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Sony DR-BT22 Stereo Bluetooth (Black)[Bulk Packaged]
List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $33.95

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Product Description

Sony - Bluetooth Wireless Headset - Black

  • Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Rechargeable headset can be fully powered in about 3 hours
  • 30mm dome type drivers
  • Lightweight design features a folding mechanism that enables easy storing and portability
  • Includes AC adapter

Customer Reviews:

  • One Of The Best Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
    I've never had so much fun working out with these headphones. The clarity and range are great not to mention the battery life-marathon man 11 hrs. I used to listen to my songs with wired headphones but it's a big hassle trying to manage the wires, with this pair you can leave your device somewhere else in a bag or even your pocket while you workout or jog. It supports A2DP and AVRC which allows you to listen to your favorite tunes in your cellphone, the rocker controls mean you don't have to touch your cellphone to joggle through your songs, play and adjust the volume. Another beauty is that it also allow incoming calls with the multi-function button. It folds conveniently for travel, the design is just well conceived.
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  • Exactly What I Wanted
    I had been playing around with BlueTooth accessories for a few months and I found the concept interesting but not exciting. I really didn't seem have much use for it.
    But I do like to watch movies using my top of the line OPPO DVD player (the best) and my Samsung LCDHD flat screen TV, but because I've lost some of my hearing over the years, I found I had to turn the TV volume up quite loud in order to try and understand the mumbling conversions of the actors. This was especially true with my favorite British flicks (the Brits sure do mumble a lot). I figured earphones might help, so several years ago I bought a wireless transmitter/earphone (RCA) setup from Radio Shack. It was terrible. Lots of dropouts and way too much interference from other electronic devices in the vicinity. And the sound quality leaved a lot to be desired. So that idea was soon scrapped.

    Now with BlueTooth coming on strong, I decided to give the TV-earphone bit another try.

    I purchased a SONY HWS-BTA2W BlueTooth Wireless Audio Adapter (Transmitter / Receiver) and SONY DR-BT22A Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset from Amazon (best prices anywhere!) and set the adapter in the transmit mode and plugged it in to my extra audio output RCA plugs on the LCD TV. I "paired" the headphones to the transmitter in a few seconds..a simple procedure (little LEDs on both the adapter and headphones tell you immediately when you are "paired").
    Assuming you've got a movie playing, you now can adjust the volume via a little rocker switch on the headphones (make sure your TV volume is cranked way back or you will hear both the headphone audio and the TV audio and they will be out of synch...there is a slight but quite noticable delay on the BlueTooth headphone audio.

    Here's my take on the SONY DR-BTA22A headphones:
    Amazon seems to have the best price on the internet. I purchased a "refurbished" headset from an Amazon seller and they were not reburbished, they were brand spankin' new. Great deal!
    Quite comfortable and very lightweight, They can easily be adjusted for different head sizes. And they fold up nicely into a little package.
    High quality audio, sharp and crisp. I can always understand the actors now.
    Great stereo. These are superior stereo headphones. The wireless signal is high fidelity.
    Sensitive. The headphones maintain contact with the transmitter out to 30 feet, but walls can adversely affect signal transmission.
    Headphone volume control. Very user friendly, easy to adjust (rocker switch) while in use.
    Battery. Built in Lithium-Ion battery with external plug-in charger.The battery operates for many hours befor a recharge is necessary.
    Headphone wires. NONE...absolutely none.

    Both the Sony HWS-BTA2W (Transmitter or Receiver) and the Sony DR-BT22A Headphones are both advanced BlueTooth wireless technology products and can be used for a variety of short distance communication requirements that are not even mentioned in my rather one-sided review.

    Both are excellent products and meet my specific requirements perfectly.

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  • Some of the best headphones I've ever used
    Simply perfect. Easy to pair and great sound. Excellent controls. Great battery life.

    Now, if I could just find a transmitter for my IPod, I'd be golden!...more info
  • It's OK..they get uncomfortable after 30 mins of use
    These Headphones are designed and function OK but you can not use them for long starts getting uncomfortable in and around the ear after about 30 mins of using them. They warm/heat up and that makes it worse..Sound and connection quality is fine. I would give it 2 stars in comfort..I was hoping to get these headphones to listen to music at work and gym but after using them a couple times I can say that I would return them if I still could....more info
    I just got my stereo headset via UPS yesterday. Plugged them in for charging. When I was ready to connect them to my phone. It was very easy and quick. I was very pleased with the sound of the headset playing the music from the phone via bluetooth connection. It was clear and loud. I kept the headsets on while watching CSI Thursday night, just to see if they would become uncomfortable after wearing them for more than 1 hour. I forgot I had them on until I got ready to go to sleep. I still haven't made a call via the headset, but I did call my voicemail to see how it would sound. Not bad, it sound better than my normal bluetooth ear piece. But than again I don't plan on talking to anyone with this headset, only listen to my music when I doing something in the office.

    Over all good product, great price, and comfortable. Worth the cost....more info
  • Cut the cord!
    Light weight, good (not great) sound, simple to use, compact, decent battery life.

    No cons I can think of....more info