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Case Logic E-Sling - Large
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Product Description

Colored internal lining allows you to see what's in your bag.

  • Portable electronics sling designed and sized for avid e-gear addicts to store their compact electronics
  • Magnetic flap closure provides instant access to the electronics and accessories that keep you in touch, informed and living the e-friendly life
  • Empty your pockets- stores your mini laptop, netbook, iPod, Blackberry, cell phone, chargers, USB, GPS, sunglasses, keys, business cards and more
  • Padded, felt-lined computer compartment holds most 7-12 mini laptops and netbooks (internal laptop dimensions 11.8 x 9.1 x 1.3
  • Discreet hand strap built into the adjustable shoulder strap

Customer Reviews:

  • Super Carryon for all those Personal Electronics
    This came in the mail the other day and I looked up to see a friend looking at with lust in her eyes. She has a mild case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that involves putting things in things. We used to meet in her kitchen and I have watcher her put two cookies in their own tiny little container so she could put them away in the cabinet. Me, I would have just eaten them! However she really took to this Messenger eSling.

    Anyway we started examining the bag. It's well made. I've bought a number of items from Caselogic and never had a problem with stitching or zippers breaking. It's absolutely perfect to slide in my Samsung Netbook]with a pocket for the adapter. It can also hold the [[ASIN:B001MLZKAQ Samsung External Slim USB and a [[ASIN:B001HSOFI2 Flip Mino HD Camcorderand their attendant cords I carry on trips.

    While I haven't flown anywhere since I received it, I did have to take a car trip and it was wonderful to have all this stuff in one place-- at least when I start out.

    Enthusiastic 2 thumbs up....more info
  • better than average; you get what you paid for
    Quality: I have used Caselogic storage solutions for a number of years. Back then it was CD/CDR sleeves and storage, later laptop cases, and these days "netbook" bags. It is a very consistent brand and I can recommend its products given the affordable price. However, I do note that you get what you paid for and it can be troublesome to buy their stuff online due to their quality control. For instance, the review bag I received have over several inches of bad stitching (where one strand of a double stitch is not even on the fabric) and one of the padding "sponges" is clearly misplaced during the assembly. None of these really affects the everyday use of the bag, but I surely won't accept this if this were for work use and I would have definitely exchanged it if it were not a review unit. One star off due to the QC.

    The bag itself: On the positive side, the bag is light enough when it is empty. This is a primary concern for me when it comes to carrying a netbook. (What's the point of having a heavy bag to carry a lightweight computer?) The actual computer chamber is quite small but large enough for all subnotebooks such as my EeePC. OTOH, my ThinkPad x41 Tablet with extended battery does not fit because of the battery. The organization of pockets in the front seem logical and can be quite useful, and I also appreciate the felt-lining that helps to minimize scratching. On the negative side, I must say I don't like any flap-based messenger bag because the flap is always in the way when I try to access anything quickly. This bag is particularly problematic because of its aspect ratio: the flap is actually longer than its width. I also noted that while the strap has an innovative feature where a handle is built-in, I feel that the strap material does not seem very durable to me. (Will have to see... only have it for a week.)

    The bottomline is if you can buy and check the bag in person and if you like flap bags, it can be a great deal....more info
  • Cheap and you get what you pay for: "Cardboard" bag....
    I initially ordered this through the Amazon Vine program but they sent me the wrong bag instead. Because I really needed this, I ended up buying it myself.

    I had higher expectations. I already own another Caselogic bag and after a while (less than a year) the zipper broke. Since I have similar zipper issues with my expensive Logitech Kinetik case, I don't fault Caselogic that much since seems to be an industry standard to manufacture bags that will not last too long.

    Back to the sling bag XNTM-4, since I received it I was not 100% happy with it especially because of the padding. It does not have a lot of it unfortunately. Besides the padding, I don't like the shoulder strap. It cannot be replaced and it is just a plain strap with no padding for the shoulder. The shoulder padding might not be such a terrible thing because the bag should not get too heavy but I can see how without padding, it can slide off your shoulder if you are not paying attention since it is made of a silky material.

    Even with these flaws, I would rate this 3-4 stars but unfortunately, this morning, after I used this for 2 days I noticed that the strap threads are pulling out in 2 locations. In a couple of weeks they will be worse and in a couple of months the bag will be in the garbage.

    My walk in closet is full of similar "cardboard" bags and backpacks that have similar issues. I am sick and tired of cheap merchandise that seems to be made to be used twice.

    This one goes back to Amazon and from there hopefully to CaseLogic.
    ...more info
  • Awesome little bag
    Well, for starters I was surprised at the amount of stuff I could fit in this bag. Second, I like the fact that the bag is not bulky and you carry this everywhere you go without it being intrusive. If I were to need a second one of these I would not hesitate to buy once again...more info
  • Great case for Netbook
    This is a great case for a netbook or a small laptop. Plenty of room for cords, mouse, etc. Shoulder cord long enough to put over your head and carry over your shoulder and at your side. Flap covers zippers and pockets for extra security. I recommend this....more info
  • Ordered the CaseLogic XNTM-4 eSling But Incorrectly Received The CaseLogic XNSLR-6 Camera Case!
    Unfortunately, I can't review the CaseLogic XNTM-eSling since Amazon Vine incorrectly sent me the CaseLogic XNSLR-6 Camera Case. The eSling seems like it would be the perfect item to facilitate carrying all of my portable e-gear conveniently (eg.netbook, iPod, digital camera, cell phone, etc.). I sent Vine Support three emails to try to rectify this error but have yet to be responded to. The CaseLogic camera bag I did receive seems like it is a very good bag for SLR enthusiasts, as it has several well-padded compartments for the SLR, a few lenses, a flash, etc. Further, it includes alternative straps so that you can use it as a backpack or you can carry it by hand. The one drawback to the camera case is that it is a bit on the heavy side even without any camera gear in it....more info
  • Great for carrying lots of stuff, but a little too large for small netbooks
    The Caselogic XNTM-4 Messenger eSling is pitched as being good for "7-12" Ultraportable PCs" (this is on the tag that one would see if finding it in the store). The description on Amazon is more vague as to the type of equipment this bag would be used with, so an Amazon shopper will need to sift through reviews to see if this bag will fit their equipment.

    The paradox between this item and the product it's designed to carry is that a netbook's primary benefit is its small size. However, if you carry it around in this messenger bag, it's no longer very small. The up side is that this case might replace the need to carry another bag or briefcase or purse at the same time, since it has plenty of storage for power cords, a mouse, papers, and personal items.

    The storage pocket is large enough to carry an EeePC 900 with plenty of room to spare, so I think a 10" netbook would fit easily. I tried to fit an old 15" laptop (not widescreen) and it was too big for the case (not surprising).

    The front flap is quite large, and given that the only reason for its size seems to be the zippered pocket, it's unnecessarily large. I'd gladly skip that zippered pocket for a front flap that wasn't the entire length of the case.

    The padding seems sufficient to protect against damage from normal use and maybe the occasional fall off a table or getting squished in a crowded train.

    The adjustable strap allows for a shoulder or cross-shoulder position, but at its shortest length, it's still too long to carry the bag more like a laptop case/briefcase. For some unexplainable reason, the strap is not removable, so you can't remove it or replace it with another strap that is padded or is a different length.

    If you need one case to carry lots of stuff in addition to your netbook, and you can deal with the other aspects that you see in this and other reviews, this case may be right for you. If you're looking for something to keep the overall size of your netbook and accessories as small as possible, you'll need to look elsewhere....more info
  • Top Quality
    Amazon sent a diffent model than this exact one but I was impressed so I did not complain. The model sent was for SLR cameras and was a back pack as well as hand held model.
    Very well thought out design and sturdy.
    Would buy for sure....more info
  • Plentiful Pockets
    Technology has taken a bit of a strange turn lately. For a long time, we have had the opposing trends of huge ("desktop replacement" laptops) and tiny (cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, etc.) electronics. What was previously seen as the worst of both worlds has suddenly become the best, as low priced netbooks storm the scene. This mid-range size is not properly accounted for in most laptop or electronically minded carrying cases, creating a market for something new. The XNTM-4 is Caselogic's attempt, and it seems we have already hit the bullseye.

    With a very generic style, the XNTM-4 is approachable for a macho male or feminine gal (or any combination of the two). Fortunately, a striped red interior lining does make it seem a bit more like a specialty product than an average case. It feels as durable as a good quality backpack and should stand up to years of standard abuse. There is a very generous padded pocket for a 7-12" netbook near the rear. It is standard foam and nothing too extreme, so keep this in mind if you are considering using this for activities such as hiking, which may require using a hard case instead.

    Other than the perfect netbook sized compartment, what really sets this case apart is the number of pockets for small electronics (GPS, cell phone, etc.) and accessories. They are as follows:

    large front zippered
    large back velcro
    medium interior zippered
    4 small interior stretch (think spandex for security... scratch that)
    1 small screened (for ID or to see screen on small gadget)

    What this amounts to is a huge amount of organization in a small space, and it should just bring a smile to any tech addict's face. If you have a netbook or other midrange piece of equipment to lug around town or the airport, I give the XNTM-4 my highest recommendation. It would also make a great gift for a nerd who has everything.

    EDIT: I would like to rank my review down a bit to four stars. After some fairly heavy use, the pack is holding up great and I am still impressed with it overall. However, when it is stuffed with a lot of gear, the magnetic flap becomes useless and just falls away. It might have been better to have a shorter flap with velcro to provide more security, or even get rid of the flap altogether at the cost of the extra protection....more info
  • Smart Little Bag
    I ordered this Caselogic XNTM-4 Messenger bag to carry my new Netbook in. I must say, this bag is great. I can put my netbook inside, carry all of my accessories (i.e. charger, wires, mouse and my mem sticks) and still have room for more without making the bag too big or bulky. The carrying strap is nice because I ride a motorcycle so I can just throw the strap over my shoulder and be gone. ...more info
  • Got XNSLR6 instead
    Can't review the XNTM-4 messenger bag through the vine program. Though that is the item I ordered. What actually came in the box is the XNSLR6 also from Caselogic. So while I do not have a SLR camera this looks like the ideal bag for someone who is an avid photographer and has an SLR camera and lenses. The case is rugged. It comes with three flexible walls that are well padded which can be used to form around smaller lenses or gadgets. It also contains a padded wall that looks like it'll easily accommodate a long lens.

    There are straps on the side of the bag to hold a tripod. Has several handles to carry it either horizontally or vertically. Backpack straps so you can carry it as a backpack. ...more info
  • Perfect to bring almost everything.
    I love this bag, i can put almost everything. It has enough room without hitting or scratching your netbook. The only down side is that the flap may be useful but it is kind of awkward and the strap does not look too durable. But the bag itself... love it, love it and love it....more info
  • 10" Netbook fits perfectly!
    This is a very classy, rich-looking bag. The inside liner is a reddish/burgundy with light black stripes (kinda hard to tell in the picture).

    I put my 10" Netbook right in the side pocket, and the pocket has a lot of padding to protect it on both sides plus felt "bumpers" to get the Netbook in and out easily. According to the info it will fit up to a 12" laptop. Not only does it have that pocket to fit the Netbook, but also another large pocket where you can put pens, credit cards, an mp3 player, your cell phone, power cords, everything you ever would want to carry! There's still another two side pockets with velcro that would fit a book or two. Plus a zipper compartment on the flap, and the flap has magnets on it to keep it closed (very cool). Plus, of course, it has the adjustable shoulder strap.

    All this and it's actually a lot thinner than a backpack. If you're looking for something to put all your little "toys" in and keep them safe for traveling to work and back, or going on a trip, or hey, just keeping them all together at home so you know where everything is, I'd say go for it! :-)...more info
  • The perfect "Netbook" case, especially for the money
    What's in a bag?

    Style - this is one nice looking bag. With black and gray accents on the outside, and a deep burgundy red in each pocket, this is a very stylish accessory.

    Usefulness - I'm amazed by how many nifty pockets there are in this bag. I can carry my USB laptop mouse, Power cord, external HDD, and netbook, with room for other gadgets such as a phone, PSP, who knows what else, maybe even a book or two. This might become my main "man purse" or backpack.

    Protection - there are two strips of foam in the "laptop pouch" which nestle my netbook very nicely and keep it from shocks (not that I've dropped it to test).

    Build quality - This bag seems very sturdy. There are no loose seams and the zippers seem very strong. There is a magnetic seal on the main flap to hold it down. Though I might not try holding it upside down and shaking the contents, it holds well during normal use.

    As "netbook" bags go, I couldn't be more pleased, especially for this cost. I can't see looking elsewhere when there is such a cheap, versatile, and high quality option available....more info
  • Nice little bag, envious husband
    Since I just got a Eee PC and needed a simple safe way to tote it around, without having to lug a big extra bag (I'm always carrying my purse, my daughters juice cup, and usually at least one teddy bear) this seemed perfect... and it is! It's the perfect size for the netbook and my cellphone and even ipod touch can fit in with it. The bag is small yet sturdy and the strap is perfect to toss over my shoulder. I almost wish the flap wasn't there, it's big and makes it harder to get into the bag (which has a zipper top already) and if anything might make someone not bother zipping it closed leaving a netbook prone to falling out sine the flap just has a couple magnetic clips holding it down. All in all though I'm really happy with the bag, my husband has already tried to jam his 13" macbook into it (which while it did fit, it wouldn't zip) and has told me that if they come out with a model slightly bigger which could fit his mac he'd like me to buy him one. ...more info
  • Great bag for netbooks
    One of the clear advantages of netbook computers is their ultra portability. You can take them on business trips on which you might otherwise regret lugging a 7 pound laptop.

    I recently decided to replace an eight year old HP Omnibook with an Acer Aspire One and needed a small case to move my new netbook around the landscape. I purchased one at Fry's that was made for 10" models, but my Acer was just a skosh too big to fit in it. There are plenty of neoprene bags available for a few dollars, but I wanted something that would stand up to travel and let me fit a few small items along with the netbook.

    Enter the Case Logic eSling, made specifically for ultra portable PCs.

    Talk about a perfect solution! This bag is made from tough nylon, has an adjustably long messenger-type sling, and has lots of pockets! There's one, of course, just for your netbook and it is ingeniously designed with two long interior felt strips that grip the computer and keep even small 9 inch computers from sliding around inside. Then there is a larger pocket in front that serves as a personal items pocket, with specific places for business cards, pens, a cell phone or ipod and sunglasses. This larger pocket can accommodate letter size folders or a spiral bound notebook and your charger. There's another exterior pocket that is perfect for a magazine or your Kindle, then there is a large flap that covers it all that also has a larger zipper pocket, great for a wallet.

    The outside of the case is stain- and scuff-resistant black, but the inside is a burgundy colored material that makes it easy to find things. No more fishing around trying to find where you put your keys in the dark interior of your bag!

    The quality of this bag is what sets it apart from virtually every other netbook case out there: it is very well constructed of expensive looking materials. This bag may cost more than cheaper bags, but it will outlast them by years. The stitching is reinforced at strategic spots, the zippers are strong and durable, and even the zipper pulls look like they'll last forever. My only quibbles here are that the strap, while light weight, is less impressive than the rest of the bag, and there is no rubber feet protection on the bottom of the case where you are likely to set it down.

    You won't find that the bag is large enough to replace your briefcase or backpack unless you really travel light. But for quick day trips, it is a great solution for carrying your small computer and a few other items. You will love the quality and thoughtful design of this bag. ...more info
  • For very small laptops (read: netbooks) and other accessories
    Though I got this case to simply hold my small gadgets when traveling (iPhone, Sennheiser full size headphones, chargers, etc.) I thought there might be a chance that my MacBook might fit it, but nope, the bag is just an inch too small to zip it up. No worries, since when I take my MacBook with me I usually need a bigger bag anyhow.

    Plenty of nice size compartments inside for files, business cards, and the aforementioned electronic accessories that I find as must haves for the short trip. Though I haven't used this case for long, I have few doubts of its durability as I've purchased other Caselogic laptop bags in the past and they seem to hold up quite well.

    For the price, well worth it for a fabric case (I'm not much for the premium price of leather.)...more info