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ZyXEL NBG334W 802.11g Dual-SSID Wireless Router with G202 802.11g USB 2.0 Adapter (white)
List Price: $129.99

Our Price: $36.65

You Save: $93.34 (72%)


Product Description

With ZyXEL's exclusive Media Bandwidth Management v2 (MBM v2), the NBG-334W provides the most comprehensive way to smartly manage your limited bandwidth for multimedia applications.The NBG-334W performs stateful inspection filtering for effective network protection. With the default firewall settings, all outgoing and incoming traffic in the protected LAN is checked. The firewall feature includes TCP / UDP inspection, DoS (Denial of Services) detection and prevention, real time alert, reports and logs.Enabled by the Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) technology, a subset of the IEEE 802.11e WLAN QoS draft standard, the NBG-334W heightens users' experience on audio, video and voice applications over wireless networks. Without the Quality of Service (QoS) capability, all applications on different devices are given equal priority to transmit data frames; this may work well for web browsing, file transferring or emailing applications, but it is inadequate for multimedia applications such as VoIP conversation, video streaming or interactive gaming.Multimedia applications are highly sensitive to latency or throughput reductions, and they all require QoS for optimal performance. WMM defines four access categories (voice, video, best effort and background) for traffic prioritization to provide enhanced multimedia presentation.

  • All-in-one box Wireless Router and adapter kit
  • QOS, WMM, MBMv2 (automatic traffic classifier)
  • WPA/WPA2 802.11i, 64/128-bit WEP, WPS
  • Dual-SSID Capable
  • Easy-to-use wizard for automatic security set-up

Customer Reviews:

  • good enough and not pricey
    nice and easy to install .. cool .... cheaper madaling gamitin.. malakas ang signal.. ok na ok to bro..... hahahaha ...more info
  • good item 4 d buy
    received this item pretty fast. got it connected to my network of about 10 computers including a NAS and its working well. sometimes it gives a strange ip to the server so then i cant find it but after a while it assigns a proper ip. i hope it would settle down after a while....more info
  • Decent router, but not great for VOIP services
    i was a little wary when I first bought this product. I'd been buying about one router per month trying to find one that wouldn't drip my VOIP phone service signal, had good sound quality, and offered QOS signal quality prioritization.
    I had tried about 7 other routers until spotted this ZyXel model.
    well the Zyzel was cheap, that's for sure....and surprisingly it didn't *look* that cheap when I got it. it is actually a nice looking little device. its' pretty easy to setup, least with basic setup features.

    when you log into the router to setup static IP addresses or set up quality of service to a specific IP, then things start getting confusing.
    and the grammar and spelling isn't very good in the setup menut, either....which doesnt inspire confidence.

    it worked OK a router, but it sucked as a VOIP router. dropped calls all the time, needed to be rebooted etc. all this despite being touted as a great voice over ip router. it's not. in fact it isn't usable for that function almost at all.

    I ended up buying the linksys wrt54g2.....which doesn't even mention in it's spec sheet that it offers QoS or VOIP priotitization, but it does!!!
    I originally planned to flash it with tomato or dd-wrt firmware, but you know what???? the linksys model works grear with the firmware it has.
    I've been using it a month so far with absolutely no VOIP problems and it is very fast with my playstation 3 and my bitotrrents, too.
    a much better product than the ZyXel, which was really not a good item....more info
  • Bottomline: very good for basic wireless setup
    I got this unit for home wireless set up, had used a d-link router and a trendnet router before, while my laptops at home worked fine with those routers but my new desktop couldn't get good signal for some reason. I reluctantly bought this unit since it's so cheap and was totally amazed by this product. As the other viewer mentioned, the unit looks very nice, both router and the wireless adapter, pretty easy to set up and now I have stable signal everywhere. I'm very happy with it. Haven't tried any other functions, so no comments there....more info
  • It gets the job done.
    What people don't seem to realize is that problems with connectivity to routers is a pretty common problem. That is why, there are no wireless routers that satisfies everyone. It doesn't exist. Even the mighty Apple Airport which is the most stable router out there still has a few detractors. I like most, have bought every single router out there, searching for the holy grail of uninterrupted flawless surfing. And just like the holy grail, it still has not been found. This Router is just like the others, as it may or may not give you problems. At least this one doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and has all the options of a full featured router. Excellent value for money. I have not had any issues with it so far. Oh, and if you were thinking of buying a Wireless N(draft) router, you also have to buy a wireless adapter from the same manufacturer to utilize the features(PRICEY). And if you just surf the web and are not using it as a LAN network hub, Wireless N is just excess you will not fully utilize. This is so inexpensive that you have nothing to lose in trying it....more info
  • ZyXEL NBG334W 802.11g Dual-SSID Wireless Router with G202 802.11g USB 2.0 Adapter (white) (Purchased on 04/05/2009)
    I ordered this router based on technical specs and claims by the seller about the product.
    Well... i still need to connect the ethernet corde to my two laptops because the ZyXEL NBG334W 802.11g Dual-SSID Wireless Router with G202 802.11g doesn't work at all. I'm very disappointed and frustrated. I've had Comcast come and change connection including a new cable modem, in vain.

    Please help!

    Raphael Nzirubusa...more info