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Lodge Logic Skillet
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Product Description

Made by the cast iron experts at Lodge, this revolutionary pan is preseasoned, so it's ready to cook right out of the box. It's perfect for making virtually anything from bacon and eggs to grilled sandwiches, pan-fried fish, and fabulous cornbread. Each has dual pour spouts and a helper handle.

Lodge Logic's new preseasoning process penetrates the metal's pores thoroughly and uniformly, so it looks and performs better than traditional home seasoning. You still get the even heating, superior heat retention, and inherently stick-resistant finish that has made cast iron cookware a favorite of professional chefs. Oven safe. Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews:

  • Most for the least
    American made, non stick, even heat, cheap, and forever. What more can you ask for!...more info
  • OMG! This is awesome.
    I have had this for more than a month now, and it is amazing! The first time I cooked on it, it was a little sticky. From the second time it has worked perfectly. It has worked great and works much better than similar prized non-stick utensils. At this point I can cook eggs with minimal oil on the pan. This is perfect for high temperature cooking. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who saute's/fry's on a skillet. I never thought that it would be as good as it is. As for maintenance, I wash it using a sponge and dish washing soap, dry it and spray some cooking oil on it, that's it. I don't think it needs as much care as some other reviewers claim. ...more info
  • Good size pan for everyday meals
    I had a larger skillet - 14 in, I believe - and it's great, but it's SO heavy I can't maneuver it with one hand. So I bought this one, and it's perfect. My pan of choice for all my cooking....more info
  • Excellent product and quick shipping
    cast iron skillets are amazing and the one i got from the shipper was no exception. There was nothing amiss with my order (kind of hard to mess up a solid iron pan), and I'd totally buy from them again!...more info
  • Great Starter Skillet
    When I was picking out the basics for my kitchen, I never thought I needed a cast iron skillet. They weren't used much in either my home or my husband's home growing up. As I got more into cooking and amassed a small army of cookbooks, I realized that every single one of my cookbooks assumed that I had a cast iron skillet for at least one recipe. When Alton Brown used a cast iron skillet to make delicious looking burgers and tenderloin I noticed he used a "Lodge" brand skillet - so imagine my surprise (and delight) to find out how incredibly affordable a pre-seasoned skillet was!

    Yes, the care instructions make it a little more difficult to wash - but it's not tedious and there is a lot of information on the web with tips to make the process easier. I cook on an electric coil stove (no gas hook up) and cooking with the skillet has been a joy - once preheated, the heat is conducted evenly. Certain foods (like fried eggs) are much easier when cooked on the skillet than in my Calphalon pans.

    While I'm not ready to ditch all my pots for cast iron, I am very happy that I did decide to add this to my collection....more info
  • I like this pan
    I currently own a set of scanpan pans, which I like. I bought this mostly out of curiosity. I still use my scanpans, but this has very quickly become my favorite pan. It is much heavier than my scanpan, but it cleans better, and cooks evenly, and I rather like the weight most of the time. This was a good addition to my cookware....more info
  • Pre-Seasoned Skillet
    Great for southern cooking. Brought a square for myself and a round for my sister. Both of us love them....more info
  • Great deal!
    Giving a new piece of Iron like this 5 stars is silly. Despite the "super space age special never stick seasoning" that they claim to do on this stuff, the simple fact of the matter is it's NOWHERE near the level of non-stick on your grandma's 50 year old skillet. But that's nothing surprising. What do you expect? That technology can overcome time and experience? Not when it comes to cooking. Anyways, all of Lodges pieces (and i own a lot of them) are made beautifully. I've never cracked one (knock on wood) and I use them frequently for searing (meaning i get them SMOKING hot baby!). They're priced right, and hold up great - so far.

    If you want some great info on skillets, and also want to know how to actually get REAL non-stick out of your skillet (believe me, that factory "Seasoning" is a good start, but it simply just won't cut it when you want perfect eggs) then go to this site: [...]. he is extremely knowledgeable on the subject, credits his sources, and seems like a good guy.

    cheers, and buy as much of this stuff as your kitchen can hold! you won't regret it. ...more info
  • best ever
    My wife and I couldn't be happier with this skillet. We've got a set of copper pans (which we only use during fancy dinners when we're preparing food with company over) and they dont do any better a job than this skillet. Dont use soap to clean the skillet (it breaks down the seasoning), rather let it cool down to a handle-able temperature after use, run hot water over it while you scrub it with a brush, then heat it back up to 'medium' on the stove, add a little bit of olive or vegetable oil. spread it over the surface and let it cool down. wipe up the excess with a paper towel and you'll continue to have a perfectly seasoned pan for a very very long time. ...more info
  • Loving the Lodge Skillet
    Great product and great price. You have to use a little more oil or butter than normal but the taste, texture, and appearance of the food is much better than a non-stick pan. Wish I would've gotten one sooner....more info
  • love it
    these pans are great would recommend to any one who wants or needs a great frying pan.....more info
  • lodge is the best!
    Just finished making a T Bone. Crushed pepper some salt your "lodge Logic" and you have one great Dinner. Clean up is a breeze! Like everyone said you will Love it....more info
  • Just Right
    Just the right size for general use and heavy enough to use for self defense. ...more info
  • Great pan!
    A great pan - reasonably priced, good quality, and excellent even heating. And I LOVE that I can take it from the stovetop to the oven without any risk.

    My only concern is trying to get this pan clean (which is an issue I'd have with ANY cast iron pan). You can't use soap, and you don't want to soak it for too long since iron will rust if it stays wet. You need to put hot water in the pan while it is still hot, then scrub-scrub-scrub without cooking your fingers. I suppose this is more of a personal learning curve rather than an issue with the pan.

    All in all a great pan which I would definitely recommend....more info
  • A great pan for high heat cooking.
    I bought this to do high heat cooking that I did not want to do in my All Clad pans. This pan works well for this purpose. The pre-seasoned finish also works well. A great pan for the money....more info
  • Waste of money - worst ever ast iron
    I've had cast iron, and kept it in good condition for years. I decided to replace my regular pans with cast iron recently and went with Lodge because it was cheaper than what I've bought in the past-since I was getting multiple pans, I didn't want to buy top of the line, just too much money. Instead I threw all that money away. Bottom line is no matter what you do, all food sticks to Lodge like no other cast iron I've used. When you soak it in warm water for an hour to try and get the food to unstick, you come back and the water and pan are rusty. ONLY ONE HOUR!!!!!!! I was more careful with the second pan, soaked for 30 minutes. The water was not rusty but when I was wiping it out with a dry towel, orange rust color covered my towel. I could not see the rust w/o looking really close under bright light but every time I touched it with something white, it came off orange. Three skillets and two lids - all the same problem....more info
  • Good Skillet
    I'm happy with my skillet. Things haven't been sticking much and it's all metal, so I can make Dutch Babies in the oven....more info
  • lodge cast iron skillet
    Perfect size for smaller dishes, not too heavy and can fit on my large burner....more info
  • love it
    I use this pan all the time, I love going from stove to oven, and it is great for individual pizzas. clean up is simple. ...more info
  • Lodge Logic Cast Iron is the Way To Go!
    I bought these pans a while ago,and must say,it's great! the Diameter is perfect for smaller pancakes,and they wont stick! Eggs,bacon,everything fries great in this pan,already seasoned is awsome also.Plus you don't have the chemicals,like in those no stick pans.These cast iron pans will last a lifetime!...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I've had this pan about a month now and couldn't be happier with it. Great for frying, searing, and slow cooking over the stove top. Used skillet out of the box and have had no problems with rust, sticking, or cleaning. Just make sure the skillet is preheated well (I wait till the handle holds a fairly high heat) and use a little oil/cooking spray before and after use. I found some other tips on the Lodge website and find the care to be rather simple. I would also recommend a heavy duty oven mit to use, especially when using at high heat or in the oven. This skillet is an American made product that will last me a lifetime and at this price you can't get any more bang for your buck. ...more info
  • excellent skillet
    This a nice cast iron skillet. It's a really good size. Perfect for making corn bread.

    Can't beat the price. ...more info
  • Well worth the money!
    This pan is fantastic. Yes, cast iron is a little heavy, and you will need a potholder as the handle will get hot as you cook. The benefits of this product well make up for those two minor down sides.

    Food tastes great, the pan is non-stick once properly seasoned, infuses iron into the food (good for you!), will last a lifetime (and longer) and is Made in the USA!...more info
  • The best pan I have ever owned!
    I love this pan! Everything they say about it is true. It heats evenly, its easy to clean and maintain, and when seasoned and cared for properly it is better than any non stick pan you could buy. And the price can't be beat! I love this pan so much I keep it on my stove top all the time and use it daily. It is a bit heavy, so if you have week arms or wrists it may not be for you. So, if you're looking for a good but rather inexpensive pan. This is it. Just remember to use oven mitts with it, because it gets hot fast and that includes the handle....more info
  • New Cast Iron owner
    I've recently gotten a major cooking bug and decided I NEEDED a cast iron skillet because everyone raves about it. At these prices, how can you not have one in your kitchen? But I have to admit, I did not inform myself well enough before I used it. I've just been so used to the way I use and clean my teflon pans. NEVER EVER leave water soaking it you must clean and dry it after you use it. And you really should reseason it before use, even if you did get a pre-seasoned one. Keep course salt in your kitchen and a separate rag for cleaning. It sounds like a lot of work, but once you get used to it, it's really not a big deal.

    But the great thing about cast iron is that you can fix what ever you have done to it with a little work. I worked off the rust from when I let it soak to get the food off that I cooked before I seasoned it. Doh! Now, it is in fantastic shape (I did reseason it the proper way) and I don't want to use anything else. I will probably get more cast iron cookware in the near future and treat it right from the beginning.

    And get this book as it will give you great info onhow to properly care for your cookware. Cast Iron Cooking for Dummies

    Note: remember this is cast iron...and it is heavier than you think if you've been used to all the new, light, non-stick teflon cookware out there....more info
  • Great Christmas Gift
    My son was very happy to get this "healthy" pan. Very heavy, well made, good daily use size and a USA product. Will last a lifetime. Ready to use, easy care directions and super saving shipping.........can't beat it!...more info
  • My new favorite skillet !!
    Wow... I'm SO glad I researched for a really good pre-seasoned cast iron skillet! This Lodge Logic is the best! I bought the larger skillet a couple of years ago, and it's still amazing. This size skillet is perfect for meals for two, and makes the most delicious grilled sandwiches! It's not too heavy... easy to pick up, etc., and the handle is a lifesaver! The pour spouts are a great bonus, and clean up is a breeze. Wish I had bought Lodge Logic cast iron pre-seasoned pans years ago..... Did I mention that fried potatoes taste unbelievable, fried in this pan??!!...more info
  • Pefect Omelet Pan
    Used this pan for an omelet and it turned out perfectly. Also reviewed the 12 pan in more detail....more info
  • No problems
    I actually bought mine at a local sporting-goods store because I didn't want to have to pay shipping on that much cast iron (you can get them at Wal-Mart, Academy Sports & Outdoors, and most camping stores in my area).

    I read around first so I knew that "pre-seasoned" didn't really mean it could be used as-is, right out of the box (I also have my grandparents' small Wagner frying pan, which is glass-smooth, but only through 70 years of use. True seasoning doesn't come easily).

    I seasoned it in the oven, the way I read about online, and have tried to maintain it, and so far it's worked great. I haven't had any problems with sticking as long as I'm careful to "lube" it properly before putting the food in. I don't like oily food so I usually put in a small amount of oil and then spread it as it heats with a flat-edged pancake flipper, which is more efficient than the tilt-and-dribble method. I'm looking forward to making cornbread in it and getting that crispy outside.

    Also, since I've been careful about "lubing," mine has cleaned up just fine with hot tap water and a stiff nylon scrub brush. No sticking or cooked-on food. I wipe dry, reheat, and lightly oil it and the surface has developed into a good cooking surface surprisingly quickly. I've only had mine for maybe two months (at the time I'm writing this) but make a point of using it no less than twice a week, and it's really very easy to maintain.

    For the record, since I saw some people complained about it: Yes, the handle is that small. You've seen the picture. Mine is a 10.5 inch and it's heavy: I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand and it's a bit difficult for me to lift and tilt in one hand, so if you have hand problems, be aware of this. You will need good hot-pads. However, since it has the tab on the side of the pan opposite the handle, I haven't had much trouble managing it, really....more info
  • Lodge Logic 10-1/4-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet
    I have read a number of positive reviews and decided to buy this pan. Unfortunately, I was not lucky with my purchase. Even with a good care of the pan, it got rust after being used for a week. I have never used soap or a dishwasher! It is really hard to clean because food stick to it. Can not return it because S&H cost would be more expensive than this pan...

    ...more info
  • Lodge Logic 10 1/4" Skillet
    I am new to cast iron and love this pan. You do need to look up how to take care of your pans (never, ever use soap!), but they give an excellent flavor and are a wonderful kitchen tool. This 10 1/4" size is great for side dishes for our family. (We are a family of 4 good eaters and a fifth on the way.) The extra handle is a nice feature. I have the 10 1/4" lid from Lodge and love is such a helper in keeping foods warm and moist and cooking them wonderfully. I highly recommend getting it with this pan.

    [I recently purchased this pan and many items from the Sante/Cabin Kitchen cast iron line (loaf pan, pie pan, and pizza pans). Even though this pan may not have been completely and totally seasoned, I do prefer the seasoning on this pan to the Sante line, but that was taken care of with a bit of scrubbing and re-seasoning of the Sante pans.]

    I use Grapeseed oil to condition/season my pans and always heat them in the oven or stovetop to make sure they are completely dry. (I used Canola oil once to condition it and it just leaves a sticky, gooey mess). If some food is totally stuck on the pan (I learned you have to use a lot of butter or oil when making scrambled eggs in cast iron to prevent an egg film on the bottom of the pan), you can use a mixture of salt and oil to scrub the pan. You will need to be sure to oil and heat the pan after this.

    I do use this on a glass/flat top electric stove, if you are curious. I have not had any problems with it and also cook with the 12" skillet from Lodge for our main dishes. I use these literally on a daily basis (I got rid of my other cookware and now only use cast iron and occasionally a stainless steel pot for boiling water for pastas). They are so wonderful....more info
  • Skillet
    This skillet was just what we were looking for. Good quality at a reasonable price....more info