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  • Life or Something Like it - A wonderful romantic comedy!
    After watching this wonderful romantic comedy one must simply come to the conclusion, if they haven't already, that Angelina Jolie has to be one of the best female actresses in the industry and has been for sometime. Every new film that I've watched her in just shows me more and more of what a versatile actress this beautiful woman is. I don't always purchase romantic comedies but with a lead actress the likes of Angelina Jolie, purchasing "Life or Something Like it" is a simple choice.

    Between the script and the performances given by Angelina Jolie and Edward Burns and the other supporting actors in this film, this film is a sure thing when it comes to entertainment value. Of additional note is the exceptional performance by Tony Shalhoub whose character provides much of the catalyst for this wonderful film.

    One only needs to click on the link for director Stephen Herek to see that given his past films, this film should be a very good one. He definitely deserves much praise for bringing this film together the way he did.

    The Premise:

    Lanie Kerrigan (Angelina Jolie) is an extremely ambitious and self absorbed local news reporter in Seattle whose star is rising and will soon have an opportunity to be elevated to the national level. The only thing in her way is her boss's insistence that she must do some camera work with Pete (Edward Burns) who is a former lover and their relationship isn't exactly a great one. As part of her work in Seattle, Pete takes her to meet Prophet Jack (Tony Shalhoub) who is a street bum with the talents of a prophet, hence his name. After she asks him whether she'll get the big job he tells that she won't because she's going to be dead on the following Thursday...

    What follows from there is one of the best romantic comedies that I've watched in quite some time that is made that much better by Angelina Jolie's wonderful performance in the lead role!

    I highly recommend this film to any and all that enjoys romantic comedies or just good movies in general! {ssintrepid}

    Special Features:

    -Full-Length Audio Commentary by Director Stephen Herek...more info

  • A refreshingly surprising turn for Angelina
    No doubt that this is a somewhat contrived romantic comedy, and no doubt that we've all seen all of these characters dispersed throughout other films before, prepackaged and sold like the cutest, most real thing ever. If you're thinking about watching this movie, you probably know this already. But what makes this movie amazing is Angelina Jolie, who turns what easily could have been another lame "romantic" "comedy" into an actually respectable and compusively watchable romantic comedy. Just for the record, Angelina is a fantastic reason to see any movie because a) she's incredibly beautiful, and b) she's versatile and convincing, whether she's riding upside-down and sidesaddle on a horse during target practice or giving Edward Burns a run for his money in the "most charming onscreen persona" category. Quick summary: a film about a too-rich, too-selfish woman who has everything she's ever dreamed of, and when she's told that she's about to die, she realizes that everything isn't really enough; comedies always end well, and so it goes.

    For those of you who saw Playing by Heart and were teased by the fact that Angelina's part was just way too small considering how good it was, then you should definitely see this great Sunday night rental. It's resfreshing to see Angelina in a role where self-conviction and vulnerability rub so close together at the surface. Her delivery is always unique and superb and this role is no different. Angelina fans must see it....more info

  • A Great Movie... Or Something Like That
    This is a great little flick! Angelina Jolie is such a versatile actress and this really shows it. From "Foxfire" to "Tomb Raider" to this movie she is excellent and shows it. This is a funny movie. The best part is when her boyfriend comes home and finds her totally different from what she's usually like, it's hilarious! I'll let you see what she's like. You find yourself wishing that every time somethign is predicted that it's wrong. It's a pretty funny movie and Angelina is an awesome actress. Thi is definitely a movie I'd watch again. I would probaly have to really think about whether or not I'd want to buy it, but it'd be a good one to own. I reccomend it to anyone. It's realyl lighthearted and funny and sweet. It's really really good, you should check it out and rent it sometime in the near future! Enjoy!...more info
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
    The song "Satisfaction", although inserted in the movie as a mood breaker with the appropriate comedic push, is an allegory of the movie itself. Lanie's life, like the bus drivers, & like the song itself, is a constant search for perfection, acceptance, belonginess & happiness. Not necessarily in that order. Nor is there any certainty that you can achieve this combination to attain a "perfect life".

    Despite the film's lack of ingenuity it is still something worth watching, not only because of its entertainment value but most importantly because of the message it is trying to convey to the viewers. For all it's worth, I recommend this movie to everyone.

    "satisfaction guaranteed"....more info

  • You don't need to be a prophet to see how this movie ends.
    If "Life or Something Like It" doesn't offend your sensibilities as a film-goer, it will offend the great, long-standing Hollywood tradition of romantic comedies. As wonderful as Angelina Jolie's screen presence might be, and as likeable as this movie should be, it's a dreaded piece of claptrap that assumes that the audience is just like its selfish, boorish, philosophically near-sighted main character, who doesn't realize that you should live each day as if it is your last. Well, for one, who hasn't heard that phrase one million times already? Two, sure you should live a meaningful life, but the message is misguided: if I lived every day as if it were my last, I would quit my job, get a beach chair, and sit on a beach in Maui while a bevy of supermodels poured me Mai Tais. The problem is that I, and no one else, can really do that. But more important is the fact that this film would have worked if it had delivered that message without having to explain it in such an obvious, insult-your-intelligence kind of way.

    This film, of course, requires a willing suspension of disbelief. Jolie's Lanie Kerrigan has been selfish and materialistic her whole life, but in just a few days she changes her entire world view and life style because a bum on the street says she has a week to live. OK, so let's assume you can accept the premise of the film, which is interesting in and of itself, but then you have to put up with Ed Burns's character constantly reminding you to stop and smell the roses and with Jolie's strained attempt to reconcile relationships and find what matters -- and all this happens without any sense of magic or wonderment or even soul-enriching humor. It's all paint-by-numbers. Woman and man hate each other. Woman and man fall in love. Man loses woman. Man regains woman. Happy ending. Yawn.

    OK, ok. Sometimes the formula can work (although it doesn't in this film). But under no circumstances could I ever believe that a local tv reporter, even with a major-league baseball boyfriend, would ever be living in the kind of high-end apartment with the interior design that Kerrigan does in this film. Even if her baseball boyfriend could afford it, it wouldn't look like that. That small detail is a microcosm of the entire film: meaning it's as well thought out as a generic romance novel. But this disc does work as a coaster for your drinks, so it's not entirely useless....more info

  • This movie is well worth your time
    As you probably know, this movie has not always been well-received. But, speaking as a die-hard fan of romantic comedies, I think those of you who love this genre should definitely watch this movie.

    Most people who enjoy romantic comedies will probably admit that, though we love them, many of these movies have plot holes here and there, or at least admit that the likelihood of such things happening to real people is questionable. So, with that already in mind, a viewer often falls in love with one of these movies because: a.) they love the actors, actresses, or director involved, and/or b.) the certainty that everything will probably turn out okay in the end (even if sometimes the movie's resolution is not what you'd expect). If you fall into one/both of those categories, you should see LIFE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT.

    One of the reasons I think this movie is great is because Angelina Jolie and Edward Burns (as well as Tony Shalhoub, as the street prophet) are such great actors, and their banter and chemistry are highly watchable. The supporting actors & actresses also add to each scene they're in, especially the guy playing the sound technician who works with Jolie's and Burns's characters when they are out on assignment.

    I'm not someone who can tell when a movie is badly directed or superbly directed; I just know when I leave a movie happy for having seen it, or when I've felt the loopholes left in the finished product are way, way too big to ignore. So, having warned you of my novice critical skill, I think the director did a great job. (In his commentary on the DVD, he explains that this is one of the movies whose production was a bit rushed because of the expected actor's strike that the industry feared at the time. So, I think he may wish he could have tweaked things here and there, if he'd had more time.)

    Nonetheless, you should see this movie because it will still grab your heart and make you think about what is important in your own life, while still giving you that romantic comedy "buzz" that will put a smile on your face and joy in your heart....more info

  • Awesome!!
    I didn't know what to expect from this movie when I rented it. I'm definately buying a copy. I thought the movie had a great ending. I loved the movie very much. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a film with an original story....more info
  • "What would you do if you only had a week to live?"
    Lanie Kerrigan (Angelina Jolie) is an ambitious Seattle newscaster who dreams of going national. One day she does an interview with a homeless man who claims to be a psychic; he predicts the score of a coming football game, calls for hail the next day, and then tells her she's going to be dead in a week. When the first two predictions come true, Lanie really starts to worry.

    This is a perfectly nice little movie, but it's instantly forgettable. Picture a Meg Ryan romantic comedy without Tom Hanks or at least one tear-inducing scene. Jolie is perky as the driven newscaster (despite a really hideous Pamela Anderson-hair do), but she's just not special enough to care about. Her costar Edward Burns plays a John Corbett-Everyman dude, very low-key, charming, and philosophical, but again, nothing special and there aren't any sparks between them.

    The movie has a very fast-paced, urban feel and it's not a bad way to spend some time; it just isn't a movie that touches the heart. ...more info
  • Cute movie, worth it to see angelina!
    This romantic comedy stars Angelina Jolie (lanie), who is a local news reporter trying to work her way up the network latter. The movie also stars Edward Burns (pete), who is lanie's co-worker -camera man-. Everything in lanie's life is going great until she does an interview with a homeless man who claims to be a psychic, and he tells her she will die in a week. Now lanie questions the decisions she's made in her life, and tries to make peace with herself, and falls in love in the process.

    This wasn't one of the greatest movies of all time or anything, but it was funny and cute...and above all it stars angelina jolie! With a PG-13 rating it's pretty much for the whole family as well....more info

  • Oh Yeah
    This movie came out on April 26 in Southfield. I saw it on the 27th and I loved it so much that I stayed to see it again. It's not because I really love Angelina Jolie either (although she was perfect for the part) but the script was halarious and the things that went on were so ludacris, I had to see it again. Plus there was a lot of symbolism and it really made you think, but it was funny. It was a perfect comedy, intellectual and humourous....more info
  • Life Or Something Like It
    "Life or Something Like It" is a delightful romantic comedy starring Angelina Jolie and Edward Burns. Angelina plays Lanie, an ambitious, yet vulnerable newswoman, who gets an offer for a plum position on network tv. When a psychic gives her a disturbing forcast for the future, she begins to waver in her asumption that fame is enough to build a life on. She rekindles a relationship with Edward Burns, her tv cameraman, and both move toward a climatic moment in the movie. It is a joy to watch. Both actors give moving, believeable performances. ...more info
  • Extremely cute and better than it seems
    Ok, people who say this movie wasn't worth it, obviously has a bland taste of movies and no versatility. I'm not a great lover of romantic comedies, but one every once in awhile is good. I was expecting Jolie to be rough around the edges in this one since she usually plays the bad girl or adventurer in movies. She definately proves her acting ability. I teared up in this movie--there's some powerful messages and it definately has enlightened me to be more grateful of life....more info
  • Maybe If You're a Part of Edward Burns' Cult Following...
    As a result of seeing almost every movie made in the last five years I've been forced to accept that I am exceptionally tollerant as far as movies are concerned (I liked 'Josie and The Pussycats', 'Darkness Falls', and 'The Mothman Prophecies'). So when I think a movie is "just ok", I never argue if the rest of the world thinks its atrocious.

    So I guess I'll start off by saying that I thought this movie was: Far-fetched, too long, boring in most parts, and badly acted (with the exception of Jolie, who I recognize is a big exception seeing as she's the star). With that in mind, you'll understand when I say I don't even want to know what a real film critic would have to say about this movie.

    I gave it three stars because I like Jolie and (as I mentioned above) she was fine - if you can forgive for ever putting on that that blonde wig. But I would not classify this as a "good movie" or even say that I liked it.

    For starters: Edward Burns cannot act. The guy is a joke. Maybe he is a decent director/writer/whatever else it is but whoever first let him in front of the camera should be shot.

    And I won't even go into the amount of things that just didn't make sense about the plot, because in romantic comedies the script writer isn't supossed to have trouble tying up loose ends.

    However, in retrospect the 'Life or Something Like It' was not entirely unenjoyable. I've already said I didn't exactly like it, however I didn't hate it either.

    Who knows what it was, maybe Edward Burns can work his so called "magic" even on those who find him untalented and ugly, or maybe it was Jolie's performance that saved this potential trainwreck from being too horrible. I don't know, but my conclusion is its up to you. I didn't love it, but maybe you will....more info

    I agree with many of the criticisms of this movie; it did need another run through the typewriter and/or story editor. But I think it's worth having in your collection and is a must for anyone who is even remotely a fan of Edward Burns. While Ms. Jolie is miscast and tries hard to create a character out of a cartoon, Ed Burns creates a real person just by the use of his natural charisma and unforced manliness. The guy could probably have chemistry with a telephone pole; he is without doubt one of the most beautiful men in the history of the movies. Its worth the price of admission just to look at his gorgeous hair and soulful eyes. That he is also a wonderful actor only adds to the appeal.
    What this movie really needed was a point of view; I still don't know where we are supposed to land regarding the Jolie character Lainie. She is supposed to be so horrible that she needs a major life adjustment and attitude reversal, yet compared to the other female characters in the movie (like her promiscuous friend played by Melissa Errico or the Barbara Walters clone played by Stockard Channing), she is comparatively normal. It's therefore hard to stay on her side, except when she meets the affable and down-to-earth Burns character. I haven't been a fan of director Stephen Herek until now, though I think he is talented. He will need to be more selective on his projects if he wants to rise to A-list directing projects, however. Until then, this is strictly a Burns show, and that's fine by me....more info
  • A Romantic Comendy with More Comendy In it for a Change!
    Most romantic comendies are always the same. They start with probally the funniests line and the funniest scenes you could ever see. Then in the second half it becomes to mushy and because a chick flick.That's not the case with this movie Life or Something Like It. Life or Something Like It starts off funny and in the second half is both. It's a regular second half except they stick in alot of comendy. This movie is also very likable because it sticks a drama bit inside it too. hat's three genre's that are kept at a good pace spread out during the movie. That to me is an outstanding achievement. Keeping the genre that the movie was assigned as could be rough but this movie kept three genre's running which is difficult.

    The movie stars Angelina Jolie who was never my favorite actress. Her worst movie I thought was Lara Croft Tomb Raider. This she makes up for that even though she shouldn't have made her hair blonde. Her co-star is Edward Burns which was a new actor to me. I want to see his other movie Sidewalks of New York because of the ranting reveiws but never got to that. But Burns is the reason that I gave the movie four stars. I thought that his acting was weak and his display of character didn't show as much as Jolie's acting.Stockard Channing is another co-star is the movie. I was never crazy about her and I also thought her preformace was weak. The best actor of the whole movie had to be Tony Shalob who is always a great actor. Shalob is known for his fame in Monk,Spy Kids,and an episode of Frasier earlier in the 90's.

    The movie is about Lanni Kerrigan(Angelina Jolie)who is a TV reporter for a station in Seattle. She's trying to get a promotion to play a co-host on a talk show called AM U.S.A. To prepare her for that her boss makes her work with Pete(Edward Burns)who is a cameraman. Lannie and Pete don't get along well because of her thoughts about herself and his comments. Lannie is engaged to Cal who is her live in boyfriend and also a baseball player. Lannie's father Pat is also in the movie who Lannie thinks favors her married sister Gwen. Pete and Lannie get assigned to do a story on Prophet Jack(Tony Shalob) who is a street steer who is known for his on the money predictions. Jack informs Lannie that in one week she is going to die. Lannie doesn't believe him untill all of his other preiditons come true. Lannie tries to find out if Jack was right about her death. Pete suggests that mabey she should start to act differtly and instead of following rules and orders try to have a little fun in life. From then the quest begins to change Lannie's future with the help of Pete along the way.

    Life or Something Like It has all the qualifications that make a good movie and makes it. See this movie as soon as you can and get ready for two hours of drama,and comendy.

    ENJOY!...more info

  • My fave movie!
    I remember seeing the trailer for this movie a few years ago (I think I was like 10 or 11?)and I asked my dad if I could see it, and he said no way. I wanted to see it because Angelina Jolie was and still is)my favorite actress. He still said no, and during my Thanksgiving break this school year, I was browsing through the movies and had no idea what I was going to rent, because my dad wouldn't let me see Taking Lives,m and I saw the DVD box for this movie, and I was like, "OMG! I remember this!" and so I rented it, and it is actually now my favorite movie! No matter what anyone says about it, I still like it! But enough about that. Now for the review:
    Lanie Kerrigan (Angelina Jolie) is a(blonde!-lol, well, I actually like the hair) Seattle news reporter who believes she has the "perfect" life. She has the perfect guy (she's engaged to a famous baseball player), perfect body, and perfect hair, so she thinks she has the perfect life. But then her boss calls her into his office and tells her: 1: He's putting her up for a huge network job (kind of like Diane Sawyer on GMA), and 2: In order to get this job, she has to work with Pete, who is network material and can make her look good on T.V. But Lanie has a problem with this. Why? She can;t stand Pete! They recently had a one-night stand that didn't turn out well. Their first assignment is to go do a story on a local comedy club. Lanie and Pete bicker nonstop, and when it's time to film, Pete takes the mic and fiddles with it, then hands it to Lanie. When she starts talking, her voice comes out all squeaky ,and of course Pete and Vin (the other cameraguy) think it is funny, and Lanie does not. She complains to her boss, who basically does nothing. This scene is where one of my favorite lines are said :"Do you have another cameraguy on this staff who can make her look like a natural blonde?" "I am not just a reporter,I am a T.V. personality. My hair is my trademark, just like the I-don't-like-to-shower look is your trademark. Their next assignment is to interview Prophet Jack, a homeless guy who claims to have psychic visions. Lanie asks him if she will get the big network job, and he says no. Then on camera, she asks him about the football score for that night's game. He says that the home team will win, 19-13. Then she asks him if he has any other predictions, and he says that te next morning it will hail. Then whaen she says that she doubts it and if he would like to take it back, he says no. But his predictions don't end there. He also says that she willl die next Thursday, which shocks her, not so bad until hie other two predictions come true. Then she really starts to freak and asks Jack to take it back. He says he can't because he saw what he saw and it's not his fault. Then he predicts something else fer her: there will be a relatively significiant earthquake in San Fransico at 9:06 the next morning. She turns on the T.V. at 9:06 and waits a few minutes. Then after no news announcements come on, she starts to go crazy, thinking that she won't die. In the middle of her celebration dance, the news comes on and Jack's prediction was right. She calls up her fiancee and he is no help at all. Finally, she is forced to turn to Pete for help. After some banter(which is funny), he tells her to "change the path". Flash foward a few days, and her fiancee comes home from NYC(he was shooting a commericial), and there are fast food wrappers lying around,old yearbooks lying around, and there are records blasting. Lanie is sitting on the couch, in her glasses, which her guy (Cal) seems to have a problem with. To make a long story short, they break up that night. She shows up fo rwork the next morning intoxicated, and ends up singing "I Can't Get No Satifiation". She wakes up iin Pete's bed, and asks if they did it. He says no, that she passed out in his car. She ends up apending the day (and night-if you know what I mean) with Pete. They show up the next morning at work with their arms around each other, then kiss a few times,. A couple of minutes later, she finds out that she did get the job and then goes to tell Pete. They also break up(I've never actually watched this entire scene-every time I try to, I cry). She heads to New York and he goes to tell Jack that Lanie wasn't going to die because his prediction about her not getting the job was wrong. Then Jack says, "Was I?" "What's that supposed to mean?" "Well, if she dies tomorrow, then she dies tomorrow, then she doesn't get the job, and I was right." Pete rushes off to New York to save Lanie. Does she die or can Pete save her? To find out, you'll have to buy the movie. I would highly reccomend this movie to anyone who likes romantic comedies or Angelina Jolie!...more info
  • Great promise, which isn't fulfilled
    Stephen Herek wanted to create a romantic comedy with a twist - ask a serious question: what would you do if you knew you only had a week to live? Unfortunately, the answers the movie gives are so obvious and predictable the 'twist' actually hurts the movie.

    Angelina Jolie is great, and so is the supporting cast. Edward Burns does an OK job as the 'I don't like to shower' looking camera man Pete.

    The only special feature on this DVD is a director's comentary. Unfortunately, it was put in the 'Sound Options' menu, where it can be easily missed by peope....more info
  • for angelina jolie fans
    The plot: Sappy movie where Angelina Jolie learns she has two weeks to live and goes through a midlife crisis because of it. A plus is you get to see her as a blonde.

    Who should buy this: Angelina Jolie fans like me who don't care if the movie is bad just whether she gets nekkid in it or . . . um i mean yeah who am I kidding. ...more info
  • An interesting idea for a story but very uneven results
    "Life or Something Like It" is one of those films where the idea is intriguing, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. The central character is Lanie Kerigan (Angelina Jolie), a hot young feature reporter for a Seattle television station who has a chance of her dream job for the network's morning show, "AM USA." Lanie is paired up with the station's best cameraman, Pete (Edward Burns), although these two clearly have a past that makes this a rocky relationship and assures us that they will end up together before too long. One day Lanie is out on the street filming an interview with Prophet Jack (Tony Shalhoub), a homeless man who is supposedly psychic. During the interview Jack makes three predictions. First, the Seattle Seahawks will win their game 19-13. Second, it will hail the next day. Third, Lanie will die next Thursday. This last one gets her attention.

    Of course Lanie is skeptical. But when the first two predictions come true, she starts to become concerned and when Jack offers another prediction that comes about, she really starts to freak. Somewhere in her background Lanie must have studied classical mythology, because she does not really try to thwart her fate, although it takes her a while to accept it. This is for the good, because if she decided that she would stay home in bed all day on Thursday she would end up in a car accident on Wednesday night and linger until the next day. Trying thwart a prophecy only makes things worse; just ask Jocasta and pay attention to how the prophecy in Sophocles' tragedy changes).

    The first problem with this 2002 film is that it is a romantic comedy that takes itself too seriously one moment and not seriously enough the next. Feel good movies tend to have scenes where people burst into song, and we have that here. I like the song, but for that character to lead that group in that song at that particular moment is really not a good move (except that the people who wrote the script liked it, so it does work out for the best). People who are actually in the business of television news must be laughing themselves silly at all the stupid bits about their profession in this business; my favorite, but not in a good way, was this idea of showing an interview at 7 in the morning on the east coast live on the west coast.

    Ultimately this film gets reduced to a simple platitude and it is at that point that "Life or Something Like It" really betrays its promise. What would have made this film really work is not that it works on a universal level to which we can all relate, but if it drives the point home in terms of Lanie's character in some memorable way. There are a few conventional and unimaginative efforts, but nothing that crystallizes into a transcendent scene that elevates this film to a truly meaningful level. Even if you do not see the ending coming, I doubt that you are going to be surprised that this film wants to have its cake and eat it too.

    Jolie's character has trouble shedding her on-camera persona enough to provide true depth to an examination of her life that gets beyond her brave smile, which is different from her on-camera smile. Her romance with Burns is by the numbers and I found myself wishing the film had tried to do more with her relationship with boyfriend Cal Cooper (Christian Kane, an actor who is going to break through in films the way he did on television's "Angel" some day soon), who plays for the Seattle Mariners, because I actually liked his idea of how to try and help her and I thought there was the possibility there for something different. There will be those that really like this film, but even that minority should have no problem in articulating ways in which it could have been so much better....more info

  • Life Or Something Like It
    This is one of my all time favorite movies - Jolie does an awesome job in it. I love it when she shows up at the gym and says to her friend, "You're here early." and she replies "I ate cheese." The whole movie has some great one liners. What would you do if you were told you would die next week? Live like there's no tomorrow?...more info
  • Predictable, but still extremely enjoyable
    There are few surprises in this film, but Angelina Jolie is irresistibly delightful in this fun comedy about a television woman who is told by a sidewalk prophet that she has a week to live. Although she has done comedy before, she has never been in a romantic comedy before, and I hope that this won't be her last. She is easily one of the most beautiful women in the world, but what makes her especially delightful is her charismatic onscreen personality, and that devastating smile, framed by the most amazing mouth this side of Michelle Pfeiffer.

    Angelina and Ed Burns make an appealing couple, and they project good onscreen chemistry. You like them as a couple, and pull for them to somehow manage to get together. Tony Shaloub is one of the more versatile character actors in Hollywood today, and he is excellent in his smallish but crucial role of Prophet Jack.

    The film is also gorgeous to look at, and not just when Angelina is the focus. The film is marvelously photographed from beginning to end, and if sometimes the shots serve less to further the story than to create attractive images, one can't complain that it isn't successful at that.

    The only weakness in the film is the fact that the plot is too predictable. It also feels way too familiar from first to last. It is not a film that will blow anyone away with its originality, but it will still delight all but the most hardhearted of viewers for a couple of pleasant hours....more info

  • Meaningful. Very Meaningful
    I love angelina Jolie. Her acting in this film was amazing.
    She made me smile, cry and feel many other emotions. I reccomend
    it to anyone. Lanie Kerrigan (Jolie) is a news reporter with
    an extordinarily perfect and calm life. It all falls apart when
    a homeless psychic (Tony Shalhoub) tells her that she will die
    next Thursday. So she believes him because he predicted a hail
    storm, the Sea Hawks winning 19 to 13 but he also said she
    would not get this big job she wanted and she got it. Well,
    you'll see what happens after this....more info
  • Jolie proves more talented than I thought
    So I don't like Ed Burns (and this movie does very little to change my mind), and I have only recently begun to have a certain taste for Angelina Jolie. But I am a sucker for anything with Tony Shalhoub in it, even in a small but pivotal role he plays here. Shalhoub's versatility elevates almost any project with which he is associated from mediocrity to something a bit better. I found that to be the case here as well. What is an interesting concept is given a mediocre treatment. Lanie Kerrigan (a bleach blonde Jolie) is an up and coming Seattle tv reporter, perfectly primed for a plum network job (this is her ambition/dream). Teamed with cameraman Pete (Ed Burns), Lanie delivers standard reporting. One day she interviews a homeless "prophet" on the street (the excellent Shalhoub), who predicts various things that later come true. One of his predictions is that Lanie will die on a certain day in two weeks. Lanie comes to take his predictions seriously when all of the other predictions come true. Pete tries to calm Lanie down; Lanie has singlemindedly pursued her professional dreams at a high cost: she has completely lost touch with herself/who she is really. You get a hint of the "Lanie inside" in a scene in which she is unkempt, wearing her glasses, in front of her baseball player boyfriend, and he has no clue who she really is... and it seems she too has fallen out of touch with who she really is. In these self-conscious and introspective moments, when Lanie questions her identity (faced with the likelihood of her mortality), the movie hits a kind of peak. Unfortunately there is very little chemistry between Jolie and Burns, so their romantic spark lacks authenticity. However, though the "get up" (perfect make-up and ridiculous hairdo) is glossy and rather fake, Jolie imbues her role with a certain gravity that lends her character (and her going through the stages of denial and acceptance of her fate) believability. Unfortunately the film as a whole never quite hits its mark, and as a romantic comedy fails because it is not very funny and not very romantic. Jolie, though, does prove that she has much more versatility than I had previously given her credit for. ...more info
  • Fairly predictable, but still pulled off beautifully
    Maybe I just don't remember my high school years well enough, but I don't think Angelina got a whole lot of attention and fame for this movie. Still, I love it.

    The story is a fairly common one. Angelina, playing a beautiful news anchor, finds out she only has a week to live and therefore begins to see her life and relationships in a different light. We all know where it is going, of course, but that is half the fun.

    The cast is extraordinary. Usually the romantic leads are said as having chemistry or not--I beg to say that the entire cast flows extremely well together.

    Then there is the filmatography. I don't know much about what is supposed to be good or artistic or whatnot--all I know is that it was a little different style than the usual romantic comedy and it came as very neat to me! It very well fit the tone of the story.

    Yes, it's a predictable movie, but it is one that is well-made with a great message and plenty of heart....more info
  • A pretty good movie
    Angelina Jolie's character, is your ugly duckling who grew into a swan and is pursuing her life goal of famous TV personality. It is the life she always dreamed of.

    However, things get complicated when she is in line for a plumb position and has to work with a former beau on the streets interviewing various people. Not only is she working with someone she has so much friction with, but she also gets an unforeseen prediction of her own death from a street sage, that gets her to wondering about the foundations of her life.

    Rather than doing the predictable turnaround many Hollywood directors do at such a junction, they instead wisely keep her character consistent in her behavior. She tries to write this prediction off until she realizes there may be just something to it.

    I won't fill you in further, but they did a masterful job well in-character showing you how this person deals with such a situation. Some situations are funny some very sad. Either way, this movie is a winner and well done. It is also very entertaining....more info

    Jolie is so talented. This isn't really one of her "typical" roles. She reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer for some reason. The movie is entertaining and Tony Shalhoub gives it just the right spark. The plot has a great twist as she's trying to "cheat" her fate. But her character realizes how shallow she is and'll have to see it to find out how she changes....more info
  • Makes you think! That's a good thing!
    This movie makes you think about what's really important in life and I recommend it to everyone. Such a great movie, Angelina Jolie shines and the plot and story are meaningful....more info
  • The only cameraman that can make you look like real blond
    This is yet another romantic comedy where all steps of the tale are crystal clear from stage 1. You know for sure who's gonna get the new job, who is going to be proven unworthy (of our heroine) and thrown away and who is going to end up in who's hands. Like all other movies of this kind all measures of regular logic are currently suspended. Are you not familiar with the scene where the heroine SUDDENLY realizes that her fianc¨¦e/boyfriend, etc. is a real jerk? (where was she the whole time?) Or the scene where our heroine (who just the night before was busy doing other things such as getting drunk, having wild sex, etc.) is suddenly and without preparation knowledgeable of all facts needed for the new job, which she does with sincerity and in a way that leaves all with their mouth wide open?
    One should also mention the making up scene between former rival family members and the part where an embarrassing failure (such as singing on live broadcast - best part of the movie) is considered a victory?
    After all my criticism I can come down to the bottom line - all the above flaws I mentioned are known to this viewer, just like other viewers beforehand and all in all, this is a really enjoyable movie of its kind.
    So if you can overcome the shock of seeing the amazing Angelina Julie in a blond wavy hairstyle, looking as artificial as ever ("I am the only cameraman that can make you look like a natural blond" says Pete in one of the best lines of the film) you are bound to enjoy this movie....more info
  • My Movie Review Review
    I had seen Angelina Jolie in many a theatrical presentation be- fore, but I had honestly thought that this was her shining moment. I had loved the on screen relationship between she and Edward Burns. I don't own it yet, but when it goes on sale on VHS, I plan to be the first one in line to purchase it!...more info