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Over the Line (The Bodyguards, Book 4)
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-Sweet Baby Jane- Perkins has carved out a mega-selling reputation as rock-s favorite bad girl. But her hard-living, tough-talking image can-t prevent the sharp dose of reality that hit home when her estranged mother is killed in a car accident. As bizarre coincidences escalate in her own life, Janey grows certain that someone is watching her every move, and it-s not one of her adoring fans-

Since leaving the Army Rangers six months ago, Jason Wilson has been adrift, a warrior without a war. Now he-s taken his first civilian assignment for his army buddy-s security firm: protecting a rock diva on her sold-out tour. Far from being a spoiled star, Janey is a revelation-sweet, modest, and incredibly sexy. Their friendship is turning to mutual, heated desire, but it-s a distraction that could cost them more than their hearts-

Drawn into the depths of a deadly secret, they-ll face off against a killer growing more ruthless every day, and Jase will discover just how far he-ll go to protect an explosive passion he never expected-

Customer Reviews:

  • a good read....
    I loved this whole series. This is not my favorite of the 6 but it is a must read...Love the way Cindy Gerard can bring the reader into the book and that the reader can actually visualize all the settings. ...more info
  • over the line
    The only thing I can say about Over The Line by Cindy Gerard, is that the book had promise, but as a reader I felt let down in the plot development of the story and the characters. When I read the prologue, I really became intrigued with Jason Wilson and what happened to him as an Army Ranger. He had a lot of interesting elements I wanted to explore. For example, his hearing loss, depression, death of a family member, and his relationship with his father. These elements were only touched upon by the author briefly, and I wanted a lot more.
    "Sweet Baby Jane" had some of the same problems. Why couldn't she have a real relationship with her mom? Despite the fact that she tried really hard to make her mom happy. What other problems besides alcohol was the mom dealing with, that she couldn't love or accept love from her daughter. The author only gives us glimpses into this bizarre relationship.
    However, I did enjoy the relationship between Sweet Baby Jane and Jason. Their romance and love scenes were very believable and natural.
    But, the idea of running from the killer even though it's suppose to be suspense was getting boring and getting on my nerves toward the end of the story. I mean there were so many villians I was losing count. When I finally found out who the killer was and their reasons behind doing what they did, I didn't really care anymore.
    But, despite feeling disappointed in this book, I still love Cindy Gerard and will continue reading the bodyguard series.
    ...more info
  • excellent E.D.E.N bodyguard thriller
    Six months ago Jason Wilson left the Army Rangers only to learn his hearing prevents him from doing police work and the wrestling federation wants nothing to do with him either. After realizing his lone companion is a cockroach, Jase flies to Florida to accept work from his former superior officer Nolan Garrett who along with his three siblings runs E.D.E.N. Securities.

    Jase's first assignment is to keep safe rock star bad girl Sweet Baby Jane who fears stalker Edwin Grimm, just freed from prison will come to complete the job of killing her. Thus she reluctantly accepts Jase as her personal bodyguard. Jase begins to observe and admire the off stage Janey Perkins who is so different from her public persona. When her mom dies in a car accident, Jase wonders if someone, perhaps Edwin, cleverly disguised a homicide. What he does not ponder is that he willingly would risk his life to keep the tattooed lady he cherishes and loves safe.

    The fourth E.D.E.N bodyguard thriller may be the best tale in what is one of the superior series on the market in the last few years. The lead couple consists of two deep complex protagonists while the suspense is top rate and filled with twists and turns. Romantic suspense fans will want to read THIS strong one sitting tale.

    Harriet Klausner
    ...more info
  • Enjoyed the Story!
    It was very well written and it was filled with passion and excitement. This is a great buy....more info
  • Enjoyable addition to the series
    Jason Wilson spent one to many days next to heavy arterially in the Army Rangers and is now partially deaf. Armed with a honorable discharge and no idea what he is going to do with his life he sets out to find his way. Along this path he becomes a drunk, a bouncer and a semi-pro wrestler before finally deciding to take up his former buddy on an offer of a job. When he contacts Nolan at his security firm he is immediately welcomed into the fold. Jason spends weeks getting to know the business and working on security plans until he is finally handed his first assignment.

    "Sweet Baby Jane" Perkins is rock's mega-selling favorite bad girl. But her hard-living, tough-talking image is just that an image. When suddenly she is threatened and her semi-estranged mother is killed in a hit and run accident hours after talking to her, her manager calls in a favor and hires the firm Jason is working for. Far from being the spoiled star that Jason expects Janey turns out to be sweet, modest, and incredibly sexy. Their relationship starts out as a respectful relationship, once Janey figures out Jason isn't 18 and actually know what he is doing. But, before long the friendship is turning to mutual, heated desire which faces them off against a ruthless killer. This killer is going to great depths to keep their secret silent and suddenly there is more to the story about Janey mother's death. Unfortunately as Jason whisks Janey away to safety there appears to be a leak that lets the killer know where they are.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this addition to the series. Jason shows how someone that thinks their entire career is one thing and is handed a set of challenged will eventually find their way. It also shows how a lover of country music can be drawn to the bad girl of rock. I liked this quick read. There are a few unbelievable situations in this story but it is that, fiction. If you want a good suspense book for the afternoon at the beach pick this one up.
    ...more info
  • Could have been so much more
    The story started out strong, however, half way through, it felt like there were too many evil cooks in the kitchen . By the end, It felt like Ms Gerard was just trying to end this far too complicated story. Though the main characters definitely had chemistry, the antagonistic subplots and suspects out weighed the romantic core of the novel. Story could have been great had the editors tightened the story and axed a few of the potential villainss....more info
  • 60's Rock Legend Janis Joplin said it best, "All my friends are ....
    ....on my payroll." That's the screw that most of the plotting on this basically, pretty-darn-good book turns upon. It's also not a great book which is a shame because--watch out!--this is going to be the next big, break-out hard cover author from our genre. The shame is that if this author follows in the illustrious footsteps of Iris Johansson or Linda Howard, Elizabeth Lowell, etc., she'll amp up the violence/mayhem to reach the "thriller" market and decrease the relationshop/emotional component of the romance mkt. Just the other day, I picked up/put down the new Elizabeth Lowell novel THREE times even w/30% off because I know longer trust this once superior author. But for now, all is well for the readers of the"Bodyguard" series. At first I had some doubts because our male lead is not the typical Alpha male we expect. In fact, he's more like damaged goods sent on a high profile mission to protect a female rock star known as much for her "raunch n' roll" personality as her music. All is not as it seems, on all fronts as the story heats up and both characaters grow beyond their initial limitations. The sensuality is rough and intense and totally fitting the characters. Not a lot of hearts n' flowers, but not an"ick" in sight either. If you don't read closely, there is even the temptation to fall into a big plot-hole, but --pay attention--because this author sure did. That possible plot-hole quickly was filled in. A fast-paced charmer to speed through with all your great rock records blaring in the background. A little Aerosmith, anyone? ...more info
  • Over The Line (The Bodyguards) by Cindy Gerard
    Every book this author writes is jam packed with action and a wonderful read. The first two books in this series were superb and Ms. Gerard has done it again with this book. I highly recommend it....more info
  • A definite page turner
    This was the first of Cindy Gerard's "Bodyguards" series that I picked up quite by accident at the drugstore one day. Wasn't really expecting anything special, but I was really impressed - I couldn't put it down!

    The scenes and language are a bit on the gritty end of the spectrum for a romantic suspsense, but no more so than some of Nora Roberts latest. I also really enjoyed that the characters who were likeable, but not at all typical. I've read a ton of romances, and this is the first I've read about a rock star heroine and a hero that looks like he could be 18. It doesn't sound great, but Gerard really makes it work.

    The book was good enough to send me off in search of her other Bodyguard books, and Cindy Gerard has become one of my rare "autobuys." The only reason I gave it four stars was that after reading her other Bodyguard books, I like those even more (specifically try Under the Wire; it was really outstanding)! ...more info
  • She's done it again.
    I've read all 4 books in this series & she never fails to amaze me. On my list of favorite authors: Cindy Gerard!!...more info
  • A surprising enjoyable romance!
    I generally stay away from romances featuring the hero or heroine in the entertainment industry so I had reservations about Over The Line. At least it didn't feature exes as To The Brink did. To me, exes should remain EX and should never be resurrected.

    In Over The Line, thankfully Janey was not a spoilt rock star and the hero wasn't an ex. I also wish authors didn't make their protagonist's names similar. At one point, I forgot who was Janey and who Jase was. At times Jase is McCoy or else some nickname and Nolan was just shortened to No and I'd read that as the word 'no' rather than the short form for Nolan.

    The romance developed nicely and if Gerard had lessened the number of would-be villains, the book would have been much better. As it was, the extra characters were annoyingly unnecessary and cluttered up this simple bodyguard-client romance.

    Inspite of those minor grouses, it's the most enjoyable romance I've read these past few weeks. I loved the chemistry between J & J and the sensuality was hot. A great blend of sweet and spicy! I could do without the syrupy epilogue, though.

    I was hoping the next book would be about Dallas and Amy since they made such an impression in Over The Brink. Since I wasn't that taken with Manny, I'll wait to see what the story is and check out the reviews before deciding whether to buy it....more info
  • Way over the line
    The gratuitous use of vulgar language was unnecessary. You can't help but have a poor opinion of the author's mentality. The plot--rather improbably. Even rockstars don't usually have multiple psychopaths stalking them. Skip this poor excuse and get a romantic mystery by Nora Roberts or Mariah Stewart. ...more info