Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism
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    Of course those who don't like this documentary are those who DO like Fox News--so they resort to the same tactics embraced by Fox News reporters--if it disagrees with you or points out flaws in you arguments or points of view, it must be "liberal propaganda." It amazes me that some news organizations and reviewers on this site can go no further than the name-calling routine that everyone learns on the playground. It's difficult to support the argument that this documentary is ideologically unbalanced when almost all of the people interviewed are former Fox News employees or advocates from non-partisan organizations.

    The documentary is interesting, though the execution is a little bit rough and amateurish. Informative--yet if you've ever watched a substantial amount of Fox News, it really doesn't tell you anything you can't figure out yourself. Is it really not clear to anyone that Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Brit Hume et al. are more right-wing commentators than actual newsmen?

    It could have spent more time on Rupert Murdoch's background and how he managed to establish Fox as the "4th network" (this is promised on the back of the DVD case but isn't really covered in fact).

    To sum up: don't believe the reviewers who claim it is nothing but liberal propaganda, but don't expect any earth-shattering revelations....more info
  • Enjoy it but understand that it's propaganda
    If you choose to watch "Outfoxed," make sure that you understand that it's liberal propaganda, plain and simple. The entire "documentary" is designed and cut to support liberal claims that Fox News is pure evil. All of its gasp-inducing snippets are cut completely out of context and the editing really isn't even that smooth. Sure, O'Reilly's a blowhard, but when you only see the edited version that these filmmakers WANTED you to see, then you're no better than he is when he shows you what HE wants you to see.

    This was shown in one of my grad school classes and when it ended and one of the sheep in the room said she was "disgusted" by it, I gently tried to point out that they need to understand that this is an example of PRECISELY what the movie is bashing Fox News for supposedly being -- unbalanced!! The movie only shows the liberal point of view.

    Do yourself a favor. Actually TURN ON Fox News now and then and educate yourself on the subject. If you still don't like it, then good for you -- your sentiments were then validated. However, if you choose to bash Fox News simply because you watched the extremely slanted piece of propaganda known as "Outfoxed," then you should be ashamed of yourself. ...more info
  • Good expose, but flawed
    This documentary does a good job of presenting an expose of Fox news, but it isn't a great job. We are shown numerous brief clips from Fox News, all of which demonstrate Fox newscasters to be vacuous and one-sided at best, vicious and deceitful at worst. However, the news clips and interviews with various journalists are virtually all we get; there is almost no narration. This means we get little context for why Fox is so popular, why Murdoch has chosen this brand of "journalism", and why other media outlets have done little or nothing to counter it. We also hear almost nothing about the rest of the Murdoch "news" empire, such as the newspapers and radio stations it encompasses. The biggest flaw of this documentary, however, is that it probably preaches to the converted. It's doubtful that current Fox devotees will be swayed by its message, even if they bother to watch it.

    On the positive side, the film is entertaining, and its message is well-organized. Unlike many documentaries, it has a clear organization that does not wander. It also ends with some messages about what ordinary people can do to counter Fox's effects, and this is a nice touch....more info
  • just as bad as nbc
    you have to admit there is no fair media in the U.S. it is all biased. you listen to fox to get the right wing opinion and you listen to nbc,msnbc,cnn,cbs,abc,pbs for the left wing point of view. wow, six to one! now who's fair and balanced. ...more info
  • Confirms what your intuition already knows about Fox.
    This movie puts facts and observations, both by involved former employees, television experts, and through displaying trends that Fox quite obviously uses, to show how Fox's "news" is nothing more than an aggressive, perpetual editorial, almost entirely devoid of fact or objectivity. It makes what was already seemingly awful worse, depicting the calculated nature of it all. It gives those of us who suspected more reason to realize the changes that so many seem to want in this country. Bush politics as practiced through the news.
    It includes demonstrations of pivotal media players for Fox, (i.e. Bill O'Reilly) who deliberately push a very specific presentation of their "view" of the issues. Aiming, if not to convince any one of their beliefs, to profoundly confuse the issue and obscure any information that might jeopardize their agenda's success.
    It also gives some hope that we are finally seeing the truth spoken again in media, even if they had to do it (at the time this was made) through documentary. ...more info
  • Watch if you hate Fox, watch if you love Fox
    I loved this DVD. I think the basic idea of the movie - highlighting a dissonance between Fox News' advertising (Fair and Balanced, and, We Report You Decide) and its actual content (Not fair and balanced at all, just party line half truths), actually seriously underestimates the U.S. general public. Roughly half of Americans know that Fox News is just right wing propaganda and the other half actually think that way anyway.

    I watch Fox news from time to time. I watch Fox because I like to know what Right Wing Nationalists are thinking and talking about in the USA and also because it makes me laugh (especially O'Reilly). The movie is made up of lots of little clips of Fox News edited together with talking heads. The editing in this movie is excellent (much better than Greenwipe's Walmart movie) and most of the clips chosen highlight the true nature of Fox News (right wing propaganda). If you hate Fox you will love this movie. If you love Fox, you should see this movie so that know the nature of the beast you love.
    ...more info
  • News or (mis)infotainment
    Important documentary that covers quite an array of topics ranging from media's unchallenged influence in electoral politics/ results, the marketing (and twisting) of "facts" that suit certain sections of polity or business. More important in today's time, when Murdoch now wants to buy Wall Street Journal - just a reminder of the dangers of privatization of media - and worse - the concentration of media in the hands of few globally powerful people....more info
  • A film for concerned citizens of democracies
    This film is an eye-opener, showing how Fox News under the rule of Rupert Murdoch degenerated from journalism to a vehicle for right-wing propaganda, complete with a repressive system of control and sanctions against dissenters. O'Reilly came across as the most disagreeable character in the film. 'Fair and balanced' appears to be just what this channel is not. One of the most telling items in the film is a set of results from a survey that shows how Fox viewers are put out of touch with reality. This must be the ultimate disgrace for any journalist.
    The film reminded me of the story of KGB spy Vladimir Sakharov (recounted in John Barron's book KGB), whose grandmother would say '8514. Everything the Soviet press prints is 8514. Tonight we will get the news from the BBC.' We could apply Sakharov's grandmother's advice to Fox and turn instead to CBS, NBC or indeed the BBC, which the former Soviet premier Gorbachev found the most reliable source of information when he was being held hostage. The film is a wake-up call to citizens concerned about the manipulation brought about by biased mass media that can undermine the democratic process itself. The extras with the DVD include a most interesting documentary that shows how the film was made, and the meticulous care with which it was put together.
    Highly recommended....more info
  • Great eye opener
    Great film, great eye opener, well made.

    My only complaint is that they could have made the film more scathing, more climactic, and more obvious about how unfair and unbalanced fox news really is. I think the film doesn't hit them as hard as it could have, but is still worth watching!

    And Bill O'Reilly IS the great satan....more info
  • This Blatant Propaganda Hit Piece Has No Relation To FOX, But Does Smell of A Chicken Coup
    There is nothing out of character in this absurd diatribe that does not reflect the ideology of the liberal political action group MoveOn[...] the original distributors of this DVD.

    Even Howard Kurtz, a vociferous critic of FOX, commented that Greenwald's propaganda flick, posing as a documentary, made allegations against FOX that relied on "orders, or attitudes, of an unnamed "'they.'" Kurtz chastises Greenwald for not even providing the illusion of fairness or balance himself. "Not only did he avoid contacting FOX, and indulge in some misleading editing, but the film also features a parade of the network's liberal detractors," noted Kurtz.

    Had Greenwald actually been interested in making a documentary, he might have bothered to check his facts, and in doing so, would have discovered that some of the "sources" for this "documentary" never worked for FOX News Channel. Those employees he did eventually bamboozle into appearing in his amateur Leni Riefenstahl propaganda flick represent fewer than ten out of 2,000 FOX employees spanning an eight year period.

    I wonder what sort of reply Greenwald would get from ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC, CNBC, NPR, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The LA Times, asking for them to submit 100 percent of their editorial directions and internal memos? But then again, why would Greenwald be interested in exposing liberal media when their ideology mirrors his own.

    Compared to the viewing audience of network TV news, FOX Channel barely registers at all. While it does trounce the other cable channels in ratings, it is a head scratch why Greenwald targeted a relatively tiny market share channel while ignoring the shameless propagandizing and biased news reporting that is de rigueur for network TV. Of course if you understand that Greenwald is a left wing ideologue, posing as a documentarian, in the mold of Michael Moore, it really isn't mysterious at all.

    ...more info
  • A look into propaganda in a Democratic country.
    Very informative, insightful movie. Proves everything you have heard... that "Fair and Balanced" is the most ironic tagline in the history of media. Highly recommened.

    Have not seen "Fox Attacks! Edition"... but I'm sure it is up to the standards of the original movie.

    I also recommened this in its book form and "Fair and Balanced My A$$." ...more info
  • Truth Will Be Told!!!!
    Here is a perfect example of why Fox News should be taken off the air ASAP. After seeing this great documentary that exposes the almost Nazi style of controling what they report and making up the news, I hope that some hacker sends this DVD to the network so the only thing that gets shown is this masterpiece....more info
  • every american should worry deeply about this
    I never had the career (wrong gender back then), but I'm schooled in print journalism, believe in the Fourth Estate as essential to our democracy, and what FOX and Rupert Murdoch (who now wants to buy Dow Jones and its Wall Street Journal) have done to "news", as so clearly explained in this DVD, should keep every American awake at night. I rented it last year, but am happy to be able to buy it from Amazon....more info
  • Valuable, But Take It With a Grain of Salt
    "Outfoxed" is at its best when carefully demonstrating how Fox News does indeed create a distorted picture of things. For example, the film demonstrates, through archival footage, how Fox encourages punditry. For instance, they point out that the liberal guests that come on regularly (Dick Morris, Susan Estrich) usually agree with Hannity and O'Reilly's main points. Further, the now-defunct Hannity & Colmes was flawed, as Hannity has this all-American appearance, and is always aggressive, whereas Colmes looked squirrely, and tended to back down easily. In addition, internal memos and interviews with former employees give strong evidence that Fox seeks to create a climate of fear- fear of terrorism, of immigrants, of religious minorities, etc.

    What weakened "Outfoxed" for me was that it didn't focus just on Fox News- it has an agenda of its own beside that. For example, almost all of the media experts interviewed were from the left media organization FAIR. They made valuable points, but it would have given the movie more credibility if other organizations were represented. Finally, toward the end, Bernie Sanders and others being interviewed appear to press for the Fairness Doctrine, which I think would create far more problems than it would solve.

    Overall, this is a good movie to rent as a corrective to the "Fair and Balanced" network....more info
  • Biased, confused, ironic; huge disappointment
    I'm giving this documentary 3 stars because the topic it attempts to cover is crucially important, but the way it presents it is truly awful.

    Now, FOX News is notoriously one-sided and right-wing. This documentary tries to present that to the viewer. However, the way it does that is by being extremely one-sided and left-wing. As it continuously mocks the "Fair and Balanced" show on FOX, poking fun at the lack of liberal viewpoints and the ridiculous influence of the political right, this documentary does not interview a single conservative individual to introduce balance. That is irony. It is condemning a disgraceful practice in journalism by employing that very same tactic itself.

    Also, for a noticeable amount of time, the documentary drifts off topic and seems to be confused about which among a host of free speech messages it should be sending. The title makes you believe that the documentary is about FOX, and yes, the bulk is about replaying FOX footages, but the conclusion it's drawing at the end is that all media conglomerates are bad. I'm not disagreeing with that, but the documentary did not show that! It only shows that FOX, and FOX alone, is the wrong kid here. How can you draw a conclusion by only presenting a single case? Where's the journalism here? Instead of being focused on the shortcomings of FOX, the documentary leaves the viewer with the sense that: Yes, FOX is bad, but apparently all the other ones are just as bad. It makes a weak argument, and weakens the important point that among the bad apples, FOX has to be measured on a different scale.

    Also, there is very little information about Ruper Murdoch himself, and the rest of his global empire. The documentary notes that he owns newspapers, movie studio and other cable channels that reach the majority of the world population, yet after that 20 second brief, no mention is made about how those - besides FOX News - are affecting their markets - besides the USA.

    I think the topic of this documentary is important, but the execution leaves MUCH more to be desired....more info
  • Show's you how Fox News is REALLY BIASED!
    Now I just got done watching Outfoxed a couple of hours ago, and I was amazed to see what they really do at Fox. The presentation is a little cheesy at the beginning when they talk about Rupert Murdoch; it was done in PowerPoint. In 1983 Rupert Murdoch brought a local TV station here in the States, now this was during the Republican National Convention, Rupert adored Reagan, Rupert literally wanted to show the dedication film for Reagen on TV, the producers were floored because this was GOP propaganda, so in 1996 Rupert Murdoch and Roger Alies created Fox News. The reporters (who decided to hold their names and identies) told the audience that the producers would get memo's from the top on what to talk about, and not to discredit the White House, or the Bush Administration. On Bill O'Reilly's show, he cursed out Jermery Glick; the son of the Port Authority worker who died on 9/11 for signing a petition against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, once the show was done Bill told him that he better get out of there before "I rip you to f*cking pieces!" One Fox reporter during the 2004 election (which again was stolen by the Bushieviks) compared John Kerry to Kim Jong-Il, the reporter said "John Kerry is loved in North Korea." Once the 9/11 Commission was formed, and Richard Clarke testified, and once he came out with his book about what really happened in Daddys administration, the Clinton Administration, and W's Administration, Clarke put all of the blame on W, then of course the White House went on the defensive and behind them was no other than Fox News. Fox declared Clarke a 'Liberal' (which he is a registered Republican), a 'Democrat', and a 'Kerry lover'.

    During a Congressional testimony, Rupert Murdoch said that there are Liberal commentators on Fox; there is Alan Colmes and Greta Van Housen. Now if you watch Hannity and Colmes, you see Sean Hannity is a clean-cut all-American guy, while you look at Colmes and you see a man that looks like a mouse; people see the show and think 'He's the Liberal? He doesn't look so smart after all.' Well there are Fo-Liberal's who come on the show; but they are conservative Democrats; who support or agree with the GOP agenda, and Liberal's who are weak and easy to crack.

    You have to see this for yourselves to see that Fox News is pretty bad. ...more info
  • Outfoxed
    Finally! An expose on what the news watching cognoscenti have known for years - Fox is neither fair nor balanced. Fox would not receive the overwhelmingly deserved criticism heaped upon it, if it would simply fess up to being the propaganda arm of right wing causes everywhere. This documentary shows the pressure Fox put upon both producers and reporters alike to intentionally slant the news to the right in-spite of contrary facts...Must see!...more info
  • Good But Not Great
    I read the reviews and thought this video would have some groundbreaking report but it only really proved that O'Reilly is an ignorant, noisy, bigot and that Fox News has a political agenda, which can be said for CNN. Even though, I can't watch Faux because they're hypocrites. I wouldn't call this video revolutionary. It is worth the watch if you don't think Fox's views are extremely skewed....more info
  • lying liars on the left
    the loony left has an excellent teacher in michael moore. deceive through selective editing to prop up your agenda. liberals hate fox because they are no longer able to control the debate. it's really as simple as that, and like a spoiled child that always gets what they want, when you finally tell them no, look out. for years we heard if you don't like cnn, network news, etc. start your own network. now that conservatives have a more balanced point of view the left can't stop crying. liberal's remember the day when there were almost no conservatives on tv, and when they were represented, they were always out numbered and usually shouted down. fox has changed that. the left's mouth-piece al franken said it best, respond to conservatives with scorn and ridicule. say it often enough and people will believe it [ especially those that only pay attention when it's time to vote ] this is propaganda at it's worst. ...more info
  • Propaganda 101
    The DVD is very instructive on the most basic technique of propaganda, the repetition ad nauseum of a specific idea. The effect is stunning as the movie makers piece together a string of news clips, stretching across a period of time, with near identical messages, in many cases word for word. The readers and analysts who populate the Fox newsroom all look as if they walked off the pages of the National Enquirer, but they do have a role to play and they play it very well. They very often repeat lines, from newscast to newscast, verbatim even in different contexts such as "newscasts", interviews, opinion segments, and so on.

    It's no secret that this simple technique has a very pronounced effect on the impression people have of what's important and what is not. J. A. C. Brown wrote about this in the 1950s in his Techniques of Persuasion when the memory of Nazi Germany and its use of the big lie was still fresh. As Outfoxed shows clearly, the network has these techniques down cold....more info
  • You have to be kidding!
    Fox News is biased? You don't say. Why make a documentary about it? Why not include every news agency? They are all biased. Truth be told . . . if you're liberal and enjoy a good thrashing of the other side, get this film. If you don't enjoy that type of entertainment, use your money on a more useful product (like the cancer patients of St. Jude's Childrens Hospital)....more info
  • was there ever any doubt?
    Really a very good analysis of Fox News and the right wing slant of Corp owned news. Fox has proven itself again and again to be anything but "Fair and Balanced".
    The movie picks Fox apart, calling it on the lies and spin that it calls "Fair and Balanced". A great look at how neo-cons have suckered in people into believing what they want you to believe. I would also like to recommend FAIR magazine for those who are really looking for a balanced look at todays news....more info
  • important doc.
    watch fox news? i should hope not. just over an hour this is a very well done doc. that explores fox news and it's multi-billionaire owner rupert murdoch.i'll save my comments on him for myself as i fear for my life.people who care for the truth should definitely watch this.for those who want to believe in lies should not.hate bill o'reilly as much as i do? than DEFINITELY watch this! robert greenwald made this film with the help of volunteers.so good to see that people still care enough to do something worthwhile w/o needing to get paid.loved how Greenwald had 8 women watch fox news for 3 months and give him a report on what they thought.w/o suprise they all came back saying the same things,that fox lies with their own agenda in mind, and how mean-spirited they truly are.need MORE proof that O'reilly is a jerk,watch how he tells various people to shut up that show up on his program,including the son of a victim from 9-11.it'll make you angry that such filth passes as NEWS and that is a good thing because maybe,just maybe,more and more people will catch on to how we are being screwed by this administration. so instead of watching mindless entertainment like the apprentice and some other form of crap,buy this and show it to as many people as you can.it is well worth the price.so good i had to watch twice in a row....more info
  • Consumer Fraud
    What many reviewers here in this forum seem to have missed, especially those that gave it poor reviews, is what the documentary shows is that Fox News goes beyond a conservative bias. They accuse Fox News of "Consumer Fraud". Under the guise of "Fair and Balanced" and "no-Spin Zone", Fox news has a clear agenda of promoting Right-wing polices and conservative agenda to influence public opinion. They are actively engaged in Right-wing Propaganda. But they hide that from the consumer(viewer). Thus it is fraud.

    The reason for the four-stars is that this documentary, although well done and compelling, is produced by "Move-on.org" as well as other liberals, so it can easily be accused of bias. That alone is enough to discredit this documentary in the view of many conservatives. But if you are open minded and seeking the truth, I recommend viewing this and decide for yourself. ...more info
  • Fox News is Run of the Mill Now!
    For all the complaints about Fox News, the other networks have become just as bad in promoting the left as Fox promoted the right. This is where is all began, but it has expanded and grown. CNN and MSNBC have the same busy screens, arguing people without real conversation and information and stereotypes being promoted rather than real news. I think Fox started it but it has now progressed. Newspapers often depended on subscriptions for financial profit, now with most reading on the Internet, advertising is more important. Ratings and advertising rates are the profit basis for televison along with cable subscription rates. That means that corportations have less dependece on the public and more on companies. Over all journalism has been massively hurt and there doesn't seem to be an alternative. ...more info
  • A Failed Liberal Hit Piece
    This film, "made possible by members of Moveon.org", is a left-wing attempt to demonize the right-wing Fox News channel.

    In its attempt,'Outfoxed' is unfair, unbalanced, unreasonable, one-sided, narrow-minded, biased, and weak in its arguments. Sometimes it even defeats itself by the very clips that it shows in the movie. When it does make a good point about the dangers of our news being in the hands of a 'few', the lack of journalistic integrity, and that news is a 'business', it is implied to apply only to Fox news as if the other networks are not guilty of the very same things.

    Much of the Fox channel is made up of opinion shows, so of course they are going to be biased from their point of view.
    A reasonable person should be able to discern opinions from facts and take it all with a grain of salt.

    Fox is #1 because a lot of people agree with their point of view, which seemed to be lacking for a long time in the other media outlets. I don't think Fox and the other right-wing pundits would be so popular if they were consistently on the wrong side of the issues. Liberals should take that into consideration....more info
  • 2.5 stars
    This documentary had a chance to sxpose to bad practices used by Fox news, not just Fox News but most mainstream media outlets. While it did have some good info, most of it was interviews and opinion. There should have been more time spent on other news sources, and digging up better information....more info
  • Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
    I re-watched this fine documentary a few days ago and now, in the middle of the Fox-hyped Tea Parties, the real danger of what this network is doing has started to sink in.

    They are, naturally, still up to their old tricks. Recently they did a segment about Harry Reid's plan to build a railroad directly from Disneyland to the "Door steps of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch brothel" in Neveda. Needless to say, no such plan exists and the notion that the Senate Majority Leader would suddenly decide that it would be a good idea to build a train from an amusment park to a brothel is utterly inane. But that didn't stop Fox News from reporting it.

    The sad part is that regular Fox viewers didn't even raise a fuss. Apparently they are no longer interested in the news having even a slight toehold on reality. I'm guessing their reaction fell somewhere along the lines of, "Well, that sure sounds like something the Democrats would do!"

    I suppose this sort of thing became inevitable when, during the Reagan years, the ban was lifted on limits to media ownership and the fairness doctrine was abolished. (Congress reinstated the doctrine but Reagan vetoed it) It was only a matter of time before someone aired a network under the guise of journalism that promoted a hardline doctrine and the interest of their own politcal party.

    For now, the damage is limited to the few millions that have never asked themselves why it is that a news organization would even have to advertise that they are "Fair and Balanced". These viewers get virtually all of thier news from Fox and like minded media hacks like Rush Limbaugh. They are a minority and pose little threat.

    Where the real danger lies is in just where this could lead if there was an extended collapse of the economy. Few people realize that, in Germany, Hitler labored in relative obscurity for almost 7 years and made little progress with the masses. In the election of 1928 the Nazis garnered a scant 3% of the popular vote. But when the depression hit, and people became angry and frightened, the Nazi lies began to resonant with the common people.

    This film shows how Fox is poised to take advantage of just such a collapse. They are there, backed by nervous corporate interests, ready to tell a frightened population just what they want to hear. They are ready to tell us that we must be better Christians, that we must come down hard on gays and immigrants, that we must solve our problems by going backward, not forward. They are ready to tell us that any government that is not manned by their party of choice is a danger to us.

    Watch this film and arm yourself with the truth about this network. It is easy enough now to laugh at the "Harry Reid wants to build a train from Disneyland to a brothel" stories. But this is dangerous business when hard times hit. We wouldn't be the first democracy to be undermined by propaganda cloaked as journalism.

    The ultimate irony here is that the people behind Fox News and their loyal following view themselves as the "True Americans" while they support a brand of journalism that has ability to undermine the very foundations of the most fundamental American ideals.

    ...more info
  • Nice try
    This documenary is nothing but garbage. It is another attack on Fox News from the liberal left. Come on people! all news agencies are biased! I hardly ever watch Fox News. But I do agree with almost everything that Bill O'Reilly says. One of the things I agree with him is one thing. Liberals are out of control. Any leftist who doesn't find this review helpful has definitely out of his mind. ...more info
  • Fox News: Bull, Extra Bull and More Bull.
    Outfoxed really hits the spot when it comes to exposing the corruption at Fox News. As has been pointed out by some of the other viewers, nearly all of the media in the United States is biased, lazy and scandalous. Even most small town newspapers are owned by conglomerates from far away big cities.

    Outfoxed shows not only how bad Fox News itself is, but also how the creation of Fox News took a bad situation and made it many times worse. Calling it "The Fox Effect", other station staffers tell how they have noticed changes at their stations based on things Fox News has done and why those changes are bad for the American public. Outfoxed is chock full of people current and former Fox staffers who went on the record to tell the story of how their employer makes them lie for the cameras.

    Outfoxed shows exactly how Fox News gives the not-often used, journalism insider term "Managed News" a whole new meaning. This DVD comes highly recommended....more info