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Machined from a single piece of aluminum, the new 15-inch MacBook Pro is thinner, more powerful, and years ahead of its time. The stunning, ultrathin LED-backlit display gives you instant full screen brightness. The NVIDIA GeForce 9400M and 9600M GT graphics processors provide the perfect combination of power and efficiency for everyday tasks as well as 3D games and graphics-intensive applications like Aperture and Motion. And the all-new Multi-Touch trackpad has no separate button. The entire smooth glass surface is the button, so it’s clickable everywhere. This larger trackpad brings more room, more functionality, and more Multi-Touch gestures to fingers. At less than an inch thin and 5.5 pounds,1 it isn’t just the next-generation MacBook Pro, it’s the next generation of notebooks. 1Actual weight varies by configuration and manufacturing process. 21GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less.

Customer Reviews:

  • Comes with iLife '09!
    I upgraded to the MacBook Pro 15-inch from a white plastic MacBook. The new Pro is amazing!! The screen is so bright and clear. This laptop also stays nice and cool which was my biggest complaint of my MacBook which would make me sweat if I kept it on my lap. I also like to work outside and unless I am in direct sunlight I can view the screen perfectly.

    Best of all it came with iLife '09 even though Amazon's description says iLife '08. They must have cleared all the old inventory!...more info
  • An amazing Mac
    A MAC user for many years, I am continually amazed at the innovations Apple creates. This laptop is beyond belief, and the few questions I've had have been expertly answered by Apple support. Separately I purchased Apple Care, but am looking forward to years of use for this machine: Its ergonomics, look, operation, and compatibility are A+....more info
  • Perfect mobile workstation for a designer
    I bought this to replace my PowerPC G5 tower, but it's much more than a replacement, it's a big upgrade. I'm a web/motion designer, so even for projects at home I need some decent power. A Macbook Pro is pretty much the only way to go.

    I love how small it is, but the uni-body design also feels very sturdy. The LED-backlit screen is amazing and surprisingly bright. It's pretty fast using Adobe CS3 programs. I never have any trouble getting a strong connection to wireless networks.

    I didn't have an option to configure the laptop. It would have been worthwhile to me to upgrade to a 7200RPM hard drive and more RAM. But the cost savings were so great, I sacrificed these minor upgrades. I can add them later anyway if need be....more info
  • Bad Glass!!!! Check Yours!!!
    I'm currently waiting my third replacement MacBook Pro. My first two new ones arrived with imperfections in the glass. As if the glass had a speck or bubble within it. It is very easy to miss once it's turned on, but it's there and I imagine can develop into a crack. The way to check yours is to make sure the screen is completely cleaned and Off. Then if you can't quite see it, put a flash light to the screen and scan it. More often than not, you'll find imperfections in the glass that will not come off. It's a manufacturing problem....more info
  • Great, but not spectacular.
    I'll make this short, since there are so many other reviews which are quite detailed.

    Having upgraded from the previous MacBook Pro model, some 2 years old, I was looking forward to the new model. I can safely say everything is improved greatly with one glaring exception. The "chicklet" style keyboard. To be frank, it stinks. I don't really understand why Apple, remarkable for design and quality would make a change to something like the KB. The previous version had a great look and feel. This one looks cheap, and feels lousy.

    Baring my disappointment with the KB, there's much to love about this notebook....more info
  • Macbook Pro = Excellence
    I recently bought a new Macbook Pro after my old one died (my fault!). I cannot express how much I love this new aluminum (unibody) Macbook pro. The first thing I noticed when I got it was how gorgeous the LED screen was. I mean this is probably the best LCD I've ever seen. The colors are so vibrant and black levels are excellent. Yes, there are times when the glossy screen makes it difficult to see, but unless your always in a very bright room, the benefits of the glossy screen make it a much better screen. Its a pleasure watching 720p movies on this laptop. The 2.4 Ghz Core 2 duo is fast and should provide more than adequate processing power for most people. Its only 5.5 pounds and me being a college student,its very easy to carry around. I mainly chose the Macbook pro over the Macbook due to the screen size and a much better LCD screen. Don't be fooled, just because both screens are LED backlit, the panel is completely different. Overall, If you can afford one, pull the trigger and you will love it and have no regrets buying one. Whether its watching HD movies, gaming, or Photoshop CS4, this powerful laptop can handle it all. Oh and its doesnt get too hot like the earlier macbook Pros ...more info
  • Speed! Speed! Speed!
    ** UPDATE - 5/20/09 **

    Having owned this Mac notebook for a little over two weeks now, I can safely say it maintains the 5/5 stars I have given it. I recently installed Windows XP Professional under Bootcamp and it went really smoothly; I still need Windows for some proprietary software I use, and for some mild gaming. For instance, I picked up Oblivion - GOTY Edition for $20 and thought I'd give it a good run on the Macbook Pro.

    I haven't had a chance to run any heavy-hitter games yet, but Oblivion runs beautifully at the full 1440x900 w/ 4x AA and Very High Quality settings. I'm averaging anywhere from 25fps-60fps, depending on the number of sprites; forests (35-40fps), oblivion (40-42fps), town squares (50fps), water and swimming (30-40fps). The lowest I've seen is 25fps but haven't been able to replicate it; I'm thinking it was Windows running a background process I missed or forget to turn off. In any case, it runs beautifully.

    I've really come to appreciate the extra screen real estate, and the display quality of the MBP. We own a mid-2008 20" iMac 2.66Ghz and the screen is every bit as good of quality; I really feel like the Macbook Pro is like a "portable iMac" in terms of speed and display quality. It's that good!

    Lastly, I had a chance to pick up Apple's DisplayPort -> VGA adapter since I will need to hook this notebook up to a LCD projector more than a few times next semester. The dongle is not cheap but does what it says it will without any fuss. To test it, I hooked it up to my 42" 1080i HDTV and it looked beautiful, no interference or pixelation.

    Two weeks later, this little guy is still working every bit as good as the day I bought it. :-)

    For the past few weeks, I've been shopping for a new notebook computer. I've owned/used Mac in the past, but am comfortable in both worlds; I prefer Mac, but can get along fine in Windows too.

    I inevitably ended up with the 15" Macbook Pro 2.66Ghz because of the sheer size, weight, and performance. After I spent some time actually touching/using all the competing brands, I came to the following conclusion--you truly do get what you pay for.

    Some would argue that Macs are too expensive and not worth the hefty cost over their Windows/PC counterparts. Moreover, they would also say that you're paying extra for the fancy-shmancy design and chimp-simple ease of use, not to mention feeding into the smugness of the Mac community.

    However, my wife and I have owned Macs for the last few years, and I've had a really good experience owning Apple computers.

    One thing I noticed immediately is the build quality; it's amazing, and very well made. When you pick up the computer, it feels very rigid and sturdy; it really does feel like a solid piece of equipment compared to other notebooks.

    The fans are very quiet and the unit seems to regulate heat/temperature very well. When I turn it on, the Macbook 'bonggggg' sound is the only thing I hear, and cannot hear the hard drive at all. It's probably the quietest computer I've ever owned.

    I've not owned this unit long enough (less than 36hrs) to give a more detailed example, but I'm very delighted with the performance in iMovie and iPhoto '09. It's VERY fast.

    All in all, whether you choose the 2.4Ghz or 2.6Ghz, it's a great investment in a notebook computer. Again, you really do get what you pay for....more info
  • 3 stars just because is not preloaded with ilife 09
    The new macbook pro for my opinion it's one of the best laptops around. I'm no t going to be so specific about this wonderful notebook because other reviewers made a good job reviewing it. I just want to say that i don't give 5 stars to this magnific electronic piece just for the dissapointing issue that at this price this 15 inch macbook pro it's not preloaded with ilife '09 as Imacs do. Even the white macbook ($1300 less) comes preloaded with ilife '09. I have to spend about $60 more if i want to enjoy Ilife '09. We paid a lot more of cash and we have to pay more if we want to see running this software on our notebooks. Is not fair. I think we have the right to expect at least a free upgrade from Apple or Amazon. Don't know if i'm missing something or if i'm wrong but i just insist that is not fair....more info
  • MAC BOOK Pro
    Excelent laptop, very thin, fast battery lasts much longer than other laptops I've had, Strongly recommend it....more info
  • Impressive size, fast, solid feel, but with a caveat...
    I do a lot of photography, graphic design, and web design. I recently bought a 24" iMac (the $1799 model with the 120GTX discrete video RAM) and am loving it.

    I had a choice: Spend $2500 for a Windows license of my Adobe products... or replace my Windows laptop with a Macbook.

    So I bought this Macbook. Vista turned me off of Microsoft for good. System requirements are asinine, which also means higher power requirements to do the same things I can do on the Mac. I've worked with PCs ever since Windows 1.0 -- and loathed the registry in Win95. But I digress... no more Windows. I throw an Apple and broke the Windows. :)

    I only mention price as a downer because the laptop has only 2GB of RAM and whose display contains a TN panel. I was hoping for a M-PVA or better. Still, looking directly at it, color shift is minimal. Still, my iMac's H-IPS panel monitor blows it away in terms of gamut and shadow detail. Not that 2GB is _bad_ or anything, but the screen was a disappointment for a $2000 notebook.

    As usual, OS X rocks.

    RAM is inexpensive, so to up this to 4GB is no ordeal.

    And I'll be honest: This thing is light and has a very solid feel. A comparable Windows laptop (think $1300) is twice as thick and needs far more than 2GB of RAM to make use of it. I'd rather have efficiency and quality for a higher price than another piece o' junk to be upgraded all the time.

    I'll keep major photo editing on the iMac because of its superlative display (no $500 PC monitor even comes close; more TN garbage but larger so the flaws become even more apparent), but this is capable of most design work that doesn't require pinpoint color manipulation. And there's plenty of that that can be done too.
    ...more info
  • Just about everything I want in a computer
    I've had the MacBook for two months and I absolutely love this computer. Its processor is extremely fast, the computer design is sleek and it's not heavy. I am pleased with the screen size and I'm glad I choice to go with this screen size instead of the 13" The only thing I wish it had was a SmartMedia, SD or XD port. But, it isn't a big deal; I guess I can always purchase an adaptor. Oh yeah, Apple out did itself with the mouse pad design. It is definitely one of the best features. You can seamlessly toggle between multiple screens with great ease with just the swipe of your finger. And, the mouse doesn't run hot. ...more info
  • Dripping with Awesome Sauce
    In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that my last laptop was an Acer Aspire 1640 (budget laptop) and that this is my first premium laptop. So, you can take my gushing with the appropriate amount of salt.

    That said, I really love the new Macbook Pro. It is a big plate of fantastic smothered in awesome sauce.

    -Multi Touch-
    While you won't be pinching and zooming all your apps or flicking windows around, multitouch scrolling, expose and right-click/CTRL-click all work really well. In fact, I held out from buying a Mac laptop because of the one button silliness. No buttons however, works like a dream. And the mutlitouch trackpad is pretty configurable to boot. I configured it to recognize a 2 finger tap as a right-click. It has spoiled me. I have a hard time using laptops w/o multitouch now.

    -Battery Life-
    They weren't kidding about the increased battery life. I get about 5 hours of design/coding/surfing time. I'm sure that watching videos and listening to music would impact that noticeably. But compare my 5 hour battery life to the 2 hour life of a friend's last gen Macbook Pro under the same usage. BTW, I have not changed the default performance settings or screen brightness for battery powered usage.

    The glossy screen may urk those used to a matte screen but I have always had glossy so it doesn't bug me. Aside from that, the screen looks great and seems on par with other glossy laptop screens--not noticeably better or worse really--and the color on it looks pretty good with no calibration. The black bevel adds a certain something to the experience and makes the screen feel bigger. There is a setting "Automatically adjust brightness for ambient lighting" which is on by default. While ingenious, for me, it fell into the too clever for their own good column as it made the display brightness change rapidly in any situation where the light was not consistent--such as a coffee shop where people frequently pass behind you blocking light. So I turned it off.

    -Mini Display Port-
    While it's great that the new display port allowed them to make the body slimmer or whatev, I have to say it stings a little knowing that I need a $30 dongle to hook it up to an external monitor while my buddy just plugs it in. It doesn't help the feeling knowing that previous generations of mac laptops (like the iBook) came with such dongles for free. Additionally, the DRM that is built into this port almost made this laptop a deal breaker. Not that I watch movies on external displays that are not compliant. I honestly don't even know if I own such a device. My problem is that DRM is such a ridiculous waste of resources and having it built into the hardware offends me to no end. To. No. End.

    -Other Thoughts-
    The performance is great even on battery power and even with a lot of apps open. The new body is very cool. It feels very sturdy, like all Macbooks, and looks really slick. I love the back-lit, black, chicklet keyboard that lights up based on the amount of ambient light. I also really dig that the new Macbook Pro is more environmentally friendly than the previous line and the packaging that it comes in is barely bigger than the laptop itself.

    This laptop is definitely the most awesome that I have ever used with only the aforementioned display issues holding me back from calling it absolutely perfect. Apple scores again.

    ...more info
  • Dead Pixel's are common
    I gave this one star mainly to bring attention to a common MBP problem. My MBP arrived with a dead pixel(s) near the top. It would have been such a hassle to send it back I figured I would deal with it and maybe take it to a Mac store it became bothersome. I learned that Apple does not consider this to be "Materially Defective" because it is not in the main viewing area of the screen. If you go to the Mac Blogs and other threads you will see many people with this problem. My suggestion is to immediately see if the screen has any pixels that are either dead or stuck and return it to Amazon if you do. Amazon will treat you better than Apple. They will send you a shipping label and replace the MBP where as Apple will not cover the defective screen as they do not consider it a defect. In all other ways I am very happy with the MBP as I am a convert from Dell. ...more info
  • Switching From a PC to a 17" MacBook Z0G5 128GB SSD
    As of this writing, I've noticed that Amazon is mixing all MacBook Pro reviews together, regardless of the model you searched on to get here. This is for the Z0G5, which is really just the 2.66GHz MB604LL 17" with the 128GB Solid State Drive option. Although I have used Apple/Mac products over the years, this is the first time an Apple has been my number 1 computing device. I'm including details for those used to the PC environment, so those already familiar with Apple, please be patient, as I wanted to help weigh the pros and cons of switching from Windows.

    This, quite simply, is the nicest computer I have ever owned or used since starting with them in 1979. It is not for everybody, if only because of price, but if there is something you are used to doing on Windows XP or Vista, this will probably do it, and do it faster and more reliably.


    * Bootup/shutdown times - benchmarks are somewhat relative, but my 6 year old HP ze5400 P4, and 5 month old dv7-1130 core-duo, both will boot XP Pro to a usable state in just over 4 minutes, including effects of anti-virus software and initial browser launch. Using the same licensed copy of XP Pro for this MBP, it boots in an incredible 25 seconds, every time. This latter time is a full boot-up -- no hour glasses to wait through. Shutdowns average around 4 seconds on the MBP, compared to around 30 to 45 seconds on the above mentioned Windows laptops. You can also run Vista32/64, Linux, Unix, Sun and other OS using VMware Fusion, which runs within the Leopard OS -- this is absolutely terrific software, and if you set it to full screen, you will be hard pressed to tell if you are running a pure Windows OS, although Fusion will only devote one of the two Intel cores to Windows. This latter point is quite amazing, when you read about how fast Vista boots on other MBP's (see other Amazon reviews in April 2009). You can allocate the majority of the included 4GB of RAM and almost as much as the hard drive/SSD to these guest OS' as you want. For just Leopard, the native OS, boot and shutdown times are comparable, and of course, that's for just that OS -- it has nothing to do with Fusion or guest OS's.

    * Screen - having just come from a near-new HP dv7-1130us, which also has a glossy 17" screen, well, there is simply no comparison. I'm not being an "Apple snob" here. The MBP offers a much sharper and more colorful image. Personally, the occasional glare is a worthwhile trade-off for the image quality, but I spent almost 2 hours in a local Apple store comparing the glossy vs. anti-glare side-by-side, and I almost picked the anti-glare, extra $50 cost notwithstanding. Unless you are really concerned about the final few pixels of 130dpi resolution which the glossy screen seems to bring out, or the pop-out color of the glossy, the anti-glare is just as good, and almost fully eliminates any trace of glare. I could have been happy with either. Also, when running XP in VMware Fusion, you can set the screen resolution to a ridiculous 5210 x 3200 ! (not native of course, but the even the 1920x1200 is better than any WSXGA+ screen I'm aware of)

    * Battery power - I've only run on battery for 4 hours at a time, but I would estimate usable power for up to 6 hours, with occasional wifi use and uninterrupted word processing. I do think it's POSSIBLE to get the 8 hr time, particularly if you get the flash hard drive and 2.66GHz processor, but you have to allow all power saving options, reduce screen brightness to absolute minimum, etc, so that practically, this is just a laboratory spec. However, I have never owned a laptop that did better than 3 hours -- so this doubled that.

    * Keyboard - I have come to really like the keyboard in only two weeks, although I do miss having a backspace key. Apple die-hards may know something I don't, but without backspace or an 'end' key, I find I am re-positioning the cursor a lot. However, the track pad almost compensates for this. When set for single-tap, this is the best track pad I've ever used. I never accidentally select or click items anymore. Right click is done with two-fingers, and is less effort than actual 'right-clicking'. Windows hotkeys, such as alt-tab, ctrl c, ctrl v, etc. work when running XP. I dislike the sharp edge towards the front of the laptop, and I'm a little surprised that Apple picked form over razor-blade-function by not beveling this. But, this thing is a MacBook Air wannabe - it is very thin, and the pressure on the wrists still isn't as bad as other laptops I have used. Too bad they didn't round it like the bottom edge.

    * SSD speed and response - currently, going to the Solid State Drive (NAND flash memory) is a $300 premium to a 7200RPM hard drive, and that only gets you 128GB, of which you will have around 93 usable GB after getting your Mac with Leopard, iLife (included) and in my case, iWork loaded on it. I keep photos and large files on a couple of external HDD's, and use an online backup service for really important business files, so trading off speed to lower capacity was very worthwhile. In fact, I'm getting in the bad habit of not shutting down, but just putting the MBP to sleep and stuffing it in my bag while it's saving files -- it doesn't matter with SSD. I've read about benchmarking SSD to HDD, small files vs big files, etc, etc. Frankly, it was all meaningless once using it for real. It's expensive now, but in 5 years, we will all be using SSD.

    * iWork and TextEdit - these will open .doc, .xls, .xlsx, etc. You may not be able to edit all the features of Windows productivity software using Apple's own versions on their own, but you can still do many things with iWork, and you can always view any Microsoft-format files. I was stunned at some of iWork's templates in Pages and Numbers.

    * You can share files between the Leopard and Windows OS (or any other guest OS) using shared folders. You can also select to share files between different users or not. This reminded me of using LAN shares.

    * Blue screen? What's that?? Cheekiness aside, I can lock a Mac if I really try, but I have not done so yet on this or it's guest XP Pro OS. Just a pleasure to use.

    * 2.66GHz vs 2.93GHz for an extra $300 - I'm being a little less than objective here, but looking at bench marks for the MacPro desktop, and talking with Apple Genius reps, I concluded the 2.93GHz processor only adds about 5 to 7% more usable processing power. Feel free to offer your opinion.

    * Occasional lag - this has happened 3 times in two weeks - I think this is due to the guest OS and tear-down of memory ranges. It's not that obtrusive, but after getting used to the normal speed of the laptop, it's a bit of a surprise when it does happen.

    * Trash bin - no restore. I have researched this and as incredible as it will sound to Windows users, you must manually restore unintended deletions yourself to whatever folder it came from -- not very helpful if you were typing/swiping quickly and didn't see where you unintentionally deleted something, or you are unfamiliar with Mac directory trees. I have read some borderline-snob opinions about this, but it's a serious oversight that should not be joked about. Most of us can identify with your hands tiring and inadvertently dragging a file or folder to the Trash. Or sometimes small creatures known as children get a-hold of your treasured, $3,000 device and use it as a Fisher-Price xylophone set. I've been around some very brainy, Product Development Engineering-Fellow-types for years, and they are sometimes guilty of convincing themselves that removing features like this are explainable, acceptable, and only weak or stupid people would ever complain. I guess I'm weak and stupid. Frankly, I don't care. Stupid people still seem to have a lot of money, (more than average, I have observed) so unless Apple likes perpetual 12% market-share, they should and will have to match certain, select attributes offered by competitors. Again, if I'm wrong, I'd welcome being set straight on the issue.

    * Caution: Slippery When Dry - dry hands may not always grasp the super clean, smooth aluminum case, such as when going through airport X-ray security with hundreds of people jostling you. I purchased the 3 year warranty because of this (although damage in such circumstances still may not be covered).

    * Warranty - at $349, it's a little expensive. I didn't know this when purchasing, but if you buy a 24" monitor with the MBP on the same invoice, then the warranty also covers the monitor. Except that, by definition, if you don't buy a monitor, then you're overpaying for a warranty that was priced to include one.

    * You may need new hardware and/or software - much of it which is not cheap. One reason why VMware Fusion is so wonderful is you can load Window-based apps like Office and use your existing license. Apple currently throws in iLife, and if using only Leopard, you don't typically need anti-virus software. Some Apple hardware, like RAM, is designed only for Apple computers and does cost more -- even if you buy it from a third-party retailer.

    * ExpressCard 34 port - I really will need an eSATA port. Unfortunately, reading some Apple reviews indicate that many commonly-available Express34 eSATA adapter drivers currently do not work reliably with the MBP. I normally don't put too much into a few bad reviews here and there, but this does seem to be a genuine problem with the MBP as of late April 2009. Driver updates may correct.

    * Price - it has to be said: This is still just a computer. Once you add truly comparable hardware, the price difference is not quite as disparate as many believe...perhaps $2,000 for a premium, all-flash, all-day-battery Windows laptop to a $3,000 MBP. It's easy to fall into a trap of just counting USB ports, of how much DDR3 RAM you get, but I'm also referring to native screen resolution for a portable device, or color balance, stability, security vulnerability, etc. If the MBP advantages are worth it to you, chances are you already know. I just broke the TFT display on my 5 month old HP dv7-1130us laptop, which also had a dual-core, 4GB DDR3 RAM, etc., which lead to this MBP purchase, but believe me -- and I'm not trying to jump onto an anti-Vista kick here -- the PC was painful to use. Slow, alarmingly buggy, and poor legacy support. Even after downgrading it to XP and upgrading to a 7200RPM HDD, performance was still slow slow - slower than an old single core, P4 with 1GB DDR RAM. Specs aren't going to show you how fast this MBP boots.

    Use the MacBook Pro a little bit, and it grows on you all the more. It seems different, but familiar hot keys, print screen, display and wifi settings, etc. are all still there.

    Apple still reminds me of how computers used to be in the 1980's -- things are already laid-out for you, and you do it the Apple way, and if you don't like it, get used to it. PC, which really was a semi-open standard that began with Microsoft OS running of IBM PC's and PC clones, could be configured many ways. Like so many things, what makes it open also makes it complicated, with clashing interpretations of standards. Testing keeps systems reliable, but it is always the most expensive part of developing anything (I know, I can thank my career for it). As a result, testing is usually where cost-cutting must be performed. Next time you curse Vista, remember, Microsoft engineers cannot solve issues due to third-party designers. They will always be in reactive mode because Windows is relatively open.

    Apple chose to make the day-to-day settings for you, and telling many peripheral designers "here's how your printer WILL talk to our computers", etc. It's potentially less flexible, and will slow third-party software and hardware development because it is more expensive to design and test with Apple. Ironically, this is disorienting to us Windows users. We are so used to controlling and setting everything, that an Apple computer seems too simple, and even that control is lost. This really isn't the case though. Virtually everything you can set in Windows can be manually set in a Mac. But what I've found over the last 2 weeks is, why would you want to keep adjusting anymore? I know it's their current slogan, so apologies, but the Apple really "just works". There's no need to get into setup menus -- set once and forget.

    The last time I used iMac G3's or the original MacIntosh, I enjoyed them and remembered a few of my former PC-peers who said they would never switch back to a PC. I'm not quite sure I'm ready to say that yet, but the MacBook Pro 17" is the first Apple computer I'm willing to test that notion on.
    ...more info
  • A great, but expensive machine.
    When looking over reviews for Macs, you tend to run into the Apple fanatics. These people will praise anything that Apple makes, regardless of whether its worth the price or not. Having owned and used both PCs and Macs, I have no allegiance to either. I'm going to try to make this as unbiased as possible.

    Whether you should go with a Mac or PC largely depends on what you'll use it for. These days Mac ARE PCs under the hood, they just use Apple's BIOS (EFI) and of course OS X. OS X is hands down a superior OS to Windows, however there are many applications that won't work under it. Sure you can boot Windows on Mac now, but why would you pay the premium to use Apple's proprietary hardware if your going to use Windows anyway? If your going to get a Mac make sure most of your applications will run on it. Otherwise the Macbook becomes an overpriced PC.

    That said this is a review of the Mackbook Pro, so here are the pros and cons of it. Its a bit long, but I tried to point out everything.

    - Beautiful, bright screen
    - Backlit keyboard
    - Glass cover LCD, so you can wash it without worring about damaging the LCD.
    - Fast DDR3 memory
    - An integrated graohics card to conserve power (GeForce 9400) and a decent graphics card (Nvidia 9600 GT) to use for gaming and graphic intense programs.
    - Slot-load DVD drive, you don't have to worry about the tray.
    - Firewire, a feature missing from the regular Macbook
    - Nice large and responsive touchpad.
    - OS X performs much better than Windows. Almost no crashes/freezes, very hard to get a virus, and faster.
    - No preloaded bloatware, in fact most of the apps included are quite useful and easily removed if you want the space back.
    - Decent speakers for a laptop.
    - I have no benchmarks, but it seems like Vista runs faster on my Macbook even though the hardware is inferior to my other laptop.
    - The thinnest and lightest 15 inch notebook I've ever encountered. I have no problem lugging it back and forth.

    - It get HOT under intense use (especially above the number pad).
    - The DVD drive is slow to burn and read.
    - Screen resolution should be higher for this price.
    - Multi-Touch touchpad takes some getting used to.
    - THE PRICE.
    - Despite the fact that Nvidia claims its possible to use the 9400 and 9600 in "hybred SLI" (using the 9400 to give the 9600 a power boost) Apple has not included the functionality. There are report that it may come with the next release of OS X.
    - The HDD is realitivly slow at only 5400 RPM. They should have gone with a 7200RPM. On the bright side its possible to upgrade the drive yourself.
    - The only video output port is a "Mini Display Port". There are currently only two screens on the market that natively support this. Therefor you need to purchase a converter to use HDMI, DVI, or VGA.
    - The glass screen is VERY reflective.
    - For the most part its not upgradeable. You can add memory or a new HDD and that's it. However, most laptops are either not upgradable or the "upgrades" are so expensive that its better to buy a new one instead.
    - A minor qualm for me, and something common to nearly all Macs is the lack of an HDD access light. This can sometimes be useful. Also common to al Macs is the keyboard and shortcuts. These are different from Windows and take getting use to. For the most part neither is better than the other, its just a matter of learning a new setup.

    Overall I love my Macbook. Despite its higher price you get a quality machine for your money. Its much more solid than my other laptop, and s far seems more stable. I would say that if you don't game (or use one of the few games that support OS X) go for this. If you've never thought about a Mac before, its really not that hard to get to know it. Its designed for the computer illiterate (According to Apple, I wouldn't go quite that far), so you shouldn't have trouble finding your way around. Despite the good, I still would recommend you stick with the PC if you intend on gaming. Macs are getting there, but they just don't stand up to a gaming PC....more info
  • 3 stars just because is not preloaded with ilife 09
    The new macbook pro for my opinion it's one of the best laptops around. I'm no t going to be so specific about this wonderful notebook because other reviewers made a good job reviewing it. I just want to say that i don't give 5 stars to this magnific electronic piece just for the dissapointing issue that at this price this 15 inch macbook pro it's not preloaded with ilife '09 as Imacs do. Even the white macbook ($1300 less) comes preloaded with ilife '09. I have to spend about $60 more if i want to enjoy Ilife '09. We paid a lot more of cash and we have to pay more if we want to see running this software on our notebooks. Is not fair. I think we have the right to expect at least a free upgrade from Apple or Amazon. Don't know if i'm missing something or if i'm wrong but i just insist that is not fair....more info
  • 4 Months Later....Loving it Every Day
    I don't expect this to be rated as an extremely helpful review as I will keep my comments short. There are plenty of reviews which go into great detail and can answer all the questions you may have.

    After owning this MacBook Pro for 4 months, I just wanted to say that I am happy every day that I made this purchase!! This is simply a stunningly well designed, solid notebook. I have had 5 or 6 notebook PCs over the last 10 years and none have pleased me as much as this one.

    It may be more expensive as the recent Microsoft commercials choose to point out, but the premium I invested has been repaid with the highest level of satisfaction I have ever had....more info
  • Love my MacBook Pro
    Apple MacBook Pro MB470LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 250 GB Hard Drive, Slot Loading SuperDrive)]]

    I absolutely love this computer. My expectations were high, and it surpasses all of them. I have not one regret. The glossy screen is annoying at times, but when there's no light behind to cause glare, it's spectacular in color and clarity.

    I'd recommend getting either an 800/400 firewire adapter or a cable with those plugs on either end when you purchase the laptop if you need to move files from another computer, which probably uses 400. The Migration Assistant seemed to insist on using a firewire, so I ended up saving the files to an external hard drive, then copying them to the MacBook via USB cable. It worked, but it was pesky.
    ...more info
  • Beautiful Laptop
    I upgraded my PowerBook 17 to the new MacBook Pro 15. It's a beautiful machine. Much faster than what I had before, and video plays remarkably better. If you're reading this, you're probably conversant with some of the specs and "issues" of the MBP, so let me give you my experience:

    The screen is reflective, yes, but it's also so bright that once you turn it on you won't see your reflection. Then again, I don't have a window behind me. The positive thing about the screen is the richness of colors... Apple has talked about "lickability" for years, and that's what I see with this screen.

    The case is rock solid. No quality problems that I have seen. I did open it to upgrade the RAM, and it was a pain finding a small-enough screwdriver for the 8 screws that I had to remove. That is my only complaint. I like having a lighter laptop, and this one feels much lighter to me than the 17" PowerBook.

    The first time I saw this baby I fell in love with it, but I assumed for the price that I'd end up getting the MacBook. But, I finally succumbed to the higher-quality display of the MBP. I also like the black band around the screen. It makes the screen look larger and classier, and it's easier on the eyes.

    The trackpad was easy to get used to. It's a work of art in itself. The keys have a little more resistance than I prefer, but they are fine.

    I have no problems to report as of yet.

    When I opened the box I felt the way I did when I opened the PowerBook: Apple makes their laptops look like jewelry store products. ...more info
  • Stellar build quality, Superb software
    The unibody construction definitely adds to this notebook's durability and reliability.
    (Actually, it's 4.5 stars, but there are no half stars.)

    The keyboard takes a couple days to get used to, and then you realize you can type on it at normal speed. It does not feel mushy.

    Yes it comes with Firewire, which has been dropped from the unibody Macbooks. No doubt because USB 3 is going to come to the industry and that is rated at 10 times the speed of USB 2. This, and the more Apple uses industry-standard components the cheaper they can make their products. Still a bit sad though, cause Firewire is actually superior.

    iLife (included software) is GREAT (photo management, make movies, create music and learn to play an instrument, publish and manage websites).

    iWork (purchased separately) is a refreshingly elegant, and more user-friendly re-think of wordprocessing and page layout, spreadsheet, and presentation software. Note that Apple Mail comes with the machine. You don't need to buy iWork to get e-mail software. A Windows PC often does not come with Microsoft Outlook- you have to buy that or MS Office separately or use the free e-mail software called Thunderbird.

    The integration, seamlessness, and ease of use set the Mac apart and ultimately make you more productive. (Far more productive than any difference in Gigahertz with a Windows machine.) I used Microsoft Windows for 12 years and will not go back. This is a superior platform with far fewer glitches, weird things, and security/virus/spyware issues. Most Apple software you can use without buying a big book on Amazon on how to use them. [The money that some people save on buying a PC, often goes towards buying software similar to what comes BUILT-IN on a MAC, or to software for securing the machine (e.g. Trend Micro, Norton Antivirus), or speeding it up (e.g. Diskeeper disk defragmenter). Furthermore, the security software on a PC often reduces performance by 10-20%.]

    I get about 2.5 hours battery life typically, and though that is about normal for notebooks (in general) with my kind of activity, (web, music, e-mail, movies, wireless) it really is not enough. 6 hours would be very good, and *8 would be perfect*. I hardly use the DVD superdrive (about 10 times last year), and would MUCH PREFER IF APPLE USED A BUILT-IN BATTERY (like the MacBook Air or the new 17-inch MacBook Pro) AND, THAT THEY REPLACE THE OPTICAL DRIVE WITH MORE BATTERY. The MacBook Air has this, but is a no-go for me because of the smaller screen and resolution, and the 17" is *for me* too big for lots of lugging around or use on a plane in Economy class. As long as Apple bundles an external slim optical drive with the system, many people should be fine.

    *Aside*: We should actually be getting physical content on Secure Digital (SD) Cards, and SDHC (SD High Capacity). Mechanical optical drives are so last century... including Blu-Ray. Noise, scratched disks, skipping, misaligned heads... all those problems disappear. It's a monumental shift like going from VHS to DVD. Those little cards like what go in a camera can replace CDs, DVDs, AND Blu-Ray. Imagine just slipping one of those into the side of a TV in order to watch a movie. No need for separate Blu-Ray players and cabling, and this method uses far LESS ENERGY. I really think this can be done... more and more people's content is purchased and downloaded or streamed anyway. And an SDHC reader can be inserted into the ExpressCard slot of the MacBook Pro, further eliminating the need for an external optical drive.

    To reduce heat, noise, and increase battery life and ruggedness, I am also eager for them to use Solid-State (no moving parts) Drives as standard on all MacBooks instead of mechanical hard drives. However, you can get it now as an option. If you have the money, get it (128 GB is available for the 15-inch; and 256 GB, or 128 GB are available for the 17-inch.)

    Make sure to cover your bases and get the Extended 3-year Apple Warranty. You'll get peace of mind, and fast service from Apple.

    Finally, iLife and iWork shine with MobileMe [...]. Get MobileMe. Yes you can backup to an external HD or Apple's Time Capsule, but it's in the house with your computer. For true backups you need to have it offsite. MobileMe and the iDisk will give you this (20GB). Also, you can backup to 64GB flash drives such as those by Kingston. [More reliable than hard disk, consumes less power=more battery life, and light enough that you can easily carry a backup (not your only backup) with you.] allows you to share and collaborate with your documents similar to Google docs. Note, currently is not quite up to par. Also, it is a separate subscription to MobileMe, though it is free for trial/demo.

    In sum: an excellent machine with excellent Hardware, Software and Service and with exciting possibilities for the near future....more info
  • It just gets better and better
    The difference between this computer and my last Mac Laptop, a titanium PowerBook G4, is about time and light, speed and agility. The MacBook Pro is all brighter, sharper, and more beautiful. The screen opens with just a slight touch and the picture is all there in all colors. The screen is like an endless pool - no sharp edges, filled with light and color.

    The display was very important to me and that is why I chose this over the other models. Side by side, the pictures are like night and day. There is no comparison.

    One of the most interesting changes is how intuitive and insightful the new trackpad is. This trackpad allows a variety of new moves, including using two fingers or more at a time - even for scrolling.

    Light up keyboard. Never even knew I needed it though it probably won't be convenient outside.

    This computer is bigger and faster, as fast as a computer could be. I always wonder why a computer would need to go any faster but the next one always does. Do we get faster? Or does the endless quest for more speed just make us think we do?

    There is a fragility to this that I don't remember ever noticing with my PowerBook. My PowerBook has traveled in backpacks and briefcases and may even have been thrown in a purse from time to time. (Much worse has happened to it.) I even fell off an icy ledge once, with it in my backpack, and it survived. Cats have slept on the PowerBook, open and closed. Drinks have been spilled. The Powerbook is like a workhorse whereas the MacBook Pro seems a little too delicate to throw in a backpack.

    This is my third Macintosh and the best so far. I was reluctant to leave behind my PowerBookG4 as it moves onto the boat for a second life as a navigator. Luckily I'll still have weekend privileges....more info
  • I'm happy with my purchase!
    Beautiful laptop. I do not see a problem with the "mirror like" screen. On the contrary, I love the high definition display.

    I'm still learning, as this is my first Apple computer, but I am extremely happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • Best notebook computer ever
    I've owned eight laptop computers over the past 15 years and this is, without question, the best available. Its screen is very bright and easy to read; it is easier to read than even that on the Apple MacBook Pro 17", even though the screen is somewhat smaller.

    The new multi-touch trackpad is a vast improvement over trackpads of the past, though it takes some getting used to using the pad as both mouse navigator and mouse button.

    I can't say enough good about this computer....more info
  • Great Product - Great Service
    Service is top notch, the computer is the best laptop I've ever owned. I have a small business with 10 computers...I've been so impressed with the Apple computers that I am transitioning my entire office to Apple computers. This laptop is #4 for me, can't believe that I waited this long to go away from PC's!!!...more info
  • Wonderful
    Thank you to the person who sold the Apple laptop. It was sent and recieved in great timming and was brand new as stated....more info