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Horizontal Leather Case with Belt Clip for Google G1 Android Smartphone
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Product Description

Get this stylish case for your phone today! The following are some features of the pouch. This case if very difficult to find in your local retail store.

Don't worry about dropping your phone or leaving it somewhere! Keep it attached to your pocket, belt, or purse!
Color: Black (as pictured)

  • Premium quality leather with great craftsmanship!
  • Inside of case is made of material that will not scratch your phone!
  • Wear your phone vertically on your belt and always have it at your reach!
  • Provides excellent protection from the elements
  • Leather wrapped metal clip incase you want that extra security!

Customer Reviews:

  • New Google Phone G1 Android Carrying & Protection Case
    This is a good verticle carrying case. I am pleased with this product. This carrying does work well with the Zagg InvisibleShield ( that I use to protect my G1....more info
  • Great case!
    This case is just great. Perfect fit. Tight around, with a little room in the length. Any shorter, it would have been hard to take the phone out. Closes securely with the magnet system.
    Some claim it's not leather. Probably not, but close enough. The price is just ridiculous (less than $3)! A friend paid $35 for an iPhone plastic shield...
    I hear the magnet is not good for the compass, but I've been using it for 10 days and the compass works just fine.
    So in case I damage the case, for the price, when a co-worker told me he was going to buy one (after he checked mine carefully), I asked him to get me two more!...more info
  • Terrible Case
    The case is WAY too small, you basically have to shove the G1 inside of it and use a lot more force then usual to get it out. Perfect Fit means bulging at the seams tight. DO NOT GET THIS CASE FOR THE G1....more info
  • Good Case
    Good case, It is what is described. read in details.
    The pouch is perfect for This phone, You have a small hole at the bottom of the case, where you can push your finger in & the phone jumps right out. So i don't know why people are complaining about the phone not coming out of this case.
    Good Case, Good service, Will buy again, Will recommend to anybody.

    Looks & feels professional too!
    ...more info
  • Looks are deceiving
    I used to have a Motorola Razor and I bought one of these leather cases with belt clip. I used it for about 2 years and was extremely satisfied with the leather case's fit, comfort and durability. I replaced my phone recently with a G1, so I came back to Amazon looking for a similar case for the G1 and was only too happy to find one exactly like the one I had (at least in the photo of the it looked the same, even with the letters DW embosed on the leather on the front flap and everything) so I bought it. What I received was a cheap imitation. Don't get me wrong, for the price it is still a very good value. It is made of leather, with the magnetic cover/flap and the belt clip and loops, but it doesn't fit the phone as well and the magnetic cover is very week. As I said, I'm happy with the purchase, it is a very good value for the price I paid, it does what is supposed to do and shipping was very fast. It just isn't the original product that the photo depicts and I think that is somewhat deceiving. ...more info
  • My honest opinion....
    I have not bought this product, but three of my friends with G1's all did and are now regretting it, it ruined both the GPS with the magnet AND the tracking ball because of the tight fit! It's not worth saving a few bucks when you've ruined an expensive phone! My suggestion, get the same type of case with snaps instead of magnet closure, better quality and made especially for the G1 straight from the T-Mobile store: costs $24.99 but well worth paying more if it doesn't ruin your phone. ...more info
  • it needs to be bigger
    The case fits the phone but having a protect cover on the phone it's no good....more info
  • I was totally surprised with the quality!
    I bought this simply because I couldn't find many other cases for the G1. I figured it would be a piece of junk because of the low price, but was actually very surprised with the high quality. I do not say this lightly, as I am a very anal perfectionist. It is of equal quality to any of the $30-40 cases I usually end up with. Sure the magnet could be a little crisper, but it fits like a glove, leather feels pretty stinking good, has a choice of a very solid belt clip or actual belt loops if you want it even more secure. I am buying a couple more at this price just in case it wears out prematurely....more info
    There is nothing wrong with the service or the provider but the magnets in this phone will ruin your compas in the phone. I heard it from other people and I didn't know if it was true so if you're the same way try this.. Go to google maps and turn on street view with compas mode. hold the case up to the phone and it will change the direction drastically. The service was awesome. great delivery but since I already purchased it I cut a small slit under all of the magnets and I took them out. I put a small button on it that I got from walmart with some super glue. ...more info
  • Nice and simple
    The case is nice and simple, it does the job and the price is the best I found...more info
  • Not as advertised
    While this case fits the G1, it has LG VX9000 as a model its made for. Also it has magnets in it that were not mentioned. These can damage the compass in the G1....more info
  • Great Carry Case
    For the price of the case, and the quality and style, there is nothing out there that can compare. Case is durable and has stylish look....more info
  • a good case for the G1
    i used for few days and it feels ok, is a little hard to get the phone out it but after few try it's ok...more info
  • Good Product
    All I can really say is that I have been using it everyday for my G1. Its been doing a good job at keeping it out of my pocket and off the ground. I kinda wish that there was a slot on both ends that would allow me to charge my phone while in the holster. ...more info
  • good fit but..
    fits my g1 perfectly, however the magnet ruined the compass on my device. do not buy...more info
  • G1 Android phone carrying case.
    My case was delivered quickly and just as explained. It has "BWC" stamped on the cover and my G1 fits in it perfectly. There's even a 1/2" gap at the end of the phone. I know it's not leather but I didn't expect it to be for the wonderful price I got it for. I needed something to keep my phone and protect it while it is in my purse and it works great fot me. Happy in K.C....more info
  • Magnets are not good with G1 Phone
    Do not get any case with a magnet closure because it will damage the compass inside the phone. ...more info
  • Covered & Confident
    I figured for the $1.75 price I won't go broke if it was garbage. I was very impressed! This case is great for the G1. I have a rubber/plastic case covering my G1 and it still fits in this leather case! The belt loops come in handy because I never have to worry about the case falling off. I can easily access my G1 and the case looks stylish. The only complaint, is the magnetic clasp on the case. It interferes with the G1's map feature. Other than that, I love this case! I would highly recommend it....more info
    Did not fit my cell phone which was listed. No big deal gave it to my son and he loves. Very good quality product...more info
  • Awesome Belt Clip
    This belt clip is awesome! It holds & protects the phone well. It sits nicely on your belt and I barely even notice it is there. The clip holds well though when I ran with it just clipped on my pocket it did fall off, the case protected the phone. When clipped onto my belt either via the clip or the belt loops it help on tight and did a great job. [...] The magnet keeps the case closed nicely. I highly recommend this product, even if the cost is higher....more info
  • Great case
    I would have paid a lot more for this case, it is perfect.
    I see about someone saying it hurts the compass function, but I have no idea how that is possible, I assume it uses a flux valve, if someone could post details that would be appreciated. (of course I don't believe the compass is all that accurate anyways)...more info
  • G1 carrying Case
    This a a good product. No it is not real leather, but who cares? It only cost $2. It fit my G1 perfectly and I have no complaints at all. Get it if you need a case to protect your phone. And no, it does not look cheap ;-)...more info