Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
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  • Awesome Popcorn Entertainment
    A great continuation to The Terminator franchise. I was wonderfully surprised at how skillfully this film was made without James (Titanic and The Abyss) Cameron at the helm of it all. Jonathan Mostow who gave us the fabulously instense U-571 directs this film with great flare, deftness, and respect for the franchise. The script is also respectful of its predecessors and doesn't contradict them a la "The Grudge 2."

    The acting is all first-rate for this kind of film and Kristanna Loken is a real find as the "Terminatrix." The effects, sound, editing, and action sequences are top-notch and should be at $172 million. BTW: It may have cost a bundle to make, but it earned nearly 1/2 billion at the box-office. When you consider that this is the third trip to the well, that's not bad at all.

    This is definitely Schwarzenegger's swansong as the terminator as he began his political career shortly after this film's release; nevertheless, he continues to fit the part perfectly and even brings a certain amount of depth to the role this time around as he had done in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. He is actually a better actor than he is often given credit for being. He certainly doesn't look his 55 years in this film and his stature continues to intimidate. He will be greatly missed in this role and on the silver screen as he now focuses on his political career. What a life he has lead: world-class body builder, world-wide box-office smash actor, and now respected politician. There is definitely great intelligence and strong-willed spirit with the brawn.

    While this is just popcorn fun, there is depth to this latest entry into the franchise as we and the characters discover that Judgment Day wasn't stopped, just postponed. The story is exciting and suspenseful, but meaningful and touching too. The ending sequence is actually moving and haunting.

    Rumor has it that Terminator 4 is being made where we finally live in the "future" time that we only saw in snipets in the prior films. If it is made by the same folks who did T3, I will definitely wait in line for tickets. I miss James Cameron's specific vision, but the folks behind T3 have a solid vision of their own and it's respectful to Cameron's at the same time.

    Finally, this two-disc "special edition" is worth the price to get all the behind the scenes info....more info
  • Slow, boring and a lame ending.
    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines gave me new appreciation for the uneven television show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. At least the show wasn't wasn't dull.

    The film started off well enough, with a grimness that fits in well with the original movie. But soon it becomes clear that was meant to cover for cruddy production values, stiff dialogue and uneven characterization. (It's a strange day when Arnold Schwarzenegger overacts in a part.)

    There's the illogical writing -- none of the characters find it strange that they can break into a top-secret military facility that seemingly has no guards around and no personnel at all -- and CGI-generated robot threats that change size based on how large or small their environs are.

    And then there's the conclusion. I know, it was supposed to be grim (and possibly set up a sequel, which I suppose it does, even though it's one in which everyone involved is disavowing the third movie), but it's delivered with no oomph, and what should be a horrifying moment instead elicits a "so what?"

    This is a rental at best, but even then, most casual Terminator fans would be better served skipping this one entirely and just going straight from T2 to Salvation. If you must bridge the gap, watch the television show instead of this dud....more info
  • Skip T3, go and see Sarah Connor Chronicles on FOX or download it on itunes!!!
    I highly recommend the "Sarah Connor Chronicles" on FOX as a BETTER alternative to T3 the film! It faithfully continues the storyline begun in T1 and T2. It shows Sarah Connor (now played by 300's Lena Headey) as a woman on a mission to save humanity from Skynet at all costs! With his now older son John (now played by Thomas Dekker) and a Female Terminator (played by Summer Glau of "Firefly,") they must fight evil Terminators sent to destroy them all. Please support this action packed TV Series!!! Mondays at 9 pm (EST) on FOX! (Also available on itunes at $[...] per episode!) The series' site is http://www.fox.com/terminator !

    Mark McLaughlin / marknetproductions.wordpress.com / Hudson, MA, USA...more info
  • Rise of the Machines
    Huge blockbuster movie really like the first two films now Rise of the Machines pictures. John Connor around twenty years old. Skyney trying to kill him and Kate Brewster if you wonder what Skynet's a computer network that's programmed to destroy the world.
    Now with The Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles it got me glue to my sofa every monday on Fox. Really check it out. One of the best show of the year in my opinion....more info
  • Enjoyable, But Not Too Serious (Compaired To 1 & 2)
    "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" is a solid sequal to The Terminator (Special Edition) and Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (Extreme DVD), but it's story line and casting are a little weaker this time.

    No plot spoilers from me. This time SkyNet is targetting the John Conner in his 20s, and once again two Terminators are sent back in time; one to "terminate" and one to protect.

    There are a lot of technical issues with this movie (i.e. only living flesh can be sent back, remote control of cars and trucks the were not made for it, etc). The casting of John's love interest was an interesting choice, since she looks much older and more mature than he does and they should be the same age.

    The new "Terminatrix" is very cool and totally scary! Arnold also puts in a strong performance and still looks cools as the "obsolete" model.

    The Special Effects are very good and likely the best of the lot.

    This was an enjoyable movie with a little suspension of disbelief.

    Recommended for fans of the series....more info
  • Takes a beating, but keeps on ticking!
    I was just noticing in my Bible study from Genesis on the Tower of Babel how man's technology had become threatening to God, so God divided the languages of men from one voice into many tongues so that they had to stop work on the tower. I was just thinking when God might send our technologically advanced society into darkness as well! In this movie, of course, the computers controlling society go haywire and plunge America into nuclear armageddon!
    That pretty blonde woman terminator that Arnold is trying to kill is more advanced than he; she takes a licking but keeps on ticking! I am sure that the cause of women's rights might think that this movie actually encourages domestic violence! Can you believe that Arnold Scharzeneggar once a guest star on Robert Schuler's HOUR OF POWER!
    Since I wait for the end of the world due to nuclear armageddon, I think there is a certain romance of having the hand of a pretty young woman to hold as you wait out DOOMSDAY in safety of a bomb shelter designed for politicians! I would say that at the air force command center in the movie that I thought I recognized a supercollding cyclotron as a long tube there in the tunnel that the young people fled though. I had seen one once at Michigan State University in a guided tour in 1984....more info
  • Full of holes
    I bought this just to have all three. James Cameron set the benchmark which has never been exceeded in sci-fi with Aliens, and T2 and T1 we're very well done too. This was made without the eye for detail and plot consistancy one unfortunately expects with the bulk of todays movies, and this one is no exception. ...more info
  • Excellent Special Edition
    This 2-disc Special Edition DVD has some of the best features that I have ever seen on a DVD. This is most fitting given the fact that this is one of the very best Science Fiction movies that I have ever seen. The performances are excellent as are the direction and script. You can tell that the producers of both the movie and the Special Edition really dedicated themselves to their tasks. This is important because there are so many 2 disc "special edition" DVD's out there that when you really get right down to it, just are not all that special....more info
  • Tales from the not so deep
    This one is not the instant classic that the first and (especially) the second, but it holds up well enough as a good action movie. It is not as intense as the first. Nor is it as insightful as the second. The aim this time around is simply to have fun, and it meets that goal very well.

    Arnold is back here in his likely last appearance as a terminator from the future, and, despite the years that have passed since the first outing, he looks very much the same, as he should. Kristanna Loken is a welcome addition to the pantheon of terminator models, becoming both very sensual and very eerie.

    You may feel that the movie should have done more to deal with the concepts of fate and free will, like was discussed in the previous movie, but if you merely want to watch a movie that has great effects, great action and passably charismatic characters, you could do worse than this movie....more info
  • Why?
    If only someone could create a real Terminator with time-traveling capacity, I wish he'd go back in time and destroy this script before it was ever turned into a movie.

    As another reviewer said, this movie was more Arnold's big bang exit from Hollywood into politics than a worthy addition to the Terminator saga. The story really ended, with all ends neatly tied, with T-2. Terminator 3 is more like Karate Kid 3, a movie that had no reason for being and only served to take away from its predecessors.

    Many have harsh opinions about James Cameron but the man could tell a story with meaning, his absence from both writing and directing this movie is absolutely obvious. The first two Terminators were about love, the will to survive and the fact that fate does not have the last say: The future is not written, you can choose differently. If you take T3 at its word, it tells you precisely the opposite.

    I'm willing to ignore Edward Furlong was not chosen to reprise John Connor and neither do I have a problem with the character as a washed-up, broken man haunted by his past. Harder to swallow is Linda Hamilton's absence from the movie, she's just too important a character. So we are given new actors, new characters and the story which was neatly packaged in T2 is broken out of its box and totally prostituted here. To add insult, neither Nick Stahl nor Claire Danes are allowed by the script to take up their mantle and shape their futures, it is all left up to Arnold to do most of the fighting.

    Then we're dealt another punch: In spite of what the previous movies built up to, John Connor is not the real threat to Skynet, it is and always was, his wife Kate! At that point I rolled my eyes and waited for the movie to end. In a scene where an older John Connor raises his hands in victory after the end of the future war, the make-up and fake beard on Nick Stahl is so bad it might as well be done with play-doh.

    The new T-X is a gorgeous looking Kristanna Loken who is neither threatening nor intimidating, just a blatant gimmick! Seriously, how intimidating was Arnold on the first? How creepy was Robert Patrick on T-2? But Loken? Well, this "Terminatrix" (I kid you not - that is the name of the new model) is a more advanced Terminator and is able to "speak" to machines, like sending unmanned police cars against the good guys. How can a computer program speak to cars, which are mechanical and analog, the movie does not explain, nor is it that important because it is just boring.

    The movie merits at least one star because the special effects are excellent and the acting was as good as can be expected from the horrid direction and script. Ironically this was Arnold's last big movie to date and he looked like he could act. Not Robert de Niro acting, but a long way from Hercules, his first movie. The rest is an insult to the original story.

    In essence, there are those like James Cameron who will create a screenplay and movie appropriate to the times with themes that are timeless. Then there are those like the writers and director of this movie who will prostitute that same story, piggyback on its success, contribute nothing but in fact take away from it just to make money off it. The medium "Man vs Machine" is trite now; it wasn't so when Cameron wrote T1. In fact, T1 (which came out in '84) was more about nuclear Cold War angst than fear of machines. Even in '92 -when T2 came out- it was still appealing, but now after the Matrix movies the genre has lost its newness. You can't really blame a machine since it's not a free agent, it's just a system gone haywire and by taking away all the meaning and layers of the previous movies (romance, gutsy characters, philosophical implications) T3 isn't much more fun than an episode of Robot Wars on TV. It parasites off T1 and T2's virtues, forgets its themes and gives us car chases instead hoping we would not notice the difference.

    A new Terminator, the last one in the series will come out early on 2009, partly, I hope, to make up for the blatant mistake of this movie. This movie is Exhibit A in what gives Hollywood an undeservedly bad name.

    Jerry Seinfeld, when commenting on why he had decided not to continue shooting Seinfeld, said that a performer must know when to gracefully bow out. That sometimes giving more, even when the audience asks for it, it's counterproductive to the show you've just done. If only those involved in this movie had had this much sense.
    ...more info
  • Looks good for 1080i...not 1080p
    This title looks good for its 1080i picture. I have a 1080p capable Sony TV with a Blu-Ray player that is hooked up identically as the HD yet all HD titles are 1080i and the Blu-Ray 1080p. Regardless this movie looks good and sounds great. HD is a good fit for a big budget "blockbuster" like this....more info
    It has been said that a second movie in a series is never as good as the first and that it usually ends up being the worst. In this series, that has proven to be the opposite of what has happened. While the first film was the most imaginative, the second used that as a jumping point and added some spectacular effects and action. This movie attempts to do the same and fails.

    For those who have been cave dwellers for a while, the terminator is a robot from the future sent back in time to kill John Connors, the man who will one day lead a rebel revolt against the machines of the future. So much for movie one.

    Movie two had a second more advanced robot come back to kill Connors but also a copy of the original robot come back programmed by Connors to save himself. Movie two.

    This time around, Connor's mother has passed away and he is on his own, trying to do his best not to get caught up in anything that might change the future and result in his having to be the savior of the world. Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

    A new terminator, the T-X (Kristanna Loken) is sent back in time by the robots of the future to destroy not only John Connors (this time portrayed by Nick Stahl) but those who will become his staff as well when the final battle comes. The T-X gets a good start on this killing off a few when she encounters John along with one time friend Kate Brewster (Claire Danes). With two for the price of one in her sights, she attacks.

    Too bad that Connors sent back another terminator to prevent this from happening. Yes, it's the old model played by Arnold Schwarzenegger that comes to help. But he is obviously no match for the updated model sent to kill and destroy.

    As Connors and Brewster get reacquainted with one another while on the run, the Hollywood stuntman's association garners a major paycheck as tons of automobiles are blown to bits and stunt men dresses as Arnold are slammed through various buildings. This movie is more about action and explosions than any real science fiction.

    No one wonders why it is that robots keep being sent back which means that the future never changed after all. If it had, why are they here now? And the reason they came about explained in the second film is given little validity if there is another way that the future could have yielded these monstrous machines.

    The acing is...well....who really knows since acting is not the reason to watch this movie. It does look well made, I'll give it credit for that. But it is one of the most hollow films I have seen I a long time. While I cared about Connors as well as his robot protector in the second film, I found myself not giving a hoot for anyone here. Rather than being thrilled and awed, I was bored.

    A sequel, to be a good one, should cover new ground and take us somewhere just a little bit different. This movie is a rehash of the last one without new dazzling effects or enough emotion to ring us in. It substitutes roaring explosions for the matters of the heart that made us enjoy the last film.

    One had to hope that with this film the franchise would die. But it didn't as the release of the new television series proved. Even the surprise ending was one that didn't really matter much by the time it was revealed. If you are a die hard fan, by all means watch. But make sure you watch the first two again and you will see where this one was lacking.
    ...more info
  • Blu Ray Disc Errors
    This Blu Ray Disc shows at max resolution 1080i not 1080p... Warner should be fixing the error in its next release. For some reason, the output is shown at 1080p only when the pip feature is activated. The issue is not a big deal unless you have a really large TV with 1080p.
    ...more info
  • OK action film let down by an overall air of familiarity
    "T3 - Rise of The Machines" is a decent entry in the big, dumb action (BDA) movie genre. Nick Stahl adds depth to the role of John Connor - future leader of the resistance and Claire Daines is pretty good as his love interest Catherine Brewster but Governor Schwartzenegger's acting has not improved - even playing a robot (the "good" termininator) - and Kristina Loken makes a memorable if rather one-note "bad" terminator. The film has all the stunning special effects and spectacular stunts you would expect in a BDA but the main problem the film can never quite overcome is an overall air of familiarity.
    ...more info
  • Really, just ugh.
    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Jonathan Mostow, 2003)

    Okay, raise your hands: how many people didn't see this movie crashing and burning when a director other than James Cameron-- despite his dismal track record since 1996-- was attached to it? (And let's face it, Terminator 2 wasn't exactly gangbusters, either.) Still, the fact that twelve years elapsed between the second and third movies lent a minor air of credibility to it. Incorrectly, of course, but there you go.

    As the title tells you, this is the story of how the machines took over the world. In other words, the very title of the film is a spoiler, since the machines take over the world, yes, in the very last scene of the film (after Arnie once again does his level best to save the world). This is pre-apocalypse John Connor (Carnivale's Nick Stahl), who begins the film as a bum, more or less. We are almost immediately introduced to Kate Brewster (Claire Danes), the woman who will, obviously, be his saving grace. This isn't a spoiler; the movie's about as hard to figure out as a four-piece jigsaw puzzle with three pieces already put into place. And, of course, there's Arnie, the good guy, and Kristanna Loken, the bad guy-- uh, girl. Gotta wonder how Arnie keeps getting crushed, melted, and elected Governor of California, but they can keep sending him back to mess with the Connor family, don't you?

    In any case, things blow up, people run from terminators, people get killed by terminators, you know the drill. But, unlike the brilliant first film, and even the mediocre second, T3 manages to studiously avoid anything approaching characterization. We are given no reason to care about these characters, no suspense to make us wonder whether they'll rise to the occasion, not even a decent script for the actors to work with. This was as paint-by-numbers as it gets. Save your money, even if you can watch it free. *...more info
  • Rise of The Machines
    I enjoyed watching the 3rd installment in the terminator series. This movie had a lot of action and was quick paced. As far as sequels go, this sequel is great as it takes the storyline to the next step.... which is that the machines do start a nuclear holocaust no matter how hard John & Sarah Connor attempted to prevent Judgment Day from occurring in the past.

    I can only speculate that a "Terminator 4" may possibly be made in the future in order to see the aftermath of the nuclear fallout and how John Connor actually leads the remaining human population in an uprising against the machines that have taken over the world. So, let's hope "Terminator 4" is made into a movie to complete the story. ...more info
  • A Solid Sequel With Demo Worthy Audio
    I've liked this movie since I first saw it in the theater but my fondness for the film has only grown since it's home versions.

    The story is good, the acting is fine, I actually like Nick Stahl alot better than Edward Furlong as John Connor, the graphics and action are excellent but my favorite feature is the fantastic sound design. This is one of my top ten favorite movies for sound. It's among the first I pop in to try out a new sound system. Every one of the action bits here is grade "A" demo material.

    The standard dvd was very good on it's own but the Blu Ray is just that much better. Paramount has transfered over the HD DVD master here but that's nothing to complain about as the chases, gun fights, explosions and all the lovely sounds of twisted and contorting metal are dynamically presented in high bit rate Dolby Digital Plus. You may want to tape your windows because your subwoofer will just about blow them out from all the booming your gonna get here.

    The video, while not the most impressive on Blu Ray, is still a nice improvement over the standard def release. The picture is pretty clean and free of dirt and other distracting blemishes. The details are pretty sharp and the colors can pop from time to time. It could've been better but it's still a pretty good transfer.

    I've heard far too many complaints about this movie but I find it to be fun, action packed and a fine sequel to the Terminator franchise. I don't think it right to constantly compare it with the previous two, but rather to rate it on it's own merits. Either way, T3 moved the story along nicely and set a nice premise for the upcoming T4 sequel which is in the works now. From start to finish though, this is a fun, fast-paced film and a worthy upgrade for fans and Blu Ray owners. Highly recommended....more info
  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines being replaced by Warner
    I give the film five stars, because I like the movie. About the 1080i issue: if you own an incorrect T3 Blu-Ray disc, you can call Warner's customer service number at 1-800-553-6937 for an exchange....more info
    I was never that fond of the TERMINATOR movies.When i saw this,man it was good!WHEN i saw it on dvd,i thought it was only PG-13.It should be pg-13.there was no reason at all it should have been rated R.Anyways,this movie is awesome!It had great characters,Great fights,a great ending-what more do you want from a movie?Not the best movie ever,but extremely close.i recommend this movie.i can't wait for TERMINATOR 4 to come out in 2008!...more info
  • Terminator 3
    Excellent movie!!!!! amazing video 9 0f 10 and wonderfull sound!!!!! 10 of 10...more info
  • "Talk to the Hand" Great HD Movie
    I saw the movie in the theater along time ago. I'm glad I waited to watch it again on HD-DVD, the action scenes are beautiful and the humor is pretty funny. Arnold still can make movies, but I think this is his last Terminator. Maybe if James Cameron does the next Terminator, Arnold might be in it. Anyways I think this is a great movie for the HD-DVD collection....more info
  • Good third installment
    It is always tough to review not only a sequel, but a third installment of a franchise. Primarily because the novelty of the idea has worn off. And the "times" are different. And the lead actor is now a governor.

    That said, I think that director Jonathan Mostow did an admirable job and the movie was fun to watch.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kristanna Loken, Nick Stahl, Claire Danes all give nice performances....more info
  • Great looking movie - felt like a tv show/same story as T2
    Movie looks great - very crisp/clear on Blu-Ray player and plasma tv.

    It felt a little like a tv show/movie rather than a theatrical movie like the first two. Not sure what about it made it feel like that, but it was there.....

    Pretty much the same story as T2 - Arnold is zapped back in time, heads to a bar, gets come clothes heads out to protect someone....meanwhile another terminator (more advanced, just like T2) also is zapped to earth, commandeers a vehicle, and starts hunting down people....where have we heard this before?

    Overall I did enjoy it, but a little "freshening" up of the story would have been nice....more info
  • Average, not as good as the first or second
    In short, it was entertaining but the actors (besides Arnold) did a poor job compared to the acting done in the first or second. I thought the first movie was much more ominous, suspenseful, and frightening, too. Terminator 3 suffers from Hollywood's obsessive desire to turn what could be a great thriller into a romantic, expensive, and vacuous action movie. ...more info
  • Fun
    It is not Finding Private Ryan, it is robots take over the world and mankind fights back and wins, so don't expect any real drama. It is great entertainment if you just want to forget everything else and watch some action.

    This is the second time I've watched the movie. The first time was several years ago and I was so irritated by Hollywood Director's using the same hooks in their sequels just because it got a good reaction in the preceding movie, ie. the naked terminator goes into a bar . . . come guys . . . have him materialize inside a costume shop just before Halloween and come out as Zorro anything but the same thing again . . . geez! Anyway, the next time I was ready for this and I was able to enjoy the movie.

    If you can let go of Hollywood's inability to take a risk about being creative a second time (like I was unable to do originally) you will enjoy the movie for what it is . . . machines take over the world, mankind begins to fight back and you are told mankind will win in the end . . . if

    enjoy...more info
  • I've had the 2-disk WS SE of this DVD for at least 4 years...
    I've seen it in the bargain bins for $5...so why the re-release? It's a good movie and all but I wouldn't think it would rate a re-release at over twice the price you can find it for out here. Amazon still lists the 2-disk Widescreen Special Edition of this (with 830 reviews) but of course it's unavailable except via the Marketplace (from 99 up).

    The movie companies are busy discontinuing some movies altogether rendering them unavailable and giving the scalpers at Ebay and Amazon Marketplace the opportunity to sell them for anywhere from $50 to $250, but then they re-release movies like this which have already made their rounds and have been rattling around the bargain bins for some time now, it makes no sense to me...

    As far as the actual movie goes, I thought it was very entertaining, perhaps not quite as with 1 and 2, but entertaining nonetheless. It adds to the story as opposed to detracting from it like some sequels seem inclined to do, and the special effects are outstanding. I look forward to seeing what they've done with part 4. -kd5-

    ...more info
  • not bad
    I really looked forward to seeing this in the theater, because I wasn't old enough to see the first two. I thought it was good. It did lack the awesome actress that Linda Hamilton is, but all in all not that bad. The only flaw I could see in the film was the addition of kate brewster. I can't quite figure that one out. Thankfully Mostow kept most of the story intact, and was a decent film. Even though a lot of people dislike this one, I think it still fits in with the overall story. I look forward to seeing the culmination of everything in T4:Salvation. ...more info
  • If You Liked 'T2,' You Should Like This

    If you watched the first two movies in this "series," particularly the second film, then most of this should be very familiar territory. You can expect to see more of the same, meaning:

    1 - Some spectacular action scenes; 2 - more action than is needed; 3 - A supposedly-unstoppable villain robot (this time a female); 3 - profane and somewhat annoying lead characters, except for Arnold, of course; 4 - seeing some naked butts (odd knowing one is the governor of Califronia); 5 - humor mixed in with all the violence; 6 - great overall special-effects and surround sound.

    The first 30 minutes of this movie was the best part, I thought. Overall, there was so much action it wore me out but it was a worthy sequel to the last movie. If you enjoyed watching what the "bad cyborg" Robert Patrick could do in the "Terminator 2," you'll really be entertained by his successor, played by Kristannia Loken. Like Patrick, she doesn't say much....but doesn't have to. Schwarzenegger, meanwhile, performs admirably in his last starring role (I think) before tackling bigger responsibilities in real life....more info
  • Notice to everybody interested in the "PiP" commentary...
    If you use that, it's the only way to watch the show in 1080p. If you just played it, it'll go straight into 1080i! I really regret this purchase and wait a response from warner on that issue....more info
  • Rise Of The Machines, Fall of the Blu-Ray Disc
    Warner messed up the video coding on this disc. The output is 1080 i not 1080 p as indicated on the specs. The disc has been repressed and was re-released under a new UPC/ASIN number. The release date on the new one is 2-26-08. Buy that one, not this one....more info
  • The best terminator movie out of all of them
    Nick Stahl's portrayal of John Connor in my opinion defined the character, and Claire Danes was also excellent in the movie as his soon-to-be wife. Of all the Terminator movies, i felt that this movie devoted more time to character development and story building than the prior films, which is good because the series has a philosophical component which a lot of people for some reason overlook. Although the movies are best known as action films, they are also the story of mankind's savior- a person who knows he is destined to be a great leader for his people but who doesn't want the role. Nick Stahl brings that story to life in this movie. It's a story which beyond being entertaining is also worthwhile because it has parallels throughout history. Most of the great leaders we remember in history rose to their roles in the midst of a crisis. The most noble minded of those leaders resented their role as a leader because they resented the crisis that propelled them into that role. This movie takes that story and brings it into a science fiction format, along with bringing a message that people should be careful how much trust they place in technology as we move into a digital age where more and more of our lives revolve around computers. That message along with John Connor's storyline make this movie very compelling. I don't understand why Terminator 4 is said to have cast a different actor in the leading role. Nobody deserves the role better than Nick Stahl....more info
  • Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines - Blu-ray Info
    Version: AUS, UK / Sony / Region Free
    Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
    MPEG-4 AVC BD-50 / AACS / High Profile 4.1
    Running time: 1:49:06
    Movie size: 32,634,789,888 bytes
    Disc size: 37,364,241,806 bytes
    Total bit rate: 39.88 Mbps
    Average video bit rate: 26.79 Mbps

    Dolby TrueHD Audio English 1831 kbps 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1831 kbps / 16-bit (AC3 Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 640 kbps)
    Dolby TrueHD Audio Italian 1800 kbps 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1800 kbps / 16-bit (AC3 Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 448 kbps)
    Dolby Digital Audio English 640 kbps 5.1 / 48 kHz / 640 kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio English 192 kbps 2.0 / 48 kHz / 192 kbps / Dolby Surround
    Dolby Digital Audio English 192 kbps 2.0 / 48 kHz / 192 kbps / Dolby Surround
    DTS Express English 192 kbps 2.0 / 48 kHz / 192 kbps / 16-bit

    Subtitles: English, English SDH, Danish, Finnish, Hindi, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish
    Number of chapters: 16

    #Audio commentary by cast & crew
    #Audio Commentary by director
    #Documentary (SD - 13m:2s)
    #Storyboards (SD - 3m:55s)
    #Dressed to Kill (SD - 2m:11s)
    #Toys in Action (SD - 7m:4s)
    #Sgt. Candy Deleted Scene (SD - 1m:51s)
    Terminal Flaws: Gag Reel (3m:02s)
    #Making of the Video Game (8m:57s)
    #Trailers (5m:23s)
    #Terminator Vision: Picture-in-Picture (BonusView) Experience


    Version: U.S.A / Warner / Region Free
    Original release: 1080i59.94fps
    Correct release: 1080p23.976fos
    VC-1 BD-50 / PIP burned-in
    Running time: 1:49:00
    Movie size: 14,008,811,520 bytes
    Disc size: 31,303,348,231 bytes
    Total bit rate: 17.13 Mbps
    Average video bit rate: 13.52 Mbps
    DD AC3 5.1 640Kbps...more info
  • Good movie, great ending
    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is a very good action packed movie that has a very amazing and yet, frightening ending.

    As a follower of the Terminator series, T3 really stands its own ground against T1 and T2.

    The acting is good, but the story line is better. I know there were a lot of terminator fans that hated this movie, but i loved it. I saw it 4 times at the movie theater!

    The story again revolves around John Connor, only this time, he's not the main target, his leadership is.

    Skynet sends back the TX, a woman terminator who is equiped like Inspector Gadget with everything from flame throwers to chainsaws. She also has the power to control other machines, which makes for a great car chase scene in the movie.

    Arnold is back, and he has some very funny lines (talk to the hand), but again, as a Terminator fan, the key moment was when he first appears on scene, very reminiscent of the Inidana Jones shadown scene in The Cyrstal Skull.

    overall, the movie is excellent, and honestly, you don't have to know or have seen the 1st 2 movies to understand this one.

    My favorite part of the movie is the ending. It has a very realistic doomsday feel like in the movie The Day After, with nukes coming out from the ground and blowing the world to Judgement Day in the Terminator movie.

    The only thing that really bothered me about T3, is forced comedy (the Victoria's Secret scene, what's the point?) and some poor editing (how in the heck did both the Terminator and TX know to go to the Animal Shelter right away?)

    but other than that, good movie. The DVD is excellent and features deleted scenes, features, and even the making of T3 and T3 the video game.

    Overall, 5 stars. T3 stands its own ground. good popcorn movie, great ending....more info
  • This is a 1080i transfer NOT 1080p
    There is an encoding error made by Warners on this version of T3 as it has been encoded in 1080i not 1080p as per the box description and the HD DVD version.
    Warners may do an exchange later but at this stage this is the version to be released and there will be no recall....
    It might be better to wait for the fixed version if Warners do one.
    The film was a major suck anyway compared to the first 2....more info
  • :0)
    i think they still did an ok job for the moviestay true to the story and i liked the action sooo. it was ok for me still doesn't beat the first and second movies...more info
  • Bozo, savior of the Humanity
    Bozo is chased because his mission is still to become the head resistant of a lost humanity engaged in a terrific fight against the machines. Bozo does not read nor write. He is adolescent, but he knows how to drive. With his first hand he holds the steering wheel, another seeks a weapon, with the third, he defends himself, the fourth shuts up his future (who does not know) wife and finally, with his fifth, he passes the speeds. He dramatically lacks a sixth hand to wipe his nose, since the action is so exciting!

    In Terminator 2, the evil robot machine was a man. In the third the robot is ... a woman. To help the viewer understand that this is indeed a nasty woman, she is blonde (you will notice that 9 times out of 10 in American cinema, perverse women - those who turn good husbands into sexual bests as in Basic Instinct - neurotic killer and female traitors are blondes. That is a point to clarify ...). And she does not smile. My mother smiled to me, she is nice. A woman who does not smile, is a priori evil. This is the second index. Then, we understand that she is robot as she inflates her chest! Please laugh as it is the only funny moment of the film.

    Then, Bozo is seeking, is being himself tracked to be killed. Cascades, lots of smoke, lots of flames ... big pollution that help the Universe understand why Bush refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol on the environment ... What a crazy consumption of oxygen! The (future) step-father of Bozo made a mistake by releasing the anti-virus computer in the pipes that control the world (we are the United States of America, not the Lichtenstein! therefore above of the World). The machines revolt. Nuclear war is ahead. In a last rattle the good step-father who is commander-in-chief asks his son-in-law and daughter to flee in order to take refuge in a bunker to save, nothing less than the Humanity. But there is a last problem to be solved ... they must kill the evil "robot". Well, then ... the computers are too old to be operated! A phone call coming from... an admiral or a general or an arch-duke or a opera dancer... who calls for aid and is happy to fall on Bozo who will certainly become the head of the resistance.

    I yawn of deep boredom. My cat was, once again, wiser than me. It slept throughout the film.
    ...more info
  • Cliche BULL S**T 5.5/10 continued on swordfish/Terminator 3 double feature reviews
    I wish James Cameron would've directed this movie Johnaton Mostow gave it a college try I respect him for that. John D Brancato and Micheal Ferris gave Christina Lokken a cliche character oh she has a projectile cannon a flame thrower and her hands can also turn into a circular saw Lokken plays the T X. Brancato & Ferris gave her cheesy lines when Arnold shoud've had them but they gave him talk to the hand one of the worse line of the late 90's early 2000's. When the T X is pulled over by a cop she expands her breasts and tells the cop I like your gun. Or When she arrives from the year 2032 a she's butt necked of course like all Terminator films this woman asks her if she's alright T X responds I like your car. It doesn't even show the lady getting killed. To my point in T1 Arnold didn't say much in T2 Robert Patrick didn't say much they were cold calculating killing machines. Another bad thing Edward Furlong didn't return for personal issues we got Nick Sthal who was a gay, sissy John Connor....more info
  • What's sexy?
    Terminator 3 DVD

    In Terminator 3 (T3) the cyborg is a newer model, a TX, I believe and she's not after John Connor as the primary target, but his "to-be-wife, Catherine Brewster. This movie has a lot of great lines, such as"

    -What is sexy( not really a line ,but on a billboard)
    -I like your car
    -I like your gun
    -I lied
    -You are terminated
    -she'll be back,
    -I'm back

    I really enjoyed the use of music to intensify each perilous moment in the movie.

    Hollywood sure loves chase scenes and gasoline fires. Ther's a ton of each in this.

    BTW, what is it with Arnold and the sunlasses?

    Have you noticed how we/Hollywood anthromorphize the robots so that they have two eyes in their head? Why not more eyes.?

    Anyhow this movie begs at least two thing:

    1) a fourth movie ( well, FOX is coming out with a TV series so maybe that's the plan.
    2) A trilogy or quadrilogy set of DVD's like Alien

    Highly recommended for Terminator fans, Arnold fans and fans of Science Fiction movies.

    Gunner January, 2007
    ...more info
  • Terminator 3
    The extras are ok, but not what I expected. Terminator 2 had way better extras. Although every time there's another terminator it always seems better from the last....more info
  • Terminator 3-Rise of the Machines (Blu-Ray)
    Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines [Blu-ray]Terminator 3 is one of my favorite action movies. Christina Loken is wonderful as the female terminator and Arnold does his best to hang in there as the good guy terminator to keep us entertained. They pull it off very well with a good story and excition action sequences. Seeing this movie on Blu-Ray is a must-see experience. Add this wonderful Sci-Fi movie to the mix and get out the pop corn. A fun ride is straight ahead for you....more info