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  • Terrible acting and a laughable plot
    I really don't know where to start with this movie. It was just an all-around failure.

    John Leguizamo was the only one in the whole film who put in a good performance (Wahlberg's best friend in the movie). Wahlberg's and Zooey Deschanel's (his wife in the movie) characters both came across as cheesy and stupid, but then again neither of them even looked like they were trying. All of the secondary characters (and I mean all of them) were boring. Instead of trying to follow the film (it wasn't hard, the plot was equally as shallow as the acting) I kept waiting for the death scenes so the secondary people would all get killed off.

    Basically, plants fight back against humanity because we pollute the environment... yeah. I'm not making this up.

    If you can handle watching hundreds of different species of plants working together as one to release a single chemical that causes humans to kill themselves (I can't help but laugh at that, even now) then this is the movie for YOU. The funniest part is how the writers tried to keep us viewers in suspense. I had the plot figured out in the first 5 minutes. Not to mention there's nothing even remotely frightening about an oak tree, or a bush, or grass. Oh, the terror!

    Maybe the dumbest part of the movie. The whole dialogue, along with the horrendous acting, just came across as laughable. I was sitting in the theater with my hand over my mouth so I didn't burst out in a fit of giggles. Wahlberg talked to his wife like he barely knew her.

    Overall, this movie was just plain bad. The "scary" parts weren't scary. The "feel-good" parts made me roll my eyes. The "tragic" parts weren't tragic. The "suspenseful" parts were a joke. The suicides weren't realistic (the best one was a police officer shooting himself in the head with a 9mm. When the body rolls into view we see the wound, and it's this little pin-prick hole in the front of his head dribbling a couple drops of blood), and all the people were stupid. Leguizamo's character just up and leaves his daughter to go look for his wife in New Jersey after pulling some statistics out of his hat ("there's a 62% chance it hasn't been hit yet").

    My advice: If you MUST see this movie, rent it. Don't bother spending money on a ticket....more info
  • UM, NO
    M. Night Shyamalan is rubbish. his movies are slow and predictable with lame ending. I caught a few minutes of this piece of trash and couldn't believe someone would bother financing something so horrible....more info
  • Fun but stupid
    The people being attacked do the exact wrong thing -- head for open countryside. According to the logic of toxic agent, they should have locked themselves in cellars in the city.

    It is a fun but kind of gory movie, nevertheless. ...more info
  • Fun but stupid
    The people being attacked do the exact wrong thing -- head for open countryside. According to the logic of toxic agent, they should have locked themselves in cellars in the city.

    It is a fun but kind of gory movie, nevertheless. ...more info
  • "The Happening" is great!
    "The Happening" is great! This is how the story goes: A family is on the run from an inexplicable and unstoppable event that threatens not only humankind--but the most basic human instinct of them all: survival. The cast led by Mark Wahlberg (as Elliot Moore) is great! The story and screenplay and directing by M. Night Shyamalan (who also wrote and directed "Lady In The Water" (2006), "The Village" (2004), "Signs" (2002), "Unbreakable" (2000), & "The Sixth Sense" (1999) is great! The music by James Newton Howard (who has been doing the music to Shyamalan's movies since "The Sixth Sense") is excellent! The cinematography by Tak Fujimoto (who also did the cinematography to "Signs" & "The Sixth Sense") is excellent! The film editing by Conrad Buff (who also did the film editing to "Shooter" (2007), which also starred Wahlberg) is great! The casting by Douglas Aibel (who has been doing the casting to Shyamalan's movies since "Unbreakable") & Stephanie Holbrook (who was an casting associate on "Lady In The Water" & "The Village") is great! The production design by Jeannine Oppewall (who also did the production design to "The Good Shepherd" (2006) is excellent! The art direction by Anthony Dunne is excellent! The set decoration by Jay Hart is excellent! The costume design by Betsy Heimann (who also did the costume design to "Lady In The Water") is excellent! This is a great film that keeps your heart and your mind thinking. This is better than his last film, "Lady In The Water"....more info
  • B-O-R-I-N-G!!! Just take a nap, it's cheaper.
    While I'm a big M. Night Shyamalan and Mark Wahlberg fan, this movie could not be more pointless and boring. If listening to wind and watching people kill themselves for no apparent reason is interesting to you, then this is your movie. Otherwise, find something else to do....more info
  • The Crappening
    This M. Night Shyamalan fan finds no joy in judging "The Happening" to be the director's first bona fide DUD. (Especially since his good films have received a great deal of unfair criticism.)

    But a dud it is. To avoid giving anything away, I will illustrate the film's problems by comparing it to another M.N.S work that is, in some ways, quite similar-- "Signs." (Which was a really great film, by the way, so if you haven't seen THAT one, spoilers do, in fact, lie ahead.)

    Remember that great pivotal scene in "Signs" when Graham (Mel Gibson) is talking to Merrill (Joachin Phoenix)? He says to him,

    "People break down into two groups when they experience something lucky. Group number one sees it as more than luck, more than coincidence. They see it as a sign, evidence, that there is someone up there, watching out for them. Group number two sees it as just pure luck. Just a happy turn of chance."

    Then, remember AFTER the film, when you thought back over everything? You thought, "If Bo hadn't had that weird germ phobia, there wouldn't have been all those glasses of water...and if Morgan hadn't had asthma... and if Merrill hadn't failed at baseball.. and if the mother hadn't died and said those dying words...." How GREAT that was, and you realized THAT was the point of the film. All the other stuff was window dressing.

    Well, imagine if "Signs" hadn't had that fascinating theme that made it great. Take all that away, and you are left with... "The Happening."

    "The Happening" is what "Signs" would have been if it had just been about aliens landing one day and then leaving a few days later.

    Doesn't sound so great does it? Well, it's not. To be fair, the film seemed promising until the end, at which point you realized there wasn't any more. At points, there was a great deal of tension, and there were some excellent creepy scenes with Betty Buckley (the mom from "Eight is Enough".) I was even on board with the dialog, which, at the beginning, seemed downright odd, but my faith in M.N.S assured me that it was all for a reason. (Besides, much of it was due to Mark Wahlberg, who has this odd delivery style where he always sounds like an earnest 13 year old.) After a while, I felt it started to work, and there were scenes where it did, in fact, work quite well. As far as John Lequizamo goes, the best I can say is he is not in the whole movie. I really did not like him in this role.

    Which is just another way this film is very unlike the rest of the M.N.S canon: his casting has always been spot on, and one of his greatest skills has been in making his actors superbly effective. Even his usual magic with child actors is noticeably absent in this film.

    So there you go, M.N.S fans. It brings me no joy to bring this news, but there it is. Two stars....more info
  • M. Night Should Have Done Better
    This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen and I can't believe I sat all the way through it. It's too bad I can't get my rental money back from Amazon. I wish I had read some reviews before I made the mistake of renting it. I'm a Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel fan so I figured the movie could be worth watching but, I have been wrong in the past....more info
  • B-O-R-I-N-G!!! Just take a nap, it's cheaper.
    While I'm a big M. Night Shyamalan and Mark Wahlberg fan, this movie could not be more pointless and boring. If listening to wind and watching people kill themselves for no apparent reason is interesting to you, then this is your movie. Otherwise, find something else to do....more info
  • When the wind blows-----RUN!
    Saw this one in the theater in Charleston, SC. It was pretty good, but not great. I enjoyed it once, but would probably not watch it a second time.

    It begins in Central Park, Manhattan, New York, where 2 girls are on a park bench reading and talking. A strange breeze comes out of nowhere, people are frozen still in their tracks. One of the girls on the bench pulls her hairpin out of her head and stabs herself in the neck. Yuk.

    Next scene is 3 blocks from the park on a construction site. People start jumping from the tops of buildings. Splat. Splat. Splat. Another one bites the dust, like the song goes.

    Next, we go to Philadelphia, where Mark Whalberg/Elliot is a school teacher. He is discussing what might make people kill themselves in NYC, asking the teens for their possible theories. The news media is talking about possible terrorist activities in releasing airborn toxins around the park. NYC has just been evacuated and schools are now closing in Philadelphia. The teachers at Elliot's school are told to send the students home. School is being closed. Now the news media is saying this is a neurotoxin that makes you kill yourself. Elliot and his wife/Emma pack to take the train out of Philadelphia out to the country. They are going with a friend and his 8-year old daughter Jess. The friend's wife/Yvette hops a bus to Princeton, NJ (I think she waited too long to get the train or something). The same thing begins to happen in a park in Philadelphia. Everybody on the train begins to talk about what's happening as the train chugs along out into the country. Finally, the train stops in a little no-name town deep in the PA suburbs and they make evrybody get off. It seems the train crew has lost contact with everyone, so they just stopped. The radio is now saying it is happening up and down the whole Northeast. The people from the train start panicking and Jess' dad gets a ride with some people to go to Princeton to look for Yvette, and sends Jess with Elliott and Emma. As dad and the car arrive in Princeton, they see dead people everywhere. Meanwhile, Elliott, Emma and Jess take off in another direction with some other people. There seems to be something in the air and when the wind blows, it blows this "something" on you. Then you flip out and kill yourself, robotic-like. Nature's way of getting even, or protecting itself against humans?

    It's scary and suspenseful. I enjoyed watching it once, but not more than once. I had to look away a couple of times when people were doing themselves in, but it wasn't too bad. I do NOT recommend this for children. Could give them nasty nightmares.

    The movie lasted about 90 minutes. I enjoy Whalberg in his roles. I did not recognize anybody else, but they were ok in their roles. ...more info
  • 3.5 stars--Disturbing and thought-provoking, but missing something
    People are killing themselves. Not out of depression or despair: just randomly killing themselves. En masse. It begins in Central Park, and then spreads rapidly throughout the East Coast. Smaller and smaller groups of people are succumbing to this mysterious infliction. It's only a matter of time before everyone on the East Coast is killed off...

    "The Happening" has a wonderful premise. And, I'll be perfectly honest, it creeped me out. Show me your vampires, your werewolves, your haunted houses--nothing scares me like seeing ten bodies hanging from the trees over a suburban street. The fact that, at any moment, our self-preservation drive could be shut down, is a rather terrifying prospect that, at first, Shyamalan delves deeply into. The first half of the movie is tense and thought-provoking...not to mention flat-out terrifying.

    But after begins to get predictable (even after the director goes out of his way to show us that, yes, he will do whatever he wants). By the film's end, you're shaking your head, wondering what all the build-up was for. It's a great start, but a weak ending, and that is what holds the movie back.

    As for the performances...they take some time to get used to. It's hard to see Mark Wahlberg as a nice high school professor; at first, it seems like he's doing a horrible Ryan Reynolds impersonation. By the films end, however, you respect Wahlberg for restricting himself; I'm pretty sure he doesn't drop the f-bomb once, and that's pretty good for him. Zooey Deschanel, likewise, seems restrained; it isn't until halfway through the picture that you come to understand why. John Leguizamo, in his too-small role, is a wonder; the man is a chameleon.

    Overall, "The Happening" is a stronger film than Shyamalan's last effort, "Lady in the Water" (which was almost unbearable at points, despite solid acting from lead Paul Giamatti). The R-rating is a pleasant surprise; Shyamalan lets you know, within the first five minutes, that he plans on taking full-advantage of the looser restrictions. It's interesting, actually--yes, there's more gore, but it's still restrained; there's still the trademark Shyamalan minimalism. However, there isn't that big "oh my God REALLY?" moment (which, lets face it, we're expecting); this, in part, leads to the film's lack-luster ending. It's hard to tell if the pro's outweigh the con's here...I reccommend seeing the film for yourself, before you judge. It's certainly disturbing; plan on having a couple nightmares....more info
  • Go Ahead! Try to Suspend Disbelief!
    A a big MKS fan, I'm sorry to say that this disaster of a movie could very well be one of the worst movies I've seen in recent history. The dialogue was choppy, bordering insulting, and the acting was stilted to say the least. Mark Walbergh, a usually great actor, was miscast or bored or lost or confused or something. Zooey whatever her name is really just...well...let's just say ugh. And even John Leguizamo needed help. So all in all, an awful movie where nothing happens except the wind blows and people say stupid lines about how great hot dogs are. I'm all about the environment, but M. Knight should have been more clever about his execution. ...more info
  • Not the worst M. Night movie
    I used to think that the director, who created "Sixth Sense" was a really talented guy. THEN the other movies came, each more disappointing than the previous. What is it about having ONE good movie that makes you an ABOVE the TITLE director - you know, like Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg. While he does adopt the Hitchcockian conceit of casting himself in each film, Shyamalan, although doubtless a skilled self-promoter, is nowhere near that level of filmmaker and does not deserve that level of awareness and recognition.

    That being said, The Happening is at least passable if entirely predictable. But I WAS able to watch the entire film (the last two turned me off by about minute 15). While there are better uses of my time, at least this one was minimally entertaining. Wahlberg fans will like it, he's not horrible in this one either...more info
  • There's Something Happening Here (What It Is Ain't Exactly Clear)
    We all know what started it. The Sixth Sense. Let me clarify, though. THE SIXTH SENSE was NOT a success because of its third act twist. Shyamalan's breakthrough film succeeded because he created believable characters dealing with a solid, definable conflict that came to a powerful, relatable conclusion AND THEN he introduced a twist. And not a cheap, showy, carnival twist, but a twist that ADDED TO (not reversed or mutated) the gut-wrenching emotional climax that preceded it. Although it got all the press, the twist in THE SIXTH SENSE was simply the icing on the cake of that film. And as any eight year-old kid who's been to a wedding can tell you, if you only eat the icing, all you get is sick.

    Shyamalan has languished ever since, but only because he ended up falling for his own hype. He tried (and, I believe) set up an equally satisfying emotional bedrock in Unbreakable, but he expected his twist in that film to BE the resolution, instead of supplementing it. Bad idea. A twist is NOT a conclusion.

    His characters and his conflict and even his conclusion were more solidly established in Signs, but -- whoops -- he was dead-set on tacking on one of his patented twists, and the story he'd created didn't really need one, so the twist came across as being not just unnecessary, but also ludicrous.

    The Village came closest to reliving the old Shyamalan magic, and that was APART FROM the silly twist. Here we have a decent story, well-acted and well-established characters, and beautiful cinematography to boot. But, ruh-roh, here's that twist again, in this case, a twist that doesn't ADD to the climax, but which completely reverses it, casting an unflattering light on all of the characters and events and turning them into frightened, self-deluding caricatures.

    Perhaps flailing against what he realized was a fatal adherence to his own fading glory, Shyamalan created Lady in the Water, the least twist-y of all of his films. He sets up a mythos, creates a filmic architecture out of a vague fairy tale, and gives us a sleight-of-hand ending that is only about as impressive as your average street side game of Three Card Monte. Not a bad movie, but certainly forgettable.

    And now? THE HAPPENING.

    Something happens, that's for sure. Suddenly people are freezing in mid-dog walk, they're losing their places in their books, talking nonsense, and next thing you know, they're jabbing themselves with hair pins, jumping from roofs, and hanging themselves with garden hoses. It's a biological attack! Terrorists!

    The funny thing about THE HAPPENING is that Shyamalan doesn't even bother keeping his cards hidden. Elliot Moore (a Scooby-Doo-ish Mark Wahlberg), our protagonist, takes a quick Chemistry teacher-esque jab at guessing what's going on, and it's fair enough to say he comes close. At least close enough to matter. Because, aside from the actual "happening," there's almost nothing to the movie, other than a small group of people trying to find a place where it ISN'T happening.

    And that solid emotional core that made THE SIXTH SENSE such a hit? Those definable characters? That relatable sense of suspense and connection? It's all a joke, here, and I'm not kidding. In fact, Shyamalan openly mocks the emotional Tootsie center of his film. When Moore discovers that his wife, Alma (played by a perpetually wide-eyed and vacant Zooey Deschanel), may have been unfaithful (he finds out, I'm just not going to tell you), the moment is used as a source of huckster's levity. In fact, every instance where character development is pursued is used to either add gags or fake punch (stinging orchestral "scares" or the sort of creepy vibes that are normally expected to accompany ambiguous, world-wide catastrophes).

    The sad news is that Shyamalan still has not learned to go back to what initially made him such a hit. In fact, my guess is he's so desperate to reclaim that magic that he made the worst mistake of all. THE HAPPENING? The ENTIRE MOVIE is the twist. And that's all it is. If you're wondering what that means, then I'll rewrite THE SIXTH SENSE, in the spirit of THE HAPPENING:

    Bruce Willis: "I WILL save this poor little boy, because I am an award-winning child psychologist."

    Haley Joel Osment: "Did you realize you're a ghost?"

    Bruce Willis: "I'm a ghost? Nooooooooooooooo!" (continues screaming "No!" for ninety minutes)

    The end....more info
  • Its Ok - Rent something else first
    Its not his best and not his worst. I liked it more the first time I watched it, but much less the second time. It starts out thrilling but then loses steam and direction. When that happens, he throws in some disturbing imagery. Some characters are thrown in and taken out here and there. Some characters are a little too odd and/or unrealistic (overly scared army guy, plant guy and crazy lady) Honestly, I think he needed to add 15 minutes more to the movie and decided to throw in the crazy lady. The house could have been empty and it wouldn't have made a difference....more info
  • The Beginning Says It All
    In the opening sequence the main character pretty much makes a statment that is the basis for The Event. Once you hear him say, "We will never understand", you may feel free to turn off the movie right there; because that summed the entire movie up. You can watch it over and over and it never tells you what happened; it just leaves you with half witt assumptions tossed around throughout the story. If you want to watch people kill themselves for no reason or motive, here ya go.

    My only thought that came to mind at the very end was of the Thorium in the game Mass Effect, it was an ancient plant that used chemicals to control other living things; but, I don't think the director even fathomed the idea of that from that awesome story....more info
  • sucks
    this is a total waste of time. i usually like Mark Wahlberg but he just doesn't come off well as a teacher much less a science teacher....This movie just sucks....more info
  • Not all could "happen"
    I wasn't disappointed, but I wasn't blown away either. It's a good movie, but when I walked out of the theater I wasn't sure what to think. Now thinking back over the film, I realize that the hypothetical "happening" makes sense. It all boils down to humanity's affect on mother nature. Why couldn't plants evolve to defend themselves? Plants do communicate, and there were cited examples of that in the film. Evolution is a part of life for all living things, and even though this film is a little far fetched, it's somewhat believeable, and that makes it kind of scary. And now that I think about it, the whole bee thing in the beginning of the movie makes me wonder if that was supposed to be viewed as the catalyst for why "the happening" began when it did. It's an interesting idea. I would probably see this movie again. If you don't like thinking too much about your entertainment, go see it anyway because there are still plenty of comedic moments to laugh at and shocking deaths to gasp about to make it worth your while. And just to compare, I think this film was better than Lady in the Water. ...more info
  • A Sub-par Effort
    I must state up front that I am a big M. Night Shyamalan fan. I'm especially partial to both Signs and The Village, which in my mind are pure genius. Every time one of his films is released I'm always amazed at the slaughter that ensues from both fans and critics alike. Make no mistake about, people love to hate this guy and I just don't get it. I believe that Shyamalan is one of the most innovative filmmakers of our time and I'm always anxiously awaiting his next offering.

    As I read early reviews on The Happening, I was actually very hopeful because they were so negative. Everyone told me to avoid Lady in the Water and I really enjoyed it. Surely it was going to be the same with Shyamalan's latest right? I was going to discover once again that for some reason I'm one of the only film buffs on the planet that can truly recognize good filmmaking when I see it. As much as it pains me, I must concede that for once everybody else was right. I wanted to love this movie. I wanted to find greatness where no one else could, but it bums me to admit that it's nowhere to be found.

    It seems that the story and more specifically, the antagonists bothered most critics and reviewers. I actually thought the story was interesting and I could even buy the bizarre explanation for what was happening. However, I really feel like for the first time that Shyamalan really missed the mark with his plot execution. The movie starts out on the right notes, sucking us into the story with chilling sequences and clever suspense. Unfortunately, the film peaks early and leaves us with very little to pull the story along.

    Mark Whalberg's performance was especially disappointing. He tried way too hard to make his character seem soft-spoken and damaged. Instead, all he did was give us a character that was incredibly annoying and whiny throughout the film. Zooey Deschanel only proved what she's proven in all of her other films: she's a weird chick and can only play weird chicks in movies. The rest of the cast was just OK at best, and this is the first Shyamalan film where I felt the casting was done poorly. I dare say the film would have been better off casting the other Whalberg brother and the other Deschanel sister.

    The Happening is Shyamalan's first Rated R film and it's very obvious. It reminded me of what happened when George Lucas finally got his hands on CGI for Star Wars Episodes I-III. The films looked spectacular, but somewhere along the way Lucas forgot what made the original trilogy so timeless: the story! The Happening showcases some of Shyamalan's most frightening scenes to date and he makes good use of the R rating. Unfortunately, it seems he was so focused on making parts of this film as scary as he could that he neglected the all-important plot.

    I haven't given up hope on M. Night Shyamalan and I do believe he will wow us again. Sadly, it won't be with this sub-par effort. ...more info
  • This can't be Happening!!
    M. Night Shyamalan is quite possibly the only whiz kid director out there today. Unfortunately, this film bears no evidence of that. All of his other films do (however I wouldn't know about the three films he directed before SIXTH SENSE), even the horrible LADY IN THE WATER, which this movie was only slightly better than.

    I went into the film (already knowing what it was about) expecting it to be another Hollywood propaganda piece about man-made global warming. I was pleasantly surprised (it was the only way in which this film pleasantly surprised me) to see that that particular theme was comparatively downplayed. Though the movie does implore everyone to be more tree-hugging, it wasn't so much of...let's just say it wasn't an Inconvenient Ruse. And I wish there were other good things I could day about this film.

    In previous films, MKS directs and uses camera shots like Alfred Hitchcock and other famous directors who could tell a story without dialogue or special effects or anything of that sort. They simply showed you the character and directed the character to act in such a way that the audience was engrossed with that character as well as the story itself. Take, for example, Bruce Willis in UNBREAKABLE: he doesn't have a whole lot of lines in the film, and yet he is the main character. But you can tell what he's thinking and what he's feeling even when there's no dialogue. You could do the same with Haley Joel Osment in SIXTH SENSE.

    All that to say, why isn't Shyamalan doing this anymore? THE HAPPENING is filled with plot holes, horrible acting, silly lines, flaky characters, and unrealistic character scenarios.

    As for anyone going to this movie expecting the Shyamalan trademark brilliant twist at the end -- nothing is there! In fact, you're told (you've probably already been told) the plot secret about fifteen minutes into the film....more info
  • Are You Kiddin me?!!
    What was this? I like Mark W. but this has to be his worst movie. Trees blowing in the wind is so scary...Boo! Bad acting and story inflicted on me just to get to the main meaning. The Happening is not. The real reason that everyone died in this movie is they just saw the Happening. Painful you will see....more info
  • Depressing, Sick, and Hopeless
    After watching this movie I felt great anger--both at myself for watching it and at the Director, Mr. Shyamalan, for making it. I then decided to watch all the "special features" included with the DVD to try to glean some insights into the thought processes behind the making of this film. In all of the "features" we see a jolly Mr. Shyamalan talking about how "scary" he wanted to make this movie and about how he wanted to make a "B-Movie." The cast and crew are also shown joking around, as if this movie should not be taken seriously. I HOPE that this was the intention of the Director, because if one takes the movie seriously, it fits the description of my header: depressing, sick, and hopeless (not to mention BAD in almost every aspect except for the photography and music).
    I am not the type of person who enjoys the blood-and-guts carnage that one finds in such movies as the "Night of the Living Dead" or "Pulp Fiction." Perhaps Mr. Shyamalan wanted to create a "dark comedy," as the latter film is often referred to. If so, he did NOT make this clear, by a long shot.
    The "R" rating attached to this movie is supposedly due to violent and "disturbing" scenes. If you have a weak stomach (like me), you will INDEED find some of the scenes disturbing. I had to watch a comedy movie after viewing "The Happening" in an attempt to get some of those scenes out of my memory. Unfortunately, it didn't work! So, I plan on tossing "The Happening" in the trash....more info
  • Make him STOP!
    The most frightening thing here is that somebody lets MNS keep making movies. This is Soooooooooooo Bad. I went with a friend and as a result he has to do my laundry for year. Poor Marky Mark (I can say that cus he's from my old hood)comes off looking like such a dope. "What about those honey bees, guys? Huh? Does anybody care?" A science teacher role for him strains every last bit of credibility. Zooey D. looks like she's stoned the whole time. Leguizamo spares himself by cutting his wrists early one. Oddly, I saw audience members watch him, nod their heads, and go rummaging in their bags for their own glass....more info
  • Disappointed
    I had high hopes for this movie, but was gravely disappointed when I sat down and watched it. Not once did it scare me, and I am giving it such a low review because I don't like movies where kids are killed. The acting was mediocre also. Definitely not Mark Wahlberg's best performance by far....more info
  • Shyamalan The Schlockmeister Strikes Again!
    I don't know about you, but seeing dozens of people on the Big Screen graphically and creatively committing suicide is not my idea of having a good time! But before I go any further, I want to strongly advise people who are severely depressed, or currently have issues with suicidal ideation (thinking/fantasies ) NOT to see this movie. The violence portrayed can be summed up in one word - harsh! The Happening is also wildly inappropriate for children and young teens! Consider this warning a Public Service announcement by someone who used to work with people in crisis!

    Personally, it's sad to see Director Shyamalan stoop so low. His masterpiece, "The Sixth Sense," is one of the greatest supernatural fantasy films of all time! He obviously likes to work in this genre, and there are plenty of stories written along these lines over the past hundred years to tap into for ideas! But no, he most follow the majority of Hollywood and dumb down his films, too! The Happening will certainly make Director Shyamalan a quick buck, but it will also damage his brand. He's slowing and steadily becoming the "Roger Coreman" of schlock film making. I, for one, will certainly think twice before paying my hard earned money to see another one of his films in the future!

    The story is also so preposterous it comes across ultimately as campy. Intelligent plants are so smart they only wipe out people from Maryland to Massachusetts, as a "warning" against Mankind's abuse of the environment! The plant kingdom is only defending it's self from our wanton destruction of the environment. But they can't be all that smart if they attack one of our nation's most environmentally friendly regions in the United States! For example, the LARGEST park in the entire United States, outside of Alaska, is in New York State and it's a STATE park, called the Adirondacks. It's even in the State Constitution to remain forever wild! New York City and the surrounding environs, has some of the cleanest drinking water in the United States. One of the greatest zoos in the entire world, which works tirelessly to save endangered species, and to educate the rest of us is the BRONX Zoo! New York State dismantled its last built Nuclear Power plant before it was even turned on! So my dear, Shyamalan, The Schlockmeister, you had your pathetic plant kingdom army attack the wrong part of the country! Duh!

    No one is denying that there's an audience for this kind of intense violence and stupidity, but there's a much larger audience for intelligent story making. Hopefully, The Happening will take a drubbing at the box office and teach this formerly bright filmmaker a valuable lesson!

    The Adirondack Atlas: A Geographic Portrait of the Adirondack Park, and Wild Lives: A History of People & Animals of the Bronx Zoo, and The Politics of Nuclear Power: A History of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant (Risk, Governance and Society), and Water-Works: The Architecture and Engineering of the New York City Water Supply and last, but not least - Your Movie Sucks...more info
  • The Master!
    Forget the other reviews, M. Night Shyamalan does it again!

    M. Night Shyamalan has done the alien thing, the dead people thing and all the other regulars, this movie takes a much different turn!

    Basic storyline without giving anything away~
    We stupid humans have pushed Mother Earth too far and now she is pushing back!

    "The Happening" isn't just another cookie-cutter Hollywood movie.

    Every M. Night movie gets bad press and every movie that he has made is now considered a classic!

    The storyline is unbelievable, how does he come up with this stuff! The other reviewers were right about one thing, some of the acting is poor. Disappointing I know, considering it stars Mark Wahlberg. Several of the scenes could have been cut out for sure, but overall the movie is very, very good. I'm still thinking about the storyline, a week after watching it!

    My favorite M. Night movies are "Signs" and "Lady in the Water", "The Happening" isn't quite on the level of those classics, but its definitely worthy!...more info
  • sucks
    this is a total waste of time. i usually like Mark Wahlberg but he just doesn't come off well as a teacher much less a science teacher....This movie just sucks....more info