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First Daughter
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  • Nice...
    This is a cute and safe movie for any age. No language, no nudity and Katie Holmes is very likeable. Michael Keaton comes across like you'd want him for a dad. All the characters are credible and believable. I've watched it several times. I love the ballroom dancing scenes. You like to think guys can still dance like that. The bonus features are fun too. This is very G/PG feeling so if that's what you are looking for, this is it....more info
  • Apparent bit of fluff has stronger, pertinent statements
    FIRST DAUGHTER has Forest Whitaker at the helm and with this gifted man's reputation he manages to salvage what could have been a bit of superficial fluff into a quiet statement about the private lives of public persons.

    The theme is straight forward enough: President of USA (Michael Keaton) is running for second term at the time his only perfect daughter Samantha (Katie Holmes) is off to college. Her father and mother (Margaret Colin) accompany her to her California college with all the fanfare and security guards one might expect. Sam wants to be 'just a normal person' and talks her assigned roommate Mia (Amerie Rogers) into sticking with her. Despite the restrictions of 'life in a glass house', Sam finds joys and trials in trying to be a private person drowned in a public persona. She falls for James her Residence Advisor (Marc Blucas) and that starts the errors in judgment that result in her being recalled to the White House until her father's election is over. How Sam resolves her identity against the overwhelming odds and seeks her own existence is the punch of the closing of the film.

    In less than capable hands than those of Whitaker and his fine cast this film would have been extraneous bubble gum. It just shows that good folks can give a weak plot a bit of pizzazz and manage to make some important social commentary despite a weak script. Grady Harp, February 2005...more info
  • A Favorite
    This movie was fantastic. It was clean, yet entertaining and endearing. I loved being able to watch it with my little sisters after buying the DVD. The twist in the plot totally surprised me, and yet pleased me. Blucas does an amazing job in this film. A breath of fresh air compared to Chasing Liberty. ...more info
    Awesome movie and I would recommend it highly especially for family.
    I felt Katie Holmes and Marc Blucas did a great job acting....more info
  • Wait for Directors Cut - This version is a big let down.
    I recently saw this film at the Cinema (we're a bit behind in Australia) and immediately checked out Amazon to see if I could get the DVD from the US. I thought it was such a nice film and the chemistry between Katie and Mark is just awesome. Some parts were really funny and overall it was really entertaining.

    I was very disappointed once the dvd arrived as half of the really funny scenes have been taken out of the dvd. I can only assume that a different version aired in theatres in Australia. I'd wait to get the Directors cut or purchase it overseas as this DVD version is no where near as good as the version I saw at the cinema.

    Total let down....more info
  • Good for you Forest Whitaker!
    It was TOTALLY refreshing to watch a film with no violence or profanity. Unlike the newer movies out, it was nice to actually watch a movie that I'd be afraid of my two year old granddaughter might observe.
    Sad that this new generation hasn't the concept of a good movie or that matter, good music. No, if there isn't blood, guts, sex, violence or profanity, no interest is at all desired.
    What frustrates me the most is that the "adults," who are suppose to be mature, steer in their direction and reaps the benefits. I'll call it blood money.
    Then they have the audacity to be appalled when all the school shootings happen and/or other tragedies occur. It doesn't help that young people are encouraged to do so because of a movie.
    Yes, I blame the movies and this thing they call music! Not to mention, where ARE the parents? Schools, the stereo/CD players and the televisions are NOT baby-sitters nor are good matters and good morals embedded. Schools are not the same.
    I salute Forest on another job well done.
    A very INVOLVED mother and grandmother!!!
    ...more info
  • Well, I Need More Romance, Not Katie's Dancing and Sliding
    I give only two stars to this Fox's romantic comedy "First Daughter" not because of its unlucky resemblance with Mandy Moore's "Chasing Liberty" or the acting of Katie Holmes, which is not bad at all. She is sweet and cute even though the film completely misses its target audiences by including her embarrassing `table dancing' sequences.

    No, I am disappointed by something else. "First Daughter" is pleasant, maybe too pleasant for me. I was thinking that the film is about the romantic life of Katie Holmes' character Samantha, only daughter of US President Mackenzie (Michael Keaton) running for the second term (reminding us of the real-life counterpart George W. Bush and his twin daughters). What happens if Samantha goes to college and falls in love with another student?

    Though some hints are given, the film wisely removes direct mention to the politics in real life. You don't know much about the president himself or his policies and party (except that he is very likable), but that kind of decision is understandable because the film is meant to be a romantic comedy that can be enjoyed by everyone.

    Still "First Daughter" does not have much romance in it. When the film should be romantic with Samantha's romance with the resident adviser Marc Blucas, it fails to be so, its romance interrupted by the unnecessary plot twist and the film's attitude after that point, which takes itself too seriously. The silly antics like water slide episode and Katie in blue bikini do not help, and neither does the subplot about Samantha's friendship with her roommate (played by Amerie).

    The film is directed by Forest Whitaker who won Oscar for his terrific acting in "The Last King of Scotland." I don't know what attracted him to this film, but I know his orthodox approach does not work here, ending up with rather tepid storytelling and bland characters. We need wit, satire, or at least biting kind of humor, and wilder romance and more imagination and fantasy. Katie Holmes is charming, but her getting drunk and doing table dance does not exactly make her so more....more info
  • it sucked
    the cast was weak. and so was the acting. the plot was unoringal. it was hard to make you want to love the characters....more info
  • Very worth watching

    The plot itself - about the First daughter who went to College in Carlifornia, far away from the White House, in order to be normal and meet friends may be clich¨¦. Yet the movie on the whole can still hand out nice surprises every now and then. Katie Holmes has a unique face and looks intelligent enough to want to be independent as well as not to disappoint the First family. More importantly, Marc Blucas (her love interest) is not like the stereotyped Prince Charming for a teenager. At least he also looks sophisticated and mature and gives a strong case why the first daughter would fall for him. The two make an attractive couple and are on the same wavelength when they share the views on science etc.

    The twist in the movie, at least I didn't see it coming, is good. Considering how many such plots have appeared on screen, I must say this one at least is not as predictable and does give me some credibility as a story about real people. The President and First Lady are not given a significant part here. The young couple already is a good reason to watch the movie. The love songs that accompanied the ball room dances are pleasant and well-chosen. The First Daughter stands out in his genre with its creativity and credible performance by the leading couple.

    I also hope that Marc Blucas has great roles in future movies for his refreshing looks and performance....more info
  • Lamers!
    I had to turn it off once Keaton began dancing with his daughter after they sneaked passed the secret service to get a piece of cake in the kitchen. Only about 5 minutes into the movie.

    If this lame scene was written into the script, I could only imagine how much more of that kind of garbage Whitaker included in the rest of the movie.

    I basically saw the entire movie at that point and decided to turn it off....more info
  • I Wonder if that Stud is a Special Agent
    In what has to be one of the biggest ruses in the history of Hollywood last year somebody sold the exact same script to two directors and had their movie made twice. How else do we describe the eerily similar "First Daughter" and "Chasing Liberty." Let's be honest, if these movies had come out 5 years apart people still would have raised eyebrows at the similarities. That said this movie was quite bad and I just don't know who would be interested in this film. If anything it says that we like our movies just as we like our politicians: light and fluffy. There is no edge here at all. Good luck figuring out which party this president is supposed to represent (I'm guessing Republican, but it is highly debatable). Plus this film's idea of rebellion down a hill? Dancing on a table? Drinking alcohol? Wow...hardcore. I also find it a bit disingenuous when these princess movies make money off telling kids that really it's best to be "normal" and that being privileged is overrated, and then following it up with a scene of unrestrained greed. The reason they do that is that in reality all kids want to be rich far more than they want to be normal and the filmmakers know this. I also have to somewhat dump on Katie Holmes performance here. For somebody who seems to have potential choosing this cream puff role did nothing to impress me. Even when she was supposed to be angry in this film she came off as timid. My question to you is this: Can Katie Holmes play any role other than Joey from "Dawson's Creek?" Can she play angry, mean, crazy. . .or is sweet all she does? In this case she was severely upstaged by Amerie who played her roommate. I also did not like the way that the film seemed to have no new idea's in its head. For example, how clich¨¦d to have it so that Holmes' character doesn't like "Hail to the Chief." For most of the film I didn't have the energy to build up a strong dislike it, but then it kept going and going, with happy ending piled on top of happy ending. By the time they got done piling happiness on me I was quite angry to say the least. **1/4 ...more info
    Reminiscent of Roman Holiday with Dawson's Creek star Katie Holmes playing the "princess" sneaking out of the palace for a bit of fun. Okay, she's the US President's daughter leaving the White House and isn't going incognito like Audrey Hepburn - but under the full glare of the media spotlight. This has obviously been inspired by Chelsea Clinton's much-publicised time at college, with burly big secret service agents always on tow to protect the Prez's little girl which becomes a predictable running gag throughout the movie.
    What starts out as a teen movie with a lippy black girlie sidekick sharing a dorm room with daddy's girl and plenty of Frat jokes and pumping soundtrack soon settles down in to a charming Princess Diaries type family film that will appeal to everyone who likes fun romantic comedies. A neat plot twist (which I won't give away) puts a clever spin on the love story and heightens the tension of this charming film.
    Katie Holmes, as always, is a delight to watch. Director Forest Whitaker does a great job and watch out for his brief cameo appearance as a presidential aide on board Air Force One (he also narrates the story). Michael Keaton seems a bit cold and distant at first as the Prez but soon loses his stuffiness and you warm to him by the end of the movie.
    Some great extras with deleted scenes and two features - Katie Holmes and love interest Marc Blucas being put through their paces as they learn ballroom dancing, and a tribute to composer Michael Kamen who died during the production but left a haunting fairytale theme tune that makes the film sparkle with gold dust.

    ...more info
  • Alright movie, its cute, but...
    As I first saw previews for FIRST DAUGHTER, I thought it looked like a really cute movie. I never saw it in theatres, but I rented it today, and I can't say I was too impressed by it.

    FIRST DAUGHTER is about the president's daughter (played by Katie Holmes, who I find really likeable). She feels like she's being treated like a little kid, even though she's heading off to college, and she just wants some more freedom. Of course, she gets watched over all the time, and when she gets to college it isn't any different. Along the way, she makes friends with Mia, her roommate that's always looking for a good time, and James, her RA. Just as Samantha starts to fall for James, she finds out that he has a huge secret.

    I enjoyed FIRST DAUGHTER, but the storyline was really predictable and somewhat forgettable. It seemed like it was trying too hard to be the next Princess Diaries, and if that's your kind of movie, I'd recommend getting FIRST DAUGHTER.

    Overall grade - C...more info
  • We like it!
    This is actually a replacement copy. We had bought a used copy years ago and watched it and watched it, but lo, it got scratched at the end and my daughter and her friends could never finish it. We were happy when we found out that we could still get it. ...more info
  • Ooooh la la what a classy cute movie!
    Marc Blucas is amazing. His performance was right on as the love interest. Blucas is nothing short of a male fantasy of perfection. I could watch the movie over and over just to hear his voice or see him give Katie his sweatshirt. I look forward to the next Blucas movie. I cannot think of another leading man I'd rather watch....more info
  • Soundtrack
    I really liked a couple of the songs on this movie. One of them make a wish, the song they play during the end credits. Does anyone know if a soundtrack is coming out for this or where I can get that song ?...more info
  • fantastic
    this was a fantastic movie too watch. and i could see that katie holmes really rocks from this movie....more info
  • nice movie
    this movie directed by forest whitaker is great. and katie holmes does a great job....more info
  • Very beautiful and well-acted out
    Katie Holmes did it! She was perfect for the role of first daughter. She had the elegant and the fun character all in her. I really love this movie and it is very beautiful.

    Does anyone know where I can find the soundtrack for this movie? It had many great songs, but I can't find the soundtrack even on info
  • *Good Movie For Everyone!*
    A nice movie that the whole family can enjoy.Katie Holmes was great in the movie.It really is a movie for all to watch....more info
  • This is a very good movie
    Katie holmes plays Sam who is this girl who is struggling to try to be normal,the only problem is her dad is the president. She goes to college thinking she is going to have a normal life when people follow her and there is always agents there. She goes to get together just to find her herself in the newspaper the next day. Then the next time she goes to a party some people to get her attention, and one of them brings out a squirtgun and she is pulled out of the party and taken to her dads office in her bathing suit. Thats when she says some thangs to her dad and her dad backs off on security guards or so she thought. James the guy she falls in love with is a security guard and she finds that out when some things go wrong. Can there be any hope for her and James to be together or for her life to be normal? Watch the movie and find out. I can guarantee you wont be dissapointed. ...more info
  • First Daughter experiences life for the First Time
    This was your run of the mill coming-of-age story where little girl grows up and finds out what it means to be her, and who she is. Except this little girl is the first daughter and is experiencing everything for the first time from falling in love to playing the arcade games at the carnival, to living with a college room mate. Everything isn't as it seems for Sam (Katie Holmes) and with her new found freedom comes a couple mokey wrenches along the way. Marc Blucas as James, Sam's love interest was right on, and Mia's character was good as well even if a little over the top when it regards reality. Overall, a good movie for romantics, and all young girls! Fantastic soundtrack as well, and great dancing scenes too!...more info
  • The President' Daughter Spends Her First Time Away from Home
    What is life like for the daughter of the U.S. president when it comes time to cut the apron strings and move to another state to attend college? This is the main idea behind "First Daughter", a film about a girl who has spent most of her life in the spotlight and longs to be treated like an ordinary person.

    This movie follows a typical movie formula. We have all seen plenty of films involving young adults moving away to go to college and this movie isn't much different. It follows this young girl as she moves far away from her parent's residence at the White House; gets followed around by security personnel; meets a guy and falls for him; and struggles with the media to protect her privacy and reputation.

    What makes this movie fail in the end is its lack of any real story and the lack of any feeling for the characters. Michael Keaton's portrayal as the U.S. president isn't that good, and you really get annoyed by his indifference toward his daughter. Actress Margaret Colin seems out of place as well. She plays Keaton's wife, and she has very little to say in this movie.

    If there is anything redeeming about this film, it would have to be Katie Holmes in the lead role. Katie is a pretty woman, but in a cute and innocent way. This makes her character that much more compelling. She seems so helpless and so sweet, you can't help but root for her to triumph over the media and its annoying and unethical treatment of her. And you hope she can work things out with her parents and live the life she wants to live without interference.

    Overall, this isn't a very good movie. It isn't terrible, but it is mostly predictable and the performances (with the exception of Katie Holmes) are not very memorable. It's the type of film that will be enjoyed most by people who can relate to it; i.e, teenagers and college students who can empathize with the young woman's problems and concerns.
    ...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
    This movie is great! I love Katie Holmes' character. It is about a girl (Katie) who's dad is the president, and she has to adapt to being the "president's daughter" (First Daughter). She is going off to college, and wants to fit in. She does some crazy stunts, and her dad drops in the polls. She then has to decide between her crazy new lifestyle, or her father. A GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Katie Holmes is a really great actress! Everybody should own this movie!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Holmes takes Moore down in this cutie-pie movie...
    Now, don't get me wrong, I think Mandy Moore is a doll. But I fell asleep watching her Chasing Liberty movie and didn't bother watching the rest of the movie before sending it back to the rental store. It's a boring stinker that is making Roman Holiday roll in it's grave.

    But this little nutrition-less-but-nevertheless-sweet confection? I stayed up past 1:20 AM to finish it. I don't care what anyone says and I'm like, 33-it's a darling movie.

    I've never been a Holmes' fan, but she is just so likeable and pretty in this-very natural and I thought appropriate in terms of playing someone just get getting her bearings. She gets to wear some sweet duds in this movie ala formal dresses.

    The little father-daughter connection between her and Michael Keaton was also sweet-I wanted to call my dad and tell him I loved him after watching it. What was up with the Mom though? She seemed kinda off and she gave a look to Katie's love interest at the ball that was a little drunk and pervy I think.

    I also thought the chemistry between her and the James guy was great-they would make really cute kids. Tell them to hook it up and grace the world with some uber pretty children. And the best part is the chemistry is like, PG rated, so you don't have the cover the kids' eyes at all-all you get is a couple kisses and a pretty mild shimi-shimi dance from Katie in hot pants during her not-so "wild"acting out moment.

    All in all, a very sweet movie with a really asthetically pleasing cast(think of walking clearasil and noxema and whitestrip advertisments all melded into one-or uh, like several-body/bodies)- and don't miss seeing Amerie as Katie's roomie-she's a really great singer-in her movie debut. She's a natural and not just your typical singer wannabe crossover actress who can't act!

    ...more info
  • Not as good as Chasing Liberty
    In 2004 there were two movies that dealt with the life of the first daughter: "Chasing Liberty" with Mandy Moore and this one with Katie Holmes. Guess which premiered in theaters first? "Chasing Liberty". Guess why - because it was better, and rather than release "First Daughter" at the same time, the studio delayed it so that it would have a better chance at the box office. The only problem is, by the time this film came out, it looked like a copy cat of "Chasing Liberty". I did not go see it in theaters because it looked like a second-rate version of Mandy Moore's movie. For a cheap rental fee, I was willing to check it out, and was not impressed.

    Want a cute, smart film about the president's teen daughter who yearns to be normal and have fun? My recommendation is "Chasing Liberty"...more info
  • An incredible fairy tale story
    Kate Holmes and Marc Blucas are amazing in this movie. They really look as if they are in love. Not many actors and actresses can pull off that kind of chemistry on set. A job well done by the director.
    And there is Michael Keaton who did a great job as the President and the father-daughter relationship with Kate Holmes was very convincing. I can't help watching the movie again and again. It's sooo good. This must be the best fairy tale story I've ever seen. ...more info
  • Cute and Awesome Movie
    I loved this movie!! All the stars were perfect, and I think it gives a lot of attention to how hard all the first daughters really have it. And, the commentary was amazing. I would totally recommend this movie to all my friends. I think they should make a sequal when Samantha comes back in the Spring....more info
  • Great Movie...Poor DVD
    When this movie came out at the Cinemas, I loved it! So much so, that I couldn't wait to own it on DVD. When my copy arrived in the mail, the first thing I did was to sit down and watch. Unfortunately, I noticed scenes missing/cut that I saw at the Cinema (in Australia)! Maybe this is because the US released version couldn't show the entire movie due to "political" issues, however, they were great scenes that really added to the emotional side of the film. If you get a chance, try and see the original version of the's worth it! ...more info
  • The story was quite interesting.
    The story was quite interesting. There were a few twists in the story. The story is that the "first daughter" goes to college at an unnamed school on the west coast (it's filmed on the beautiful UCLA Westwood campus). The first daughter wants nothing more than to have a typical, normal life. That is not exactly obtainable, however: the Secret Service agents make having a reasonable life, difficult, if not impossible. As a result, the first daughter takes affirmative steps to normalize her life, unaware that she is still within the protective cover of the secret service. The twist is that she falls in love with a secret service -- although she is unaware of it at the time. That's one of the best parts in the movie. Overall, Katie Holmes is not the best actress, and it is plausible that someone else could have played her part better.

    --Michael...more info
  • This movie was awful.
    Okay, I was actually at the video store looking for a copy of Drive Me Crazy and I found one for 26 dollars. Then I found it in a double pack with First Daughter for only 15 dollars.

    I got the double pack because it was cheaper and decided to have a look at First Daughter.

    I had to turn off the movie after 15 minutes. Katie Holmes's character had the personality of cardboard. She seems to spend her time walking around with a fake smile plastered on her face pretending to have fun.

    These movies are always the same - rich girl wants a real life, she rebels and falls in love with some handsome guy who looks like a model, he teachs her about real life, they fall in love, they either have a fight or betray each other, then get back together at the end.

    Katie Holmes bored me and so did the guy she fell in love with. I could see what was going to happen next. The whole movie was so sickly sweet I literally wanted to throw up.

    I think I'll stick to Drive Me Crazy and just forget that I own this movie.

    ...more info