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21.5" Wide-screen 1920 X 1080
List Price: $189.99

Our Price: $179.99

You Save: $10.00 (5%)


Product Description

With your choice of VGA analog, DVI digital computer connections, this Acer H213H is an outstanding monitor and value. With its inclusion of HDMI as an input, coupled with 1920x1080 resolution or 1080p display, the H213H is worthy of HDTV and Blu-Ray quality display of video content. There's even a built-in speaker. Fast, sharp, and rich, this monitor is a perfect mate to any computer. Whether it's 3D gaming, movies, video or photo slide shows, you want vivid, true-to-life color from all your applications. When seeking to upgrade your current monitor, go towards versatility, function, and style. Get this Acer H213H and appreciate the performance from its exceptional 21.5" widescreen.

  • Unit Dimensions - 20.5 x 14.8 x 2.75; Weight 11.4 lbs.
  • Acer 3-Year Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • My Acer monitor is working well
    My 21 in. Acer monitor arrived in a timely manner and has been meeting my expections for several weeks now. I recommend this seller....more info
  • Good Deal!
    For the money I think it is quite the deal. If the screen is totally black there is a little light leak at the top and bottom, but it's not noticeable once any type of picture is being displayed. It also does a fair job displaying at other resolutions when you switch from the native 1920x1080. The sound comes from only one speaker, but it is adequate for most of the stuff you do on a computer (dinks, donks, buzzes and simple dialog). If you want to listen to music I would recommend going with external speakers. The only other rub is although you can tilt the screen it doesn't go up and down, but hey...It only cost me $179 for a 1920X1080 monitor. Keep in mind that it also has HDMI and came with the feaking HDMI cable....NICE! Why these cables cost $30 in Wal-mart for the cheep ones is beyond me?????? All in all a definite 2 thumbs up!...more info
  • Very satisfied
    I was looking for a very specific monitor for my husband. It had to have more or equal to 19K dynamic contrast ratio, over 20 in. display, more or equal to 1K static contrast ratio, 1080 resolution, vga, dvi, hdmi ports. There were no dead pixels and it came exactly when I wanted thanks to tigerdirect. It looks great with hi def media, but our expectations are not as high as someone who critiques these for a living. Very satisfied....more info
  • Great image, Full HD, money-saver
    This is a LCD monitor that goes beyond expectations. Images are crip and clear. HDMI works like a charm, VGA, DVI too. Speakers are not the top of the pop, but they're usable. User presets for Movie, Text, etc. It's great for its price!!...more info
  • Acer Monitor
    the custmer service was great. arrival of shipment was on time. The monitor was every thing I hoped it would be and then some I would purchase from the company again if the occasaion occurs again....more info
  • Excellent Monitor
    Finally I made the jump from CRT to LCD, and I'm so proud I chose this Acer monitor. It's cheaper among others in the same category, arrived with no dead pixels, easy set up, clear text and images at native resolution 1920x1080, games and HD videos look great on this. I don't mind a small bleeding at the top and bottom only viewable sometimes, I totally recommend this monitor....more info
  • Great Monitor
    This is an excellent monitor! I've had it for a little over 3 months and am very glad I bought it. So far my only complaint has been the speakers - but it's a monitor so I didn't expect them to be great. The touch panel is superb and I haven't experienced any problems as of yet. In my eyes there are really no cons. I have my PS3 connected via HDMI at 1080P and an xbox via VGA at 720P and it is just as good, if not better, then on my TV....more info
  • Excellent!!!!!
    This monitor is the best!!! if you are looking for a 1080P resolution!!!!
    I bought this monitor so i could play my PS3 on a 1080P resolution and is the best!!!
    For the price (Less than $200) you get an excellent quality, perfect monitor, best resolution (1080P), and a big plus because you get a HDMI and some other cables too; and the monitor also comes with internal speakers, even thought they are not so good (But what do you want!? this is a monitor NOT A TV, so the speakers are a plus too).
    I dont think you can find a 22" LCD Monitor Full HD for less than $200, like this monitor!
    BUY IT!!...more info