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Petmate Le Bistro Feeder with Microban
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Product Description

The Petmate Le Bistro Feeder, automatic feeding with flair! Tough plastic base holds food reservoir for food "on demand." Supplies pet with food while owners are away. Please be sure someone still visits your pet daily! Black feeder with translucent blue food bin.

  • Automatic feeding
  • Food "on demand"
  • Pets get fed while owners are away
  • Tough plastic

Customer Reviews:

  • Le Bistro Overflow Cat Waterer
    This is the worst idea I think I have ever had. I bought this because my cat loves to drink fresh water. It was a horrible mistake. She also likes to clean her paws in the water and whenever she would do this, the waterer would overflow all over the floor. Please keep in mind that this item is CHEAP. You do get your monies worth (and that ain't sayin' much). For the record, I do use the feeder all the time and it works fine. But, buyer beware of the waterer (unless you like a soggy rug)....more info
  • Very Good for the Price
    I own both the feeder and the waterer. The feeder was an excellent idea because cats "usually" don't over eat. It was great until I got a cat who thought it was meal time whenever she passes it. She gained ten pounds! We had to stop using it. We are still using the waterer. It's good to know that our two cats can have fresh water whenever they want it. I change the water about ever four to five days. You do need to have pretty good hand/eye coordination when you are putting the full jug on the base. It is like trying to replace the jug on a water cooler, but on a smaller scale. ...more info
  • Works good.
    These work ok. The only problem I have is that they fall apart if you don't pick them up from the bottom or if it gets knocked over. Food goes EVERYWHERE (though the dog and my 2yo thoroughly enjoy it). The other thing is that the food doesn't move down on its own. I have to go by every day and shake them down with my foot. Not a big deal and much better than having to feed everyday....more info
  • Nothing special...
    Not mechanically outstanding or amazing...but it does the job. I must warn you, it does not limit the amount your cat/cats imbibe so gorging is a possibility for those of you who monitor and/or feed your felines the "correct" amount based on their size, age and weight but for a two to four day excursion away from your pets, this is an excellent buy for an excellent value!...more info
  • what you see is not what you get
    Unlike the photo attached to this item, you will only get one of the feeders shown; the one for dry food. I had to order the water feeder separately and pay additional shipping. ...more info
  • Happy cats
    Works great does have one flaw the food doesnt move down into the dish very well needs to have a bit more of an incline to it. Still able to reach food though. ...more info