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A Different Me
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A Different Me is the third studio album by R&B singer and songwriter Keyshia Cole. The road to riches wasn't easy for Keyshia yet her hard work and great voice are her successful rewards. Besides the release of a 2008 album, the new season of her BET reality show, touring and personal appearances, Keyshia is gearing up for the production of a movie based on her life. The lead single off the album, "Playa Cardz Right" featuring Tupac, originally appeared on Tupac's Pac's Life, and this version was rearranged by the hugely successful Grammy nominated Cole with producers Ron Fair plus Carvin and Ivan.

Customer Reviews:

  • not titled
    keyshia cole is probaly one of my most fav artists, even though she's not that much of a good singer, to me anyway, but still, i like her songs and this CD is actually pretty good, espiecally (Trust) her duet with monica, which totally took me by surprise, like keyshia, monica is also a fav artist of mine, but thier voices, in my mind, cannot compare, monica has such a powerful voice, so when i saw the CD, i was shocked that keyshia would sing along with monica, remember the song (the boy is mine) with brandy? but anyway, i think that Keyshia did a wonderful job, i saw on her television show that she was taking voice lessons, well it paid off. The only thing that i wasn't to thrilled about was the cover, i hope she's not trying to go in the same direction as beyonce, her style has changed a lot with that kinda rock and roll thing going on, i think cole should stay more in her down to earth style, she does not look very comfortable with the sexy new look....more info
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  • dang, can i change it to 5 stars?
    keep doing what u do boo..its called one can sing about the same ish forever....MJB learned that...I love the CD and I liked that u tried new be sexy single and free....hood rats cant be that way forever...especially when money and fame are've got my vote keyshia baby!...more info
  • a different me
    This is very different than what she has done in the past but it is really good. I love keyshia cole I am from oakland right in the same palce she grew up. lov mary ann

    ...more info
  • Awesome! Keyshia Cole has done it again!
    I have been a fan of Keyshia Cole since she came out with The Way it is and she has not disappointed me yet. This album is just what she named it, A different side of her. She is totally awesome with the way she changes up the style and adds a new kick to every song.

    My favorites on the album:

    Playa Cardz Right
    You Complete Me
    Thought You Should Know
    Make Me Over

    Great Job Keyshia! Definitely would recommend this album!...more info
  • Keisha
    I guess you can get tired of the same songs and topics. I hope she isn't tired of the same fans. The beautiful singer has went off into the Bermuda Triangle with this album. I'm really not feeling this album too much. I guess I am one of her first album fans. Her last album fans will be a little confused with these songs."Make Me Over" reminds me of a Christina Aguilera song. I guess you have to change to crossover to another audience....more info
  • a bit disappointed
    I really came to appreciate her as and artist with her last album. "Im just like you" last November. But I feel she didn't get enough props because her and Alicia Keys came out at the same time. "JUST LIKE YOU" is a 10 star album. So when I heard "a new me" I was so excited because of the last album, I could play it straight through. It told a story, you learned a lot about her and relationships the beats and sound were intoxicating and the lyrics were top ingredients . I can see that Keisha has definitely refined her voice and her appearance. But she is coming off a bit mechanical in her demenor and a bit too sexy. its just not her. And she needs some new writers for her new album "a new me" wasnt really feeling it sorry. The only decent songs I like are track # 3,9,13. ...more info
  • Luv it!
    I like every song on this cd! I know that this cd is very different from her other cds but I can still relate to her in every song. Keep making records Keyshia!...more info
  • Make me Over

    Yhe song entitled Make Me over is off the chart, I love this song. Everytime I get in the car I always go back to that song. The whole CD is great. Love it that all I can say about. Keep up the great work in putting good music. We love you....more info
  • Tottaly Awsome
    Although this is not Keyshia's best, she tries hard to show us that shes not that old Keyshia(manbashing, singing about heart break.)

    This has great beats wonderful lyrics and Keyshia's powerful voice.
    12/15 great songs overall I love it....more info
  • Very Well Done
    This CD was very welll done. I really like the songs with 2pac and Nas. Amazon won't let people sell their copies of this CD here but if you type in Just Like You her last CD and look at the other sellers tab I am selling a copy of this CD, A Different Me, for only $7.49. My sell name is farhanlatif and my Comments are SHIPPED FIRST CLASS SAME DAY ((I am selling HER NEW CD A Different Me)). ...more info
  • Different isn't always better
    While many artists evolve on their own terms, something about this album seems contrived and completely unnatural. I'm all for growth, but musically this album appears to be her label's attempt at commercializing an R&B gem. Highlights are oddly enough the intro/outro "A Different Me," "Make Me Over," "You Complete Me," and the re-hashed version of "Trust" with a new Monica feature. Production for a lot of the material seems dated with little innovation- although the utilization of live instruments intermittently brings much needed energy. Album has a lot of fillers, to the point where even single choices seem to be uncertain. An odd point is the 80s pop infused "Please Don't Stop" which sounds like something written for the useless mutterings of Rihanna. "This Is Us" seems to be reminiscent of a theme song for a family based sitcom with airy vocals and cliche lyrics. The closing track "Beautiful Music" is forgettable and repetitive.

    The album's few high lights make the album worth buying-- but it's simply disappointing to see the effects of Geffen's commercialization tactics on Cole. Keyshia's vocals seem to be more refined, but long gone is the emotion which left you immersed in her song. The entire album bares waspy vocals...and way too much restraint. Overall I wish her success, but this simply isn't her best. There's a way to write about happiness and personal growth without being...well, boring....more info
  • Love
    I love love love this album. I listen to all the tracks and although it is different then her previous CDs but she still did her thing with his one. ...more info
  • DeFiNiTeLy A dIfFeReNt HeR
    Definitely a different her on this CD. I like her others more. But still good. I love Keyshia!!...more info
  • Fan for Life!!!
    I was never a fan of Keyshia until I heard her second cd. After listening to this cd, A Different Me, I am a fan for life. I love the intro, letting us know that this will be a different side of her, but I don't think it's different at all. I love the way the tracks flow. Her songs are so sensual and soulful at the same time. And then after the "outro", she kicks it up a two notches. I really enjoy the track featuring NAS, the track featuring 2Pac and every song after that. I'm glad I trusted her enough to try her in the first place. So much so that I went back and purchased her first cd. One thing you can say for Keyshia, she has done 3CDS with no remakes (you gotta respect that). Something a lot of artists cannot say that they've accomplished. If you don't like this cd, listen to it again with no expectations and you will hear it in a different light. Every time I listen to this cd, I like it more and more, falling in love with it each time I hear it. As I said before, FAN FOR LIFE!!!...more info
    I really wish I would have listened to more of this CD before purchasing it. I went on Keysiha Cole's usual way of bringing it when it comes to her CDs. I was rocked to sleep by the single with Pac and I felt bamboozeled and led astray when listening to the rest of the CD. Now I have no problem with artists changing their style and message in their music. Look at Mary J. She changed her message in a 180 turn around and she is still banging. WOEFULLY DISAPPOINTED in the CD.

    UPDATE: Ok it's starting to grow on me. I like a couple of the songs on her new CD now. ...more info
  • I love it!!!!!!!
    I love her voice and transformation over albums! My favorite song is Playa cardz right!!! Worth every penny!...more info
  • Keyshia Cole's MOVIE coming up
    Keyshia Cole fans listen up!

    Beyonce has an alter ego "Sasha Fierce" but now its spread to singer TWEET and Keyshia should do the movie.

    Tweet has a hot azz book called "Love Is the Drug" and it's about REAL ROXANNE the fine azz black woman movie critic! lol! You can only get it in the Kindle Store or Mobipocket but its too fierce I loved it. I think Keyshia should star in the movie version of the book because it's a strong love story and I had no idea Tweet could write a damn book THAT GOOD! KEYSHIA would be so good as REAL ROXANNE! These singing stars are getting totally fierce with the double identities I see.

    Yall should see the book cover for "Love Is the Drug". lol!

    ...more info
  • 2.5 Stars. I Tried...not feelin it.
    I purchased this album on the day it was released and I've listened to it about 10 times. The reason for the many times played was simply because I was forcing myself to like the album; simply because I like Keyshia Cole. I always give an album a chance before I post my reviews and I can honestly say that I'm not feelin "A different me" at isn't her. I do however respect Keyshia Cole for stepping outside of her comfort zone and trying something new; which can be a gamble sometimes.

    My favorite tracks are:

    No Other featuring Amina
    Trust featuring Monica
    Thought You Should Know

    This album is surely different from The Way It Is and Just Like lacks the realness that Keyshia always portrays. However, her vocals have improved tremendously. This album is definitely for the die hard Keyshia Cole fans. ...more info
  • Cool
    This is a cool CD if you like Keyshia Cole.. It has a little different flavor than her others....more info
  • Great Cd... and different Feel
    a different me is a happy and upbeat cd. She is finally happy and not singing about bad men.. I like the Cd, and true fan should like it as well. Like she say.. i gave it 4 stars just becuase i dont like every song.....more info
  • Strong powerful voice that is unique.
    I love this artists voice. This CD is a decent follow up to the last. My only complaint is that she shares the CD with a multitude of rap and rhyme artists that detract from her talent. She should concentrate more on solo artistry as her fans are looking for her talent and style rather than the odd others who are not in her vocal league. ...more info
  • Keyshia Cole has grown up in this new CD
    I like her new CD. She does a better job singing ballads than she does fast songs. I believe she should stick to the slow stuff. I gave 3 stars because I really do not care for the up-tempo stuff on this CD....more info
  • Way To Go Keyshia
    Keep up the great work Keyshia; it took all year, but we now have the best CD of 2008!...more info
  • My favorite from her!
    I am a slow fan of her because unfortunately my first impression of her was through a live performance which was not flattering for her. In fact, I honestly have never seen a live flattering performance from her. I am not sure why, maybe I have constantly tuned in at the wrong time! But her recordings vocally are phenomenal and great and up there with one of my favs-- the incomparable Mary J. I liked her 1st cd alot and more than the second one. But this one I must say that I absolutely love it! Without commenting on content and lyrics and all because I think that all artists as a hole have covered pretty much everything so that is not my first critique for anyone. I just wanna vibe and I like what I like and I love all the vibes of this cd. I gotta say it is one of the best I have heard in ages that wasn't purposely "throwback" which this one slightly is. Keyshia put her foot in this one vocally in my opinion and it is more commercial than her other two by far! I am an avid fan of r&b but must admit I like the lighter side which I guess is defined as r&b pop and Keyshia edges closer to this side on this cd. I like!...more info
  • Beautiful Music?
    I bought this cd because I got a free promo with song snippets of the album and it also included a christmas song "have yourself a merry little christmas" by Keisha Cole. It's actually a really good version of the song and i also liked the sound of some of the album samples. I took a chance and bought the cd, not really knowing too much about Keisha's music. Ironically, the only songs I like are the ones on the promo cd! The other tracks are average at best. I also didn't like the pictures of Keisha Cole and that black and white drawing of the white boy she's "dancing" with. The drawing looks like a Tom of Finland drawing, and if you don't know what that is, look it up, it's disgusting. I guess that's what Keisha Cole is into, she just lost her street cred. Anyways, Here is a breakdown of each track:

    1. A Different Me intro: 1/5 janet jackson already wore out the intro thing, so at this point I think were all over the intros! a waste of a track.

    2. Make Me Over: 2/5 sounds too much like Christina Aguilera, Back To Basics. the song itself is a bit annoying and repetative. it's not a good r and b song.

    3. Please Don't Stop: 5/5 one of the best songs on the cd. it's upbeat and has a good vibe that makes you feel all bubbly inside.

    4. Erotic: 2/5 this doesn't live up to it's title. it's not erotic at all, it's just a typical r and b song that uses tired lines like "you complete me"

    5. You Complete Me: 2/5 i guess one song isn't enough for that "you complete me" bs. who even says you complete me? they need to retire that 90's phrase in the same trash can as the 80's phrase "u don't know what time it is".

    6. No Other: 5/5 a good r and b track with a rap sounding like missy elliot.

    7. Oh Oh, Yeah Yea: 3/5 just anotha r and b song, good for background music.

    8. Playa Cardz Right: 5/5 this song grows on you. it has a good romantic vibe with more resurrected Tu Pac vocals mixed in. it sounds like they slowed down Tu Pacs voice which soundz a lil creepy.

    9. Brand New: 2/5 more background music. nothing new or groundbreaking here. definately not brand new!

    10. Trust: 3/5 Monica sounds 50 years old here, sharing her wisdom of the world. a cute lil duet that's catchy but not as good as "the boy is mine" with brandy.

    11. Thought U Should Know: 5/5 m' fav track on the cd. it's a classic r and b slow groove. i like the lyrics, even though some might find it depressing.

    12. This Is Us: 4/5 an upbeat feel good song, but sounds a bit like the "Hold On" song from Wilson Phillps, unfortunately.

    13. Where This Love Could End Up: 4/5 a unique song that sounds a bit old school, I like the instrumentation.

    14. Beautiful Music: 4/5 a good upbeat track, not exactly beautiful, but nice.

    15. A Different Me outro: 1/5 NO MO INTROS OUTROS OR INTERLUDES, WE OVA IT!...more info
  • ok, but she's gotten a little polished
    ive liked keyshia snce the debut album, don't get me wrong this album is not bad by any standards, its very comercially viable, but for me it has lost an alement of what i liked about her. The first 2 albums were notably more downtempo overall were also less produced and perhaps tapered to mainstream, it seemed like she was doin her thing. I love her voice its and there was a certain raw quality about the 1st 2 albums. Its almost like the record company were like ok lets clean this girl up, see how many sales we can get outta her. It remnant of other artists out there today, e.g. no. 3 really brings NE-YO closer to mind. anyhow, give it a go, its cool, i'll still be listening to it, maybe i just need to grow into it a lil more....more info
  • It is a different her...
    It is definitely not your typical keyshia album. But i like it. Dont really care for the fast songs at the beginning. But im a keyshia fan and will always be!...more info
  • Almost as good as her last album
    I like this CD very much it's more bluesy than her last, so if you like bluesy you'll love this album...There is a contradiction as song 11 I believe is a very very nice wholesome song about a woman not being easily manipulated by an enticing man in the club...Really nice message, but then she has another song a little before or after (can't remember off hand) about a woman cheating with another womans man saying don't worry nobody has to know! I thougt it was an unfortunate contradiction, and a negative message, but I thought, in spite of, it was a talent filled album none the less....more info
  • Perfect For Her
    This album she has really grown up and found her own. This is her best album yet....more info
  • Keyshia Cole C.D.
    People keep saying that Make Me Over is a gospel sounded song. IT IS NOT. she got it from tina turner's song. so watch WHATS LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT.

    remember yall tina turner's go like this

    make me over
    make me nice
    and when im done
    ooh i wanna be nice

    i wanna be made over

    oohhhhhh ooooooooooooohhhhhh

    i wanna be made over

    MAKE ME OVER lol

    sheesh !...more info
  • Love Her!!
    I love Keyshia Cole and most if not all of her work. She's VERY talented and I hope she'll be around for a long time. I like all of the tracks, but the one that kinda surprised me was "Erotic"...I didn't know she had it in her!! Very grown and sexy. Definitely a must for your growing Keyshia Cole collection....more info