Patagonia Book Case for Kindle 2
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  • Great protection designed specifically for Kindle 2
  • Polyester-elastic catch straps for easy viewing of entire screen
  • Water-resistant, 100% recycled polyester shell
  • Internal nylon stretch-woven document pocket
  • No metal hardware to interfere with wireless function

Customer Reviews:

  • Same problems as others
    Yeah, I had the same problems as other reviewers: the zipper catches the fabric, around the corners, and the elastic straps don't actually hold the K2 in place. So I promptly returned it. Too bad - I liked the product's other features....more info
  • Great Case, Very Slim, Nice Protection
    I'm not sure why the low reviews. Based on what the case offers, especially compared to the competition, this is a great little case. It is slim, zips closed for protection, has a pocket inside for a small accessory (the charging cable fits fine, although adds bulk of course), and has a slight amount of padding. I'm planning to toss this in my gym bag, purse, diaper bag, carry-on, etc, so it needed to close somehow (unlike the leather one closest in price), and I thought it would be nice to be able to read it in the case. This is nothing fancy, but I can't see anything wrong with it whatsoever. Some reviews had me worried about bulk, but it is quite slim, especially considering there is even some protective padding in the walls. I am very glad I chose this over the others, I think it will meet my needs perfectly!...more info
  • good, functional case
    Before buying a case for my new Kindle2, I read all the reviews of the Patagonia, Belkin, and Amazon cases as people posted them but held off buying one to see how I liked using the K2 "naked," as some earlier reviewers called it. I found I actually did like reading it that way, but realized that I'd need a case of some kind, since I wanted to be able to carry it in my purse or a suitcase.

    After a few days, I ordered the Patagonia padded case with zipper, and I have been very pleased with that. It's definitely well cushioned, and since I keep it zipped up when I'm not reading, I have no worries about the corner straps not doing their job.

    Yes, the zipper is tight around the corners, but I've learned to lift up just a bit on the pull-tab as I get to the corners and it glides right over them. (I think I've actually stretched it a bit in this way, which helps too.) If anybody is having that trouble, please give this technique a try and see if it doesn't work better for you!

    The thing I like most about using K2 with the Patagonia case is that I can fold it back and prop the whole thing on my lap and... it doesn't slide off as the "naked" K2 did. It stays where I put it and is comfortable and cushy whether I'm holding it in my hand(s) or on my lap.

    Some people have objected to the strap handles on the outside of the case. I agree they're not terribly useful as handles, but I find if I slip my reading glasses into one of them when I'm reading at home, I always find them right where I left them when I get come to my book. Maybe in their next version of this case, Patagonia will put an actual glasses case with velcro closing on the outside... so glasses could travel conveniently along with the K2. I would really like that! ...more info
  • Book case for Kindle
    I looked at this and thought the price was very high. You can get a case at Target for the notebooks that are about the same size as the kindle for $14. I'm sure this is fine but why the high cost. Save your money....more info
  • Sub-mediocre
    Exorbitant price -- apropos of the Kindle. This simple case should be no more than 6 or 8 dollars. You can buy a soft case for a laptop for less than half its price.

    It's poorly designed. The Kindle is not securely held in place: the width is too wide by 3/8". This allows the Kindle to slide away from under the corner elastic straps. The latter are too narrow anyway. Its a drop waiting fall.

    I measured the Kindle as 0.37 inches thick at maximum. In the case it's 0.87", or about 2.3 times thicker. For this bulk what do you get? Some protection if dropped on a corner and protection against scratching the screen when closed. Not much else.

    OTOH, the zipper operates OK and you can fold the case 180d back for a comfortable hold. All considered -- way too expensive....more info
  • Not Secure
    I like the feel of the cover and the way it carries. But the kindle is not secure enough in the elastic bands. It needs a method to secure it in the pouch better. The Kindle is an expensive item it need better protection....more info
  • Great Idea, zipper problem with some, K2 falls out
    Getting a Patagonia case with an easy opening & closing zipper seems to be hit or miss among the reviewers. The case I received has such a problem with the zipper binding around the corners that I'm going to have to return it. It keeps holding my Kindle hostage! Once I finally get it unzipped, I have to be very careful as the four elastic corners don't hold the Kindle very securely. I like to read with the K2 in the case and would rather it be safe and secure than too easy to remove. I like the idea of this case but hands on experience is that it's poorly designed and should be half the price....more info
  • OK if you need protection while traveling...maybe
    I am very disappointed with this case. My Kindle falls out every time I open it! Not a good case if it won't hold what it is trying to protect! And the zippers are an issue also. I'm planning on returning this for sure!...more info
  • Protects Very Well
    Although it's not the most beautiful case out there, the patagonia book case for kindle 2 protects the kindle very well and is very practical if you will be reading for hours at a time. Its not flimsy and it holds it well enough. I Like it a lot!!...more info
  • Love this case!
    I've had both the Kindle 2 and the Patagonia cover for a few weeks now. I've been reading all the reviews for the other covers, and I'm very happy that I initially chose this one.

    I leave the K2 in the case 24/7. I have full access to all the keys/buttons and the plug to recharge. To read, I just flip the cover back, attach my Mighty Bright if needed, and I'm set to go! I like the added bulk of having the case to hold onto while reading, yet it's very lightweight so I hardly notice it's there. And I love that I can zip it up and throw it in my purse without worrying about something being able to work its way to the screen and scratching it (as would be the case if it didn't zip).

    It might not be as attractive as one of the leather cases, but its functionality more than makes up for it!...more info
  • Perfect
    The case is perfect for my Kindle. It fits perfectly, and protects the Kindle without being bulky....more info
  • Passed the drop test- twice!
    I have had this case for a couple of months and would highly recommend it! I dropped my K2 last night on the garage floor and it was fine! I also knocked it off my 6' high bureau the other night and there was no issue. If you are clutzy like me, buy this case! :D...more info
  • Soft, right HEFT
    Pros: good weight, feel, PROTECTIVE
    Cons: nylon on edges have to sometimes be redone when unzipped, Zipper is a little stiff

    Overall better than Amazon's Case, wish they used the clamps instead in Patagonia, but maybe they knew something as other reviewers have noted the clamps don't work so well....more info
  • Great Acessory
    Being prone to drop stuff, I bought this with my Kindle 2 to mitigate any self-inflicted, accidental damage. I travel and this slim case fits compactly into my carry-on (ususally a backpack). The loops on back and front fit my palm and thumb and allow me to walk and read without fear of dropping the K2. I custom-cut a vinyl plastic sheet (with a hole to acommodate the menu button) to slip under the hold-down tabs to cover the screen and protect the K2 a bit more when in baggage. I slip the protective sheet into the cover pocket the rest of the time. The hold-down tabs could be a bit larger to really secre the K2, but it works and it'll keep the unit dry and protected. The YKK zippers are a little tight around the corners, but its a minor issue. I'd buy it again ...more info
  • Perfect case for lousy product.
    The case is durable and comfortable to hold. There's a convenient pocket inside to hold headphones or other items. The zippers work smoothly and the case seems sturdy enough to protect what's inside. It's also pretty water resistant.

    Unfortunately the product that it's designed to protect isn't good enough. The contrast of the screen is so poor that reading it for more than a few minutes hurts my eyes. The text is a washed-out grey. It needs to be much blacker. I returned my first Kindle 2 for a replacement. The replacement wasn't any better so I sent it back too.

    Amazon tech support refused to acknowledge that there might be an issue, in spite of thousands of comments and dozens of reviews that mention the problem on the Internet. Google Kindle 2 contrast to see what I mean.

    ...more info
  • Comfortable and secure
    I bought the Patagonia case with my Kindle. It arrived about 2 weeks after the Kindle. I couldn't wait to get the case to protect my Kindle. With 3 year old tiwns, who are almost as enamored with my Kindle as I am, you can imagine the need! The case is sturdy, comfortable to read with, and protects the Kindle very well. I highly recommend this case....more info
  • Kindle perfect
    This case keeps your kindle safe and secure. It is padded and has handles on both front and back. The pocket on the inside is very useful. You can keep papers that you may need in there or make you lists of books you're interested in looking at on your kindle. I would recommend it just for the zipper feature alone but it is so much more. Hope this is helpful....more info
  • I like this cover
    The Patagonia cover is perfect. It holds my Kindle and provides a lot of security when transporting. I am a first-time Kindle user and really like it....more info
  • Patagonia Book Case for Kindle 2
    Case appears well made and Kindle 2 fits well in it. I like the padding; it appears it will provide good protection for the device but I am not crazy about the straps that hold the Kindle in the case - they do not appear to be very secure. Zipper is also a bit stiff. Overall a good buy, in my opinion....more info
  • Kushy Kover for Keeping your Kindle!
    Like many other reviewers, I investigated all of the covers for my new Kindle 2. As an outdoorsy girl, I'm a big Patagonia fan, so I was really glad to see they make this product. In spite of my immediate bias, I did read the reviews of the other covers, but in the end, decided to purchase the Patagonia.

    I've been using it for a month now, and my initial bias has only been reinforced. I love it.

    Advantages: It doesn't have the funky smell of neoprene, it zips completely shut, it is lightweight and slim, and most important, it is environmentally sound.

    Patagonia is an exceptional company - I wish other businesses would take note. They endeavor to minimize the carbon footprint of every product, and they treat their employees very well. Also, their stuff lasts a really long time! I still wear a jacket I bought from them almost 20 years ago! So, I feel good about the longevity and durability of this case.

    Some reviewers have complained about the Kindle falling out of the case. I haven't experienced that at all - the four corners are very snug. I just unzip the case and read my Kindle still in it. Occasionally I take the Kindle out to read it naked-style, then squoosh it back under the corners when I'm done. Maybe if I carried it around unzipped it would fall out, but I don't do that; it's only unzipped for reading. (Don't carry it around unzipped and it won't fall out!)

    Another complaint is the snug zipper. Yeah, that's the norm for outdoor gear. Why? Tight seals are safer seals. The rain and debris stay out better. Also, as it loosens over time, it won't become too loose. Just pull the zipper OUT as you pull it around and its easier.

    The padding is thick enough that I feel comfortable tossing it in my large, crazy purse of chaos. The straps on the outside aren't useful as handles, as others as have complained. But they are good for eyeglasses, your book light, or attaching it to something else. Best of all, when you're reading your Kindle, your hand slides nicely under the straps for a comfy handhold. If I want thicker padding or bigger handles, I can put this case inside of something else. I think of it as those sleeves we get for our laptops, just enough to keep it safe inside of something else.

    Is it worth the $10 more than most other covers? You betcha! It looks great, works well, will last for many years, and its easy on the environment. Think of it as a worthy best friend for your Kindle!...more info
  • Patagoina good to go...
    Hey! I have never had a kindle before and when I was upgraded to the Kindle 2 I had to buy a case. I looked through them and for the money that I was going to spend and the usability--I chose this one.
    It has a zipper that protects it from other objects in your bag and it is also soft and I feel like it is well protected.
    The only problem I forsee is that it may fall out of the elastic straps when carrying it open and the kindle in the case. THe straps have already given out on my twice and the kindle popped out. I was able to catch it and nothing bad happened, but I now carry the case and kindle with both hands to prevent any more case-malfunctions...
    ...more info
  • almost ideal
    The case is great but the corner elastic is all that hold the Kindle in place and the pieces are too narrow and the Kindle can easily fall out. I added a couple of strips of vecro on the back of the Kindle and the inside of the patagonia case to avoid having the Kindle fall out. Works beautifully.
    It would be great if the patagonia case had double hand loops on each side so that you can hold it in either hand.
    The case is very nice and does a great job protecting the kindle....more info
  • A+ for Functionality
    This is the ideal case for commuters and travelers: lightweight, allows you to read the K2 with the cover folded back or open like a book, and provides ample protection so you don't have to worry about the K2 in your bag.

    Even at home, I don't take the K2 out of the Patagonia; this coming from someone who used to enjoy reading a bare K2! The Patagonia just adds a comfortable amount of cushioning without adding any discernible weight. And because I never have to remove the K2 from this cover, I can quickly resume reading whenever I have even a minute or two of available time throughout the day.

    I think the Patagonia weighs in at half an ounce, while the Amazon and M-Edge covers tip the scales at around 8 oz. (I just couldn't justify adding that much weight when one of the reasons I got the K2 in the first place was to lighten my commuting load.)

    Another thing that this cover has over the Amazon and M-Edge covers is that it completely zips up and covers every inch of the K2. Now it can take all the jostling that goes on in my bag.

    I read the reviews about the difficult zipper. Fortunately, I only struggled with the zipper the first dozen times of zipping and unzipping. Now, the sliders glide pretty easily. I actually like the sturdiness of the zipper. I'm also relieved that the second most common complaint I read about before buying this (the elastic straps that supposedly don't hold the K2 down well enough) is not an issue for me. It's probably because of the way I read...I have my thumbs near the NEXT PAGE buttons while my other fingers are behind the case. The K2 has never come close to popping out.

    Okay, it's not the prettiest case out there, that's for sure. I just satisfied my need for color by getting a decalgirl skin. So now my K2 is protected and personalized!...more info
  • Great Case
    I got this case when I got my Kindle 2, and so far I've been really pleased with it. I was a little nervous at first because some of the other reviews said the Kindle had a hard time staying in the tabs, but so far I haven't had any issues like that. It seems to provide pretty decent protection in the wilderness of my backpack. The zipper does get tripped up sometimes, but it's really not a big deal. The handle on the back is great when I'm reading sitting up or standing (it holds like a glove). Overall, I'm really satisfied. It's not perfect, but still a good purchase....more info
  • In Need of Improvement
    The Kindle 2 is so thin that it does require a case in order for it to feel more like a book (otherwise your hands will simply cramp!). I decided on the soft, zippered case as the hard, leather cases were just that: heavy, not weather resistant, and without a closing mechanism. Unfortunately the Patagonia case is a mediocre solution. Its 4 cornered elastic mechanisms for keeping the Kindle 2 in place do not work particularly well. The zipper catches as it rounds the corners of the case. Its thin padding makes me worried that I will damage the Kindle 2 in the future. When it's unzippered and open, the cover does a poor job of folding over on itself and being comfortable in the hand. And as there is no real "skeleton" to the case, it's floppy in the hand. For such a well engineered Kindle, this is a poor choice for a case.

    I would look elsewhere for a better product. I am....more info
  • This cover is not secure enough to hold the Kindle 2
    I looked over other options before I bought this product and thought this one would be perfect. It has a pocket on the left-hand side inside cover and a zipper case which I thought would be double protection for my Kindle 2. However, there are 4 corners to hold your Kindle II and your Kindle 2 slips out. I had it a few days and it slipped out a few times but yesterday it dropped right out of the case and onto the floor and my brand new Kindle 2 is permanently damaged. I did call the Kindle 2 support team and they recommended I now buy the M-Edge product which offers a locking hinge to the Kindle on the inside spine to secure the Kindle 2. Too bad no one told me before. To my knowledge and Amazon Kindle support, there isn't a Kindle 2 cover offered with the features of this product with a locking hinge to the Kindle 2. I do like the zipper and the pocket but for secure holding of the product, I'll have to look into buying the M-Edge product ....more info
  • Security
    Totally secures my $350.00 investment with no chance of falling out & keeps product dust free. Kindle 2 is my investment....more info
  • Needs better fasteners.
    The fasteners inside the case do not hold the Kindle very good. I use the pocket on the left side to store my charger most of the time. Therefore my Kindle is just sitting in the case without being secured. When I unzip the case I have to make sure the Kindle doesn't slip out. If I don't carry my charger with me I put the Kindle in the left pocket and it holds there well. It would be nice if you could just unzip the case and the Kindle would stay hooked in the case while you read. ...more info
  • Mixed Review
    I bought this cover when I bought my Kindle 2. I like the protective padding and the pocket inside the front cover very much. I have a number of multi-volume series downloaded and the pocket will be convenient for storing lists of the volumes so that I can easily read them in order.

    I thought at first that the little elastic corner straps might not offer enough security, but that was silly. The cover is so secure, with the zippers, that it doesn't matter if a corner works loose. The Kindle isn't going anywhere.

    On the other hand, the zippers don't move smoothly and the two strap handles make an uncomfortable lump right where I hold the Kindle with my left hand.

    I have since purchased the Amazon leather cover, with the fancy little latch. It doesn't have a zipper, so there are no zipper problems, and it does have a secure latch to hold the Kindle firmly in place. But it doesn't have the pocket or the strap handles and it weighs more. I foresee myself using one or the other of these two covers, depending on the situation. ...more info
  • a handy cover if you live in an unpredictable environment
    I like the patagonia case for the kindle 2 for several reasons: it zips shut so that it won't fall out of the case (yes the elastic bands do slip off sometimes), it is water resistant and not made of leather, and it has a pocket. I have young children and pets so my house is in a constant state of unpredictability: who knows when a drink may be spilled, an electronic device knocked off a table, or a small disaster of another kind may occur. The padding, zipper, and water resistant cover give me a bit of security in the event of minor catastrope. This case is great for stowing the kindle in a handbag on a wet day. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I'd have liked to have a color choice. A red case would have been perfect. ...more info
  • Patagonia Book Case for Kindle 2
    I love the book case. I have a Kindle 1 which I ordered the Red Leather case for. I like the leather case, but I love the soft, protective case for my kindle 2 better. I throw it in my purse and don't worry about it falling out like I do my leather case on my kindle 1. It's great quality and I love it!!!...more info
  • Patagonia Book Case for Kindle 2
    This could have had a few more features: optional neck/shoulder strap, a few more pockets inside, an attachment for the charging cord that could be added on with velcro or zipped on when you want to bring the cord, but generally, I like it better than the leather covers because it offers better protection. The elastic corners could be a bit more substantial and of better quality. Given what else is out there right now, I would still purchase this over the other choices. ...more info
  • It's Okay-But maybe back to leather
    The Kindle fits well into the cover though it tends to pop out at the lower corners pretty easily. It would be good if it had a business card "window" inside to help with an ID method. I think ultimately I will end up going back to leather for the "book" feel....more info
  • Great Looking Product-Terrible in Practice
    Yes, the price is too high, but the features are outstanding. The two outside strap handles are ideal, and the inside pocket is fantastic for carrying notes and other items.

    But I do NOT recommend that you purchase this product. A stiff zipper means that sooner or later the zipper will get caught on the fabric. Then, when you try to get the zipper unstuck, the fabric gets torn. It took just 30 days for that to happen to me. (Fortunately, will handle your complaint if you do it in 30 days or less.)

    Second, the Kindle easily falls out of the case. The four solid corner straps, because they do not have an openning at their corners, are a counter force against the Kindle staying tight in the case. Sometimes I would just give up and take the Kindle out of the case if I wanted to read.

    Therefore, while this product is a great idea, very poor execution means that it is not worth $40 when it will only last 30 days! I love my Kindle, but now I've got to find another case. It wasn't worth the hassel or the money....more info
  • Excellent protection and very lightweight; plus a carry pocket!
    Water resistent and foam padded, with zippers (two) that securely close the case. Inside, there is a 1/2 pocket you can slip notes or other items into. There are four elastic edges (triangular shaped) that hold the Kindle 2's edges in place while you read. Yes, I wish the elastic Kindle-edge-holders were a bit larger (the Kindle tends to pop out of one or two of them at times), but this has never posed a hazard for my Kindle.

    The Patagonia case is lightweight - I leave it on my Kindle, fold back the top cover, and read my Kindle 2 in its case most of the time. I find it easier to read the Kindle while in its case than to hold the Kindle 2 by itself.

    I love the water-resistance, the padding, and the enclosing zippers. Also, since I have neck problems, I'm thrilled to find a protective enclosure that is lightweight. I travel frequently, and this case is vastly superior to any case that would allow dust or items in your suitcase or briefcase to scratch or otherwise "slip in" to hurt your Kindle. Yes, 39 was a bit high, and I'm sure the cost will come down over time, but since I travel a lot, I will be leaving on an international trip soon, AND I read outside in the elements, this was the best case for me. Thanks, Patagonia....more info
  • Can be improved
    John has the hardcover and I have the Patagonia cover (wife) -- I do like it but I also see problems. If josseled (disturbed) it can slip from the elastic four corners. I am concerned that this small corner "holding" is not without problems. I think an additional small strap across the bottom of the screen might solve the secure problem (velcro type)- or another solution....more info
  • Good protection for my Kindle
    I am a "throw stuff in my big purse" person. I needed a case that would cushion the Kindle and keep it protected. The little elastic corners keep the Kindle securely in place, no need to remove it for reading, charging, or whatever. LOVE the Kindle! I like that the case zips up.
    The only negative I see is the absence of some type of carrying strap, no big deal, but it would be a plus. ...more info
  • Functional
    I bought this case primarily because I associate Patagonia with good quality products. Here's my take on the positives and negatives:

    1. Fully encases the Kindle when zippered closed.
    2. Lightweight
    3. Fabric breathes, so your hand doesn't perspire when holding the Kindle for long periods.

    1. The zippers are robust but have trouble taking the right-angle turns.
    2. The 4 elastic straps that hold the Kindle in place don't really hold the Kindle in place very securely. If you grab the case while it's unzipped, you need to grasp the Kindle or else it might fly out.
    3. $40 is a lot for what you get.

    Overall, as I said, this case is adequate for its purpose. I think it's overpriced and could stand some better human engineering....more info
  • Kindle can slip out easily!
    Not very happy with this case. I have not had the zipper issue that others have had. I do have the problem with the Kindle coming out easily. The little straps just don't hold it in....more info
  • Good product, but could be better
    This is an adequate carrying case. What I like is it zips the Kindle in safely for traveling, has good padding for protection. What I don't like is that while unzipped, it doesn't hold the Kindle in securely, and mine has fallen out a time or two. The interior straps on all four corners are too shallow and just don't hold it in place. This is a problem for me because I like to read the Kindle without taking it out of the case. I really haven't seen another case that would do much better though. Some look nicer (leather), but for someone that just wants something to protect their Kindle while thrown in luggage, purse or backpack, this will serve its purpose....more info