wasteful.

    Overall, I find this printer fun and a pleasure to use. Regardless what kind of label I'm creating, The Brother PC Label printer has shown itself to be smart and useful. ...more info
  • Best label maker we have tried...
    First off this thing prints on tapes from a quarter inch to an inch wide. White tape, colored tape, fabric iron-on tape, laminated tape, even flexable ID tape for IT applications and more.

    It prints at a work station with a power cord or it prints on the go with batteries. I have seen other reviewers saying it isn't very portable. It weights less than five lbs and is the size of a small camcorder. VERY portable.

    The print is fast, clean, accurate, and it auto-cuts the label at the end.

    Included software plugins for Excel, Word, and Outlook, and even includes the ability to print barcodes. It is an all-in-one work-horse.

    One hickup I should mention, the driver installs easier on Vista 64 (as of October 2008) than it does on XP. Still very minor, and doesn't dock a single star from this well-earned, glowing review. Get yourself one!
    ...more info