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Enter the Dragon
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  • 2 stars for the overrated film. 5 stars for the awesome Documentaries.
    This movie might have been amazing back when it was released, but by today's standards, the fight scenes are lacking.

    It has some interesting characters, and great sets, but the fight scenes are so bland. It is just a static camera, sitting there as off screen, faceless goons run at bruce and are taken down in boring, one hit moves. I prefer choreographed fight scenes that show off the actor's moves better. It seems that Bruce lee is more concerned in this movie with making himself like like a one hit killer than actually making impressive fight scenes. I felt it was just as snore inducing as The Chinese Connection, which also features boringly quick fight scenes with bruce killing people in one punch, then making faces and noises for five minutes. It just all seemed anticlimactic and too 70s. I would have been pissed about buying this if it werent for the special features.

    The second disc in this set was far more interesting than the movie itself. It features a lengthy documentary about Bruce Lee, VERY entertaining. It also features a doc about his next film game of death, and features the original Bruce Lee edit of the final fight scenes from Game of Death, where Bruce Lee did exactly what I thought would have made him shine: highly choreographed fight scenes. Even though it is only 40 minutes, it is Bruce's best work by far. If he hadnt died, he would have made much better movies than Enter the Dragon, and it would be looked on as one of Bruce's sophomoric efforts, instead of his masterpiece.

    People drape this movie in lavish reviews, but I just dont understand what they find so appealing still, besides Bruce Himself....more info
  • Only Certifiable Lunatics Could Possibly Think That "Enter the Dragon" Has Great Action Scenes
    If there's one thing I personally hate with every ounce of my body, it's a mediocre film that gets propped up on an undeserving pedestal for nostalgic reasons. Why? Because frequently the film's proponents will mask their nostalgia by magically transforming mediocrity into greatness with their rose-colored glasses. Meanwhile, these fanatics will demean other movies that are objectively better than their beloved film for no valid reason. Yes, I know that the enjoyability of a movie is subjective to each viewer, but the most superlative claims made by these fanatics venture dangerously into assertions of objective fact.

    Bruce Lee fans are a perfect example. While reading comments for "Enter the Dragon", I hear endless put downs for every martial arts movie that doesn't star Bruce Lee. Considering the fact that none of his movies ever succeeded to crack the ceiling of mediocrity, a non-nostalgic observer (absent of brainwashing) can only conclude that these are certifiable lunatics trying to convince themselves that "Enter the Dragon" is a great movie, either due to nostalgic reasons or coersive pressuring from media (and fanboys) to jump on a bandwagon with square wheels.

    As a fan of martial arts cinema, I can ignore a mediocre script, wooden acting, and an inept storyline if the film gives me what I want in terms of action. "Enter the Dragon" fails to provide what it so desperately attempts to accomplish: well-choreographed, entertaining fight scenes.

    Some Bruce Lee lunatics start their reviews by saying that the opening fight is a "brilliant sequence of moves." I can only respond to this as I would someone who says that the sun is black - shake my head in disbelief and slowly walk away in fear of being assaulted. When one watches this scene (as with most of Bruce's fights), there is a noticeable lack of two things: combinations and countermoves. Bruce will typically engage in a series of one-hit exchanges with his opponents while mixing in a few three-move combos. Meanwhile, his opponents act like sparring dummies to be owned as necessary. While this has the potential to work in a one-vs-many scene, it simply doesn't work in a one-on-one scene. If you think that the beginning fight in "Enter the Dragon" is "brilliant", then you need to watch the Wu Jing/Andy On exchange in "Fatal Contact" (2006) for an example of a truly scintillating martial arts fight with combinations and countermoves executed with great speed and precision. If you still think the Bruce Lee/Sammo Hung fight is better, please seek psychological counseling immediately.

    Afterward the viewer is treated to some lame fights with John Saxon, Jim Kelly, and a Chinese lady, none of which look convincing on screen. After some incredibly bloated and overly long shots of boats on water (as well as some partying) we finally get to see Bruce do something again. This time, he goes stealth and takes out a few guards using nothing more than a few incredibly basic punches and chops. Mediocrity at its finest.

    Later on, Bruce goes stealth again but must now deal with a few dozen baddies in what many lunatics claim to be a spectacular one-against-many scene. In all honesty, I thought it was good and entertaining, with a bit of welcomed variety in terms of weaponry and moves. However, at least 70% of the baddies were dispatched with a simple fist to the face, which undermines this scene from being anything more than "good." If you think this one-against-many fight was "spectacular", then you need to watch the Tony Jaa finale in "Tom Yum Goong" (2005), where he dispatches over 40 guys using over 30 different strikes, holds, and take-downs. The sheer variety of that scene easily overpowers anything Bruce Lee ever did. If you still think the Bruce Lee scene was better, please look under "Psychiatrist" in your Yellow Pages.

    We finally come to an overrated finale where Bruce takes out 90% of his opponents using the same exact kick and punch. Virtually no effort was put into the fight choreography, and it's obvious to anyone without a platinum membership to Rose Colored Glasses, Inc. It gets a little better when Bruce spars with the main villain, but the all-too-common shortcomings of Bruce Lee fights - the lack of combos and counterattacks - rears its ugly head even here. Sure, there are a few good exchanges, but for the most part it's incredibly bland (Bruce's slow-mo jump kick being a case in point) and the actor playing the villain is just too slow and unconvincing. Unlike Bruce's other films (e.g., "Way of the Dragon"), they had other credible stuntmen and martial artists in this movie. Why not choose a more athletic lead antagonist (Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, etc.) to provide for some sparks? As is, it's a decent but disappointing scene that's very drawn out with lots of unnecessary slow motion.

    Now, I'm familiar with the dangers of expressing an unpopular viewpoint in the realm of movies, and I am convinced that Bruce Lee fanatics have unknowingly established an organized religion of sorts that will stop at nothing to insult and demean anyone who doesn't like Bruce's movies - one may as well call it the "Cinematic Inquisition." Don't misunderstand me though. I have a great deal of respect for Bruce Lee as an intelligent person and an exceptional martial artist, but whether or not his movies are entertaining is a completely different issue altogether. The fact still remains that we have an incredible martial artist in middling action films....more info
  • The way it was meant to see
    I'm so glad this flick came out on Blu ray disc. The picture is better than ever and it's mixed in 5.1 surround. A masterpiece in it's own right, Bruce Lee delivers his most personal film. Loaded with bonus features(over 3.5 hours worth). This film deserves repeated viewings and the bonus material is actually worth watching. Well worth the price of admission!...more info
  • The extras alone make it a worth buying blu-ray
    I am probably not as big of a fan of Bruce Lee as other amazon reviewers. I do like Kung-Fu action films and I am more of a fan of Jacky Chan. I bought this blu-ray just to add to my collection because it has Bruce Lee, Jacky Chan, and Sammo Hung in the same movie!!

    I think the colors are remastered because they look vivid and great, especially in the bonus when they show clips of the old film you can really tell how you would not want to watch it if it were not.
    Due to it's old age, the film does still have some "dust" or "noise" in some of the scenes, but in very minimal scenes, and when it happens it's still pretty clean. Probably alot of people won't even notice this, I'm the type of person that won't even goto the theaters anymore because the constant dust and dirty film quality bothers me.

    What I really love are the bonuses, especially the interview with Bruce Lee himself, interview with his wife, documentary of Bruce's life history and the death of Bruce Lee and his son Brandon. Interviews with people that worked with Bruce also confirms all the great things about this Legend and some more.

    I have gained even more respect for Bruce Lee after watching the film plus the documentaries and interviews. I really want the release of Game of Death on blu-ray now because that seemed to be the film Bruce worked hardest on and cared most about. They need to include all the lost footages of Bruce in Game of Death and I hope this really happens.

    This is a great buy for even a person that is not a fan of Bruce, and after watching this you will definitely become a fan. FIVE STARS for this blu-ray even with a little noise in a couple scenes....more info
  • Bruce Lee at his best
    I have to say that this is the best looking version of Enter the Dragon available. Picture quality is great looking and is probably good as its going to get. Just don't expect this movie to look as crystal clear as the newer movies. Enter the Dragon is a 34 year old movie so don't demand High definition perfection. Sound quality is very nice with a noticeable improvement over the standard DVD. I am a big Bruce Lee fan and Enter the Dragon along with the many special features included in this Blu-ray DVD are a true treasure. There are interviews with Bruce, film footage from "Game of Death", and many other interesting features. Even though Enter the Dragon is a 34 year old movie its still better than the current action films of today. Had Bruce Lee lived I believe he would still be making great movies today. If you own a Blu-ray player or your a fan of Bruce Lee buy this movie today. May you rest in peace Bruce knowing that your family, friends, many devoted students, and fans miss you everyday.
    ...more info
  • Point your finger to the moon
    This is a mandatory, must have DVD for fans of Kung Fu flicks. You got everything here, exotic locations, cool characters, hot women, and a whole lot of Kung Fu Fighting.

    THe plot is simple enough and has been covered before. Bruce Lee is a Shalon monk who is recruited by police to investigate the island of Mr Han, who happens to be a renegade monk gone bad. He holds karate tournaments once every three years. The tournament is merely a cover for his real purposes. To find new talent to help him with his world wide drug and prostitution rings.

    I love this movie, but if I could make one change, or if I had the power to make an 'alternate ending' it would be this.......

    My personal favorite kung fu actor is Bolo Yeung, the 'Chinese Hercules'. He had a small role in this flick, but he was as scary as he always is. My idea would for him to have fought and killed Roper in his fight scene instead of getting bit on the leg and losing the fight. Then Bruce Lee would have to fight Bolo. Now THAT would have been exciting. Of course Bruce would have to kill Bolo. Then when Mr. Han sees that he loses his number one boy, then he could send all the karate guys to fight him. Of course as Bruce begins fighting them, that's when all the guys in the prisons are released and everybody gets in on the fun.

    Hi-Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Wow!!!
    I bought this already loving the movie, but hating the "grainy" poor quality that comes with being a 60-70's film ,etc. The film looks Awesome in Blu-ray!! If makes the film that much more enjoyable. ...more info
  • Spectacular: Bruce at his best!
    Watch Video Here: ...more info
  • The Dragon Soars
    "Enter the Dragon" is a pure gold Bruce Lee classic. The movie opens with Bruce Lee pitted against a chubby opponent at the famous Shaolin Temple (guess who wins) Bruce soon expounds on Buddhist/Taoist philosophy with his teacher and a young boy. He talks about "fighting without fighting." But we're not here for the philosophy,are we?

    Soon,Bruce learns that bodies of young women are washing up on the beach,and about the evil crime lord,Han. He's recruited to take down Han with the help of an African-American man with a period Afro,and John Saxon himself. They go to Han's fantasy island for the great tournament. A beautiful British blonde tempts the three young men with a harem of beautiful lasses--only Bruce refuses (he was happily married at the time) So,Bruce is no James Bond. Still, Bruce does some investigating and finds out the real evil underground.

    "Enter the Dragon" has a threadbare plot--Bruce battling Han. There's plenty of kung fu fighting. There's Han with his detachable hands. As a martial arts movie, it's excellent. It's good cheesy fun. It's one of Bruce Lee's classics. Take a cinematic slow boat to China... and enjoy!...more info
  • Amazing Movie
    This was an Amazing movie even if u, like todays actions it is still a good movie. Bruce Lee is the master of Martial Arts and it shows in this movie. I am a big chuck Norris and Tony Jaa fan but I will have to say Bruce is the man....more info
  • Bruce Lee's LEGACY and GREATEST film!
    "Enter the Dragon" is Bruce Lee's gift to us all. It's the GREATEST martial arts film ever made. As everybody already knows, Bruce Lee was the GREATEST martial artist this world has ever seen and he is one of the TRUE legends in popular culture.

    I've been a Bruce Lee fan since the late 70's and I used to read "Fighting Stars" magazine (does anyone remember this one?) and Bruce Lee was in EVERY ISSUE! I also visited his grave on the 10th anniversary of his death back in 1983.

    All of us there were joking that he would return on that day because we had all seen the HORRIBLE movie "Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth" where it was shown that he would supposedly fake his death and return 10 years later. Oh, what FUNNY memories!

    My favorite scene in "Enter the Dragon" is probably everyone else's. Where he fights Han in the hall of mirrors. I like the the two new scenes they've restored to the film. "Destroy the image, and you will break the enemy".

    One of the reasons "Enter the Dragon" is special to me is because it's the FIRST movie I ever bought in December of 1983!

    "My style? You can call it the art of fighting without fighting."

    ...more info
  • Clasico
    Muy buena idea, traer un clasico a la nueva generacion. Se ve muy bien y el sonido es muy bueno. Tiene muchos extras...more info
  • Enter the Lame Dragon
    Enter the Dragon is considered by many to be the greatest martial arts film ever. That's not true. ETD isn't even Bruce Lee's greatest film (Fist of Fury, AKA "The Chinese Connection" is.) There were and are a hundreds of martial arts films way better than this movie. Check out any of the old classic Shaw Brothers movies. Or check out Jackie Chan's filmography and rent some of his movies. But, here's Hollywood again trying to glamourize and sugar-coat the Asian chop-socky market. The plot to this movie is so typical, but alot of martial art films have basic plots, but this movie was just boring. The only thing that brought excitement to this movie was Bruce Lee. Bruce's charisma and film persona leaped through the movie screen. He could make a home movie and make it a classic (Oh! He did do that!) Bruce seemed disinterested in the scenes where he wasn't fighting. Although the film has a good cast of actors, the script was so horrible that they couldn't save this film. The only reason this movie is a cult classic is because Bruce's fight choregraphy in this film was probably his best. But, even some the fight sequences were a total letdown. Come on, who wanted to see John Saxon take on Bolo at the end of the movie?! Everyone wanted to see Bruce mix-it-up with the "Chinese Hercules"! But, that's Hollywood....more info
  • Great film is so old now its scary
    God, this fine martial arts film was made all the way back in 1973--the american civil rights movement had just ended and everything was big hair and polyester clothes the world over! That's the world this movie is set in (had it just been made a few years later--like 3-- it would be so much less datable). Perhaps Lee's death was itself the true end of an era (at least in Asia)! The film is a fine action packed spy thriller with Lee reruited by the government to go after the very bad man named Han--a man who happens to also be responsible for Lee's sister's death--how's that for coincidences? John Saxon is a great supporting cast member playing Roper, a man who crosses Han's path on his own time!...more info
  • "Enter The Dragon"-Blu-Ray Edition
    The image and sound quality was, and is, by far, superior to any previous version on video,broadcast,cable,satellite.Extras and bonus features include documentaries,trailers,T.V.spots,and more.This is Martial Arts Legend/Icon Bruce Lee's final,last,completed,major film,and his best.It's the film by which all other martial arts films are measured.This version of the movie[102 minutes],includes 2 scenes missing from the previous 99 minute home video release version.I only wish for,and dream,that it could be the original,never released,2 hours,or longer,version seen only by Warner Brothers Studios executives.If you love martial arts action adventure,I highly recommend this film classic!...more info
  • Awesome action flick, Great HD Treatment
    Bruce Lee would have been proud of this HD treatment. Buy it and enjoy the single greatist martial artist in history....more info
  • Average Conversion
    Enter the Dragon is one of the classic Bruce Lee films. Having been filmed way before high definition was invented clearly comes out in the lack of sharpness and vividness of the colors. Newer movies filmed in HD come out much better such as Planet Earth from BBC. Overall average in terms of HD. Movie itself I would rate a 5....more info
  • Legendary extradonaire
    Bruce lee's creative and outstanding performance is highlighted in this extraordinary movie. This is his finest quality performance exhibiting his Legendary skills which were ahead of his time and even to this day still inspiring and engaging. The beginning of the film where he spars Sammo Hung is an awesome setting for what is to come in the movie. What sets Bruce a part from all of the rest is his character energy and his extraordinary power and speed from such a small framed man. Now that Enter the Dragon is in Blueray, it is sheer pleasure and excitement as on the big screen! What a legendary Martial Artist, actor and human being!!!...more info
  • Enter The Dragon
    Movie was excellent and here in a fast and timely manner. I would order again if given the chance....more info
  • Too Good - A Must Have Classic
    I used to hate kung fu movies as a kid, but years later after having never seen this film, I must say I was thoroughly entertained! The story really drives this film (in it's originality) and the actors are all truly amazing; great heroes, great villains and a deadly tournament!

    The extras on this disc are numerous and make for quite a tribute to Mr. Lee, and the Lee legacy. The transfer is astonishing for its age (I love how grand it feels as the airplane flies overhead in the opening - as only HD can present) the soundtrack is very nice...a little action, a little orient and a little funk!

    Mr. Hans hands are a bit cheesy and unmenacing, but I imagine that if they were aware of what a masterpiece they were creating they surely would have put forth a little more effort in some of these minor details, but in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter.

    "Enter the Dragon" on HD DVD is an excellent way to take a look at the past when you're feeling nostalgic with all of its outdoor imagery from a variety of locations - this film has some wonderful shots. It's also a nice way to just have a good time when you're in the mood for a classic action movie!

    I love this film and have viewed it multiple times. I can't say enough good things about it, and it truly is a shame that Mr. Lee didn't live long enough to add a few more of these gems to Hollywood history - he really was an amazing talent.

    I highly recommend this film....more info
  • Bruce Lee at his best.
    Wow! That was my initial reaction when I first saw this film on full hd.

    Movie looked great with good action sequences, believable storyline, villains and good sound, visuals.

    Overall, I was very impressed with the quality and documentaries were very nice touch. I was glued to the TV for 5 hours straight. ...more info
  • A Super hit by the legend
    Even after watching this movie over 30 years after it hit the movie theater, it's still a great hit. Every sequence is worth watching over and over again. Bruce we miss you....more info