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BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Phone, Black (T-Mobile)
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Product Description

Enjoy all the communication and connectivity features you've come to expect from a Blackberry phone--including email served up by the BlackBerry Internet Service and a full menu of messaging options (SMS, MMS, and IM)--in a new clamshell form factor. The Blackberry Flip from T-Mobile also brings support for T-Mobile's Hotspot @Home service, which enables you to make calls from the GSM cellular network and then seamlessly transfer them to your Wi-Fi network.

Quickly and accurately type messages thanks to the SureType enhanced predictive text typing technology.
The Blackberry Flip features the SureType hybrid alpha-numeric/QWERTY keyboard found on Blackberry Pearl phones, which makes typing messages and dialing numbers fast and easy. It also includes a 2-megapixel camera with video capture, Bluetooth for handsfree devices and stereo music streaming, microSD memory expansion (up to 16 GB), EDGE data connectivity, voice-activated dialing, and up to 4 hours of talk time.

T-Mobile Service
With T-Mobile HotSpot @Home service, you'll effortlessly transition between Wi-Fi calling and T-Mobile's wireless network while you talk. You can get unlimited nationwide calls over Wi-Fi--at home via your wireless router or at any U.S. T-Mobile HotSpot. You can also use the HotSpot @Home service via most open, or unsecured, wireless routers, as well as any secured wireless router for which you have access to the password from the owner. This phone is compatible with the 802.11b/g Wi-Fi standard as well as with Wi-Fi security protocols including WEP ,WPA and WPA2. Whenever you're not using a Wi-Fi network, this phone works just like a regular mobile phone, using your Whenever Minutes under your T-Mobile voice plan.

Additionally, this mobile phone operates on GSM 850/900/1800/1900 networks and can handle high-speed data connectivity via T-Mobile's EDGE network (which stands for "Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution"). This high-speed, mobile data and Internet access technology is fast enough to support a wide range of advanced data services (with average data speeds between 75-135Kbps), including full picture and video messaging, high-speed color Internet access, and email on the go.

This phone also includes compatibility with T-Mobile's myFaves service, which allows you to call up to five of your most common contacts--on any network, even landlines--without using any of your minutes. Learn more about myFaves from T-Mobile.

Download cool new games, HiFi Ringers (real songs by today's hottest artists), MegaTones (instrumental versions of songs), and wallpapers quickly, as well as stay connected via the Web, instant messaging, and email.

Phone Features
The BlackBerry Flip presents a sophisticated look with a sleek design and a chrome-finished frame surrounding its smooth, luminescent face. Weighing 3.6 ounces, the Flip has two light-sensing LCD screens--an internal 2.3-inch 65K-color screen (240 x 320-pixel resolution) and an external 65K-color screen with a 128 x 160-pixel resolution. The external LCD makes it easy to preview incoming emails, text messages and phone calls without opening the handset. It can also display currently playing music track information, and the screen darkens after a pre-assigned time-out duration. The phone has an internal 128 MB memory, which can be expanded via microSD/microSDHC memory cards up to 16 GB in size.

More than just an email companion, the Blackberry Flip also offers a media player, 2.0-megapixel camera, and Wi-Fi connectivity--compatible with T-Mobile's HotSpot @Home. See larger version.
Opening up the clamshell reveals the Blackberry Flip's unique alpha-numeric keypad, which has been brough over from Blackberry's popular Pearl models. Each button on the keypad shares two letters and the unit automatically determines which letter is the intended one based on what it predicts you are trying to spell. This unique predictive text technology, known as SureType, makes the Blackberry Flip's diminutive size possible. SureType also learns the words you use most often, further enhancing your typing speed.

With BlackBerry push technology, you don't need to retrieve your e-mail. BlackBerry devices are designed to remain on and continuously connected to the wireless network, allowing you to be discreetly notified as new e-mail arrives. Support is also built-in for viewing e-mail attachments (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, and PDF formats).

You'll be able to easily access up to 10 supported personal and work email accounts, send and receive text and instant messages, and connect on popular social networking sites with friends, family and co-workers. The DataViz Documents to Go software suite is also preloaded, allowing you to edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly on the handset. The BlackBerry Flip is supported on BlackBerry Internet Service, BlackBerry Unite!, BlackBerry Professional Software and BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which provides tight integration with corporate email systems.

Surf the Internet with the BlackBerry Browser, which includes a "Page View" option that displays a full web page on the screen along with a magnifying glass that allows the user to quickly and accurately point and zoom in on a specific area of the web page. It also provides quicker access to Bookmarks and History.

This phone provides Bluetooth version 2.0 wireless connectivity, and includes profiles for communication headset, handsfree car kits, audio/video remote control, and sending of vCard calendar and contact info. With the A2DP Bluetooth profile, you can stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones. With Voice Activated Dialing (VAD), you just say the word and the 8120 can initiate a call with anyone in your contact list. Plus, you can use VAD along with the built-in speakerphone or with a Bluetooth headset for hands-free dialing.

With an advanced media player for displaying pictures, listening to music and watching videos, the Flip is the perfect on-the-go entertainment center. Videos play smoothly on the large internal display, playlists can be managed directly on the handset, and there's an equalizer with 11 preset filters. The BlackBerry Flip also works with the new BlackBerry Media Sync application that makes it easy to sync iTunes digital music collections with the smartphone. It's compatible with a wide range of music file formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC/AAC+/eAAC+ and AMR-NB as well as MPEG4, WMV, and H.263 video clips.

The external screen displays incoming calls as well as currently playing music tracks and a clock when at rest. See larger version.
The 2-megapixel camera features a 5x digital zoom and flash as well as your choice of three picture sizes and qualities and white balance settings. You can also capture video clips in two formats--normal and small for sending via MMS.

Other features include:

  • Instant messaging via popular services including AOL, Yahoo!, Windows Live, Google Talk, and Blackberry Messenger
  • SMS text and MMS picture/video messaging
  • Support for IMAP/POP3, SMTP email
  • Integrates with an existing enterprise email account
  • Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g)
  • Support for AES or Triple DES encryption when integrated with BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • Ringtones: polyphonic, MIDI, and MP3
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Downloadable BlackBerry Maps application provides directions and maps while on the road.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Bluetooth version 2.0 with the following profiles: A2DP (stereo music streaming), AVRC (remote control), HFP (hands-free car kits), HSP (communication headsets), DUN (dial-up networking), PBA (transfer contacts)

Vital Statistics
The Blackberry Flip weighs 3.6 ounces and measures 2.0 x 3.9 x 0.7 inches. Its 900 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 4 hours of talk time, and up to 360 hours (15 days) of standby time. It runs on the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequencies as well as Wi-Fi 802.11b/g networks using the T-Mobile HotSpot @Home service.

  • Blackberry's first clamshell smartphone with dual LCD screens and SureType hybrid numeric/QWERTY keypad
  • Wi-Fi capabilities for T-Mobile's Hotspot @Home service for unlimited nationwide calls; compatible with T-Mobile's MyFaves service
  • Connect with up to 10 personal and work email accounts; 2.0-megapixel camera; Bluetooth stereo music; MicroSD memory expansion up to 16 GB
  • Up to 4 hours of talk time, up to 360 hours (15 days) of standby time
  • Includes: handset, battery, charger, wired stereo handsfree headset, USB cable, Blackberry Desktop software, 256 MB MicroSD memory card, quick start guide

Customer Reviews:

  • Didn't like it - returned this phone.
    I had high hopes when I ordered this phone - but didn't like it once it arrived and ended up returning it.

    It's an attractive phone - I got the red one - very nice. It feels great in the hand and the flip is nice. Beyond that, I don't have a lot of good things to say.

    It really falls down on some of the most basic functionality. It takes FOREVER to turn on or off. There's no indicator to tell if the phone is charging or fully charged when you plug it in to the AC.

    The menu was not intuitive and it was difficult to find things. There are no softkeys so you use the roller ball for everything which gets pretty annoying to the thumb after awhile - my thumb would feel itchy and I keep having to take a break. Also, when you depress the roller ball to select something it often hops up or down and selects the wrong option. It would just be a lot nicer to just be able to push an up or down button. It'd be fine if it was just one option to navigate around.

    I never got used to the typing method by the time I returned it - I suppose one would - but I found it very annoying. I never could figure out how to change the setting to tap typing.

    The display is bright and vibrant - if it had better menus I think I would have really enjoyed that.

    The user manual (available only on CD, not paper) wasn't very helpful. Whenever I looked up something I was trying to figure out - it didn't have the info. I bought my phone from t-mobile - not amazon - so I called them with questions a few times. T-mobile has fantasticly nice customer service - but even so, the service reps I talked to had no idea how to use this phone either - they's just make guesses - which were generally no better than my guesses - pretty frustrating....more info
  • not a business phone
    I upgraded from 7100 to 8220, I can summarize the great options as follows:

    Miner options
    VERY slow when placing a call, the tone comes after the number appears on screen.
    VERT slow when using on line browser
    Generally it is a slow OS.
    VERY sensitive it powers down any time, some times when I click it on my holster or while on the meddle of a call.
    Address book screen change to calling log screen buy it self when you ready to place a call.
    Camera sound can not be muted
    Blue tooth has so many restrictions, for example can not communicate with my HP IPAQ
    And many more

    Great options:
    Auto self power down, this great tool powers down and restart by it self even in the meddle of phone call also as a black berry, it takes Only 5 minutes to come back to life.
    Auto drop down calls (it is a great option when you have unwanted long call) could happened up to ONLY 3 times per call even after updating the firmware.

    T mobile worked hard to replace the 1st one, now I have the same problems with the 2nd one,
    Now they will replace the battery.

    Every time calling T mobile, I spend around one hour troubleshoot the same garbage and looks like I have to replace it with another brand or another model.

    This is very disappointing, frustrating and time waster type of crappy phone.
    ...more info
  • Intuitive (for the most part) from a first time Blackberry user's perspective
    First of all, I must make it clear that this is the first Blackberry I have ever owned. I chose this phone because of the features it offered compared to other phones Tmobile had to offer (i.e. flip, external screen, camera, etc.) and it just happened to be a Blackberry. I absolutely love it! I'm really surprised at how the reviews are all over the board. I don't have the problems that seem to be the major cause of 1-star reviews, such as pathetic battery life, or slow response time, so it's possible they just got a lemon. Anyhow, this phone has a lot of nifty features. It takes some getting used to compared to "traditional" flip phones, but overall I would recommend it. The suretype was so annoying at first, until my husband showed me how to do it.

    I didn't get a full manual with my phone, so I haven't figured out how to chang icons and move apps around (like making the my faves circle the number one icon instead of the messages icon) and some other stuff. One really awesome feature is the ability to upload songs (full songs, too!) onto your phone, and then use them for ringtones. Saves me a couple of bucks a month over my old phones!

    I recommend getting a) screen protectors and b) a case to help with the finger print smudges and to prevent damage. The opening mechanism is a little bit different on this phone than other flip phones but it's neither better nor worse. It just is. The camera is pretty high quality (but gets blurry easily). The trackball is super easy to use, and is definitely one of my favorite features. Once you figure out the nuances, you'll learn to love it!...more info
  • Perfect for Me- Maybe Not for Everyone
    So Ive had the Curve 8330. Ive had the Storm. Ive had a pearl. Compared to all of those, this one is definitely my favorite.
    Im not a hardcore business person- Im a college student who does a ton of freelance work so I need something to keep me organized.

    I really like the fact that this is a flip phone. You dont look like a tool with your huge candybar smartphone or pda, but you still get all the functionality. You dont have to worry about the screen getting scratched when you drop it into your bag. You cant "butt dial." All of those things are important to me.

    Next, if you are comparing this phone to all the other blackberries this will not surpass any of them. The interface is slightly more laggy than most others. Its definitely not the powerhouse that some of the others are. If you want to spend all day watching music videos on your phone get a storm or an iphone.
    If you're comparing this phone to other non-=blackberries, it blows them out of the water. All of them. (Okay, maybe not the G1 or iphone- but any feature phone and any phone running windows mobile- blech.)

    Th camera is better than the old curves- almost as good as the storm- I was really impressed.

    It has a 3.5 mm headset jack- super important to me. It alsdo has a micro usb charger so while it may not be the standard USB charger you are used to, it is becoming the new standard and is NOT phone specific (my husband has an EnV2 and we share the car charger).

    Finally, I just switched from Verizon, which I have had for the past three years. It feels amazing. T Mobile is MUCH more affordable (for the same services), doesnt require a data plan for all smartphones, and doesnt disable wifi on every phone. AMAZING.

    I made the decision to switch from verizon and could have bought the new curve, the bold, or any other phone and Im happy a hundred times over that I chose this one....more info
  • Wi-Fi dropped call
    I purchased this for the wi-fi capability, which gives me unlimited free t-mobile minutes at home based on the calls going thru the internet instead of the cell towers. Liked the phone and styling, but the dropped calls were a deal breaker since it is my business phone. Swapped it out for another of the same model, and had the same problem. Have been using a samsung t339 with wi-fi for about a week now with no issues....more info
  • Best non-blackberry looking blackberry
    When looking for a way to move away from AT&T's crappy service at my home, I discovered this Blackberry Flip at a local bestbuy which was going for free with 2 yr contract sign up. The phone felt so good in my hand that immediately bought the phone. After 18 days of use, I am writing this review- and I am still impressed with my first blackberry. I do not have data service from T-mobile or RIM but I can pretty much do anything I like to do online from my phone- because of built in wi-fi (802.11b/g, WEP/WPA). the call quality is best I have ever heard in a cellphone so is the speakerphone. Without charging I can use the phone for couple of days with moderate use of wi-fi for browsing. Only drawback so far is the long reboot time if battery is removed. BTW, local T-mobile stores does not make it mandatory to get a data plan with this purchase, unlike Amazon....more info
  • Very nice smart phone on the cheap
    Let me start off by saying that one of the reasons I'm giving this phone 5 stars is because I got it for $30 at Costco on a new 2 year T-Mobile contract. Second thing: I really wanted an iPhone (still do) but after carefully reviewing how much my family plan from AT&T was going to cost vs. T-mobile, I decided to go with this phone.

    I had never owned a BB before getting the Pearl Flip, and was pretty sure I wouldn't like it after reading these reviews. To my surprise, I really, really enjoy using it.

    Good things:
    - Good, solid phone (reception, sound, call software, etc.)
    - I thought I would not like the UI + trackball (I crave the touch screen) but you can tell BB has put 1,000,000s of cumulative hours into this design. I really like the trackball action.
    - Bonus: really fine MP3 player (3.5 headphone jack (yes!), excellent sound (better than my son's iPod Touch IMO), very good software)
    - Texting on this keyboard is very easy once you get the hang of it (took me ~ 2 days)
    - Surprisingly solid video player. I rip content from DVDs using HandBrake on my iMac then transfer them to the SD card)
    - Overall fast response from the OS. I have *not* experienced bug-i-ness with this phone. Not with the browser, email client, contacts, nothin'
    - Love the size & the flip. Goes in my pocket easy and I don't worry about scratches.
    - Screen though small-ish, is beautiful in terms of color & brightness
    - WiFi works exceedingly well (good range, no bugs)
    - T-Mobile is cheap compared to nasty AT&T contract monthly cost (my family plan + extras is $25 cheaper than AT&T) though I'd have 3G with AT&T
    - Email support is just plain sweet
    - Google mobile apps rock (maps is the best - even using only cell tower triangulation)

    Mediocre things:
    - Edge only
    - Browser is somewhat lousy compared to Safari on iPhone. Not unusable though.
    - Browser via edge is meh (though mobile-oriented web sites work pretty well) - I use Opera Mini when using WiFi and that's actually a pretty darn good browser experience
    - Some video gets choppy if you don't compress it down well. Once compressed correctly however, it works well.
    - Camera is not great, even for a 2MP smartphone

    Bad things:
    - No 3G
    - No GPS
    - Very smudge-y

    Summary: I would fight someone who tried to take this phone. Total fisticuffs. For the price it's darn nice comms device. I'm not gettin' the harsh reviews left by some others. I wonder if an OS patch had fixed some bugs before I got it....more info
  • Best BlackBerry yet!
    I have owned two Microsoft-based software smartphones both of which were living nightmares - software would freeze, phones broke. Hell on earth. Never again.

    I have had two other BlackBerries. The orginal one with the side track wheel I never liked due to its ergonomic limitations, even though it did work reliably. I also had the 8830 World Edition which was a great phone, but I accidentally killed it - may it rest in peace.

    The flipphone 8230 is a tremendous improvement over all previous efforts. The display is almost HD quality - it is small, but very legible. The SureType system puts two letters on each key and does take getting used to. Putting two letters on each key allows the keys to be fairly large enabling you to type faster than you could using the QWERTY keyboard on a traditional BlackBerry. The system is supposed to intuitively "guess" what letter you meant to type based on context. It actually works!! The secret is to not look at the text as you type - it will just confuse you. Type away and don't look at the screen until you finish the sentence. Then look. You will be amazed. You do have the option to turn off the SureType and use the single tap/double tap method if you prefer. Another advantage of this system is that the numeric keys are absolutely huge by BlackBerry standards - you can enter a telephone number as accurately and quickly as if you were using a regular phone.

    The 8230 has a micro-SD card for your music and photos. The camera is of modest quality. The browser is a tad slow. After four other smart phones, this is far and away the best. If you've never used a smartphone before, you might find it challenging to use at first. But if you have had a smartphone, I'm sure you will love this one. The phone is not perfect, but it is awfully good!...more info
  • I Love The Pearl Flip
    This is my first Blackberry phone, so I don't have anything to compare it to except the standard cell phone that I had previously, which was a Sony Ericson (great phone also by the way).

    There are some real drawbacks with this phone, such as the limited Edge Network, which definitely doesn't compete with the T-Mobile's standard network as far as coverage. I deducted one star for this, because this is an area of weakness that should be improved. That is really the one thing I wish I was different, but the benefits of this phone far outweigh that drawback. To be fair, I've talked to people with other Blackberries and this is a problem with the Blackberry network, not this particular phone.

    Why I love this phone:
    1) The phone is beautiful, thin and light.
    2) The screen on the outside and inside show a vibrant high resolution image.
    3) The phone come with a sync cable so you can easily sync you contacts, schedule as well as load music from your I-Tunes!
    4) The speaker phone is phenomenal!!! The sound is CLEAR and LOUD. I don't really like to be holding a phone up to my ear all the time or have a bluetooth hanging on my ear. I don't even use my bluetooth usually in the car, but instead put the phone on speaker and slip half the phone in the visor. I work at home so I can easily speak with clients on speaker.
    5) This is the only qwerty phone I know of that comes in a compact flip size.
    6) Picture quality is great and I comes with a flash.
    7) The phone plays stereo sound from the music library you can upload to the phone through the included headphones.
    8) It's a Blackberry, so the features on the phone are impressive.
    9) You can save battery life by programming the phone to go to sleep at night. I programmed mine to powers off at 11PM and back on at 6:30AM.
    10) ***Now for the #1 reason I love this phone...drum roll please...WiFi network calling. For an extra $10 per month, you can have unlimited calling as long as you are in a WiFi area. I'm able to work from home and call clients all around the county though my WiFi system all day with no deduction from my minutes. The calls are crystal clear and I can take calls from my clients without ever worrying about my minutes. This represents a huge savings and convenience...absolute gold! Even the iPhone with all it's bells and whistles doesn't offer this.

    I've had the phone for about two months now and it's been wonderful. I think the best thing I can say is the decision to buy this phone should be based on your lifestyle. For me, this is the best phone I could have bought.
    ...more info
  • Perfect Phone!
    My last phone was Blackberry Pearl so upgrading to a Blackberry Pearl Flip isn't a big thing but so far the phone has been so satisfying!

    The weight is heavier than the regular Pearl but also look much classier. The buttons are bigger and WAY easier to type! You do not need the full QWERTY key board like those Curve or Bold series (which comes out too small to press without any mistakes anyway) with the 'Sure Type' function that comes with Pearl which help you texting very fast.

    Read the product summary and you'll see, this phone includes EVERYTHING you need! and I love it!

    ...more info
  • Don't buy it
    I bought this phone for 4 days and returned. As some reviews you can see here, I just wanna add that the battery doesn't enough for 1 day working or you have to charge it twice. It's ridiculous. Go with other not this one. Actually, I don't really like flip phone. ...more info
  • Disappointing
    I urged my wife to buy the new BB Pearl Flip phone.
    Nothing but frustration--will not hold a charge,and seemingly turns itself off or on at random times. Often proved very difficult to startup--would hourglass like crazy for long periods.

    Too bad, because the design is quite thoughtful and attractive. So I gave it one star for design as a courtesy--the phone itself is a turkey.

    My wife took the phone back to T-Mobile and exchanged it for a simpler phone....more info
  • Don't buy your phone from Amazon
    I was so excited to receive this phone. I love flip phones and thought that the features would suit my lifestyle well. So I was excited when the package arrived in the mail. I opened it only to find that the interior box that held the phone had a broken seal. Additionally the sim chip was snapped out and the phone had scratches on it. I had ordered this phone NEW and what arrived was someone else's problem. Then the long part of the story begins. I have had 8 and counting calls to Amazon. The first three were trying to get them to send me a UPS label because I refused to send the phone back on my dime (they said they would reimburse me but after the fact but I did not believe them). I waited Monday for my second phone that never came. It took a full 24 hourse for them to figure out why that happened. Now my second phone is completely out of my shopping cart and I am waiting for the phone department to do their magic. I have been waiting soon to be 2 weeks for this phone and hours of headaches. I almost don't want it anymore.

    Better to buy a phone in person.

    I wish I were writing a review of this phone.........more info
  • Absolutely the worst "phone" in the world
    If I could give this phone a minus rating, I would. This "THING FROM HELL" doesn't work as a basic phone. It is extremely difficult to make a simple phone call out. The keyboard responds WAY TOO SLOW, then misdials the numbers...and if you slow down, the phone numbers turn into letters and you have to start over. I'm on my 3rd phone, have the latest software, and they ALL do this. Doesn't anyone notice????? It also has bad coverage. I can't make phone calls in many of the places that I used to have coverage with my Nokia.
    I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to smash this phone with a hammer. (I just don't want to scratch my hammer.) ...more info
  • worth the upgrade from the pearl 8100
    I upgraded to the flip from the blackberry pearl 8100, which I used for 2 years. After reading a lot of lukewarm and in my opinion, nit-picking reviews on the flip, I bought this phone anyway, and I'm pretty happy with it. I think this is an excellent phone which no one is buying. I upgraded because I had problems with the 8100 trackball, which would pick up a lot of dirt and become unresponsive. Also, I wanted to take advantage of the new blackberry features, such as wi-fi calling, great looking new OS, expandable microSD memory, and 3.5 mm headphone jack, which let me use this relatively small blackberry as my smartphone and mp3 player. Great email control, document editing, functional "leisure" features and small form factor made this the optimum choice for me above phones that were larger (Bold) or were lacking in email capabilities (iPhone). Are there things I wish were better? Sure (web browsing is slow, though better on wi-fi and for playing around it doesn't compare to the iPhone, par for the course with RIM), but overall, this phone has been underappreciated and its "lagginess" has been overstated. Finally, it looks pretty slick--I like the clock that appears on the external screen as well as the ability to preview messages without opening the phone. ...more info
  • Great Phone
    First things first it IS a blackberry and it IS a full blown smart phone.

    If you experience any issues, chances are you have a defective device. get it replaced.

    It has WiFi, MP3/Video Player(roxio media sync), sms/mms, e-mail(bb signature push), IM (aim,yahoo,gtalk,icq,BBmessenger preloaded), facebook, Full HTML web browser(loads quick, but renders slowly - i advise browsing mobile/wap sites or use yahoo mobile search engine) 2 Megapixel Cam with Flash... and I'm sure I forgot a few.

    [...]...more info
  • Very good flip phone with lots of features
    I've been using my new Blackberry 8220 flip phone for about a week now. Here are my impressions about this phone... the pros and cons. Keep in mind that this is my first Blackberry phone, so I do not review it in comparison to any other blackberry. Instead, I compare it to other flip phones I've had. My last flip phone was the Motorola KRZR K1. This phone eats it up, and spits it out.


    -Call quality: sound quality while making and receiving calls are good. There doesn't seem to be a difference in quality between making a wifi call or network phone call (see wifi)

    - Wifi: This phone has a built in wifi receiver. This means that if you have a wifi connection at home (or any unsecured wifi signal) you can browse the web with this phone (for free). The pre-installed t-mobile browser is lame (it doesn't let you browse any website you want unless you sign up for the data plan). Download the free browser "Opera" for this phone, and you can cruise any website you want.

    -Wifi calling: When you are connected to a strong wifi signal... you can make calls over the wifi connection, thereby not using up your minutes on your plan... very cool!

    -web browsing: Web browsing is as good as it gets on a 240 x 320 resolution screen. Again, I recommend downloading a free copy of the Opera browser. When used with a fast wifi connection, loading time for pages is surprisingly fast.

    -Built in mp3 player: The mp3 player works well and sounds good, but the layout/interface could be better. (tip: use button #4,#6 to skip songs instead of using trackball) For example, when the phone is closed... you can only access volume controls. The built in standard 3.5mm headphone jack is fantastic, though! All phones should have this... I absolutely love not having to carry around an annoying adapter just to listen to my music in the car or over headphones. It's also cool that it has the ability to display album artwork :) This phone comes with a handsfree headset/stereo headphone... very cool! The included headphones sound surprisingly good too... about as good as a typical $30 set of Sony headphones.

    -Screen: The screen is small but gorgeous... colors look saturated and images look very sharp.

    -Camera: For a 2 megapixel camera... it works well and does a good job of automatically adjusting shutter and exposure. Color saturation and contrast could be better, though. Even on the highest resolution... images lack high contrast and sharpness. Built in flash is a nice extra.

    -mp3 ringers - I really love the fact that you can use any mp3/sound file as a ring-tone, alarm tone, alert tone... etc.

    -Texting: At first, I really hated the button configuration for texting. It's totally different from most phones. But once you get used to it, texting on this phone works very well and the intelligent word suggestions are pretty good at guessing what word you're typing. The ability to add your own words to the custom library is great, too. I love that when a text messagecomes, you can preview the first few lines of the on the front screen... very useful! Also, there are special status lights on the front of the phone that blinks Red on the front of the phone when you have an unread text.

    -Picture texting: Photo texting seems to work relatively well, but the only limitation is that you can only add a few words of text along with the image. I'm not sure if this is a limitation of the 'mms message system' or phone.

    -expandable mini-SD/mini-SDHC. This is awesome for storing tons of images and music for the mp3 player... very cool! Right now, you can expand it up to a 16GB micro SDHC card and essentially have a 16gb Mp3 player in addition to a phone.


    -Battery Life: Sadly, the battery does not seem to last very long... even when the phone is only used for texting. For example, I noticed that the battery drained down to about 40% capacity from just one day of texting (no phone calls). To be fair, I do text a lot in one day (perhaps 50 a day?) Sadly it's a phone you'll probably have to charge every day even if you don't use it very often throughout the course of your day. If you're listening Blackberry, please release a Hi-capacity battery for this phone!

    -Non-standard USB connector: I don't like that it has a non-standard usb connection. If you loose the cable, you'll have to get one especially made for the blackberry. They could have easily made it the standard min-usb to USB connection (but they didn't... GRrr!) Oh well, at least they got the standard 3.5mm headphone jack right.

    - The whole phone is very prone to fingerprint smudging... so it ends up looking oily and kinda gross, if not cleaned like... everyday.

    Conclusion: The positive features greatly outweigh the few negative things about this phone. This phone has an impressive array of features... considering how small the device is. It's really a tiny computer in addition to a phone, and it does most things pretty darn well. If you're into flip phones, and want one that does more than probably any other one out there...then this one may be the phone for you. I just wish that the battery on this baby lasted longer! Oh well, even tiny computers take lots of juice I guess :)

    Fun tip: You can get the game Pac-man for this phone for free online :)
    ...more info
  • Blackberry or Dingleberry ?
    I had high hopes for this phone from T-Mobile, but boy was I disappointed. It's like...where do I start...first off the rollerball navigation tool is a disaster, as one reviewer already said, it's so easy to select something and as you push the button it rolls to the next option, rather than the one you wanted.
    Just to get to your address book, you have to select contacts, then find the person you want and then use the rollerball to hopefully click and call the right person ! Menu wise, it's a nightmare to find what you want, 9 times out of 10 what you want is hidden away in some obscure menu and takes forever to find.
    As for the typewriter keyboard, I hate it...especially if you are calling say 1-800 COMCAST or anything with letters for numerals, because the keyboard is different from any other phone (QWERT), you can't use letters to dial. I also can't get used to texting.
    Battery life - forget it, mine was on charge all night, I have made say four 15 minute calls this morning and already it's getting low. T-Mobile's website is way off on what they say regarding this.
    So DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE, they should rename it 'The Dingleberry' for obvious reasons !!...more info
  • RIM' latest Wreack. The Blackberry Flop.
    T-mobile's Blackberry support has always been terrific, but even their help can't salvage this wreck from RIM. I HAVE USED BLACKBERRIES FOR A DECADE, I'VE EVEN SUPPORTED BLACKBERRY ENTERPRISE SERVERS. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN THE PRODUCT! First, absolutely the worst battery life in ANY cell phone or handhold device I have ever had. T-Mobile replaced the battery and still the battery wouldn't stay charged for a day. Doesn't even bother to give any type of low battery warning. What a nice feature. Second, with the battery drained you can't place a call even if its plugged into the charger. Need to call 911? Sorry, your out of luck until the battery gets a partial charge, 15 or 20 minutes minimum. Terrible operating system, takes almost two minutes from starting with a fresh battery until a call can be placed. Even then, at least one out of every three calls would fail, even with a perfect connection to both Wi-Fi and T-Mobile network. Again, need to call 911? Sorry, out of luck. Third, even when sitting right next to my router if couldn't connect to a single web page. The review in PC Magazine said it had problems rendering many Java sites, I wish I could have gotten that far. Finally, are you proficient at using a Blackberry from years of using other models? Sorry, time to learn almost everything over again. Menus and features are just moved and renamed haphazardly with no logic. The "auto word complete" feature appears on some applications and not others, most of the time its a pain and there's no apparant way to turn it off. Even T-Mobile's excellent technical staff is baffled at how to manage many of this phones alleged "features". All they could do is give me RIM's support number. Sorry, but if T-Mobile tech support doesn't know the answer then RIM has simply made the device too difficult if not impossible for even an above average. A detailed printed manual would be nice, its useless trying read a CD in the car. I'd comment on its Bluetooth cabilities, but couldn't even get that to connect to three XP/Vista laptops or even an iMac. So I'm flipping this one back to you T-Mobile and going back to a standard Blackberry. Shame on you RIM, this is the worse Blackberry product I've ever run into. Between the Flip and Touch does RIM test anything anymore or are they just slapping hardware and software together and tossing it on the loading dock....more info
  • Pleased pleased pleased
    I have had the phone for approximately one month and I love it. It took me a while to figure out all the features but now that I have the hang of it, I can't believe I ever lived without this phone. I am more than pleased, I am happy with this purchase....more info
  • Bad WiFi and battery
    Well, I had this phone for 4 days, I was love it in the begining but then th problem comming.
    The good: Its a nice looking phone, you have big screen LCD (but you can post any picture on the external LCD at all ). you can us all your mp3 song for your ringtone and alarm.
    The bad: the battery can not stad for 1 day. I only make 4 call after I fully charged my battery then its gone. The other problem with this phone is can not get on WiFi at all. I even go to the store and exchange one for my WiFi but still can not get on, the customer service said maybe the ATT 2 wire just not good for this phone to conect WiFi. Finaly, the external LCD will just go blank on me without any clock only alarm on it, does not matter how I do cant change it back until the second the alarm go off then its return back to my clock on my external LCD.
    Anyway, I return my phone to t-mobile and get a t-mobile shadow 2. I love its battery can hold for 7 hrs talk , I can play my music,use my own mp3 for ringtone and alarm and do WiFi at home. By the way finaly I can custome my own picture on my LCD too ^0^. Good luck to you. ...more info
  • I Love T-Mobile and This Phone
    Ok to start off I'm coming from verizon who I absolutely despise. Tmobile's service is just as good as verizon and their plans are considerably cheaper. Sure verizon just starting offering the fav 5 program but you have to have a $90 service plan to get it!

    I gave this phone four stars because what is noted in previous reviews
    * How the hell am I supposed to dial 1800pickups!
    * The only other negative is the sluggish keyboard. I don't get it the processor speed is the exact same as the 8120 which is 312mhz, but this one lags. Hopefully an update or something will fix this problem, and yes I close Everything!

    Still with those cons aside I do love this phone small and compact, but most of all it fits my face perfectly and the calls are crystal clear! I mainly buy bar phones but this one just made me love the flip. I would definitely buy it again....more info
  • Please read below on how to make your phone faster
    Hi. Bit of a story here.

    When I got this device, it was awesome: quick, responsive, good battery life, the works. The only weird thing is that Suretype doesn't always get the correct short word. (when i type "hey", i get "get", which uses the same keys, for example)

    Then, as time went by, i noticed this thing slowing down. Molasses slow. press a key and wait 3 seconds for it to respond slow.

    I was very close to returning this phone, because the battery life had dropped as well. It was running out of juice in 12 hours, when the specs said it should last days in standby mode.

    But then, I went to a T-Mobile store and told them about the issues.

    They told me something that's mentioned on page 220 of the manual. It's in the troubleshooting section that talks about optimizing device performance.

    The following steps improve battery life, AND response time.

    1 is to close all applications when you're not using them. By close, it does not mean just pressing the red button used to end calls. That takes you back to the main menu, but leaves the application running in the background.

    If an application (app) is left running in the background, the phone is still keeping the thing open, and computing power is used by the application.

    Closing an app can usually be done in 1 of 2 ways (at least, these 2 ways take care of all the apps I've used)

    1 - press the back button (the button right below the red end-call button)

    2 - press the application menu key (the button with the blackberry logo below the green send-call key), and choose an option that says "close", or "End application" or whatever

    I hope that helps those of you that have issues with the phone's lack of speed and low battery life.

    Also, the rep mentioned one more thing about battery life.

    If you're using a wi-fi unlimited plan, that uses something called UMA. UMA apparently sucks the battery dry more quickly. so she said when you're not near your wifi network (my network is at home, for instance), turn the Wi-fi calling off, and battery life will improve a lot.

    This phone is great!

    EDIT: I tried leaving the Wi-Fi connectivity on. It turns out that it doesn't drain the battery any faster than with the Wi-Fi connectivity off. At least, not that I can notice. It's been on for a full day, and has lost less than 1/3 of its charge. So I'd leave it on if you use it.

    ...more info
  • 8220 Review
    I start by saying the last cell phone i owned was a motorola startac.
    I was hoping someone would add a review of this phone before i bought it.
    But no luck. So far i have been very impressed. the suretype takes some getting use to, and sometimes i think it would be faster to just use multi tap mode. the features are nice and the the phone is very customizeable. (changing wallpaper, icons, mving icons etc.) The web browser works very well. I have many wi-fi connections around me but they are locked systems so i changed the settings to detect mobile first. it goes much faster. it lacks a gps system. maps are available but it doesn't show you where you are. i got the browser/e-mail option and mapquest is available through that. storage is expandable to 16gb but i have only found 8gb cards. the simple word,excel,ppt are nice features. the screen does well for it's size while using those. the browser zoom in feature comes in very handy. The camera is a nice extra. Extra being the key word. I'm used to digital slr and 8mp so 2mp is just an extra to me. works well for it's size though. the roller ball seems "cheap" but i'm a guy and like things "tough". the phone comes with a 256mb card. recommend getting bigger. that's just not enough to hold music and documents. The speakers are loud. very impressive. voice dialing tries to make a good go of it. it takes some getting used to though if your not used to speaking clearly and slowly. I've had the phone for only two weeks now but sure am enjoying figuring out what all it can do. I have only been disappointed in the fact that the screen could have been made bigger given the size of the flip and space available. but i guess they needed room to show the blackberry logo and the t-mobile logo. the contact book is very impressive. you can add more information about someone than you care to know i think. over all it seems like a good smart phone with key features that you'll actually use rather than wonder why they are there. i'm still looking for a compatible e-reader for .pdb files though. hope this review helps. ps, haven't had problems with the battery either....more info