Motorola RAZR2 V9x Phone, Black (AT&T)
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Product Description

The Motorola RAZR2 V9x is is still as beautiful, stylish and strong as ever, but it improves upon the original V9 by adding access to AT&T Navigator turn-by-turn directions and Video Share Calling. Additionally, the phone ups the MicroSD memory storage compatibility to 8 GB (from 2 GB) and adds touch-sensitive media keys for easy access to key features like music, pictures/videos, new messages, and missed calls.

Sleeker, smarter, stronger: the RAZR2 V9x boasts a durable stainless steel frame and chemically hardened glass displays.
The RAZR2 V9x offers super-fast downloads and multimedia streaming via AT&T's 3G HSDPA/UMTS network. It's fully loaded with an arsenal of digital tools, including a 2-megapixel camera/camcorder, Bluetooth connectivity for handsfree communication and streaming music, dual color LCD screens, e-mail access, digital audio player, and full duplex speakerphone. And speaking of cutting edge, the phone's stainless steel internal frame and cast aluminum housing support makes the RAZR2 V9x stronger and more durable than its predecessor.

AT&T Service Options
This AT&T phone can handle high-speed data connectivity via AT&T's 3G mobile broadband data network, which is available in most major metropolitan areas. The AT&T 3G network uses the dual-band UMTS 850/1900 MHz network (also known as WCDMA), making it possible to enjoy a variety of feature-rich wireless multimedia services. It also gives AT&T the advantage of offering simultaneous voice and data services.

In areas where the 3G network is not available, you'll continue to receive service on the AT&T EDGE network, which offers availability in more than 13,000 US cities and along some 40,000 miles of major highways. Providing average data speeds between 75-135Kbps, it's fast enough to support a wide range of advanced data services, including video and music clips, full picture and video messaging, high-speed color Internet access, and email on the go. You'll also enjoy quad-band GSM connectivity, which allows you to make calls in more than 190 countries and access data applications in the more than 135 countries where AT&T offers international data roaming.

With 3G connectivity, you'll be able to access AT&T's Video Share service, which enables you to send a live, one-way video stream to another compatible phone during a standard voice call. The service also allows you to switch the direction of the video stream during the same phone call. (Customers must be in an area served by the company's 3G network and have a Video Share-enabled phone.) A majority of users in the architecture, engineering and construction industries rated the ability to share live video through Video Share highly, according to research commissioned by AT&T. Video Share lets you see progress on a job site or review the day's work without having to drive from an office or other site to do so.

You can take advantage of the AT&T Navigator GPS software and service, a full-featured premium navigation application that includes audible turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates and re-routing options, and 3D moving maps (additional charges applicable). AT&T Navigator offers several other features to make your commute more enjoyable and reliable, including mobile access to Additionally, AT&T Navigator is the only mobile phone-based GPS service that provides integrated speech recognition for address entry and points of interest search.

With 3G connectivity, you'll be able to access AT&T's Cellular Video (CV) service and the Internet while on the go. Cellular Video features content from CNN, The Weather Channel, iFilm, Comedy Central and exclusive premium content from HBO and much more. And you get access to AT&T Mobile Music, which enables you to buy tracks while on the, access the Napster subscription music service, stream music video, discover what's playing with Music ID song-recognition software, and find out what's hot with The Buzz music news portal. (A MEdia Max subscription bundle is recommended for accessing AT&T's Internet, video, and music services.)

The phone has a built-in web browser for MEdia Net downloads and mobile web browsing. AT&T's MEdia Net service enables you to receive and send emails, read news headlines, get weather updates, download games and ringtones, and more.

The RAZR2 V9x adds turn-by-turn GPS directions via AT&T Navigator, Video Share calls, and compatibility with MicroSD memory cards up to 8 GB.

Phone Features
Designed to be even sharper than before, the RAZR2 V9x shaves two millimeters from the original MOTORAZR. Its one-piece housing has no parting lines (meaning fewer chances of break points) and the cast aluminum hinge underwent more than 100,000 lab tests to ensure durability. Even the exterior camera lens is stronger, as it is made with chemically hardened glass. Despite its slimmer profile, the RAZR2 V9x offers enhanced dual screens that make the phone seem larger. The 2.2-inch internal screen offers twice the resolution of the original MOTORAZR while the 2-inch external screen is great for checking caller photo ID, easily reading incoming text messages, and controlling music playback through onscreen controls. Other Motorola-engineered enhancements include:

  • Upgraded Interface: With the redesigned, more intelligent interface, you'll be able to search for contacts faster and avoid duplicate entries for the same person while allowing contacts to have multiple numbers. The customizable main menu means you're never more than 2 to 3 clicks away from your favorite applications. And text messaging is easier, with the V9 recognizing what type of message you are sending.
  • CrystalTalk Technology: This innovative feature automatically accounts for background noise during a call and adjusts the audio quality based on ambient noise conditions to provide the optimal conversational experience. CrystalTalk also reduces the volume of the background noise picked up by the microphone during a call, making it possible to be more easily heard over the phone while in a noisy environment.
  • Talk to Me: Originally designed to address the needs of those with vision impairment, the RAZR2 V9x is able to read the phone's interactive menus, contacts, messages and more aloud--adding convenience to your on-the-go lifestyle. SMS messages on the phone can be read and replied to with pre-programmed text messages without ever having to open up the flip.
  • Haptics: Motorola has incorporated breakthrough haptics technology--an interface that creates tactile feedback--that provides vibrating feedback in response to your finger taps. When combined with the virtual music keys, the haptics technology helps you to effortlessly control music playback.

The 2-megapixel camera includes an 8x digital zoom and it can automatically snap up to eight new pictures--letting you choose the best image from a complete series of pictures. You can even print photos wirelessly to a Bluetooth-compatible printer with just a few menu selections. It provides four resolution choices (from 320 x 240 to 1600 x 1200 pixels) and also features a self-timer, free memory space indicator, color effects, night mode for low-light shots, and five shutter sounds (with a silent mode).

Control music playback with the virtual digital audio player buttons on the V9's external screen, which includes tactile feedback.
The RAZR2 V9x is also an impressive video camcorder, providing up to QCIF resolution (176 x 144 pixels). It also gives you the option of choosing the video format, which offers different frame rates--25 fps for MPEG and H263 and 15 fps for WMV and Real. You can record video for as long as you have available space on your MicroSD memory card.

With up to 8 GB of storage (via optional MicroSD memory card), the RAZR2 V9x can store up to 1000 of your favorite songs. It offers compatibility with Microsoft Windows Media Player 11, enabling easy synchronization and transfer between phone and PC. You'll be able to modify music playback with the flip closed thanks to the virtual contextual music controls that appear on the external screen. And you can keep playing music even while surfing the web, sending text messages, or even using the camera.

This phone provides Bluetooth version 2.0 wireless connectivity with EDR (enhanced data rate), and includes profiles for communication headset, handsfree car kits, and audio/video remote control. With the A2DP Bluetooth profile, you can stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones. You can connect your laptop (either via Bluetooth or wired USB) and enjoy dial-up networking--surf the Internet, send email, and access files from a server.

The RAZR2 V9x features a full HTML browser (Opera 8.5) that takes advantage of high-speed wireless data connections for faster, bigger and richer web surfing experience. Built-in e-mail functionality (POP/IMAP/SMTP) combined with MobileSync software provides easy, PC-like access to both personal and corporate e-mail accounts and calendars.

Other features include:

  • 45 MB internal flash memory
  • Up to 1000 contact entries, each with up to six numbers and two email addresses
  • USB 2.0 wired connectivity, with mass storage capability
  • Includes Bowling3D and Diner Dash games, with more downloadable via AT&T
  • Polyphonic and MP3 ringtones
  • Voice command and dialing, as well as ability to record voice memos
  • PIM functions including calendar, calculator, alarm clock, and world clock
  • Bluetooth version 2.0+EDR with the following profiles: A2DP (stereo music streaming), AVRC (remote control), HFP (hands-free car kits), HSP (communication headsets), BIP (for sending images to another device), BPP (basic printing profile for text, email), DUN (dial-up networking), FTP (file transfer), OPP (object push for business cards, calendar items, and pictures)

Vital Statistics
The RAZR2 V9x weighs 4.41 ounces and measures 4.06 x 2.09 x 0.53 inches. Its 920 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 3 hours of talk time, and up to 295 hours of digital standby time. It runs on the 850/900/1800/1900 GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA frequencies as well as 850/1900 WCDMA (3G) frequencies.

  • Latest iconic RAZR2 design, improved with AT&T Navigator GPS and Video Share capabilities
  • Fast 3G connectivity and compatibility with AT&T Music (including Napster Mobile) and Cellular Video services
  • 2.0-megapixel camera/camcorder; stereo Bluetooth streaming, MicroSD expansion to 8 GB; handsfree speakerphone with noise-cancelling CrystalTalk Technology
  • Up to 3 hours of talk time, up to 295 hours (12+ days) of standby time
  • Includes: handset, battery, charger, mini-to-micro USB adapter, Quick Start Guide and User Manual

Customer Reviews:

  • Motorola is a bad company to deal with in case of warranty repaire
    I would never recommend anybody to deal with Motorola and with their phones. I had such a bad experience dealing with thos company when my phone RAZR V3 started skipping phone calls and the company refused to fix it because of the physical damage. This phone is famoust to be very fragile. its glass window is disign to take pictures, but absolutely unsutable as a mobile phone material. I sent my phone to repair and ask them to hold it durong my dispute with the consumer protection adgency. I got my phone next day after they left me a message on my cell phone that was in their repair service, expecting me somehow to talk to them on the the phone that they had in thir hands.
    That was the most ugly experience. Now I use my old phone till my two year plan with ATT expires.
    Hope it will help you to save you money and time and buy some other brand....more info
  • Best Phone I have ever owned!
    First of all, I want to point out that this phone does in fact support MicroSDHC cards. I have a 4GB card that the phone recognized immediately. I filled the card up with music and all of it is recognized. I don't have an 8GB card to test but I'm sure it works just as well as my 4GB.

    As far as the phone itself, I am exstatic! My previous 2 phones were a V551 and an L6 and both left much to be desired. This phone has crystal clear screens which are bright and vibrant. The form factor is perfect for me, but it still has some weight, which makes it feel very well built. Music player is fantastic, even though ATT doesnt include a 3.5mm adapter. The camera isn't the greatest on the market, but it works well enough for me. Call quality is much improved over my old phone, which means a lot. Overall, an absolutely fantastic phone....more info
  • Motorola Razr2 v9x Review
    Sound quality is very good, the voice activated commands work very well even for someone with an accent.

    Phone has a metal chassis so feels solid, but is heavy. It's fairly large, so the earpiece and microphone are well positioned; but folded the phone isn't as comfortable in a jeans pocket as a smaller model.

    Both screens are large and bright. I covered the outer display with a screen protector, so cannot say whether or not the glass scratches easily.

    Battery life is okay, but not great.

    The dedicated keys for internet access & cellular video are either side of the navigation pad and cannot be disabled or reconfigured; they're easy to accidentally press. {Edit #1} If you don't have a data plan, these keys can be locked using the security feature (thanks to the commentor for the suggestion, I had skipped that section of the manual).

    The charging and headphone jack is micro-USB. {Edit #2} The box contains a mini-USB to micro-USB adapter....more info
  • Great phone, missing key items
    This is a great flip-phone, beautiful bright screen, great call quality.
    However, I found out after buying it with a 2year AT+T contract that AT+T disables the SyncML application on the phone so there's no way to sync the phone's calendar with whatever calendar you use. Which makes the calendar pretty worthless and significantly detracts from the phone's usefulness. ...more info
  • the earlier razr was more customizable
    I had a razr3xx which was quite customizable. I could get my calendar directly onto the desk top, for instance. In the razr2 v9 Motorola continues its annoying practice of making you wade through several levels of files to get what you want. Was this phone made for adolescents? Doesn't everyone need a calendar handy?? Another disappointment: Motorola Phone Tools has not been updated to be compatible with razr2 v9.
    No excuse for this. Sloppy, sloppy. Now I cannot synchronize and backup phone with computer. On the positive side - the camera was upgraded to 2 megapixels and apparently the sound is clearer (according to reviews). Also, the hinge looks sturdy. It was a little bigger than the razr3xx so it didn't quite fit in the case I had. And they have changed the usb port to a "mini" or "micro" or something - another annoying unnecessary change to get you to spend more money. On the other hand, what are the alternatives? I also own an iPhone which is great in many ways, especially for browsing and reading emails, but has inferior phone signal reception, a speaker phone whose volume is too low, and some other kinks. Why is it so hard to create the ideal phone???...more info
  • My wife wanted a flip phone...
    I got this for my wife who wanted a "simple" phone and was used to the flip style. I was surprised by how solid and nicely finished the phone is. It has a quality feel to it that is like a fine automobile. I got a Samsung Eternity for myself and although I wanted all the features I almost felt like exchanging for another one of these Motorola phones. Her Razr2 gets better reception than my Samsung and even pulls in a 3G connection sometimes when mine can't. The comparison of construction between the two is like comparing a plastic model car to a real Aston Martin. The phone features of the Motorola are also light years ahead of Samsung, voice-dial, one-touch dialing, searching the address book, volume and sound quality, the clarity of the ringtones and the volume you can adjust them to. Everything about the Razr2-V9X as a "phone" is outstanding.

    I can't comment on the internet or navigation features. We had them blocked so she wouldn't accidentally subscribe to something. It's too easy to hit the MediaNet or CV buttons, plus a lot of other pay functions are lurking just a misplaced fingertip away. This allows her to use it purely as a phone (although I did sign her up for a text messaging plan since I intend to send her messages).

    So far she has no complaints about the heft or size (it is heavy and a bit large to accommodate the awesome inner screen). I know there are a lot of alternatives that would have made more sense for a simple phone-only usage but since this was available at the time for only a penny it's nice to have the incredible quality and potential for expansion if she ever decides to try some more features. The slightly larger size of the phone actually makes it more comfortable to talk on than the older, smaller razr's.

    We live in a semi-rural area and our previous provider gave us only one bar of signal strength. Inside the house our phones usually didn't work at all unless we stood in a particular spot in the front of the house. Now, looking at their coverage map I can see why. Since our contract was over we switched to AT&T because their coverage map showed us being in the strongest signal area they have and only 100 yards or so away from 3G. It turned out to be true and now we can use the phones at home instead of having to drive two miles away to be able to make a long distance call using the cellphone's free long distance. I'm very happy with the Samsung phone too but must admit the Motorola is in a class by itself in terms of design and construction quality. It is a masterpiece of industrial engineering, design and craftsmanship....more info
  • great phone
    I absolutely love this phone period. Theres nothing else to say. I love it...more info
  • Don't waste your money...
    I wanted to give ZERO stars - but was forced to at least give it 1...
    I purchased this phone a year ago. I'm on my 4th phone - and it still does not work properly. Screen dies out, phone tunrs itself off when i open it, the keypad works half the time and it doesn't hold a charge. I know 2 other people with the RAZR - they are on their 2nd and 3rd phones as well, with the same problems. This phone was WAY to expensive for all these issues. My service provider will not replace the phone any more. So after all the headache i've been throuh, I asked motorola to replace my phone with a different product. They refused. I have always bought Motorola products - but NEVER AGAIN. ...more info
  • Greate Phone for Subscription Music
    I have been thinking getting a phone/mp3 player for years, but just did not see anyone fit the budget and features. This one does.

    It's free with 2 years contract, and I've been with att for years now. Now I've been considering iphone, which is a great product, but I am just not that foolish to pay for $30 extra for data plan which I dont use at all.

    Beyond that, the most important is the "music subscription" service you can get from both Rhapsody and Napster, cost about $15/month. Which is something I will pay and is worth it. First I have doubt on if this phone work at all because it's not clear from the product spec. Then I tried both Napster and Rhapsody to go, except for Napster I had problem with one XP machine. But they both work fine on a Vista system. Personally I like Rhapsody since I've been using it for many years for free online radio. NOw I can take about 8Gb music with me on the go! Another have to have is the Bluetooth A2DP for stereo, I have to say it needs improvement, the data will drop occasionally, and I know that's the limitation of Bluetooth bandwidth, but it is annoying for listening to music.

    Well, besides the music feature, the flip phone is always better than a small handbar for talking. I'm not using GPS or other features so I've no comment. Overall this is a great phone for music and I love the external screen and button for playing music! ...more info
  • Phone was truely an welcome update.
    Motorola RAZR2 V9x Black Phone (AT&T) The large external screen is great. The negative is the external keys are too easily activated. Other than that it is great....more info
    False advertisement on this phone saying you get an 3.5mm headphone adapter. YOU DON'T!...more info
  • Solid phone
    Moto can make better phones than the Koreans
    Huge Screen
    2 Bright Screens
    Very slim
    3G speed is fast
    low profile charger
    outer screen is a touch screen
    camera takes fast photos
    microsd memory card slot
    call quality is great
    comes with 1 USB adapter to the razr plug adapter

    Motorola is loosing market share to Iphone
    heavier than the old RAZR
    can't use old RAZR chargers because the USB plug is different
    must buy newer version of Motorola Phonetools
    If you get 2, you can only can get redeem 1 rebate per plan
    ...more info
  • Back Cover
    Motorola RAZR2 V9x Phone, Black (AT&T)

    This is an excellent phone! It's bright, clear, has great reception and I think the shiny black color is attractive. I'm very pleased with the camera quality. It is incredibly easy to text on. Probably the best one for texting I've ever had. I like the outside screen but find nothing exceptional about it. You have to unlock the screen on the outside to read messages. That can be either annoying or good. The lock on the outside does keep you from accessing things too easily or hinders you from accessing messages quickly. Matter of opinion. Haven''t used the GPS yet, it costs extra.. The only thing I don't like is the fact that the back cover plate is thin and comes off very easily. And it is a little heavy but not so much that it would keep me from recommending it. ...more info
  • good not great
    Wow, I've had an interesting experience with this phone, to say the least.

    First of all, when I was trying to figure out which microSD card to purchase, I made the MISTAKE of emailing support. They basically told me that the phone did NOT support 8gb (though everywhere else says it does), only 2gb. I emailed them back twice after that for clarification and confirmation - and they were adamant about the phone only supporting 2gb - SO I WAS PISSED. Turns out they were WRONG. The phone works fine with a sandisk 8gb microSDHC card.

    Secondly, the phone does NOT come with the headphone adapter, as stated in the ad - so I had to purchase one separately for about $10ish.

    Finally, though this may not be important to most people - this phone is NOT supported by Motorola's MPT (Mobile Phone Tools) software. I've had this software now for a few years - it allows you to connect to you computer and organize contacts, music, graphics, ringtones, etc. Anyway, it's helped me back-up my info and transfer it when I get new phones. Doesn't work with this phone. Oh well.

    Though this phone is supposedly a big improvement over the original razr v3, I feel like the interface is clunky and stupid. Maybe I'll get used to it in time.

    Overall, I've been disappointed, but I suppose it's an ok phone, just not the *upgrade* I had hoped for.

    After a few months, there are some other things I've noticed about this phone that kind of annoy or disappoint me...

    1) The touch screen, even when locked - activates every time you accidentally touch it, to tell you that it is locked! Stupid.

    2) Not nearly as solidly built as my former Razr V3. I feel like I have to be super careful with it all the time.

    3) Though it is supposed to be an MP3 player - a main reason I got this phone, not having a built-in headphone jack is really annoying. Buying a mini usb to headphone jack adapter only to find that it is extremely fragile and easily lost is a nuisance.

    4) My BIGGEST pet peeve with this phone may seem trivial, but to me - is a big deal....

    With my old Razr V3, I could easily plug it in to it's charger in the dark. It would only fit one way, and slid right in every time.

    On this new phone, the connection is so small, and hard to make, it's almost impossible to do in the dark. Why?

    I guess in my opinoion, newer models should improve on features, or leave them alone. This phone may have bigger screens, more memory and the ability to play MP3's, it is just simply not an improvement in design on my 3 year old V3. It should be.

    I want to change my rating from 3 to 2 stars, but it won't let me....more info
  • NO 3.5mm adapter included.(Amazon now admits and reflects its NOT included in purchase, notice the ad now). 8gb sdhc does work.
    The Good.
    The promotional price. I paid 49.99. NEW INFO. I was refunded 10.00 so I could purchase the adapter, thank you Amazon.
    Its a lovely phone.
    The 8gb micro sdhc card does work, I have one in mine.
    The brightness and large screens and sound are good.
    All kinds of features included.
    I like the option to print pictures. I havent tried it yet, but I like its included!
    The paper tab to help instal and uninstall the battery. Keep it flat though or the battery cover will not go back on correctly.
    The speaker phone option works good too.

    Shipping was superfast AFTER they finally got the phone in stock.
    Having a Razr previously with ATT and it was very durable, so hoping this one will be also. The glass is suppose to be chemically enhanced to help strengthen it.

    The Bad.
    Well I just discovered as with my old V3, I loose reception when entering a building right away, as my friends keep talking away on their phone. I can hear better I cant hear longer. Along with bad talk time and difficult battery door and tightness of the charger connection. Im not satisfied with this purchase.
    Depending on when you purchase it, the price keeps changing.
    The Paper Thin batter cover is hard to remove and put back on.
    The micro usb battery connection is very hard to use, I hope it doesnt dislodge inside the phone. Espcially since the phone needs to be recharged constantly, the battery life is as little as reviews state.

    The memory card slot being under the paper thin battery door, that is very hard to remove and reinstall.
    Battery life for talk time is not good at all, standby is fine. I have to charge it every other day on average.
    The front screen buttons and smart side buttons are difficult to use, but at least you will not connect to the internet without trying to intentionally.
    The phone seems heavier than my Razr3, itll take time I guess to get use to it.
    I did not enjoy not recieving the 3.5mm headphone adapter and being told to return the phone to try and get it. UPDATE, Amazon is refunding enough to purchase this item, issue resolved after alot of contact with them, but the issue is resolved.
    Games, I cannot find any games that you can purchase just yet. Support for this new phone is hard to find also since it is new.
    The attitude of email replies from customer service cellphone support. Their just plain rude. I think they are overworked and under trained.

    The one thing to point out in purchasing, until you get the Congradulations ATT approved you, you can get emails stating shipping dates etc, and they mean nothing until the congradulations email is recieved. Also, hard as they are to follow, the instructions to activate the phone are totally here on Amazon, dont waste your time going to the ATT office, that is not the correct way to activate this phone, and they havent a clue whats going on. I found this out the hard way. Just use Amazon and read their emails and links.
    IN the end, I got a good deal for the price. I now see in another review a feature not working, sync with calender, I wonder if other features are not included. ATT should provide Amazon the proper advertising for the product. I do not feel Amazon is responsible for the problems, ATT is.
    I would recommend purchasing a phone from for ATT though as the prince is cheaper.

    ...more info