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Get Smart
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  • A wonderful remake
    This is a wonderful movie remake of the series Get Smart.

    I didn't know the Rock was in it, and he plays a great comic role. As is usual Dwayne, The Rock, brings great comedy and action to his role.

    Steve Carel and Anne Hathaway play great roles and I must say that Agent 86 is surprisingly more competent than I remember.

    Basically, Agent 86 passes his agent exam...he wants to move out of being an analyst but the Chief doesn't want to make him an agent because he values Max's detailed analysis.

    The Chief changes his mind when Control is compromised and the names of all of Control's agents are stolen by Chaos. Only 99's identity is not compromised and the Chief promotes Max to Agent 86 so that they can stop Chaos from blowing up the President.

    The fun starts from there. I must also say that this movie pays homage to pretty much every spy movie out there from I Spy, to Bond, to the Charlie's Angels, True Lies, Spies Like Us, etc.

    I was expecting to get comedy like Airplane or The Naked Gun and I was pleasantly surprised that this had much broader appeal and wasn't as silly. It has great comedic and entertainment value.

    If you like Get Smart, Carel, The Rock or spy flicks -- you can't go wrong with this....more info
  • Cute, but totally NOT "Get Smart"
    I LOVED the old Don Adams / Barbara Feldon TV show, grew up watching reruns of it all the time; and I've enjoyed Anne Hathaway in various roles, so I figured I would enjoy this movie, too.

    WELL, expecting this to ANYTHING like the old "real" Get Smart is right out. There were a few attempted gags that tried to make it similar, but they were so terribly FORCED and so poorly executed that they failed miserably. I later read that Steve Carell actively avoided seeing the REAL Get Smart, because he didn't want to, I dunno, try to force himself to be like Don Adams? How stupid could he be? Carell should be strapped to a chair and made to watch Don Adams over and over and over until gets down and prays for Don Adams to forgive him for butchering the Maxwell Smart character like this!

    Steve Carell can be a funny guy, but he was BAD BAD BAD beyond bad AWFUL ROTTEN in this. The little Asian guy (Masi Oka) from Heroes acts circles around Carell in this. Patrick Warburton is usually a one-man cancellation crew (i.e. if he's in a show, he's so bad that the whole show gets cancelled), but compared to Steve Carell as Max, Warburton seems like an Academy Award winner.

    Anne Hathaway does pretty okay in a very poorly written role for Agent 99. She doesn't shine like she did in the Princess Diaries, but she didn't have much to work with here, and Carell only sucked it all the harder.

    Unbelievably, Dwayne The Rock Johnson CARRIES this movie. I know, right? Who would ever think Rock would roll like this? Okay, he gets some help from Alan Arkin and Masi Oka, and even a little from Anne Hathaway, but The Rock is The Man in Get Smart. If he's not in there, this doesn't even get one star.

    To sum it up: it's cute, but it's not "Get Smart". Steve Carell is awful, and nearly pulls the rest of the cast down with him. Anne Hathaway is hot, and can shine with good writers, but her acting was just okay here. But The Rock really can act a little bit!...more info
  • Ann Hathaway as a dramatic actress, Dwayne Johnson as a comedy actor... who's Steve Carell?
    "Get Smart" rides again! An enjoyable revamp of a older TV series.

    The premise was not particularly novel, but was generally well executed. There were a few genuine laugh out loud moments and many chuckles, but the acting intrigued me, generally impressed me, and in one case disappointed me.

    Ann Hathaway was brilliant. For a young woman who started her career as an average girl thrust into the limelight in "Princess Diaries", to come so far is extremely impressive. I was struck by how well she played the role of a woman ten or more years older than she is, and the poise that she brought to the role. She is clearly a rising dramatic actress to watch.

    Dwayne Johnson's gifts for physical and spoken comedy were also a pleasant surprise.

    But this Steve Carell guy? Why bother.

    Despite Carell's lackluster performance, I liked this one.

    E. M. Van Court...more info
  • Corny and Entertaining Action/Comedy
    There is no doubt that the cast in Get Smart is enjoyable to watch on screen. Whether you enjoy Steve Carrell Anne Hathaway or the Rock all of them put in a decently good performance that entertains you. Is the movie great? No not by a long shot. The movie rolls at a decent pace and you are able to watch Steve Carrell get himself into crazy situation only to be bailed out every time.

    To be honest I didn't expect much and I doubt many people will. That is why Get Smart is a perfect three star movie. It is good enough to entertain you for an evening but nothing more than that. ...more info
  • Great movie, great gift
    We loved this movie when it came out. We decided to give it to my husband's parents for Christmas. We all watched it together as a family and we still enjoyed it. We are Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway fans. ...more info
  • Finally hollywood did something right!
    Only fans of the show could really laugh at this movie! If you've seen this movie because the previews looked funny that's ok too. The only mistake that was made was putting Dwayne Johnson in this movie. What good did that do, he was there strictly for eye candy nothing more. Don't let this review discourage you from watching this movie. This movie is better than any of that schlock hollywood is putting out nowadays. Thumbs up everytime!...more info
  • Get Smart
    If you liked the original TV series, then you will like this also. The movie stays true to the slapstick comedy of the TV series, even if you know what is coming, it is funny....more info
  • Very Cute, but Not Kiddy
    When I rented this movie, I thought it was going to be a bit childish, but really it was just an all-around movie. It was hilarious and Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway are so cute together. They really play off of each other. ...more info
  • Rent it
    So this movie is not bad. It is Not one of those movies where all the funny parts are in the previews (i truly hate those movies). However this is no Tommy Boy either. This movie will keep you entertained if you have never seen it before and it is quite comical. However watching it more than once really is not worth it so don't waste the money and buy it, just rent it. ...more info
  • Get Smart-Steve Carell was perfect
    Get Smart was an excellent five star comedy starring Steve Carell who was absolutely perfect for the role. I did not expect much from this film and saw it only because I enjoy Steve Carell's work in The Office. This film was more funny than the original series and I couldn't stop laughing.

    ...more info
  • great movie
    thought this movie would have some funny parts, but be overall just o.k., but was very surprised, it was a solid movie. steve carrell is as funny as ever, and the rock is great....more info
  • Great
    I liked it, my wife liked it and my 15 year old daughter liked it. I grew up watching the original TV series, and this is not a repeat of that, so don't expect it. What it is, is an updated version of what might have happened if we never had the TV show. Acting is great and it is very funny....more info
  • Great movie for all!
    Watched it with my husband and in-laws and had to buy it for myself to share with my own parents. Everyone loved it!...more info
  • Middle Of The Road
    I was a child of the sixties and always enjoyed "Get Smart". This move is a lukewarm attempt at capturing the cleverness of the original.

    It's worth the price of a rental. ...more info
  • Very entertaining and visually beautiful (Moscow)
    Thought this was a great, entertaining movie. There's something so vulnerable about Steve Carrell.. and he doesn't disappoint! And Anne Hathaway is a dream as Agent 99.. Worth a watch!...more info
  • Too Funny
    If you liked the TV series, then you should love the movie. It's done in the same vein as the movie and it doesn't detract from it. Steve Carell is a very good Maxwell Smart. He's funny, without being too stupid. Anne Hathaway plays his partner very well.

    The stunts and things in this movie were pretty well done. Just funny enough without going into the absurd.

    The ending was pretty good I'll have to admit. It was not something that I was looking for at all and I felt provided a satisfactory conclusion.

    Overall it's a nice escape for a few hours....more info
  • So funny
    This is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a very long time. Reminds me of "Rat Race", just a laugh a minute....more info