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Apple MacBook MB466LL/A
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Machined from a solid piece of aluminum, the new MacBook is thinner, lighter, and more powerful than ever. The streamlined enclosure slides easily into backpacks and briefcases and is stunning in any setting. NVIDIA delivers discrete-level graphics with up to five times the performance,1 so you can immerse yourself in faster, smoother, more lifelike 3D gameplay. The brilliant, ultrathin LED-backlit display provides instant full screen brightness and enhances any media viewing experience. Click anywhere on the all-new glass Multi-Touch trackpad—the spacious, smooth surface doubles as the button. Multi-Touch gestures now come to the MacBook, so you can use your fingers to swipe through photos, rotate an image, and pinch to zoom in and out. With the new four-finger swipe gesture, access Expos¨¦ modes and toggle between open applications. And MacBook is greener than ever: It’s highly recyclable and more energy efficient. At just 0.95 inch thin and 4.5 pounds,2 MacBook is truly the next generation of notebooks. 1Testing conducted by Apple in October 2008 using preproduction 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo–based MacBook units with NVIDIA GeForce 9400M. MacBook systems with 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo and Intel GMA X3100 were shipping units. MacBook continuously monitors system thermal and power conditions, and may adjust processor speed as needed to maintain optimal system operation. 2Actual weight varies by configuration and manufacturing process. 31GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less.

Customer Reviews:

  • I love it
    After 13 years with Windows I have moved all my stuff to Mac, cause I luv it. Everything is well thought and prepared for ease of use. Only thing is the price, a bit steep on pocket but its okay. Only one thing I want to say, Apple should include a better codec support for Quicktime. XVid, Divx, Matroska etc doesn't play....more info
  • Amazing!!!!
    I will say 5 words I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO PC. This is the greatest thing!!!! I love this, it's a bit expensive but totally worth it.
    And if you are a PC owner it will take just a few days to get used to Mac and you will NEVER GO BACK TO PC:)...more info
  • Love It!
    Thought it would be hard transitioning between pc to mac but I'm so glad I did!...more info
  • Amazing
    A pc user for years and never imagined a trasition to the mac would be so easy. The new mac especially has a blend of features an old mac user or a newbie would find particularly fascinating. The accelerometer touchpad and the new sexy design makes this newmacbook a must get!
    Stop contemplating whether you should or should not get it..just order it,seriously this is one "investment" u would never regret....more info
  • Best Decision Ever!!
    I was think about buying a netbook and decided to go with this instead, best decision I've ever made. I upgraded my hard drive to 500gb for $100, and my ram to 4gb for $100 through Ramjet. I've heard of some people having problems with adding other than apple ram, but so far the Ramjet has worked flawlessly. The only real reason I would have got a higher model macbook would be for the backlit keyboard, but if you're a half decent typer you shouldn't have any problems even in the dark. The 13in screen has been perfect for me. I think a 10in netbook screen would have been a little too small, and any bigger than 13in would decrease the portability, although if I was someone purchasing this for my primary computer and would be using it at a desk a lot, I would consider the 15in or 17in macbook pro. Battery life has not been a problem, especially if I'm just surfing. If I traveled a lot and watched a lot of movies or was using CPU intensive programs it might be a problem, but car inverters and other travel adapters are cheap. The only thing at all I wish this had is a built in card reader. on a last note I would recommend upgrading the internal hard drive over buying an external, I got my Western Digital 500gb from newegg for around $100, and changing it was easier than upgrading the ram. ...more info
  • elegant and functional
    I am a long-time mac user and purchased this computer to replace a recent-generation white MacBook. At first, I wasn't sure if I should get the new MacBook or just replace my white one with the same one I had, but after talking to a few people and reading reviews, I decided it was worth a couple hundred bucks to go for the new one. Happy I did! The new design really is beautiful and feels great. Lovely keyboard and screen. I haven't experienced problems with glare on the super-shiny display as some have, I love the brightness and crispness of it. Best of all is the new track pad technology. I had always used a mouse with my previous laptops as the old trackpads that required clicking with the thumb and dragging with fingers never felt right to me. This is so easy and very intuitive. My only complaint is that sometimes the tapping just stops working. This is sometimes just a few-minutes problem but other times requires a reboot.

    I remain a happy Apple customer, and recommend this gorgeous new laptop wholeheartedly....more info
  • Set up family member
    My brother and I purchased this laptop for a dear family member. We also purchased the Apple iMac MB324LL/A 20-inch Desktop PC (2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD SuperDrive) and a Apple Time Capsule MB277LL/A (AirPort Extreme Plus 1 TB Storage). We set them up with a MobileMe Retail account and set up everything to sync and backup automatically. We got them a license for the Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, too. We are all very pleased with the laptop and the rest of the system....more info
  • Apple MacBook the BEST!
    We grew up on Macs, I was a computer teacher and used Macs for years, had no choice but to switch to PCs for business-related applications. Now my son is almost 21 and in college and when his Toshiba laptop got stolen, he insisted on returning to a Mac. I saw him yesterday and he claimed, without question, that he will NEVER EVER use anything but a Mac again. I may just make the switch back someday myself!...more info
  • Mac Time
    Love the Mac Book. Thanks to Amazon for amazingly fast service - the Mac got here the day after I ordered it! Seriously. ...more info
  • A step closer towards perfection
    A beautiful and stunning notebook both inside and out. I can not even begin to tell you how passionate I am about this device since the day I got it. The Unibody Macbook is generations ahead when compared to equivalent notebooks with similar specifications. There are countless reviews out there so in this review I would like to share with you the little things that are often overlooked, yet can make an impact to your buying decisions.

    Build and design - Unlike the polycarbonate version, the unibody clearly feels solid. It is not a marketing gimmick and by far the most solid notebook you'll ever pick up. Lenovos were traditionally viewed as the 'tough' book class for business environments but the unibody manufacturing process has changed my view completely. (Although not recommended), there is virtually no flex picking up and holding the unibody by the edges.

    Turn the macbook over and all you find is a clean and well presented underside. There are no ugly FCC stickers, no Windows COA stickers. International and Bluetooth certifications? Intel inside stickers? Nope. Although some of these regulations are required to be displayed, the bare minimum is etched onto the back cover as a monochrome type instead. I have seen countless laptops being scarred left right and center with all sorts of horrendous stickers both on the palm rest and the back. To complete, there only 4 visible screws flushed against the aluminum back cover and actually the only ones you'll ever find on the entire notebook. The remainder is hidden underneath the battery latch. When was the last time you counted the number of screws on your laptop? The unibody incorporates 'defensive design' - should you find the need to open up the notebook to upgrade the memory, you will notice that there are strategically assigned magnetic areas which catch these screws if you accidentally dropped them in the process.

    I had been tearing apart trying to decide whether a backlit keyboard (2.0ghz vs 2.4ghz model) deemed necessary for the extra cost. The processor and hard drive upgrade was insignificant but I had no regrets going for a model with a backlit keyboard. I am a touch typer yet I still find it helps considerably especially during low lighting situations such as being on a plane, checking mails first thing at dawn where you would find yourself typing passwords or quick email replies in these low lighting situations.

    Around the notebook, you'll notice that battery indicator on the side - No point having it at the bottom where the battery is if it means you have to turn it over to find out. This is extremely helpful when you are in the middle of a full screen presentation. There are no annoying or blinking indicator LEDs that you find on other notebooks. With exception of the sleep indicator just to the left of the infra red receiver. In fact, it is not even visible at all until it is actually indicating sleep mode. There are no latches to get your business/long sleeve shirt caught onto and the lid shuts with a solid thud which got me to believe that to even produce that kind of sound, it requires all edges of the lid to come into contact with the base all at the same time.

    All connectors/ports have been assigned to the left side of the notebook, a feature I find that many other notebooks lack - For example, I tend to use wireless but on occasion fall back on Ethernet LAN, with the previous notebooks I owned I had to look left, right and behind to locate ports which I do not frequent. The unibody design meant that every port you'll need is always in one side of the notebook. Also keeps your desk tidy rather than having cables running in every direction out from the notebook.

    The fan is extraordinarily quiet when in operation. I would hear the hard drive spinning over the centrifugal fan. Vents are placed at the top of the notebook between the keyboard and the display. This is critical because with most notebooks I find they tend to draw air from the side (or worse at the bottom) of the notebook which meant that dust could get drawn inside the unit.

    It is not widely known that the speakers have actually been upgraded from the previous polycarbonate version. It even boasts a mini subwoofer but do not expect it to perform miracles.

    The multi touch trackpad is a joy to use once you get accustomed to it. There have been plenty of criticisms, both positive and negative about this however I found it did not take me long to realize that I am far more productive using it daily without requiring a dedicated external mouse. It is highly configurable and even does right clicks for those skeptics out there, and my advise is to kick the habit of physically pushing down for a left/right click and instead use the multi touch capability to distinguish between the two. Try it out at an Apple Retail Store.

    A review is never complete with negative comments however it is impossibly difficult to expose the faults of the Unibody Macbook. My only concern was the poor LED display quality when viewing at an angle - colors appear washed out when viewed at an angle - something which Apple has addressed recently with a silent upgrade. Mentioned by others, the glass display does attract fingerprints but it is nothing too strange about any Apple device in the first place. The lack of firewire ports seemed to be a strategic decision for potential buyers to consider the 15" pro cousin instead.

    In conclusion, Apple has once again redefined the standard of notebooks and made me accept nothing less in terms of design and quality from a notebook manufacturer. Apple has always made great devices and other manufacturers can make great things too. For the latter, sadly that is still not entirely the case. The unibody macbook may not be the device for everyone, but it is certainly a notebook that made a right step towards perfection. I hope after reading this you are able to take away some of the insights that I found to have contributed towards the joy of using it everyday....more info
  • waste of MONEY
    This is complete waste of money.... its slow, macs are supposed to be good for video and audio working this thing couldn't handle my software! Same software that worked perfectly on my 4 year old computer.

    Only plus to this is the body and keys, the screen is terrible speakers are terrible. The new touchpad is ok but takes awhile to get used to. Unless you have money to burn id pass this laptop up! Get a cheaper better PC or save up for a macbook pro!...more info
  • first mac
    I purchased this item after looking for a change from the PC; it has been incredible...especially with the iLife 09 suite--great photo and video programs that are very user friendly. The overall Mac OS is very intuitive and powerful. ...more info
  • Another hit from Apple
    You can see why Consumer Reports rated this computer tops in its class. I'm a long-time Mac user and keep waiting to be disappointed by the next one I buy. Hasn't happened yet. This machine is incredible. I love the multi-touch trackpad. The screen is beautiful, incredibly bright. Battery life is great; I can get 5-6 hours of word processing time, plenty of life for almost any flight.

    System 10.5 is great and incredibly stable. I love it. Put me down as another satisfied customer... again....more info
  • waste of MONEY
    This is complete waste of money.... its slow, macs are supposed to be good for video and audio working this thing couldn't handle my software! Same software that worked perfectly on my 4 year old computer.

    Only plus to this is the body and keys, the screen is terrible speakers are terrible. The new touchpad is ok but takes awhile to get used to. Unless you have money to burn id pass this laptop up! Get a cheaper better PC or save up for a macbook pro!...more info
  • Impressive all-round performer
    I've been a PC/Windows User for 10 years and decided to switch to Mac recently.

    So I went and bought the 2.4GHz-$1599 model and I really like the new Macbook & Leopard OS. Macbook has a much better screen & hardware design
    compared to Dell/HP systems on the market. Leopard is way better than Vista and slightly better than Win7RC.

    Here is my take for anyone interested in buying the new macbook -

    Aluminum body - Strong & light. Pleasure to carry & use.

    Screen & Graphics - Bright LED Screen and Good Graphics Card for gaming

    Multi-touch Gestures

    Leopard OS & iWork - Fast, Stable & Extremely User-Friendly. Packed with neat tools & tutorials to
    help you be productive right off the box.

    Slow drive transfers - Hard Drive is slow (@5400 RPM).
    I would have liked to see a faster & bigger hard drive given its high price.

    Touchpad click is cranky - Clicks feel like squeezing a tin can.

    Other Observations

    Is it worth the money? - I think the much better Leopard OS, multi-touch trackpad & better construction justify
    its higher price to a fair extent.

    Relative to 2.0Ghz ($1299) Model? - Other than the illuminated keyboard, there isn't a big difference in performance
    between 2GHZ ($1299) model that i tried out in the Apple Store and the 2.4Ghz($1599) model that I purchased online.

    ...more info
  • Great computer for design.
    This computer is amazing! The design is beautiful. And its so fast. The screen is just gorgeous! I reccomend this for anyone wanting to get into design....more info
  • MacBook, Better Than expected
    After having a dell xps m1530, and then switching to the mac book, the most noticeable difference is the fact that i leave my home, with only the MacBook, no wires, no charger, no chords no cables not even my wireless mouse. I just slide it in a very small umbro bag. The size and weight plus the battery life, makes it so convenient to carry to basically anywhere. I get 4 - 5 hrs straight from my macbook, more than enough time to be away from an area with an electrical outlet.

    The track pad, is not only for use, but to play. The multi-functionality of the track pad, makes work look like play. Zooming, scrolling, switching between windows or applications, rotating pictures to name a few, all done by sliding your finger or a combination of fingers on the track pad.

    The screen/display is stunning. We took for granted the fact that we remain seated around the table watching a movie: and the table was round. It is only after a while my friend observed that normally we would have to get up to get a good viewing angle, which is straight in front of the screen. The display adjusts to the amount of lighting in the area, excellent idea.

    You use the keyboard effectively without accidentally touching the track pad. The back light is one very important feature, and should have been standard just like the battery in all laptops. you just need it all the time. The back light also adjusts to that amount of lighting in the area.
    The macbook gets warm, and not hot, which is excellent.

    The operating system is excellent, and graphically based. I don't need to be a genius to have an idea what that picture is saying. Most of the technical and complicated information has been removed or hidden rather, so all i see are icons. To install or uninstall and item simply drag the icon in the appropriate location.

    The Negatives i have noticed : the "two" USB ports it has, are placed ridiculously close to each other, making it near impossible to have to things connected at the same time (may be it was deliberate, to get us to purchase the other little gadgets). I only supports stereo (one output) straight off the book (u need a gadget). I am still learning the operating system and thus i am seeing there isn't much that can be done to customize the overall look of the system , apart from changing the background and colors of the names under the icons. May be there is more that i need to learn (and mind you, i will).

    There is a lot more i can say but will end here. what i needed out of a portable device, was battery life, durability (it is made of aluminum you know), and simplicity, while fun, but does not compromise on power and versatility. I did not even talk about the dash board, which as the name would suggest, provides quick easy access to many things on your system.
    If you have the money get a mac, its only a few hundreds more, and did i mention that you can run windows on there, so you can run two operating systems for a few hundreds more....more info
  • H to the E, to the double LL, Yeah!
    Having made the switch to Apple almost a year ago, got a Mac Pro, I was contemplating on a laptop. I've never owned one, and school is set to start in a couple of weeks. I need(ed) something powerful, light, and dependable.

    I decided on the 2.4GhZ/250 GB version, because it's pretty much the top tier in the 13 inch Macbook family. I'll probably have this machine for years to come.

    I ordered it this past Saturday, and it arrived yesterday, and I was ready to rock! Before I forget, these Macbooks on Amazon still have iLife '08. I was fortunate enough to have an extra license for both, iLife '09 & iWork '09. I'm running at full/current capacity.

    For some reason it took me a little longer to set-up my wireless internet. I have a Time Capsule that two computers share internet connections with. I figured the Macbook airport would just catch the signal and I'd have internet access automatically. It didn't quite happen that way, so I'll spare you wasting your time. At some point while accessing the Time Capsule parameters to join the network, it will prompt you with a screen that says something like, "Do you have any devices, firewalls, or routers connected to the machine (or something like that). You must click yes (if you have a Time Capsule), then it asks you to restart the machine, and press "continue" afterwards. I kept hitting restart on my MacPro instead of restarting my Time Capsule. At the end I unplugged/plugged the Time Capsule and the MacBook picked up the signal %100. Oh, and make sure the Bluetooth is off, you probably won't need it.

    Sorry if the above was long winded, but it had to be said.

    Other than that, I'm working on all cylinders!

    Between me and my siblings, we have a combined total of 5 Mac computers.

    Apple computers... it's like being home. :)

    ...more info
  • Successful Switch
    I must say that I've make a successful switch to Mac from PC, thanks in no small part to this little 13.3" 2.4Ghz aluminum beauty. The commercials are right...just turn it on and it works. I can't believe how fast this is with just 2 gig of Ram. It powers up and down so fast that I'm going through caffeine withdrawels (as I used to brew a cup of coffee whenever I started or shut down my previous HP PC laptop.) I love the crisp, bright screen, and can't believe how much of a fan I've become of the illuminated keyboard. I run MS Office for Mac and have Fusion for a few Windows apps. I switched to Mac because a couple buddies of mine did years ago (and survived!) and their Macs have never slowed down and are still running like new. I swear, every PC I've purchased...gets slower and slower every couple of months (even with deleting cookies, optimizing drives, etc.) GOODBYE VISTA! I've switched and won't be going back. This new Mac laptop rocks and seems built to last....more info
  • I've Gone to the Mac Side
    I've been an IT professional for almost 20 years and just made the leap from PC to Mac. I will never go back. I love my little Mac Book and bring it with me everywhere. It is so intuitive and user friendly that I was shocked how quickly I was all set to use it. Normally when you by a PC it takes at least 1/2 hour to complete the final Windows set up, not to mention setting up your wireless and printer. The Mac did it all in less than 5 minutes. ...more info
  • Don't think I'll ever go PC again...
    I cannot say how much I love this MacBook!!! It is great. Waiting for our desktop PC to die and will replace it with another Mac... The laptop is easy to use, easy on the eyes, and as convenient as anything! I really am thrilled to have made this purchase!!!...more info
  • Another convert
    I almost didn't get this Apple because of the reviews about glare problems with the screen. I have glaucoma and have a major problem with glare. I am also using Lenovo and HP laptops and have had Dell and IBMs and the glare is no more of a problem than it is with them.It took a little while for me to get used to the changes in operating systems because this is the first time I ever used an Apple. It has been several weeks and I am impressed! It is smoother and a lot less glitchy. I really like how quiet and cool it runs. I didn't expect to take to it this much but I have. I doubt I will go back. It is worth the difference in price....more info