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Yogurt Maker with Glass Jars
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Product Description

• You control ingredients, thickness, fat content and sweetness.
• Makes up to 42 ounces total.
• "On" indicator light.
• Clear lid allows you to monitor cooking process.
• Timer indicates when yogurt will be ready.
• Includes seven 6-oz. glass jars with airtight lids for preparing and storing yogurt.
• Glass containers are dishwasher safe.
• 9.5"Dia. x 4.5"H.
• 13 watts.
• *UL Approved.

*Underwriters Laboratories is an independent, not-for-profit product-safety testing organization.

Yogurt Starter
Created especially for our yogurt maker, each pouch contains the starter necessary for making all-natural premium yogurt. Each box contains ten 5-gram pouches.
Ingredients: Skim milk powder, sucrose, ascorbic acid, lactic bacteria (L. Bulcaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus)

Extra Jars
Use these eight 6-ounce glass jars with airtight lids for preparing and storing yogurt with the Cuisine Yogurt Maker.

Customer Reviews:

  • Easy
    Microwave 4C skim milk in a large, 4C Pyrex measuring cup. 5 minutes. Add about 1/2 C dried milk powder. When cooled to a warm, but not hot temperature, mix some of the milk with 1 small container of store bought yogurt - Dannon vanilla works really well. When lumps in the yogurt are gone, add back to the measuring cup and pour into the yogurt maker cups. 10 hrs. Perfect, thick, creamy. If you use a brand of yogurt with artificial sweetener the batch is surprisingly sweet, which we don't like. You can use the 7th jar to seed the next batch but you shouldn't repeat this too often in case you propagate some nasty bacteria. Automatic shut-off is great, easy to clean and the jars make just the right amount. ...more info
  • Simple & Functional
    Let's understand what it is that you're paying for, here. You're paying for a very simple, fixed-temperature incubator...and that's all it is. There is a small, simple timer on the front of this one which will deactivate the coils after an amount of time...but for the purpose of yogurt making, it's rather superfluous, as the other reviews have mentioned. There will still be biological activity going on at room temperature (that's why we refrigerate things).

    That said, this is a simple & inexpensive machine...and that's good. The yogurt I make with it in the dormitories is top notch. However, I've never actually used the glass jars; I simply have a large leftovers container that I put in there. Throw in a single serving of yogurt and fill it to the brim with milk, incubate for 6~12 hours, stir the weigh back in, and it's done. I get more yogurt with less dishes to do. Further, if I want to make a 2nd/3rd batch, I simply pour more milk into the container when I'm running low, and set it back in the incubator (of course, you'll want to maintain a rather clean technique for removing the yogurt from your stock container if you use this method).

    One thing that I have found to NOT work (and I'm not sure if this was mentioned in the reviews thus far) is to try and preserve your stock yogurt by freezing it. First, the stock yogurt takes on a notably different texture/taste. Second, when trying culture the thawed stock, it doesn't seem to produce very good yogurt...

    If you do some aggressive internet shopping, search around for coupons, go to cashback or freebates, etc... you can find this machine for less than $30....more info
  • Just as promised, and it makes good yogurt
    I agree with all the reviews I've seen so far. The machine is well built and compact. The jars are high quality. Not sure I'd bother to buy another set of jars, as you could use any small jar just as well.

    I made 3 batches before finally giving in and boiling the milk. I didn't want to boil the milk (trying to preserve maximum nutrition) but after a couple of soft batches, I gave in and did so. It does help make a firmer yogurt. Adding powdered milk helps too (I was shocked powdered milk is so expensive-- I always thought it was really cheap!).

    I have used freeze-dried culture (it works) and my last batch I bought liquid acidophilus supplement from my local natural market. Nobody could tell me whether it would work to make yogurt, but it's MUCH cheaper than buying dried cultures, so I wanted to try it. IT DOES WORK, my first small test batch came out good. Being live and not freeze dried I think it'll make superiour yogurt.

    The reason to buy this is NOT to make yogurt cheaper than store bought. The home-made product is much tastier (though more tangy) and more natural than the processed store-bought product, but it probably costs as much or more to make your own. It's satisfying to know you made it yourself, though....more info
  • Disappointed
    After researching and reading various reviews I selected the YM100 because it has glass jars and an automatic shut-off. While I am happy that one reviewer had a wonderful experience, I cannot say the same. The yogurt maker works, the timer is intermittent. I called the company that distributes Euro Cuisine and was told that the timer is "very sensitive" and that "variations in electricity could affect how well it works", and the problems are "usually" resolved. Knowing what I now know, I would not pay $10.00 extra for a undependable timer. ...more info
  • Very Disappointing
    I bought this maker because it had a timer on it. That's the only good thing I can say about it. The timer works.

    However, in a time of high electric rates, too little yogurt is made for the energy expended. Also the jars are designed to be terribly difficult to wash with hand washing. I don't want to run an electric dishwasher because of high electricity rates and the jars are nightmares to clean with hand washing. Additionally the jars are tiny little things so you might have to order more jars from the same maker. I am going to try to find canning jars (designed for easy cleaning) that will fit there, if not I imagine, I will just have to buy another yogurt maker as I want to heat a larger quantity of milk. You have to heat the milk in a saucepan to 110 degrees before you put it in the yogurt maker. So I do not recommend this yogurt maker if you are trying to save money. ...more info
  • great yogurts
    I bought this yogurt maker because I could not find plain yogurts I liked in stores (I am Italian and here in the US yogurts are so different from what I am used to). It is really easy to use and I got the "perfect" yogurt at the second trial!...more info
  • Awsome yogurt maker -- dishwasher safe jars.
    I had previously experimented with other yogurt makers. They all had drawbacks -- hard to clean, no automatic shutoff timer, complicated instructions, awkward shapes.

    I am more than happy with this yogurt maker. It takes up about the same cabinet space as a crock pot. It makes convenient batches of 1.25L. It makes yogurt in individual jars so re-culturing with the last jar is made easier. The jars are very sturdy (you'll think they're from the 50s) and dishwasher safe.

    Cons: Jars could be slightly larger (though they really help with portioning). Batches of yogurt use slightly less than half a gallon of milk, leaving just over a cup remaining.

    Neutral: Buy extra jars so you can have a batch going as soon as you near the end of your last batch....more info