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  • Date Movie - unrated version - dvd review
    Horrible horrible film

    Even worse than Superhero Movie. I think

    Could be the worst film I've ever seen. What is Willow doing in this trash?

    Yikes!...more info
  • stupid a$$ movie
    i bought this on sale for $5.99 a few months ago, i should've known it was going to be a waste of money since it was so cheap. i didn't even finish watching it. putting it in my pile to goodwill....more info
  • I really wish I did not see this movie.
    After I saw the first two "Scary Movies" I decided too see this movie. I thought the Wayans brothers were the two writers, but I can see that I was wrong. This movie is a spoof with no plot and no good jokes. I could hardly understand anything in this movie at all without giving my self a headache! I myself, a teen, which this movie appealed too did not find this funny. I don't know why teens like this movie so much.
    -Ben Russell ...more info
  • Total waste of time. . .
    I've alread wasted an hour and a half of my life watching this movie. And beleive me that's time I'd like to have back. It pains me to have to spend anymore time dwelling on this drivel.

    There are two major problems with this film. First and foremost it's not funny. Maybe I missed an e-mail or a memo or something but I thought comedies were supposed to be funny. And secondly why is this movie " unrated ". I saw nothing in here that wouldn't have been above a PG-13. My only guess is that without " unrated " plastered on the cover it wouldn't have appealed to such a wide audience.

    The four writers who had nothing to do with this movie have to be some of the smartest people in the world. So if you're eyeing this movie in the rental store, my only advice to you is to slowly back away and move on to the next movie on your list. Do that and you'll be lucky enough to be considered in the same breath as those four writers...some of the smartest people in the world....more info
  • "Date Movie" Has It All--Oh Yeah, Except For An Actual Movie
    This movie is almost too easy a target, and I don't want to spend much time on it as the essence of this film has been captured effectively by many, many other reviewers. At heart, "Date Movie" is just a bit of silliness--it has no ambition, no goals other than to showcase its preposterous spoofs. Truth be told, I usually don't mind silly escapist fun--as long as a picture knows it's not very good, you can't really hold anything else against it. My issue with "Date Movie," thus, is more complex. Movies like "Scary Movie" or "Airplane!" have done a great job skewering other films and pop culture icons--but the primary difference between those films and "Date Movie" is that they frame their spoofs and gags around an actual plot.

    My irritation with "Date Movie" comes from its absolute laziness in not even attempting to tell a story. Heck, it doesn't even fake it. No, apparently the sheer delight at seeing someone in a fat suit is supposed to carry us through an entire film. The gags are so random--and don't get me wrong, you might chuckle occasionally--they end up making no sense whatsoever. Have we gotten so jaded that we don't even expect a rudimentary storyline? It's sight gag, after sight gag, after sight gag--with a sound gag thrown in for variety. And it's not even as if these jokes are clever. By shooting at the easiest pop culture targets and liberally adding unnecessary bodily function humor--it's as if the filmmakers expected us to lap all their "hilarious" antics up.

    There are talented people in the cast. Surely Alyson Hannigan (a star of the small screen) deserves better. But at least she, and the others, are game and throw themselves into the proceedings--but to little affect. If I wanted to see sketches and skits with no connection, however, I'd watch SNL or MadTV (which might actually be more entertaining). "Date Movie" misadvertises itself in the title--there is no movie here! Normally, like I said, I wouldn't judge an inoffensive bit of nonsense like this so harshly--but this negative review goes out to all the creative screenwriters who couldn't get decent projects greenlit due to this example of filmmaking by committee. KGHarris, 02/07....more info
  • Absolutely Funny
    Love it, Alyson Hannigan is a genius for doing this movie. She is spectacular....more info
  • .... ehh ...
    This movie was highly dissapointing.
    I did not have high expectations going into it (from what friends have told me) but I really wanted to watch it. It was horrid! There was way too many spoofs. Yes some were funny (the only real memorable one was the spoof when she stood over the subway train air vent dancing to cool off).
    All in all this movie was shockingly sad. They could have had a great movie - but alas they didn't.
    Do your self a favor and do not buy or rent this movie.
    If it was possible to give something 0 stars i would, but * is the lowest it goes. Date Movie gets that *....more info
  • I really wanted to like this, but it just isn't happening
    Let me first say I love Alyson Hannigan. I really wanted to like this movie given this is her first major movie role.

    But alas, this movie is crap. With the exception of a few chuckles here and there, this is something to watch while you're websurfing or talking on the phone - giving it your full attention is not only unnecessary but almost painful. The jokes are bad, predictable, and worst of all, not funny.

    If you have any interest in this movie I strongly recommend you RENT IT first before you spend money on it.

    I can only hope that Alyson's next movie is of higher caliber. :(...more info
  • Heed The Warnings
    One of the reasons I like buying on Amazon is because of these reviews. Usually I can get a feeling about a movie by the reviews it receives....Unfortunately I bought this on sale as a "Previously Viewed" before I ever checked out the reviews. The fact that they list on the cover that 2 of the writers worked on Scary Movie naturally made me think this had to be good because all of the Scary Movies have been roll on the floor funny. This movies does have some funny parts to it, but not enough to really want spend much money or time on it.

    The JayLo bit has been over done for some time before the movie came out so the giagantic rear end bit just comes across as silly nonsense....As with much of the movie.......more info
  • don't waste your time
    this had to be one of the most boring movies i've ever seen. I stoped watching half way through, wish i could get my money bacck...more info
  • Corny, some funny moments, but overall blah
    I must say this movie was a letdown when compared to some of it's counterparts, "not another teen movie" and the "Scary Movie" series. This must be from the guys that did scary movie 3, which not quite as good as 1 and 2 (which featured the waynes brothers as actors and writers). Breakthrough moments of laughter, but no real stand out moments of humor. At times, slow to develop, or just overdone wiht the spoofs, even predictable. So, I would say this may be a renter of a movie, but a good movie for some laughs. ...more info
  • Robbed of 85 minutes of my life & I want my money back!
    Take heed! Don't rent/buy or even watch this movie for free! Instead, get yourself some bubbly toilet bowl cleaner and watch it bubble for 85 minute - you'll have a MUCH better time. Yes, parodies can be funny, (Think Airplane! or Scary Movie) but when a studio stoops to pump out watered down trash like this it just ends up turning off people from an entire genre. The length of this move shows 85 minutes. 5 for credits & another 5 for repeated flashbacks, (which serve no purpose than to take up space) and you are down to 75 of pure trash. Why oh why?...more info
  • Wow, this movie really sucks
    Acting------------4 out of 10, Hannigan is cute, but the rest are terrible, specially Eddie Griffin
    Directing---------1 out of 10, horrible, no redeeming qualities at all
    Location/Scenery--3 out of 10
    Comedy Rating-----0 out of 10, No laughs anywhere
    Quality-----------2 out of 10

    Violence-----------Medium, Nothing sick, but sure not funny
    Blood/Gore---------None, Probably would have helped
    Nudity-------------Lots implied, none really shown
    Language-----------High amount
    Overall------------16 and above should be fine, but I really recommend ANYTHING else but this

    Total Score-----------10 out of 50

    This is the 2nd worst movie of the year so far, the only thing that saved it from a lower score then Bloodrayne is that Alyson Hannigan really tries hard to salvage something, but, unfortunately she can't. I really have nothing against crude humour, it works alot of the time, but in this, nothing, and I mean NOTHING works. Why do filmakers think anyone, human or feline, taking a crap is still funny? It's ridiculous, we've all seen it dozens of times before, and while we might haved laughed the first time, we sure as hell aren't anymore!! I loved Napoleon Dynamite, but I think it could definitely be spoofed and spoofed well, but they couldn't even get that right. Just skip this everyone, it's foul, disgusting, boring, and just not funny!!...more info
  • FUNNY AS HELL!!!!!!!!
    This movie is so funny, it's like the scary movie's, I wonder if it'll get as big as the scary movie. Don' think so cause they have more out....more info
  • Alyson Hannigan Deserves Better Film
    One of the reasons I watched "Date Movie" is Alyson Hannigan, star of "American Pie" and "Buffy, the Vampure Slayer." And I am a fan of parody movies since the days of masterpieces like "Airplane!" But what I found here is only half-baked jokes, or not even jokes, just references to other better films and of-screen news about celebrities like Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton.

    I agree with most of the reviewers who found "Date Movie" very unfunny. The film contains jokes that are silly, sexual and gross, three major components that are visible in the recent trend of spoofs, but I don't mind if jokes are silly, sexual and gross. I love them. I watched "Borat" which has all of these three, and there are lots of them (plus politically incorrect jokes) and I enjoyed the film very much.

    What is most disappointing about "Date Movie" - and the most irritating thing about it - is its laziness. The filmmakers go from one gag to another without developing it. Each joke is not big or clever (including references to "Brigit Jones's Diary," Darth Vader, clown dance (with the soundtrack from "The Rize," etc) and there is nothing more to that. The film moves on to the next one, trying to find a new target which is not necessarily date movie. Sometimes it does the same joke over and over again. The prolonged "cat-in-the-bathroom" joke is unbearable.

    I almost forgot to mention the star of the film Alyson Hannigan. Sure, she is game, fun to watch, ready to do whatever she has to do (including embarrassingly unfunny dancing in fat suit and a huge zit). And she is sadly wasted....more info
  • Not good, but not the worst that I have seen.
    I liked this movie to a point. The parodies were hit or miss. Some really well. Others didn't fair well, but thankfully they were the short ones. Problem is they rushed from one parody to the next creating alot of confusion.

    Story could have been put together a bit better. I thought that Not Another Teen Movie was better in that aspect. But again Parody flicks aren't necessarily built on the storylines. They are built around knowing the originals and what is spoofed. ...more info
  • Terrible
    Wow, one of the worst movies we've rented in a long time. Weak spoofs, bad acting and multiple scenes that left you going WHAT?
    I can't tell you how often I was confused by some scenes that ended in a really bad placed joke that so disrupted the already weak thread of the plot.
    This movie stank, the spoofs stank, the writing and acting stank. Don't spend a dime or a minute on it.
    ...more info
  • Rent it if you HAVE to see it at all
    None of the spoofs were funny. Most of the jokes were predictable. I guess the talent lies with the other 4 of the 6 writers of scary movie.

    It was more gross then funny and Sophie Monk doesnt even show us what we expect to see in an "unrated version" of a movie....more info
  • Yucko! What a stinker!......
    This is a movie about a big girl who gets 'made over' and becomes thin, finds love and lives happily ever after. It's a spoof on romantic comedies, sort of like "Scary Movie" is a spoof on horror movies but this was not nearly as funny. I didn't like this movie. It tried hard to be funny but it wasn't. It was just a yawner! It relied on cheap, stereotypical and often sexist jokes and tired parodies which will be forgotten in a few years and be even less funny. I wasn't deeply offended by this movie but I disliked the way it objectified women (i.e. showing a fat girl going to a body shop like a car to get made skinny and the super hot ex-girlfriend who looks and acts slutty and the boyfriend who thinks it's appropriate to have his ex hang all over him) I am fine with sex and nudity in movies but I didn't like the message behind this film. It was mindless and painful to watch and made me uncomfortable. I happen to be young and thin and generally have a good sense of humor about sexist jokes but something about this movie just left me with a yucky feeling! I feel like this movie insulted my intelligence. There are plenty of things in this world which make young women feel bad about the way they look and it's generally not a quality I look for in a so-called comedy! This is funny if you are male and under the age of 16 and even then, this movie might be a bit overboard! ...more info
  • Funny, but too much bathroom humor
    I saw this DVD at a friend's house a few weeks ago.
    While Alyson Hannigan was a great actress, the movie relied TOO MUCH on bathroom humor. I enjoyed the comedic scenes and the allusions to other movies, but the gross factor in several skits seemed excessive. In addition, while there was great humor, the movie seemed too much like its predeccesor, the "Scary Movie" series. If you truly want vomit-producing humor, get this. Otherwise, there are better comedies available. ...more info
  • Date Movie
    >Very funny! Made in awfully poor taste, just what I like. It absolutely spoofs other movies and television shows to death, leaving one to wonder where can it all end; what with so much ridiculous imitating of other productions going on, it barely has time to follow it's own storyline or plot. Some scenes are just plain gross, in the direct-in your face style that shocks and violates all of your six senses-which more often than not-repels, rather than sets one's affections for the eventual wedding couple;
    (let alone any other members of the cast)...However, it is hilarious and over the top, with nonstop ludicrous scene after scene-complete with a happy ending for the two young lovers that none of us would really want to know or meet up with anywhere. If I did I would RUN!-Kevin Griffin......more info
  • Not funny, just gross
    This has to be the worst movie i have ever seen! I dont mind if they parodied other films, but all they do is take the exact scene from them and just make them stupider. Atleast they put a twist on them in the Scary Movie series. Aside from that, the whole moivie is NOT FUNNY AT ALL, just gross/stupid.

    In conclusion,this sucks. Avoid at all costs....more info
  • Stupid as hell parody!

    Thanks to the magic of a love doctor named Hitch (Tony Cox),former fat slob turned thin beauty Julia Jones (Alyson Hannigan) meets the man of her dreams named Grant Fockeydoer(Adam Campbell) as the dates go successful. But when he preposes to her, they have to meet each others parents, plan their big fat greek wedding, and survive the terrible friend of Grant named Andy (Sophie Monk).

    Horrible parody of romantic movies and comedies alike like "Meet the Parents/Fockers", "My Best Friend's Wedding", "Napoleon Dynamite", "Say Anything", etc. including some non-romantic movies like "Kill Bill", "Lord of the Rings", "Star Wars Episode III" and such all as the directorial debuts from Jason Friedberg and Aaron Setlzer. While not as godawful as "Meet The Spartans" or "Epic Movie", this is still a very bad spoof that just uses pop culture references rather then solid laughs like in a real spoof movie by Mel Brooks or David Zucker. Fred Willard with Jennifer Coolidge and Eddie Griffin co-star but they can't save this disaster of a so-called spoof although Hannigan and Monk are sexy as hell in this movie.

    This DVD has suprisingly alot of extras as if this dung-pile was treated as a quality movie with stuff like deleted scenes, play with laugh-track, commentaries, extended scenes, alternate scenes, featurettes, Gag reel, TV Spots, and screen savers. Avoid this trash like the plague and seek a real parody and not these atrocious Friedberg and Seltzer duds!...more info
  • funny and unrated
    When I heard that this movie was panned by the critics and bombed at the box-office, I bought it cheap and used at blockbuster so I wouldn't waste too much money if it was that bad. To my surprise, it was actually pretty funny and good! The extras were also very plentiful. I just couldn't believe that people didn't like it. It was funny, had a good plot, and was entertaining beginning to end. I was also determined on getting the unrated version. But since I haven't seen the theatrical version, I don't know what is new, and what isn't. But there isn't too much new stuff according to both of the running times on the back of the boxes. I highly reccomen it! B...more info
  • Hillarious
    You guys really need to get a sense of humor here. Yes, it is childish, yes it is adolescent and yes it is very stupid but there are parts that are damn funny. I really liked this movie and you have to watch it like you are viewing the absurd which you are. This movie is for people that like parodies of other movies taking it to the extreme. I recommend this movie to anyone that has a sense of humor for the absurd. So, put a smile on, sit back and laugh. It won't crack your face....more info
  • Hannigan Deserves So Much Better
    I'm giving this DVD an extra star only because of the presence of Alyson Hannigan, who is so effortlessly charismatic, funny, and lovely that she almost makes it worth sitting through. Otherwise, this is a movie that suffers from "Family Guy" disease; the writers think that a random reference to another movie or TV show is the same thing as a joke. So they have an actress re-enact the Paris Hilton hamburger commerical; or stick Hannigan in Uma Thurman's yellow "Kill Bill" track suit and give her a sword to wave around. And then they don't try to be clever or put a funny spin on these; they just hope the 13-year-old boys in the audience will recognize the reference and think that's enough. One hopes that better filmmakers will see Hannigan's star power and put her in funnier movies, so we can all just forget about this one. ...more info
  • Date Movie: Ah where do I start?
    How bad is this movie?

    It's marginally better than "Epic Movie," which is not saying a lot. This is mostly because of Alyson Hannigan as "Julia Jones," an obese waitress in a Greek diner who dreams of finding True Love (but not before a makeover!) and Adam Campbell, who plays the WASPy love interest Grant - I can't spell his last name, but trust me, it's "funny." Many, many romantic films, such as "Pretty Woman," "When Harry Met Sally," and more recent ones are parodied, as well as TV shows, high tech gadgets. celebrities and other pop culture phenomenon. Other movies which don't fall under the romance genre are spoofed as well. Like "Napoleon Dynamite." Which sounds humorous perhaps, but it's not. The guy in the cubicle next to yours probably has a better imitation. At any rate, imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but without a twist of originality, the joke falls flat. It's like the filmmakers pulled a bunch of things to mock out of a hat and then put them all in a blender and pressed High for the ultimate in noxious pop culture blends. Recommended only for die-hard Hannigan fans or perhaps the inebriated.

    Dissing this movie is like double parking in the "Handicapped" space so I'll stop now.

    ...more info
  • I want the hour and a half of my life back.
    With most movies, I'm pretty reasonable. I try to give them a chance. One of my frieds wanted to see it, so my girlfriend and I went with him. After watching this movie, I felt I could have wiped my A#S with my $8.75 instead of sitting through this abortion of a movie.

    I know that spoof movies are supposed to be stupid and funny, but this movie was heavy in stupid, and very light in funny. I've never heard a theater so quiet in a comedy. I think I only heard chuckles during three parts in the movie. The writers just tried too hard to be funny. The movie might have been better if they had concentrated on a few movies and used acting to make it funny, instead of watching a fake cat taking a crap on a toilet. And even that could have been funny if they hadn't made the segment a couple of minutes long.

    I compare this movie with what a guy from our high school did for a talent show. He thought it would be funny to put on a penguin suit and waddled around to classical music. Maybe funny in premise, but turned out to be the most akward and stupid three minutes I've watched.

    Now take that three minutes of stupidity, multiply it by 30, and you have "Date Movie." The only saving grace of this movie is that it's short. ...more info
  • only a guilty pleasure
    Alyson Hannigan stars as Juila Jones, a grossly overweight young woman trying her best to find a man who will love her for the rest of her life. She has a Greek-Black father played by Eddie Griffin, and a loving Indian mother, who both own a Greek restaurant. She meets a handsome Brit named Grant Fockyerdodder, and it's love at first sight. With the help of a pint-sized love doctor named Hitch, she gets "pimped out," loses tons of weight, and becomes beautifully thin in order to snag Grant. These two lovebirds negotiate the film with the aid of hilarious spoofs inspired by many films, some of which are Meet the Parents, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Wedding Crashers, Kill Bill, Hitch, When Harry Met Sally, Napoleon Dynamite, and many others.

    This film was crass, gross, mildly shocking. It was by no means the greatest movie, but all the spoof elements came together to create a campy comedy that ellicited numerous hysterical laughs out of me. This is a movie created to make you laugh, which is exactly what it does. Those with severely refined and snooty tastes will probably turn their noses up at this film, but those who are entertained by movies such as Not Another Teen Movie and Scary Movie will most definitely enjoy this one.

    ...more info
    I hate this film so much I can't even explain it. The only funny thing about this film is how bad it is....more info