Duracell Daylite LED Flashlight with AAA Batteries
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Product Description

Duracell Daylite LED Flashlight, True Beam Optics Technology, Innovative High Power LED Delivering 80 Lumens/3W, White, Bright, Smooth Light. Easy Spot to Flood With No Loss in Light Quality, Durability Reassurance, Advanced Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction, 3 'AAA' Duracell Batteries Included.

  • True Beam optics
  • 80 lumens 3 watt LED, uses 3 AAA batteries (included)
  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Smooth white light
  • Lifetime guarantee

Customer Reviews:

  • The little light that can!
    The duracel LED flashlight is a lite light ... it exceeded my expectations ... a true value for the money....more info
  • its great
    I really like the AAA daylite, its ridiculously bright, and the bottom on/off button is a nice change of pace to the standard on/off head twist of comparably sized maglites which are no where near as bright. It feels heavy and durable in my hand, though I suspect slightly less durable then a maglite. However, I have no idea about durability of an LED vs the bulb technology in a maglite so it very may well be equally or more durable. If you want BRIGHT and durable its worth the extra ten bucks....more info
  • WOW
    OMG this is an awesome flashlight. But as in the AA version, I would like more range in the spot to flood feature. Should have included lanyard....more info
  • Affordable bright flashlight
    This is one really nice, compact, bright flashlight. I am not a heavy flashlight user, but I am clumsy and have dropped it twice and with no damage. Only complaints are, like others said, the beam dispersion ring is useless, the batteries that came with it were dead and corroded, and there is no lanyard supplied. I consider these complaints minor, and would definitely buy this product again.
    ...more info
  • Duracel Daylight AAA
    I love this flashlight. I have had the mag light 2D cell and 4D cell with LED replacement bulbs and this little AAA flashlight is so much brighter. As for the comments about the spot to flood function not doing anything, I have to disagree, there is a big difference in the spot and flood, flood is very useful for looking down a dark hallway. I love the fact that there are no dark spots in the light like in a normal light bulb,

    Couldn't praise this thing enough, so worth the money. Am looking to buy the one with the CR 123 bateries....more info
  • Nice flashlight/torch! Worth the money.
    I got the 3 AAA version. Very bright, feels nice and solid. The spot to flood function works as advertised, though brightness of the halo is reduced when going from spot to flood, and the flood isn't quite as wide as I'd like (more like a "wide spot"). I bought it as an occasional flashlight but mainly as a bike headlight, using a TwoFish flashlight holder (which it fits even though it's a tad large). For that function, it's going to work great, both as a see and a be seen light.

    When I bought it the price had gone down to a few cents over $20, so the price was right and I'm happy with it. If it had been closer to $30, I would have passed. The price on this light appears to have gone up and down a number of times. Hint - put it in your shopping cart and "save for later", then visit every day and see what the price is - Amazon will notify you if it's gone up or down with a message box at the top of the cart (great feature, Amazon!).

    A couple of other notes - it does not have a no-roll barrel and is perfectly round. The large grooves just below the LED are for grip when twisting from spot to flood, and don't do anything to prevent rolling. Also, the barrel is all aluminum, so no rubber to reduce impacts. Last, there is a very small rubber o-ring inside the battery cap (the "copper top"), but I don't know that it would keep water out. And since the top part (with the LED) twists, I suspect that this light is NOT waterproof. BTW, the twist at least moves the internal lens up and down, not sure if the LED itself travels, too.

    In conclusion, for it's size price, and features, this flashlight/torch is a good value if you pick it up in the $20-25 range. It's very bright for the money you spend, and I'd recommend it over the much more expensive CR123 version, both because it is plenty bright, and also because you can then use recargable AAAs (the newer hybrid NIMHs, including Duracell green-tops, are excellent, and don't lose charge quickly like the older ones) or regular cheap Alkalines in a pinch. If you want a CR123-powered flashlight/torch, you could spend about the same or a couple dollars more and get better LED tech by going with a different brand, though you wouldn't get the mildly valuable spot-to-flood feature....more info
  • Great product
    Its sleek and compact by design. Jus bcos its small it doesnt mean that the light produced is faint, its quite powerful too. Perfectly fits into your jeans pockets. Great quality. Perfect for domestic and basic outdoor use. If ure looking for extra powerful spot lights for a specific purpose then this is not the product. ...more info
  • Great little flashlight!
    This little flashlight puts out a brighter beam than my 3 D-cell Maglite. You can't go wrong with this flashlight........more info
  • Great litle flashlight
    Hello everyone,
    This is a great little flashlight. As others have said, it would be better if the adjustment was better. The brightness is what is pretty amazing. You don't want to look into the light. Hope this helps. I don't think you will regret spending the $22....more info
  • Great little flashlight
    Batteries last forever. My kids have left it on twice for extended periods and it's still going!...more info