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Gossip In The Grain
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  • Unique and Refreshing Sound
    We LOVE this CD. Such a refreshing and unique sound! We could listen to this fantastic vocalist for hours. Highly recommend to anyone who wants some "neutral", soul-stirring music....more info
  • Interesting talent, with a dynamic voice.
    First time I've bought anything by this artist. Since buying it I have kept it in heavy rotation in my car CD player. His voice is very different, and his phrasing is wonderful. In some ways he reminds me of a young Van Morrison. I hope to hear more from him....more info
  • Dull
    I greatly enjoy Ray's previous releases "Trouble" and "Till The Sun Turns Black." Sorry, but I can't say the same about "Gossip In The Grain." While his voice is just fantastic, the songs are not. "Meg White" and "Hey Me, Hey Mama" are the worst of the bunch and are two of the worst songs I have heard in quite some time. The others are OK - - but nothing special. It's all rather dull. ...more info
  • He did it again
    Another excellent album by Ray Lamontagne, his third. His first, Trouble, though still more than worth the money, was at times inconstent. He hit a home run with his second album, "Till the Sun Turns Black," a magnificent collections of songs. Not even a so-so one in the bunch. With "Gossip in The Grain," he's gone a step up. Intelligent, insightful lyrics, mesmerizing melodies, and just the right amount of rasp to his voice to really show off the emotion. Actually, though, I think the weakest song on the album is the first song. I burned a copy, moving the 1st to last, and I prefer it much more that way. My oppinion. But there's no doubt, it's an album worth owning -- played in any order....more info
  • Quiet
    A quiet album regardless of the RnB of the first song. Beautiful and rich if you'll sit along quietly with it....more info
  • Oh, he's a good one
    I liked him in person and this new CD is excellent. He's very sexy and has unique blue eyed soul....more info
  • Ray LaMontagne turns out a great album (Again)
    This is an amazing album all around. Ray LaMontagne is a musical genius with an amazing voice and a knack for making amazing songs. This album incorporates sort of a new style into LaMontagne's routine indie style of music. His new fast paced, upbeat songs are a refresher from the norm. (not that we needed one, we like his regular style just as much!) The new songs bring almost a country feel (is it possible?) to LaMontagne's music. This album is not much like his others. To compare it to musically, I would say it is similar to "Raycharles LaMontagne" and somewhat different from "Till The Sun Turns Black" in the type of songs composing the albums.

    My favorite song on the album is "I Still Care For You" because it has the same deep, complex, and faraway epic feel as his song "Be Here Now."

    I highly recommend this album to anyone who likes any of LaMontagne's music, I never get tired of him. I am very happy with my purchase of "Gossip in the Grain."...more info
  • Fantastic!!
    The first time I heard "You Are The Best Thing", I loved it. I had to listen to the rest of this guy's album. I had never heard of this guy. Where in the heck did this guy, Ray LaMontange, come from? WOW! What a great sound. It takes a lot to really make me fall in love with a song, let alone an album the first time I hear it. I had no problem with this album. I am definitely going to look into his other albums. I am blown away by his music. ...more info
    I caught a song from this artist on a taping of "Eli Stone", researched it and ordered and so very glad I did. I adore this man's sound; the whole package!! I will be definately be ordering additional words from him. I also received my order sooner than expected, which only let me enjoy to tunes quicker and with more gratitude!...more info
  • Buyer Beware!
    This is not a review of the quality of music on this album! I love Ray and everything he has ever done! This is a review of the MP3 download of "Gossip in the Grain". THIS IS A HORRIBLE MP3 RIP! THE RECORDINGS ARE SO LOUD THAT ALL OF RAY'S VOCALS ARE DISTORTED! I have brought this to Amazon's attention and they have refunded my purchase. However, they have not fixed the problem! I love the fact that Amazon offers a high bit-rate, non-DRM encrypted alternative to iTunes! AMAZON PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!...more info
  • I love this CD
    I'm new to Ray L., but I'm so glad I found this CD. The songs are just beautiful. What a great voice....more info
  • Precious.
    Not enough keyboards, horns, and electric guitar, too little of the edgy, brash sounds that lift Ray's voice to the heights of fun. Only the first track, "You Are the Best Thing" makes me smile. Give me more of the 'Joe Cocker' Ray and less of the 'Dan Fogleberg' Ray. Gossip in the Grain sounds precious, and listening to it is like eating too much turkey- it makes me shleepy......more info
  • You Are The Best Thing, Baby
    Ray Lamontagne, is an enigma. His voice is breathy and rich and his trademark. His songwriting is brilliant at times. He is a genius at his craft. But, he is not reaching the masses. I found him, oh, several years ago with his first CD, 'Trouble' and his voice and lyrics stirred my soul.

    "The Jesus-bearded troubadour is sort of a recluse. He doesn't enjoy doing interviews, refuses to make music videos, and hates reviews of his work--be they positive or negative. But for all the coffeehouse hacks trying to emulate Bob Dylan's verbosity and Van Morrison's impassioned croon, there's the soft-spoken Ray LaMontagne, singing his own wistful tunes without the weight of pretension and the hype of MTV." Joe Tacopina

    This CD brings Ray Lamontagne to the fore. He is including a full orchestra. As he said in an interview, "It was time to open up a little bit more, not be quite so reserved in my choice of songs that I wanted to record." His choices in these ten songs are somewhat similar to his first two CD's but tell a story of their own. These songs are richer and more complete.

    'You Are The Best Thing'-Best song of the ten and my favorite- backed-up by vocals and this is Ray at his best.

    'Let It Be Me'- A traditional Ray song-showcasing his beautiful voice.

    'Sarah'- One of the most beautifully written songs- many say he sounds like Nick Drake in this saga.

    'I Still Care For You'-The big band background with Ray barely speaking.

    'Winter Birds'- The poem like wording is exquisite. The best writing of his career.

    'Meg White'- Such a complete sidestepping of his usual fare. Feet stomping good- a tribute to Meg White of the 'Stripes'- you either love it or hate it.

    'Hey Me, Hey Mama'- Folksy singing- absolutely love this new Ray- 'Where ya been so long?'

    'Henry Nearly Killed Me'-Fast paced song with a story line to be followed.

    'A Falling Through'- A quiet, thoughtful song.

    'Gossip In The Grain'- Soft, listen carefully to the lyrics- beautiful musical background.

    Ray Lamontagne is a musician who has not reached his prime. He has stepped out of his footprint with this CD. Gaining new ground and new fans. He is quietly taking his place along side the greats of his genre.

    Highly Recommended. prisrob 11-02-08


    [[ASIN:B000GPIPVU Till the Sun Turns Black...more info
  • Ray LaMontagne
    LaMontagne is simply one of the best. I have all of his albums; none of them disappoint. It's amazing to me how many people I've shared his music with that have never heard of the artist. This guy is amazing and appears humble. I hope he stays this way....more info
  • His Best Yet!
    Gossip In The Grain is by far his best CD. Trouble and Till The Sun Turns Black are both excellent; however, this is his best work yet. If you are trying to decide which CD of his to buy --This is IT!...more info
  • Great!
    I love his raspy hallowed voice! The album is fun & full of passion. There aren't any songs that I skip either, which says a lot. ...more info
  • Ray Montagne

    Ray is the modern day Gordon Lightfoot. A wide range of smooth stylings which really keys into my own passion for variety in listening in one artist!...more info