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  • Easy comedy, good rental option.
    The movie is pretty easy going. It has it's couple laughs and funny little phrases, but I probably wouldn't watch it again. I'm a fan of stupid comedy, as well as smart comedy, but this movie played it too safe for my liking. It's not a bad movie, but I would really categorize it as a Rental, not a DVD buying movie....more info
  • Just not funny enough
    Any film with the Fey/Peohler mix -- the combo has the wit, timing and symbiotic comic genuis of Lucille Ball (Lucy) and Vivian Vance (Ethel)-- should be a winner. I write with great disappointment that Baby Mama, written and directed by Michael McCullers (The spy who shagged me) does nothing to take advantage of this dynamo duo.

    The script co-opted mainstream Hollywoods's version of humor and dulled down most opportunites for belly shaking laughter. Amy Peohler's character loses her quirky charm early on in the film, and Tina Fey's character begins to take herself way too seriously.

    Perhaps the film wanted to send messages: what is friendship, what is loyalty, and forgot that it was supposed to be a comedy.

    It's not that the movie wasn't cute (it is) or sweet (it is), but it just does not hit the mark.

    ...more info
  • Every Female Fan Of Comedy Needs To Thank Tina Fey....
    Normally I run as far as possible from any film described as both "female" and "comedic". To quote the late great John Belushi, "Chicks aren't funny". And 9 outta 10 times I gotta agree with him. But there is just something about Tina Fey. Is it that she's hot while humorous? No, that's not it. Or maybe because unlike every other female comedian, she doesn't tell jokes about how bad her boyfriend is or how it sucks to have a period? Nope, she at times goes there too. So what is it about her?

    To put it simply, it's her timing. Along with the ability to write her own material without a man to spell it out for her, she has one of the most endearing ways to speak-out those typical lines, making anything she says to be ironicly funny no matter what the content. It's no wonder her NBC sitcom 30 Rock has been showered in Emmy's, including the words of it's male lead, completely written from her female mind. This is one lady twenty years from now could be placed next to Lucille Ball and Roseanne Barr as one of the Comedy Queens of all time.

    So now we have her first starring role in Baby Mama. It's what you'd expect from her, much like her 30 Rock character, of a late 30-something trying to make it in a crazy-filled world. But instead of a television show scenerio, this time she's trying to have a child while realizing that in order to do so because of her dreaded T-shaped uterus, a surrogate mother will be needed. Now don't get me wrong, her character is exactly like Liz Lemon going as far as wondering just when Alec Baldwin was going to pop his head in. But again, it's her lines and delivery that make this typical lighthearted comedy worth watching. Fellow SNL cast member Amy Poehler plays a decent underprivileged not-so-bright bun-carrier, though at times she seems a little too old to play the part, but does very well in bouncing off Tina's reactions. In fact, the film also has a great and capable supporting cast featuring Sigourney Weaver, Steve Martin, Dax Shepard, and in one of his most likable parts in quite awhile, Greg Kinnear. And even when you think you figured out how the whole movie's gonna be ten minutes in, it throws you a curveball that you didn't think the movie had in it. This is the type of film that both parts of a couple can enjoy without the male involved looking for a reason to leave the room. Funny, but smart. Goofy, but fresh. Laughs without the eye rolling. And also all things said that relate to Tina Fey as well.

    The DVD presentation is typical: a two-sided, single layer each disc with a few extras on each side with decent picture/bit rate/audio. Not that this film will make you think you've found one of the best female buddy pictures of all time, but it won't make you want to turn on Nascar immediately to redeem yourself either. Tina Fey might be one of the best things to happen to female comedy in a long, long time. Let's hope that unlike alot of her gender peers, she only gets even better with age.
    (RedSabbath Rating:8.0/10)...more info
  • Funny Ladies
    BABY MAMA is one of the funniest comedies to come along in many months.

    Written and directed by Michael McCullers, the movie stars the always hilarious SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE gal pals, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, in what is sort of a female version of THE ODD COUPLE.

    Fey plays a classy, successful, well organized career woman who yearns to have a baby but, according to her doctor, cannot conceive. With the help of surrogate broker Sigourney Weaver, she hires the free spirited Poehler to carry her baby to term, but she gets more than she bargained for when Amy and her n.g. boy friend (Dax Shepard) have a fight and the blonde from South Philly moves in with her.

    These gals' lifestyles are so diverse that they make Oscar Madison and Felix Unger seem like the perfect pair. Nevertheless, Tina is determined to make the relationship work, because that baby Amy is carrying is hers. Or, she thinks it is.

    Greg Kinnear, as the "Prince Charming" who enters Tina's life, and Steve Martin, as her somewhat unconventional boss, co-star in the film, along with Romany Malco, Maura Tierney and Holland Taylor.

    DVD extras include an alternate ending, which we prefer over the one used in the theatrical release, deleted scenes, and some "Behind the Scenes" featurettes.

    ? Michael B. Druxman...more info
  • Fey and Poehler team for motherhood comedy

    Kate Holbrook (Fey) has devoted her life to her career, gaining promotion after promotion to become an executive in an organic foods company. Now 37 and single, she's determined to have a child, but her doctor finds that her chances of becoming pregnant are remote. So she decides to investigate surrogacy, and hires South Philadelphia working girl Angie Ostrowiski (Poehler) for the job.
    When Angie becomes pregnant, Kate shifts into obsessive mother-to-be gear, showering Angie with baby care books, pregnancy videos, and prenatal health care manuals. To complicate matters, Angie leaves her common-law husband, Carl (Dax Shepard), has nowhere to go, and winds up moving in with Kate. Angie feels smothered by Kate's overprotectiveness and would rather play video games than watch dull documentaries and take horse-pill sized vitamins.
    Written and directed by Michael McCullers, "Baby Mama" is a pleasant, though predictable, comedy that relies on the charm and comic timing of its two leading ladies. Fey and Poehler are both alumni of "Saturday Night Live" and Fey is the star and writer of one of TV's brightest comedies, "30 Rock." They work well together in "Baby Mama" and the growing relationship of Kate and Angie is what keeps us involved.
    "Baby Mama" features Fey in the kind of role that fits her well. She's effective at playing smart and clever because she is. We would have trouble, I think, accepting her in a purely harebrained role. In her previous film, "Mean Girls," she played a levelheaded, tough, funny teacher who dispenses sensible advice to her students about name calling and self-image. In "Baby Mama," we feel her character's strong desire to have a child and we empathize with her. At the same time, her Kate is always upbeat, taking the bumps in the road as they come, dealing with them, and never collapsing into helpless hysteria. Poehler is a first-rate comedienne. Watching her, I was reminded of Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett's ability to handle slapstick and slip into a character with accompanying facial expressions and mannerisms to land gags. Poehler is very broad as Angie, in comic contrast with Fey's tightly wound portrayal. The supporting cast is impressive. Sigourney Weaver plays Chaffee Bicknell, the steely businesswoman who heads the private clinic that matches up Kate and Angie. Steve Martin is Barry, Kate's New Age boss, who is very funny as a touchy-feely CEO. Greg Kinnear is Rob, a nice guy who runs a juice bar in the neighborhood in which Kate's company will open a new retail store. Romany Malco plays Oscar, the wisecracking, street-smart doorman who is on hand for the apt one-liner or wide-eyed reaction shot. Holland Taylor plays Kate's Mom as a woman who's never heard of political correctness, speaking her mind as those around her cringe. Maura Tierney is Caroline, Kate's sister, who's usually shown with her kids in tow mostly as contrast to Kate's motherlessness, but otherwise has little to do.
    Siobhan Fallon is a birthing teacher with a severe lisp. We see her in a few scenes but the speech impediment is never referred to, making it all the more amusing. Shepard is very good as Carl, a role that could have been mere redneck, dumb hillbilly, but comes off wittier and more original because of Shepard's doofy likability. If you look hard enough, you'll also spot "Saturday Night Live" cast members Fred Armisen and Will Forte.
    Though "Baby Mama," rated PG-13 for sexual humor and language, is fun, I kept feeling the leads deserved better, sharper-edged material. There certainly are laughs, but they're not machine-gunned as in an "Airplane!" or "Naked Gun" film. The film is one of many to come from producer Lorne Michaels, father of "Saturday Night Live," who has had an uneven box office record moving his "SNL" cast members onto the big screen. "Baby Mama" is one of his better projects.
    ...more info
  • Oh Baby, this was a pretty funny movie
    Light comedy here. Good enough for a Friday or Saturday night at home. If you are a fan of Tina and Amy like I am, you know what you are getting into. If not, buy this movie and see for yourself. You will be hooked on this comedic tag team. The Blu Ray looks great. Sound is just OK. But the picture is amazing. Nice work by Universal here on a good disk. VERY FUNNY MOVIE. Buy it today...more info
  • Such a shame ...
    It's already been said that the script was weak for this film. I concur. I believe Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, if not the best female comedians ever produced by SNL, they are most certainly among the top 4 or 5. That's why it's such a shame they didn't have a great script to help make this a great comedy. Sometimes mediocre acting can be elevated by a good script, but seldom can a poor script be saved by the actors, however good they may be.

    Tina Fey should never agree to take on another comedic role without serious control of the script - she's too good a writer to risk her career to a bummer like this one. And she and Poehler have such wonderful chemistry & splendid timing together, it's just a shame this movie wasn't what it might have been....more info
  • Three Stars Only
    I expected so much from this movie. The commercials made it seem funny. However, many parts were just stupid to say the least. I think that if you are interested in seeing this movie it is worth renting. However, I would not suggest buying this movie until you have rented it. Review it first buy it later if you like it. I give it three stars because I laugh at some parts....more info
  • I'm rewarding you with 5 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact.
    Okay, I seriously loved Steve Martin in this movie. I thought it was great- not a masterpiece or anything, but a good comedy. I was more impressed with it than I thought I would be from the trailers. I was expecting a more cliche slapstick approach, but was pleasantly surprised. It made me laugh out loud. I loved the cast and definitely think this one's a buyer....more info
  • "A Real Mess"
    If there's been a trend in Hollywood, it's been the desire to have and keep babies. `Knocked Up (Unrated Full Screen Edition),' `Bella,' and `Juno (Single-Disc Edition)' were a part of that trend last year.

    This time it's the turn of yupwardly mobile single mother, Kate (Tina Fey). She has it all, even if she hasn't found or kept Mr. Right. She's been promoted to Vice President of Development of Round Earth Food Stores, an organic health food grocery chain. Barry (Steve Martin) her boss, is a New Age hippie entrepreneur who makes every decision by meditative vibes.

    Her salary makes most things affordable, so when she has a yen to have a baby, she goes looking at every angle: a sperm bank, a boyfriend, etc. until she hears the bad news that's she's almost 100% infertile.

    Her solution is to do what most people in her shoes couldn't afford: She'll pay for a surrogate mother to carry one of her eggs, have it inseminated, and bring it to birth. The agency, Chaffee Bicknell, is headed by the ever-so-smooth Sigourney Weaver, who into her forties is a specimen of fertility herself.

    Her perspective client is Angie (Amy Poehler), someone whose working class toughness excels--even if her intuitive sense is closer to Barry's and keener than her street smarts. Her husband, Carl (Dax Shepard) is an inconsiderate and unfaithful slob. An inventor by trade, his idea of supplementing income is hounding the phone, so he can be the #107 caller for the next rock trivia question.

    Eventually, complications will have Angie leaving Carl during her pregnancy and moving in with Kate with no where else to go. There are predictable clashes as Kate, a control freak, will have much to say about her prospective child's diet and the surrogate mother's lifestyle. Kate's profession will make her dote on Angie eating organic pea soup; while Angie craves junk food. Obsessive-compulsive Kate will insist on subliminal foreign language tapes to rear the embryo on the fast track to success; while Angie roars out her favorite Karaoke songs and sing-a-long games. As you might expect the Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding/Diane Chambers-Karla Torelli match up will make some funny and some predictable situations.

    On the periphery of Kate's life are romantic opportunities with Junga Juice bar competitor, Rob Ackerman(Greg Kinnear) who offers some quality time as well as some pointed observations about what chain stores can do to small business owners.

    I enjoyed the culture clash provided by Fey and Poehler, but felt the badly needed romance was a welcome respite from the strife found in the central conflict. Martin's small role is refreshingly different from the protective father/hyperactive jerk he's played in the past--even if his character seems a little creepy here. Sigourney Weaver is smooth and seasoned as the savvy, but sweet agency head who knows how to talk to adults like kindergarteners and get away with it.

    Not all the humor is funny or subtle. "I'd rather be shot in the face than eat this stupid food!" shouts Angie when pressured to do things Kate's way. Significantly, this is a 'Saturday Night Live' movie. (Fey, Poehler, Martin are in it, and Lorne Michaels is also the producer here.) While not always entertaining, the situations and characters are unique and fun enough to see at least once.

    A J.P.'s Pick 2.5*'s = Fair ...more info
  • Better Than I Expected
    Maybe I've been spoiled by fantastic comedies, because I had no desire at all to see "Baby Mama." I mean, when you've got so many movies by dudes like Judd Apatow and co. and the British kings of comedy coming out in one year, how can one be interested in a film starring two actresses best known for being on SNL, which continues to get less and less funny each year? Well, it turned out that I did wind up seeing "Baby Mama" and I even left with a sort of moral: I need to be less picky with my comedies, because this was pretty good.

    There are a few laugh out loud moments scattered throughout, but it's a movie that will consistently make you smile. Tina Fey is great, and Poehler is surprisingly not at all awful. Yeah, she's over-the-top, but she still brings something endearing to this role that I definitely didn't expect. Some of the best bits came from Steve Martin, who plays Kate's (Fey) guru-like boss, as well as Romany Malco of Weeds fame who plays the hilarious and sympathetic bellhop. There are some pretty predictable twists and rom-com tropes at work, but the writers brought enough originality to the table to keep this fresh enough.

    It's not one of the best comedies you'll see this year, but it's still an entertaining movie that's worth seeing.

    7/10...more info
  • This will entertain you!
    Tina Fey fans should definately see this movie even if you have heard mixed reviews. 30 Rock fans will also enjoy this. It is a cute story and its a comedy that actually has some substance. This is one of the better SNL cast-goes-to-make-a-movie films as opposed to the ones that try so hard to be funny that it makes the movie awful. I was pleasantly surprised to really like this movie. Overall: A-...more info
  • Terrible
    I love these two but this is absolutely awful. Acting is flat and jokes are obvious. Unfunny....more info
  • Another fertility comedy
    I suppose every woman who wants kids also wants to be the perfect mother. When you're becoming a mother using someone else's uterus, though there are complications in reaching perfection.

    After the plot gets underway with Sigourney Weaver as matchmaker of a very special sort (and scary), Kate and Angie enter a business relationship. Kate can't become pregnant, and Angie's uterus didn't have any plans for the next nine months: Angie will carry Kate's child to term, for a fee. After falling out with her boyfriend (just what entitles him to any part of her fee, again?), low-rent Angie moves into high-rent Kate's apartment, creating an Oscar and Felix odd couple. Kate isn't just a Type A personality, she's A+ and going for extra credit. Angie's a slacker party girl, so the plot centers on turning the two of them into one perfect mother. And, after a dramatic blowout toward the end, everyone ends up predictably happy.

    Throw in an assortment of other amusing characters: a doorman of surprising wisdom, ditzy birth coach, boyfriend worth losing, boyfriend worth acquiring, and cheerfully deranged boss, and this turns into a solid (if forgettable) comedy. There's nothing offensive here, or not much, but it's not for young viewers uncertain about the baby-making process.

    -- wiredweird...more info
  • Witty Mama Drama
    I'm not a Chick Flick person at all but I thought BABY MAMA was witty and sharp enough to check out. Although this movie was marketed as a total chick flick, it has enough sharp comedy while keeping a brisk pace to make it entertaining to every comedy fan.

    The story is simple enough but every character is mined for maximum mirth, everyone from Tiny Fey's African American doorman seen calling his "baby mama" collect in the lobby ("'cause I don't have enough quarters to tell you how much I care for you") to her soul-less mother who always manages to say the worst thing to her daughter (and the funniest thing) to Steve Martin as a clueless hippy boss who can turn any business decision into a daffy New Age exercise. Sigourney Weaver also shows up at the most fertile menopausal woman in the world.

    What I enjoyed about the movie is that the comedy isn't limited to the stereotypes of the poor and uneducated. I think there were just as many laughs at the expense of Tina Fey's driven professional woman as there were for Amy Poehler's white trash surrogate.

    Like I said, I'm not a good candidate for Chick Flicks. The last one I thought was really interesting enough to hold my interest was Mel Gibson in WHAT WOMEN WANT--and how long ago was that?

    BABY MAMA is a very good comedy and worth checking out. Whoever you are....more info
  • Baby Mama
    When you need a simple comedy to lighten the day, this film does it. Light and cheery with a few predicatable twists. Great performances by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler with a few other well known actors/actresses. A surprise hit for the night....more info
  • Moderately entertaining
    I really enjoy Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Tina is incredible in 30 Rock, and Amy is one of the funnier cast members of Saturday Night Live. Still, I wasn't expecting much because the commercials seemed more crude than funny. I found that it was better than I thought it would be, however not really by much.

    I was disappointed in the humor of this movie. I did expect more laughs than I got, especially considering the comedic ability of Tina and Amy. There really weren't many laughs. On the other hand, there was more real drama than we expected, but only enough to kind of hold our attention. I did enjoy Greg Kinnear and the fantastic Steve Martin, though there roles were relatively small.

    While I was just barely entertained enough to watch it to the end, this is not a movie that I would watch again....more info
  • Coulda, woulda, shoulda been funnier and more entertaining
    Another reviewer notes this is a very average comedy and I whole-heartedly agree with that sentiment. Yet again, I find that Lorne Michaels and the SNL crew just can't seem to deliver good, solid, entertainment. (If you've seen my scathing review of Hot Rod, which apparently offended more than a few readers, you'd know I'm not terribly impressed with the creative team at SNL...)

    Let me say that this isn't a bad film, certainly no where near as bad as the pretty weak Hot Rod, but it was no where near as funny as it could have been, or as other films with similar stories have been in the past. For example, my wife loves the movie Paternity, and as something similar, I'd definitely rate it much more solidly above Baby Mama.

    The concept is solid enough, and Amy Poehler gets in some funny lines and brazen behavior that is amusing, but the results in the final product seem, well, quite average. The story is predictable and even with distractions like Steve Martin's performance where he seems to be channeling some of the J. Peterman character from Seinfeld, the laughs just don't come as freely as they should.

    I put this one into the 'rent it' category for sure. Go in with low expectations and you shouldn't be disappointed, but if you expect too much, you'll probably be left unfulfilled....more info
  • Middle
    I missed this one in the theater, so I was excited to rent it on the day it was released. I enjoyed the film, but not to the extent that I thought I would. With such a talented cast of comedic actors, I was really hoping for more laughs. There are a few good ones, but mostly it is just a mildly amusing movie that gets by with terrific actors doing the best they can with a so so script. The story is fairly standard with a late 30 something career woman wanting to have a baby, but doesn't have a man and finds that she can't conceive herself. In comes Amy as a white trash redneck type that is willing to have the baby for her. The plot brings in an even bigger redneck boyfriend and some shady dealings, and a nice guy for Tina. I want to like this more than I do, but I think a rental is good enough for this movie....more info
  • Not Bad
    Baby MamaI gave this an extra star for the "Ladies of Saturday Night". We should see much more of their comedic talents in more movies. The "Men of Saturday Night" have ruled the movies for decades and since Gilda Radner and Jane Curtin I have not seen a funnier pair. Tina Fey is sexy and Amy Poehler, well what can I say the woman knows comedy. I thought that this movie could have been funnier. It has it's moments a few good laughs but something is missing. However if you have been a fan of Saturday Night Live for decades like me I think you will enjoy this one. No belly laughs like you expect from Will Ferrell but fans will like seeing the ladies in this movie. I recomend this one....more info
  • Funy Ladies
    While I don't think this is 5 star material these actresses are VERY funny and you will laugh throughout the movie....more info
  • You can figure out the entire plot after the first ten minutes
    I like Tina Fey quite a bit but this movie was pretty disappointing. You can pretty much figure out the entire plot after the first few minutes. No surprises or twists. Lots of the jokes fall flat and too many rely on cheap gimmicks (such as a Lamaz coach who talks like Elmer Fudd). Also, although the movie seems like its about empowerment, strong women, etc. The ultimate message is still that for women to be happy they need to find the right guy and have babies. ...more info
  • please try again
    tina fey and amy pohler are both very funny but this weak film does not due justice to their comedy chops. its light and at times just odd, i really question the decisions made by writer/director michael mccullers. very disappointing. ...more info
  • Comedic Timing, on screen chemistry, a little drawn out
    I saw this in the theaters with some friends and we had a great time. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler clearly have a working relationship and great on screen chemistry. The film echoed some of the challenges career women have and the on screen setting in Philadelphia resonated with me, as I am in the Tri-State area.

    The plot was a bit like "You've Got Mail", in that big business comes to kick small business' butt, but other than that it stood its ground as a funny, relevant comedy. While the acting was a bit over the top for all characters it matched the "happy go lucky" music and tone throughout the movie, so it was bearable.

    I loved all performances by the actors, and the interlacing of current or former SNL actors was cool. The end was cute, and I was rooting for both Fey and Poehler's character which made the flick engaging for me. There were a scenes I laughed out loud, and the flick definitely has a "rewatch" factor. Picture and Sound both were clear on the Blu-Ray.

    I gave this 4 stars instead of 5, due to some of the over the top acting, and because I think the film could have been "wrapped up" sooner. It seems it was extended unnecessarily, and I remember looking at my watch in the theater. If you love chick flicks, this one's worth a rent, to see Fey and Poehler interact on screen, and it's a good time, with a couple of girlfriends....more info
  • Baby Mama
    I never saw the film before, but when it came out on DVD I wanted to buy it, because I love these girls from SNL, and I thougt that was a guaranty to purchase this film, so after I wached, I realized that it's not that good, it's just ok. I regret in some way that I purchazed....more info