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Samsung SPF-71E 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame (White)
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Product Description

The SAMSUNG 7-Inch digital photo frame features a thin, clean profile, gracefully rounded corners and your choice of a rich, gloss-black (SPF-71E) or gloss-white (SPF-71E-W) finish. It looks great on any desk or bookshelf. And with 480 x 234 resolution, 200 nits brightness and 500:1 contrast ratio, itll display your memories in clear, sharp detail.

  • 7-inch digital photo frame
  • Sharp 480 x 234 resolution
  • Save photos to the frame with 120MB internal memory
  • Automatic slide show with effects
  • Clock function for added functionality

Customer Reviews:

  • Wireless features aren't well baked, UI is sluggish.
    What this frame does well is the basics of getting photos from an SD card or internal memory, and displaying the slideshow. The picture is very clear and colors are bright. No issues there. The problem is that they've sacrificed internal memory (a mere 64MB) so that more of the cost of the device could be dedicated to the wireless features - which is where this product is unfortunately NOT all that well baked.

    I tried a variety of different supported methods for having this frame read photos over the network with relatively unsatisfactory results:
    1) Reading photos from an MSN Spaces account's RSS feed. This appears to have been broken with a recent change to the Live services, and while the photo albums are visible, the frame doesn't find any photos within the album.
    2) Getting photos from a Windows Media Player NSS sharing library. While this worked, the frame was extremely slow to locate computers on the network and even slower to enumerate the photos available on those computers. This made starting a slideshow an excruciating experience.
    3) Framechannel - create an account and upload your own pics or link it to your Myspace account, as well as local weather, stocks, and so forth. This actually seems to work reasonably well. However, occasionally the frame would inexplicably lock up trying to retrieve the channel information and would only respond to a hard reboot.

    In all cases, the UI can take an unacceptably long time to respond to button presses, with no on-screen indication that the button press was noticed. And the buttons themselves are flat-membrane points on the bezel, which can be a bit oversensitive (or undersensitive) with no tactile feedback.

    During one bootup I actually got a Windows application crash dialog and the device needed to be power cycled. That's just downright embarrassing.

    All in all, I think you can probably find frames for a similar price with better UI responsiveness and where the added dollars will go to better use, such as additional onboard memory, rather than spending it on some rather poorly baked wireless networking features....more info
  • High Magnificient
    Easy to set up, easy to load pictures, and a pleasure to all who watch the slideshow of babies, kids and grownups....more info
  • Great digital picture frame!
    Great frame. Everything works like a charm. Why buy the higher priced brand when everything about this one works?...more info
  • Decent instructions would be nice...
    Instructions or (lack of) make me want to toss this out the window. Widescreen renders half your pictures unusable unless you downsize them smaller than the screen. Hope to someday be able to set clock and use auto on/off feature, but it's not looking good so far... ...more info
  • Excellent!
    My frame works perfectly. Very accurate color. With any frame you must make sure your images are as good as they can be before loading them. I made all color corrections and resized my images to 800x600 before loading them to the 1 gb internal memory. I had one issue that took a little figuring out. Some of my jpg images were not recognized when originally loaded. It took a while to figure out but I finally realized the images that were not recognized were saved in Photoshop as "progressive" jpg's. Once I resaved them as "standard" they displayed perfectly. After using the frame I wanted to buy two more but the sale ([...]) had ended. I will watch for future sales and purchase this frame again....more info
  • Neither Mac Compatible Nor User Friendly
    I purchased 2 of these. I plugged the first into my new imac and it showed up on the desktop. I tried to copy over 930Mb of files and it would get between 5-30 pictures completed (<50mb) each time before undocking and locking up. I spent over 3 hours with no success on that unit.

    The 2nd unit was better, somehow all files copied over on the 2nd attempt.

    At work the next day, I took the drive that I couldn't get my files copied to, and plugged it into my work PC. It mounted easily, and I was able to copy files over - no problem!

    The 2nd unit, when I went to compare - was now DOA.

    Other problems -
    1) rebate links don't work from my work PC or my mac at home. (Amazon is making good on these for me).
    2) Replacement device from Amazon (shipped overnight) came re-packaged - it may not have been used, but was not packaged, and didn't have stickers on the device that my other 2 did.

    If you have a PC - photo installation is drag and drop.
    If you have a Mac - you're lucky if you can get it to work.

    User interface is awful. It is slow moving from menu to menu. Manual/documentation is nonexistent. No indication what each transition is unless you try each yourself. After loading my photos, it took over 30 minutes to get both devices configured as I wanted them.

    I'm not a computer novice. In fact, I do all the computers at work/home and for family/friends. This by far is the least ergonomic user interface I've ever used. (makes setting up a router look easy) Add that to the fact that it does not work with a NEW Mac, running the newest OS, and this device is lucky to get 2 stars from me.

    Nevertheless, the fact that I can send a SD card w/ new photos to my mother, and she can just plug it in and it'll just work (now that I've set it up) justifies the 2 star rating.

    In theory, great device - once you get it set up....more info
  • Terrible manual, interface, and support--and special Mac suggestions
    I bought this recently. I've never tried another frame, but have seriously considered returning this one.
    The good news is that the images look good, once you spend some hours to get it running.
    The bad news:
    1) As other reviewers have said, this is widescreen. If you don't pre-crop your images, you have black stripes on the sides of your pictures.
    2) Unlike some other frames, there is no wireless connection, remote, battery backup, or ability to view anything but JPGs, no movies.
    3) There is a clock, and both auto-on and auto-off functions. The clock loses its time and date settings if the unit is unplugged or the power goes out.
    4) I am pretty good at figuring out gadgets, but I've never seen a menu system so confusing. There is nothing consistent about the interface, and I have to repeatedly experiment with the controls to choose the internal memory vs. SD card, etc. or to start a slideshow.
    5) The manual is all of two small, poorly-written pages repeated in many languages. Functions are alluded to without any explanation.
    6) When I called tech support, about the problem I refer to in #7, I was pleased that I didn't spend long on hold. The tech I reached was a nice enough fellow, but he knew nothing about the product, only what was in that lousy manual. He then passed my call along to a higher-level tech, who likewise knew nothing beyond the manual. Neither had the product there to fiddle with, nor had ever touched he product.
    7) Now to the Mac issue: I transferred a bunch of photos from iPhoto. In my unsuccessful efforts to get a slideshow to start, both the internal memory and SD showed with nothing. Finally, I got some question-mark icons, which said "unsupported file format."
    I finally figured out that these are icons for the data resource fork or whatever those extra files that Macs copy onto foreign media. Scrolling down, I finally found the real pictures.
    It turns out that the strange icons weren't the problem, it just took a lot of esoteric button-pushing to get the slideshow to start.
    I'd welcome comments on the question of whether my guess is right, that there are frames with a better interface....more info
  • Samsung 7" Digital Frame
    I think it's a very good product but some things could have been done better. Having all the program controls on the back and making them so small makes it difficult for more senior people like me.

    ...more info
  • Good product for the value price
    I purchased this to put on my desk at the office and I couldn't be more satisfied with the value for money.

    I am not a photophile and was simply looking for something to view pictures of my friends & family at work. Though the frame I bought (the 7 in version) had a pretty great price (~$50) I was a bit skeptical on account of some of the other reviews. I'll tell you now that if you're looking for something basic that will do the job, go ahead and click "Add to Cart" now.

    Some reviewers complained about the screen aspect ratio but what I've discovered is that a lot of my pictures vary in size and shape anyway, so there isn't any one screen that will accomodate all of them. The little bit of black border is not a concern for me.

    Other reviewers commented on the screen/picture quality. Here I will say that this frame is *adequate*. It's nothing fancy, but again- it does the job for a great price. If you happen to be looking for something high-end, keep looking. Otherwise this is a great buy.

    As for setup, it couldn't have been easier. If you're looking for a gift for a not-so-tech-savvy friend or family member, this frame will be just fine.

    The device has built-in memory but I opted for an old 128mb SD card I wasn't using. I have about a hundred pictures loaded on it so you can imagine what a much larger card will do for you. Since I used the SD card there was no need to connect the frameto my PC, I just plugged in the card to my built-in card reader, copied over my pix and slapped the card into the frame. The frame automatically recognised the card and began a slideshow. From opening the box to viewing pictures took only about ten minutes.

    One note about file types- it only recognises .jpg

    So all in all, I am very happy with my purchase and may even purchase more of these (in varying sizes) for home use. I would definitely recommend this item....more info
  • Digital Camera
    This is a great gift for any occassion. My mother in law is going to love it. Now she can have a variety of pictures of her grand daughters....more info
  • Samsung SPF-85V
    Overall I'm happy with the Samsung SPF-85V. The picture quality is good, it's easy to use, seems that it has good build quality.

    Yet I've only given in 3 stars because wireless connectivity is executed very poorly indeed, and that was the single biggest reason I bought this frame.

    While it does have wi-fi, and can be configured with a WEP key (no mention of WPA, but it may work...) it's receiver seem to be extremely poor.

    I have no problems connecting wirelessly anywhere in my house using my laptop. I can even access the network while in my backyard or driveway. This frame will only connect 100% of the time when it is in the same room as the router.

    If I take it into another room on the same floor the connection is spotty. It'll disconnect (and give off a chime as it does so) and stay disconnected for a while, then reconnect (same chime) and stay connected for a while. Rinse and repeat.

    If I take it onto another floor in the house it can't even detect the network. I haven't tried anywhere outdoors, but I really doubt it would work there.

    So, yeah, nice frame if you don't care to use the wi-fi functionality or intend to use it in the same room as the router. If you're the former, I'd recommend looking at some other model. If you're the latter I'm sure you'll be happy with it....more info
  • low resolution...
    I don't like it. This product just ruined my high resolution pictures. I wanted to return it but gave up. After all it's my own fault that I didn't check the description of this product carefully before I purchased it. So I just gave it to my parents as a gift....more info
  • Picture Frame Samsung 71E 7 Inch
    Samsung SPF-71E 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame (Black)

    I bought this digital frame for my boyfriend. It is easy to use, very practical. My only complaint would be that some images cannot be seen clear enough, but for the price I paid I am satisfied!...more info
  • Samsung SPF-71E Infected by W32.SillyFDC Worm
    URGENT WARNING: Product infected by worm variant W32.SillyFDC
    Recommend staying away from this product, manufactured in Tianjin, China, from South Korean company Samsung, because it is infected by a worm variant known as W32.SillyFDC. Upon connecting the digital photo frame to my computer, variant W32.SillyFDC, residing in directory "ToExe" of the frame's internal memory, immediately executed itself on my machine. Then it, being a worm-based Trojan horse, attempted to infect my machine and connect to the network. Fortunately my security software detected it and immediately terminated the process, deleted the program, and upon scanning traced it to the "ToExe" directory on the Samsung SPF-71E.
    NOTE: Common anti-viral software can successfully remove the malicious program from the device and interactions with SD Cards and USB memory sticks are not at risk for infection
    Apparently Samsung is an untrustworthy brand name and is no different than Insignia.
    MSNBC article on infected Insignia digital picture frames: [...]...more info
  • Great photo frame!
    The photo frame is great. Good picture and sleek frame.
    Only bad thing is that it's widescreen so the pictures must be cropped/zoomed to fit the frame properly which leads to heads getting cut off in some photos....more info
  • Review for the SPF-85V only
    This review is for the 2 SPF-85V 8 inch wireless frames I just bought for Christmas Gifts.

    I plan on using the wireless feature of the frames, since I think the biggest issue with photoframes is to keep the images updated, in order to look at them. Many people I know have frames, but after a while don't update them so stop looking at them.

    Anyway I bought these specifically since they were wireless and supported RSS feeds to us enable downloading from either Picasa or Flickr.

    First I have a Mac at home, so it seemed like a lot of the setup in the manual was geared towards using Windows Live Spaces or similar, so the manual is not very good. I did some google searchs for the frame and found some reviews/blogs that were helpful in my setup.

    Initially I struggled thought the setup by trial and error, pressing buttons to see what menu comes up and what each funtion does. So it was time consuming but worked well enough, after 1 hour of playing with it I felt I could navigate through the menus.

    To access the RSS feed I had to login to the advanced settings of the screen though a webbrowser. So I typed in the IP address of the screen followed by ":5050" and then the advanced screen came up, the password is "Admin" by default. I went to picasa and uploaded some pictures in an album and was able to get the rss link to be accepted by the frame. Then pictures were downloaded on to the frame okay.

    I also tried framechannel and it is working okay for pictures, but RSS feeds are not resized correctly (downloading 16x9 while the frame is 4x3), so I emailed them today asking them to add a 4x3 option for rss feeds.

    So overall 4 stars

    - Picture quality is good. Samsung makes the LCD I think and they are known for good LCD displays
    - Able to wirless connect to download pictures, news, weather, etc. which is what I wanted to do
    - Frame industrial design is nice (black border with pattern. Hidden touch controls

    - Manual is bad, need to search the web to find out how to do things on it
    - Controls not intuitive, have to use trial and error
    - I wouldn't recommend this product unless you are computer savvy
    ...more info
  • Not the gift I wanted to give
    Contrary to what other reviewers have stated, this product does not have an eight-inch screen, nor does it have an 800*600 resolution. Please ignore tech specifications that were not posted by Amazon. This is a SEVEN INCH, 480*234 pixel resolution photo frame. Sorry I had to order one to figure this out....more info
  • Great price, nice resolution, a few issues though
    Since Amazon has grouped different sizes and specs together, to be clear, I am reviewing the Samsung SPF-71E Black 7-Inch digital photo frame.

    I purchased this as a gift for my mother-in-law and am in the process of filling an SD card for right now. This is the second digital photo frame I have bought for her, and this one is much improved over the last one (made by Coby). What I didn't like about my Coby is that it would automatically stretch every picture out to fit the frame fully. The front also fell off of the Coby exposing the electronics beneath. This Samsung digital photo frame gives you the option to do the following:

    Fit to width: It will enlarge every picture so it fills up the frame completely, but he downside is that it will in the process cut of the top and bottom of the pictures to do so. The aspect ratio is maintained so the pictures still look accurate, even if you are not seeing the whole picture.

    Fit to screen: In this every picture will fill the screen, but pictures will not maintain aspect ratio, so pictures may appear stretched from side to side or top to bottom.

    Auto fit and Original Fit: I can't tell the difference between these two options. They both fill the screen from top to bottom for all of my photos, leaving a black strip on each side unless they've been cropped to fit 16:9. So, the 7" black digital photo frame is widescreen (16:9), even though my camera takes 4:3 pictures. This isn't so much a problem for me because I edit, recolor, add text, and crop every photo. But, for those who want a more click and display experience, this is not the best frame for you.

    Another downside is that this frame does not run on battery. I imagine if you are buying this for a parent that is on the road a lot, a battery operated frame would be more ideal so they won't have to carry along a power cord.

    The swivel back is very nice and sturdy. I like it much better than fold out stands. Another downside that I see to this frame is that it is not wall-mountable. I honestly don't know if they make these wall-mountable, but if they did I would like to hang in on the wall by my desk.

    I do wish the frame included a little remote so I could scroll through and adjust settings while looking at the pictures rather than turning the frame over to make adjustments.

    I had no problems loading pictures directly onto the internal memory, but it doesn't hold much so you'll want to pick up an SD card. I bought the Transcend 4 GB SDHC SD Class 6 Flash Memory Card TS4GSDHC6E [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging].

    The documentation is light and the 61 page instruction manual includes instructions in 19 languages including several Asian languages. I couldn't get the frame to pause for an extended period of time, it would pause for a while, and then resume the slideshow. I tried setting the pictures as a background, but they also eventually started back up as a slideshow. The speed can be adjusted to fast, medium, or slow. I eventually got one picture to stay by selecting "repeat one photo" after drilling down menus. It was an interesting solution, and the photo still shows the transitions such as fade, blind, cross comb, mosaic, checker, dissolve and more. You can also set it to show no transition effects.

    For those of you who can problem solve and like to modify all of your pictures, this is a great frame. The colors are beautiful and it appears to be very well made. I would buy another one without hesitation. ...more info
  • Samsung picture frame
    There were very few instructions given. I also cannot get a picture to stay rotated. Every time it comes up in the picture list, it would need to be rotated. I have since removed those pictures. It also has a very touchy power cord that pulls apart at the connection to the frame and loses power if the cord is moved very much....more info
  • Alpha Version
    First of all, this review is for the Samsung 85V. I've noticed some of the other reviews are not for this product. This is a wireless picture frame with 800 X 600 resolution.

    First, the good:
    (1) Picture quality is excellent
    (2) No obnoxious advertising is present on the frame border as is seen in many competitors
    (3) The aspect ratio is 4:3. Photos are virtually all 4:3 aspect ratio. A widescreen frame for photo display makes absolutely no sense... you have to reformat / crop your pictures for these frames.

    Now, the bad:
    (1) There's a web interface for the frame- you use a web browser on your network that connects to the picture frame. The web interface is horrendously slow and repeatedly "times out" while trying to access the frame.
    (2) Windows Live support, the only major photo sharing site "supported" by this frame, is broken. I called tech support, who confirmed this. They blamed it on microsoft changing their interface after the product shipped.
    (3) I tried RSS feed support using Google's Picasa, Flickr, and MobileMe. None would work. Samsung tech support couldn't get them working either. FrameChannel does work, but occasionally puts up it's own advertising "picture" into your frame.

    Since the whole point of this frame is wireless capability and this is severely crippled, I can't recommend this product. Samsung is on the cusp of a 5-star product here... and perhaps it will be with some well done firmware updates. Here's hoping!...more info
    GREAT FRAME the quality is GREAT we love it couldnt ask for anything better the only down fall is the stand its hard to actually get it to stand up with it....more info
  • Samsung SPF-85H Frame Quality Inconsistent
    I purchased 3 frames for 3 different gifts. One worked as I would've hoped, except the menu reaction & photo loading is disappointingly sluggish. The other two frames did not work, and because the documentation is ridiculously non-existent, it took about 3.5 hours of hit or miss (trying things in different sequential order, poking around in the menus and rebooting several times) to finally conclude that the frames would need to be returned.

    Just so you have an idea what was wrong...(1) USB cable connected the frame and my computer - but my computer could not access the frame's drive, so drag 'n drop did not work. (2) Next I tried memory stick, which when trying to 'copy all' photo's from the memory stick to the frame's internal memory, I received an error message, "Copy Failed. There is no more memory." Strange - since there wasn't anything loaded on the frame's internal memory yet. (3) Next I tried the SD Card, and had the same problem in trying to 'copy all'. After several attempts I gave up.

    Other issues were the frame locked-up on the Samsung opening screen and it was frustrating that the menu response was so slow when I pressed a button. (Although, one of the frames had a very quick menu response time... I do not understand why each of the frames were so different in performance.)

    The one of three frames that worked well was a great deal, assuming the frame will have a long life (Costco $55). However, since it was a huge time sink to trouble-shoot the two malfunctioning frames, and the time it will take me to replace & test the next two or research and buy something else...I give this frame only two stars for unreliability.

    ...more info
  • Excellent digital frame
    I purchased this as a gift for my husband. He has really enjoyed it, and has gotten lots of compliments on it. He keeps it on his desk at work, he's a teacher, and the kids and other teachers enjoy coming by to watch the pictures. ...more info
  • Garbage
    The image quality is poor and the frame would not accept files transported from my computer....more info
  • BAD picture quality
    This review is for the 7 inch version of the frame. I found this frame very easy to set up. I plugged it in to my Macbook pro and it was immediately recognized and I could transfer photos to the internal memory. There is an issue with unneeded files being transferred if you use a mac, but it doesn't really make a difference in the frame's functioning--other than that the files show up in the menu--but not in the display. I hooked it up to my windows machine and it worked fine as well. So why only one star. The picture quality is dreadful. I sized photos in a variety of different ways in an effort to fix the quality: adding photos of the exact native resolution, adding photos with very high resolution, changing the color profiles. All to no avail. It is really just a hair above being tossed into the wall with full force. An update: Although I found the picture quality to be dreadful, my family seemed quite pleased. They gathered around and watched as old family photo after old family photo displayed. I would not be satisfied to have this in my house due to a disappointing display quality, but others may be perfectly happy with it....more info
  • Samsung SPF-85H 8" non-wireless version
    This is a very decent digital photo frame, but it has its quirks.

    The manual is inadequate. It tells you only how to connect the power and basic control, and that's it. The rest is on CD, which has a terrible setup program (doesn't work too well on Vista). The software is not very good. I thought the program froze on me when I try to install it. You're better off using a SD memory to port your photos into the frame rather than use the USB transfer.

    Hardware, fortunately, is better. The LCD screen is very sharp and not one of those frames with lots of black grids. There are lots of options to choose. The light-up control on the right side of the frame (a la newer HP notebook design) sometimes can be a little over-reacting, however.

    When I got the frame, I thought my frame was dead on arrival.... But it turned out I had to plug the power cord in a little more and wait a little bit for the photo frame to turn on. The manual does not mention this. The power button is somewhat well hidden (it blends in with the design, which is nice looking). You may have to press and hold it for 3-second before you'd see the light-up button to turn on.

    There is a brightness control. The difference is very subtle, but noticeable. It has a built-in clock, which you can turn it on, but it's hideously huge and can block away about 1/3 of the photo. I do like the scheduled on-off thing, as I do put it in my bedroom, so I can program it to shut off right around I went to bed and auto turned on around the time I wake up.

    The frame not only can resize your pictures' physical dimention (i.e., resolution) to better fit the screen for you, but it also resize the file size. The frame comes with 1 GB of internal memory, which I think is very generous.

    One can choose from a dozen transition modes, three slideshow speed and shuffle modes. The last is very nice as you can organize your photos in folder and shuffle pictures in particular folder or randomize all photos in memory. This allows adequate control over how you want to playback your photos.


    1. Excellent price
    2. Sharp, detailed image
    3. Schedule on/off
    4. 4:3 aspect ratio
    5. Beautiful frame design
    6. Lots of features


    1. Awful documentation
    2. Quality issue
    3. Over-reactive control
    4. Clock feature is inconsiderate...more info
  • Details Annoying
    I bought this for a Mother's Day present. It took me about two hours to figure out how to load and display photos, so I wrote my own manual to send along with it. The most annoying thing is the arrogance of manufacturers who cover the plastic surface of a product with little stickers extolling it's features, then having to mar the surface with smears and scratches getting them off. After that, the photos look fine....more info