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Sony DPF-D100 10.4-Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame (Black)
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Product Description

Relive the moment with the DPF-D100 digital photo frame. Easily store up to 500 images and display your photos as single pictures, multiple thumbnails or slideshow presentations. The 10" widescreen LCD screen showcases your cherished memories in vibrant color and crisp detail with VGA resolution. There's even an Auto Orientation sensor that automatically rotates your photos into portrait or landscape format. Direct USB input from most digital cameras, and support for most memory cards, makes it easy to transfer your photos. Calendar and clock modes and a supplied remote are also included. Large 10" wide (4:3) LCD display displays your photos with vibrant color and crisp detail in WVGA (800x600) resolution. PC-less image transfer is a snap with direct USB input from most digital cameras, as well as support for most memory cards. Display your photos as a single image, in thumbnail view for quick searching, or as a slideshow. An Auto Orientation sensor automatically selects portrait or landscape view depending on the horizontal or vertical placement of the frame. Clock and calendar modes provide added convenience for your home or office. Compatible Memory Card - Memory Stick, Memory Stick(R) Duo, Memory Stick(R) PRO, Memory Stick(R) PRO Duo, High-Speed Memory Stick, High-Speed Memory Stick(R) Duo, Memory Stick(R) Micro (M2) with optional adaptor, MagicGate(TM) Memory Stick, MagicGate(TM) Memory Stick(R) Duo, Memory Stick(R) PRO-HG Duo, SD card, mini SD card with optional adaptor, micro SD card with optional adaptor, SDHC card, mini SDHC card with optional adaptor, micro SDHC card with optional adaptor, MMC, RS-MMC with optional adaptor, MMC Plus, Compact Flash Type I, Compact Flash Type II, Microdrive (MicroVault), xD-picture card, xD-picture card Type M, xD-picture card Type H System Requirements - Microsoft Windows Vista 10, Windows XP Professional 11, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows 2000 Professional (Service

  • 10-inch Digital Photo Frame,; 4:3 aspect ratio; 800 x 600 TFT Active Matrix LCD
  • Includes 256MB internal memory, with optional image resizing (to maximize internal memory).
  • Compatible with all main memory card types
  • Auto orientation sensor and auto image rotation
  • Features 10 slideshow styles, 2 clock modes, calendar mode, and 2 index views

Customer Reviews:

  • great digital picture frame
    I purchased three of these digital picture frames, 2 for gifts and one for myself :) The frame is extremly bright and has really nice features - like setting when it should turn on and turn off automatically so as not to keep running when people are asleep or not at home. There is also a nice calendar view which shows the day/time when each picture was taken. This picture frame supports SD cards so you can use the memory card from your digital camera and immediately display your latest pictures. This picture frame also comes with a handy little remote which can control which pictures to scroll to and allows you to turn the frame on/off remotely....more info
  • Perfect gift for my college student.
    My son loves it. It helps him capture and display his college experience. Nice features too....more info
  • 500 Photo Capacity Misleading
    Always a Sony fan. Best resolution and one of the best looking frames on the market. HOWEVER, tranfering from PC to frame requires you to have a "miniB-Type USB cable". Advertised 500 photo capacity is based on 1.5 megapixel photo, great if all you do is take photos on your phone. Transfers from my folder which contained photos from 6.5MB down to 65.1KB totaled 75 photos before the aprox. 220MB frame memory was full. Also appears that transfers from my Sony Cybershot requires you to pull the memory card and no slot for cable transfer ?...more info
  • My son loves this frame!
    Before purchasing this frame for my son, I researched digital frames for weeks, on the internet. I listed pros and cons of all the frames which had the desirable features, as well as good customer reviews, then consulted my other son for advice. He agreed with me that this was the hands-down favorite (although also one of the most expensive). Since giving the gift to my son for his graduation, he has repeatedly told me how much he loves it, and assured me of the excellent quality of this frame (as has his wife); it is also a classy-looking frame. With their second daughter on the way, I know it will get lots of use! ...more info
  • Expensive... but it looks great.
    The frame was easy to setup. I normally like to read the directions for new electronics but I was able to simply hook the frame up to my Macbook, create a new folder and copy the "2008" pictures that made the cut. My lack of awareness of feature concerns beyond picture quality let me buy this frame without reservation.

    This frame is in my wife's office on her desk and fits in well with the decor. ...more info
  • Sony DPF-D80 - what a beauty
    The first digital photo frame I ever own but I'm really impressed by the design. Just a few points that may not have been touched upon by other reviews:
    (1) On Mac, using iPhoto to export pictures is a breeze. Each file is roughly 500 k with Maximum quality - Large format JPEG, which means that the internal 256 MB memory stores ~500 pictures. I've tried lower quality compression that produced smaller files; the pictures still looked very good.
    (2) The auto-rotation works like a charm.
    (3) I agree with other reviewers that I wish that there is a way to select sub-directory for display.
    (4) Folding the stand back to its storage position is a bit tricky. I was afraid that the plastic housing was going to break. Remember to push the ball-joint downward till it clicked before returning the arm to the storage receptacle.
    (5) Hard to compare to those $50 models sold at Wal-mart, but I think that the price for this model should come down more. On the other hand, if you can not stand a piece of ugly crap, you will be pleased with the aesthetics of this Sony DPF....more info
  • I love this frame!
    This frame is easy to set up and start displaying your digital photos. Directions are easy to understand, and the frame has a lot of options. This is my first digital photo frame, but I can't imagine one easier to operate!...more info
  • Best digital picture frame
    Recieved unit in timely manner. All pixels alive and well very clear image. Easy to use and display highly recommened

    Marco Polo...more info
  • Almost perfect
    Very happy with my DPF-D80

    - Display. Wonderful quality. Brilliant colors. Good resolution, even when all pictures were downsized to 800x600.
    - 4/3 display ratio is the best fit for most pictures.
    - Easy to understand menus. Easy navigation.
    - Using all 4 cards you can store up to 40,000 pictures, plus 500 more from the internal memory.

    - Can't set to display pictures simultaneously from all sources (SD, CF, Memory stick, xD). This restricts display to 10,000 pictures maximum.
    - When in random mode, you can't go back to previous picture. It always jumps to the next picture.
    - At least 2GB cards are supported, however it won't display more than the maximum of 10,000 pictures (from each card).
    - I wish it had more than one timer.
    - Not cheap...more info
  • Happy with the digital picture frame
    The Sony 9" digital picture frame looks very elegant, easy to use and has a lot of clarity. I would definitely recommend this to any one seeking to purchase a digital picture frame....more info
  • Fantastic Frame
    I looked at a lot of digital frames not only on Amazon but at different stores as well. This one has met all my expectations and I am very pleased. I have ordered a second one for my daughter-in-law because of the quality and excellence of it's performance....more info
  • Good picture quality, but not recommended due to image compatibility issues
    First of all, the image quality is good. Now that we got that out of the way, I felt very compelled to write this review because as a few others have stated, this frame has compatibility issues with files that have been editted via photoshop, or even simple renaming files like infranview. all i actually did was just download files off of an online photo album (smugmug), and the files would load with question marks. Some have experienced the same, and as one reviewer said (Alex), he had to convert the files to BMP in order for them to show up. When loading photos, it takes a while for the files to transfer, or even recognize external media. The auto correct mode also does not work very well. I got this as a present for my grandparents, and luckily, they wont be tinkering with it much often. But for a photo person like myself, be careful of the hassle you'll experience with this frame. For a $200 frame, I expect more from Sony. Once again, for those who have bought this frame and experiencing the ? mark issue with file recognition, you need to convert the files to bmp in order for them to load correctly. I found a review on here that saved the day for me, so i hope this helps somebody else as well. ...more info
  • Great pictures but complicated requirements...
    The Sony DPF-D70 displays photos nicely.. but, if you own a Mac and are accustomed to merely clicking and dragging files into a drive.. you'll be sadly disappointed. The DOS Fat formatting of the internal memory can't store all you'd like in one quick transfer. You have to separate the photos in files or folders to use all the memory. Also, if you do your photo editing in PhotoShop you must save the jpg's as standard or optimized. Never save them as progressive jpg's! The Sony will not be able to display the images. Sadly, the instructions that come with the product don't tell you this. I had to find out on the web. Once photos are loaded however they do look nice....more info
  • Great Gift
    I bought this for my 10-year old niece. She is very smart but it is still a testament that it was easy for her to set-up and use. She even discovered features I didn't know it had (like the difference between using the back lighting for a sharper image). She had it set up in no time, is very happy with how easy it is to use, and loves the quality. I also chose this for the aspect ratio so, for most photos - as long as they're landscape (i.e. horizontal) there is no wasted space on either edge....more info
  • Outstanding Clarity and Brightness
    Outstanding clarity
    bright screen
    photo rotates with frame
    Sony light can be turned off
    600x800 resolution
    Random view - photos appear in random order
    Multi-image view.
    Clock and calendar view
    Remote control

    Small perimeter
    Frame perimeter is not wood
    backstop leans frame only about 10 degrees. Would prefer if it leaned back a bit more.

    I highly recommend this frame. ...more info
  • Rich features
    Auto on/off, auto photo orientation detection, auto rotation depending on orientation of frame, fit-to-display...great features. And a very good display....more info
  • Great, stylish frame!
    I was the lucky recipient of this frame at Christmas. It's a winner! Very user friendly, very intuitive interface. Altho' there are lots of extra features, you can begin by just inserting a camera card and GO without any particular set-up pains. The frame senses if the photo is horizontal or vertical and displays it correctly. The frame comes with a handy remote so you don't need to fiddle with the controls on the back of the actual frame. The brightness and clarity are both excellent. The only small negative is that it remains in stand-by mode when it is switched off - not very energy efficient but it's small and probably doesn't consume much power. Manufacturers should be moving away from these energy consuming practices. However, I highly recommend this frame - five stars!...more info
  • Good, not great
    Purchased the new 9" frame for my wife for Christmas. She spent the last 2 months scanning and cleaning up old photos from her many albums and I thought she would love something to show them off in. We are huge sonyphiles and couldn't imagine buying another brand when it comes to electronics. However...

    - Will not separate folders. For example If you have a memory card/stick or USB flash drive with separate folders for vacation pics, party pics, and wedding pics the frame plays them all. If you want to view a slideshow of just one of those folders, you have to delete the others from your media.
    - Does not show picture names. This would be a great feature so you would not have to explain everything in the pic to whoever is viewing it.

    + Looks great.
    + Easy to navigate menu
    + Remote control
    + you can actually turn off the Sony logo on the bottom of the frame.
    + ridiculous amount of inputs
    + displays altered/adjusted photos with no issues. Most of our pics have been cleaned up with Corel Photo Paint Pro X2 and we have had no problems. Other reviews mentioned problems with Photoshopped jpegs but either Sony has resolved this issue or the Corel program doesn't affect the picture the same way the Adobe program does.

    Nice frame, but for the money and the name I was expecting a little more. ...more info
  • Most features work nicely but...
    Sony DPF-D70 7-inch Digital Photo Frame
    So far all the photo features work nicely and the process of uploading photos from a computer work seamlessly. I am not sure how long the remote will continue to work as the "buttons" are small and hard to isolate and push down.

    One of the clock features (old analog type) that my in-laws particularly liked started pixelating or breaking apart on the screen so that you could not see the clock anymore. Email advice from Sony to do a "re-set" did not solve the problem. We do not use that feature any more and selected a digital like clock with the date instead.

    Other than that, I am satisfied with the product. ...more info
  • It's a picture frame..not much to does what it's supposed to
    I think this product works fairly well for people that aren't thinking of ridiculously cool networking in mind. It's for the consumer to some experienced users.

    1. Consumer - You can pretty throw any memory card or flash drive on it without much organization and digital frame does a good job of automatically locating the information

    2. Semi - Pro - There is an HDMI output that allows you to output to an HDMI equipped TV. It's good enough for casual view (which is what I think most people will buy this for), but it's not amazing and I wonder whether it really preserves the image's original size (I use an 8 MP camera) or it outputs the picture as the scaled down image of what the frame's resolution is.

    For more net savvy users, I would probably get something with a wireless g card that does a better job automatically updating pictures. One of things I think is pretty flawed about this frame model is that when you put it on shuffle, it really doesnt do a good job of keeping a good mix of pictures. If you're like me, I take many pictures that are similar and I keep them around in the event I want to get different perspectives of the same location/person/thing/etc. But, with the shuffle feature, the frame doesn't really shuffle in a smart way to spread out these "similar" pictures enough to really feel like you're getting a fresh batch of pictures every 10 seconds or so.

    I think in general, it gets the job done and the quality of the pictures on the frame screen is probably top of the line of what's out there currently....more info
  • New x1000 still doesn;t display progressive jpegs :(
    Nice, good pics but you need to ensure you save any edited jpegs as baseline, NOT progressive (same old problem with all the picture frames)....more info
  • Good but could be better
    Same problem as everyone else with the clock and when you turn on the unit it always start in the same picture; it does not take into account where it was previously.

    Everything else was fine, including the price....more info
  • Sony Digital Picture Frame- User Friendly!
    This digital frame is simple to set up and use even for a techno-lame
    person. The picture quality is excellent and the color brilliant. It looks fabulous especially if you can somehow hide the electrical cord. We bought one and then bought two more as Christmas gifts. A great gift that keeps giving!...more info
  • Expensive, elegant and easy to use
    This is a great digital camera to give as a gift to someone special. Sure, the price is a bit steep, but you definitely get your money's worth. It has an elegant and timeless design that you will feel comfortable displaying anywhere. And, it's easy to use. Within an hour my husband and I had it loaded with his favorite pictures. ...more info
  • great looking, great image quality, seems like interface could be simplfied
    I purchased this frame as a gift for my parents and set it up in advance with an image card full of family photos. It is a sleek and stylish looking display, not cheap or cheesy like some that try for the more "picture frame" styling. I love the way you can set it on the table in either portrait or landscape orientation and the images flip around to display correctly automatically. The images look great, color is rich and even low resolution pictures look decent.

    There were a couple of things that prevent a full 5-star grade. Though I managed to get the frame to display the pictures the way I wanted it to, it seemed like it took me a lot of trial and error. And I am pretty tech savvy. The menu system is a good idea, but I always seemed to choose the wrong menu option for what I wanted to do or I thought I'd chosen the right selection but when the display began, it wasn't what I expected. And what is up with only a 24 hour clock option in the digital time display?

    All in all I think this is a great frame, I wouldn't mind having one for myself and I am sure my parents are going to enjoy the one I gave them.

    ...more info
  • Great digital picture frame!
    This is a great digital picture frame. It is very easy to use and looks nice. It isn't nearly as thick as I thought it would be. It made a perfect gift for my parents as they love how they can scroll photos on their computer monitor when it's not in use. The size is nice as well. They are using it in their great room and it's not too distracting....more info
  • A Little Pricey, but Great Item
    Although it was a little on the pricey side, the Sony frame was really easy to use. The upload time was really short - I used an 8 gb card and the images load perfectly and took no time to upload. The user settings on the actual frame are easy enough for my mom to use too....more info
  • Read the Reviews First
    In shopping for a digital picture frame, I read the reviews first. They were not only helpful, but guided me to the Sony which was everything they said it was. Great frame - easy to use - got the photos out of the computer and made my wife happy. ...more info
  • Digital Photo Frame
    This photo frame is a good deal. We shopped at Walmart & Target but this one was a little lower price for the quality. Easy to use-just follow instructions for putting pics on it. The remote works well. We bought it for my mother in law in the nursing home and put all her family's photos on to scroll for her. I also purchased an 8GB Memory Card so there would not be an issue of not enough space for all the photos. Great conversation piece when people visit her!...more info
  • The nicest frame I've seen
    I had been on the fence about getting a digital photo frame for almost a couple of years now, but it seemed as though the ones I thought were affordable were also a bit cheap looking. I happened across the Sony DPF-V900 frame at an electronics store, and immediately fell in love with it. "Affordable" needed to be redefined.

    The frame is striking, but without being over the top or gaudy. The image quality is absolutely top notch. The only LCD I've seen that looks quite as good is on my MacBook Pro. The function buttons are intelligently placed, and hidden from view at most angles, and there isn't an obvious sensor on the front for the remote control.

    In terms of features, you get a mixed bag that keeps this from being a five star product. The image correction is hit-or-miss. More often than not, the face detection works, but usually at the cost of degrading the rest of the image (fortunately, this isn't an automatic setting). There are loads of settings that let you customize how pictures are displayed, whether or not the Sony logo is visible, automatic power on / off, and so on -- but navigating the menus is a bit of a chore. You can easily spend about 15 minutes getting it set up just the way you want.

    One particular note: There's a display mode that lets you see a clock next to your images, but the clock doesn't show current time. It *should* show you the time the picture was taken, but it assumes the timestamp on the file is the correct time, not the EXIF data. Personally, I'd prefer a clock.

    Getting photos on to the DPF-V900 is incredibly simple. Connect a mini-USB cable to your Mac or Windows computer, and it mounts as a drive for drag-and-drop copying. Or, it'll read just about every memory card format out there.

    This frame is squarely targeted toward people who are willing to pay extra for aesthetics. Unless you really appreciate the way this frame looks, you can absolutely find frames out there that cost less and do more. But if you like the design and are looking for the best image quality around, you can't go wrong with this....more info
  • Awesome Product
    Sony DPF 80 is exactly what I was looking for, shipping was on time and pictures look great, will buy again....more info