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It sounds like a movie pitch: "The story is like Tom Clancy crossed with John Grisham set in the Washington D.C. political world." But David Baldacci's Saving Faith successfully fuses elements from both of these chart-busters in this political thriller spiced with techno-wizardry.

The villain is a classic spy caricature: cold-war CIA super-patriot Robert Thornhill wants to reclaim the glory days of the Central Intelligence Agency--when money flowed like the Mississippi during a flood, and the FBI watched helplessly from the sidelines. Working from his secret underground bunker, he blackmails Danny Buchanan, one of the great Washington lobbyists, to front an enormous bribery scheme that will force Congress to bend to the CIA's whims. But Thornhill's plan springs a leak: Buchanan's assistant Faith Lockhart discovers her boss's dirty dealings, and she intends to expose the whole mess to Thornhill's nemesis, the FBI. Thornhill's associates attempt to assassinate Faith, but their bullet kills her FBI escort instead. Faith finds herself on the run with Lee Adams, a fit-and-trim PI who had been shadowing her at the behest of Buchanan.

If all this sounds a bit confusing, it is at times. Baldacci works hard to keep the tension steadily rising, but it is sometimes difficult to remember why Faith and Lee can't just stop running and go for help. Nevertheless, they are very likable heroes, and Baldacci's depiction of the world of lobbyists and the internecine warfare of the FBI and CIA (complete with state-of-the-art spy gadgets and transmission-proof chambers) elevates the novel with details that can come only from careful research. --Patrick O'Kelley

When a zealous CIA Chief begins personally spying on his clients to promote a secret agenda of his own devising, the beautiful Faith Lockhard, one of Washington's greatest influence-peddlers, tells the FBI all her suspicions. Now in mortal danger, she still hopes to see justice done. Yet who will rescue Faith?

Customer Reviews:

  • Starts Slow, Stays there a While and Ends Hot
    I have read all of David Baldacci's other novels with the exception of TOTAL CONTROL and must admit that I had some trouble getting into this one. I also had trouble staying with it and had to force myself to do so. Initially I did not think much of the story line or the characters and wondered when the author would get to the point. Additionally, I did not like Danny Buchanan much or Faith Lockhart, either. I felt sorry for the PI, Lee Adams because he just seemed to be some poor sucker drawn into the various plots by Buchanan, Lockhart, Robert Thornhill (the evil CIA operative) and even the FBI.

    Somewhere along the way, however, the story line just started to heat up and I really began to like, respect and admire the resourcefulness of Lee Adams. Faith started to come into her own as well. Much later, the true character and mettle of Danny Buchanan comes through, too and I found that I liked him much more by mid-book. By book's end, he had become more heroic and I realized he was truly a principled person.

    The book was somewhat formulaic, but it did combine the best of police procedurals, techno-thrillers, spy novels and murder mysteries. Robert Thornhill, the CIA ADDO (assistant Deputy Director of Operations) was a thoroughly despicable character and while some reviewers here thought him too one-dimensional, I must say that I thought he was well-drawn. As a career CIA spy, he had lost sight of the fact that he worked for the U.S. Government and the the government is supposed to be working to protect ALL Americans. Thornhill felt he operated from a sacrosanct position and therefore, the normal rules did not apply to him or the CIA. In that regard, and after all of the truly evil actions he unleashes, he was a well drawn picture of a zealot run amok.

    I would have to say that David Baldacci has for me, established a very noticeable pattern in the way he constructs his plotlines. It is my impression that he starts his books slowly, describes the situation, fleshes out his characters and then moves the story along at an ever increasing pace. He has shown considerable skill in building the level of tension while increasing his pacing toward the final denouement. He has shown this facility with all of his novels and yet, I would have to say he did it best with his first novel, ABSOLUTE POWER.

    This is one of those books that a reader can pick up and put down. It is also one of those books that are best suited for someone snowed in with no place to go, the cable is out and the reader has few other choices. Don't get me wrong, by book's end, I realized I liked the overall package. It just took a while for that level of appreciation to be realized.

    If you pick up this book, stick with it. By book's end, you won't regret it and you'll realize that David Baldacci has had you rooting for Lee Adams, Faith Lockhart and Danny Buchanan for the last 3/4 of the novel....more info

  • trite forced dialog
    characters act as paradies of real people. The author has a disgusting view of both the male and female anger and love. The plot drug and was boring and predictable. Spend your money and time elsewhere....more info
  • Have Faith, It's Still Pretty Good
    After reading 'Total Control', 'The Winner' and 'The Simple Truth' I found a new favourite author. I read the reviews for 'Saving Faith' and decided not to read it.. for a long time. I disagree with the poor reviews.

    Baldacci was bound to have a 'flop' because he set the bar so high with his previous books. Compared to most authors, 'Saving Faith' is still an exceptional read from an exceptional author....more info

  • Formula, with sparks of good storytelling
    I have read several of Baldacci's later books and enjoyed them, so I went back one of his earlier novels I had missed. I agree with other reviewers that this is not Baldacci's best work, but it is still a compelling story. Saving Faith doesn't show the polish of his more recent books nor the plot ingenuity of his first few novels, but it does prove that Baldacci has excellent storytelling skills, even when pushed against what must have been a tough deadline. I enjoyed the book. I just rode the story and pushed aside the implausible motivations and light characterization. Adjust your expectations for a Baldacci novel and I believe you'll enjoy this quick read.
    The Shut Mouth Society
    The Shopkeeper...more info
  • Plot Driven Race to the Finish
    Baldacci shows his storytelling mastery. Saving Faith will not disappoint with this plot driven race to the finish. A fascinating look into the world of Washington lobbyists and the interests they serve. Plenty of blackmail and surprising twists. Top notch elements of suspense and mystery will keep the pages turning. ...more info
  • Not as Strong as Other Baldacci Novels
    "Saving Faith" can be described in one word--predictable. This book seemed to go on forever with relatively no excitement. After getting off to a quick start, Baldacci lets the rest of the book stumble over what is supposed to be suspense. When something did happen, you already guessed it about fifty pages ago. Reading it becomes more like a job instead of enjoyment. I was very dissapointed with the book, especially after reading "Absolute Power" and "The Winner". I suggest reading those before you try this one. They are much more surprising and entertaining.

    Just a hint--read the first fifty pages. Then skip to about page 350 for the suspense to pick back up again. You will not miss anything and the book will be more enjoyable....more info

  • Yeah...not one of his best....for a Democrat writer
    Most liberal writers are pretty good at what they do..but this is not one of the best ones of Baldacci's. Skip it...go on to the next one...look for four stars or more. He has a lot of good books, this isn't his best....more info
  • Hits Keep on Coming!!!
    What more can I say about the author. He has done it again. Twists, turns, excitement and the unwillingness to put the book down. Secret witness, local investigator, hit man and the wrong hit. Again, I highly recommend another one of the author's books.
    ...more info
  • Just Ok
    I'm not giving a plot summary of this book. It's above from Amazon or one of the other reviewers. This book isn't one of Baldacci's best. It has a lot of holes in it and things that just don't make sense. The two main characters don't click or have that connection. Just wish Baldacci wouldn't have hooked them up. The FBI and CIA not being able to figure things out quicker didn't ring true. Just not one of his best. However it is an ok book....more info
  • mesmerizing
    Baldacci again, has weaved a intricate government,spook,FBI tale. Unlike some writers he managed to keep it to the understanding of most readers. This offering causes thoughts of possibility after the horrors of September 11. My belief that fiction has a degree of fact in most novels,either personal experience or studied research confirm that. Saying all that, he has again written a wonderful story that leaves you thinking....more info
  • Couldn't Save the Ending
    An interesting story idea, unravels when the author leaves too many dangling threads at the end....more info
  • I read this book why?
    I have to admit that my wife read this book first and said it was slow. She didn't say how slow though. But rather than take her word for it (why should I? After all, she's my wife) I bothered to pick it up and read it. How I wish I had listened to her and left it in the box of stuff for the rummage sale. I cannot stand Baldacci's juvenile charactor dialog, but finish it I did though most of it I could have read through closed eyes and not missed anything. I'll stick with my Nelson DeMille from here on if I want literary junk food....more info
  • GOOD, but not one of his best.
    The story, the characters and the tension were first class but I have to say, having now read all David Baldacci's book's, it's not one of his best.

    As I read on I could vaguely see a film script emerging although there is nothing wrong with that.

    Again I found it difficult and slow to get into the story, maybe it's me but whilst reading I could easily put the book down as opposed to being forced to. However as with all his stories there comes a point when the story really takes off at a pace. I thought I could predict the ending however I was wrong, this time.

    Would I bye his next book when published?, yes I would....more info

  • Baldacci Delivers
    Had read "The Winner" and I admired Baldacci's characters and the way he rounded them out. "The Winner" took some time to get to it's twists which is also true in "Saving Faith." This time, however, you can see how the author has grown into his genre. There are a couple of good twists but you can get a fair sense of where the story is going but it is not disappointing because the plot is very satisfying. Highly recommend this for addictive story telling and a book you are almost sorry when you get to the (more or less) happy ending....more info
  • Faith is on the Run
    Lobbyist Faith Lockhart and her boss Danny Buchanan have done wonders with their help for the poor in third world nations, but sometimes they bent the rules a bit, legally speaking. Now Faith suspects perhaps Danny may be bending them too much, so she decides to make a deal with the FBI to save both herself and her boss.

    However unknown to Faith, Danny has done some deals with the CIA and they don't want her telling the FBI anything. On her way to meet with the Fibby guys, an assassin tries to kill her, luckily she is saved by PI Lee Adams, who has been hired by an anonymous client to follow her. Unfortunately the FBI agent who had been accompanying Faith is killed.

    Now, all of a sudden, Faith and Lee are on the run. The don't trust each other, but they have no one else to turn to. The FBI wants them alive, especially agent Brooke Reynolds, who was supposed to be in that car with Faith when the assassin struck, but the CIA apparently wants them dead.

    This story is one long chase scene, full of intrigue and government power gone mad. It's a book that I couldn't put down. As usual David Baldacci nails his characters and draws his readers in right from the get go....more info
  • My First David Baldacci Thriller.
    The first book I read by him was Wish You Well and, that being said, it's easy to tell I am a newcomer to Baldacci's fan base. This book started out a bit slow, but got really good quickly, and I enjoyed the fast-paced, nonstop suspense of the war between the CIA and the FBI. With all the other reviews posted up here, you don't need another synopsis from yours truly, so I will just say that, apparently, he has written far superior books and they have been ordered, so we will see just how true that is. As it stands, this one was enjoyable, complete with intriguing characters, and I just hope that our government isn't this corrupt or bloodthirsty! ...more info
  • Good but not great: Fast start, very slow middle...
    ...and a twist-filled ending that worked for me.

    This book came highly recommended to me from someone whose opinion I value so I was disappointed that it was not the fantastic novel she had raved about. However, it is a decent read. It was a good last-of-the-summer novel....more info
  • Saving Faith
    A very good book. This is the second book by David Baldacci that I have read. I look forward to reading the rest of his novels....more info
  • Saving Faith
    I loved this book! A perfect get away from the world. If you love David Baldacci's writing, this stays true to his form. A very good twisting and turning, who done it novel....more info
  • another Baldacci hit
    I thought this was right on par with David Baldacci's other books. It kept my interest and was fast paced. I liked the characterization of Faith and made me root for her. I would recommend this to people who like political thrillers!...more info
  • A disappointment for a Baldacci
    This book didn't hold my attention as strongly as the other Baldacci books I've read. Somewhat of a disappointment. The book takes off in the beginning with a good storyline and a character I like, but later she behaves inconsistently with her character description, as do many others. This left me constantly wondering who they were and what their purpose was. The book ends neatly enough, but not without some effort on my part to reach the last page....more info
  • it wasn't his best...
    I bought this book b/c I have read other books from Baldacci and I enjoyed them. Although you could tell he knew what he was talking about, in certain parts, the details made it slow reading. How the situations worked out was very gripping and I enjoyed the action/adventure parts. There were interesting unexpected turns. I like his style which is constant through out all his books....more info
  • Another unputdownable Baldacci !
    This is an extremely exciting spy thriller with the main difference being that the baddies are part of the CIA who have gone over the edge and are running amok.It has violence,mystery,romance and action galore.Again,a Baldacci story which would make a terrific movie or mini series....more info
  • Almost typical Baldacci...
    Not his best, but still a good, fast read. He manages to keep the suspense going, and tell a typical tale of greed and political corruption we've all come to know and despise! If you'd like a treat, read his "Wish You Well" a departure from his usual genre, and one of my favorite books. Next...?
    Looking foward......more info
  • Fast paced, edge of your seat tension, suspense, and romance
    This book has a little bit of everything. It's a mystery, suspense, and romance all rolled into one. This is a mystery first and foremost with a little romance thrown in. The romance is nice and easy without being corny or superficial. This book is a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon on the beach or curled up in front of the fireplace with a comfy blanket and a good drink. I highly reccomend buying this book, you will not be disappointed in this one at all. Enjoy!...more info
  • Baldacci takes readers on a heck of a ride
    Saving Faith opens during a meeting of a top-secret cartel headed by Robert Thornhill, Deputy Director of the Central IntelIigence Agency. Pursuing his own agenda, Thornhill pushes the group into arranging the assassination of Faith Lockhart, a Washington lobbyist who, for reasons revealed later in the novel, threatens his plans. The group reluctantly agrees to implement Thornhill's plan, even though it means that a FBI bodyguard must also die.

    Scheduled to take place at a FBI safehouse, the hit goes wrong due to the timely intervention of private detective Adam Lee, hired to shadow Faith by persons unknown. Although the FBI agent is killed, Lee escapes with Faith, beginning a long, dangerous odyssey that begins in Maryland, moves to North Carolina, and ends in a Senate Conference Room in Washington. Adam and Faith become fugitives, forced to flee from the police, the FBI, and the CIA.

    Okay, by now you probably have several questions, among them: Who is Robert Thornhill and why does he want Faith Lockhart dead? Who are the members of the secret cartel, and what are their goals? What secrets does a lobbyist possess that could threaten the CIA? Why is her death important enough to sacrifice the life of an FBI agent? Why was Adam Lee at the cabin that fateful night?

    Well, I've concluded that I'd be doing Baldacci and his readers a grave disservice by revealing the intricacies of his convoluted plot, so you'll get no answers from this reviewer. I will say, however, that the plot of Saving Faith ultimately does hang together, making for a gripping read. Like Alfred Hitchcock, Baldacci loves coincidence. Like the famous director, he also gives his audience a hell of a ride, building to a surprising, satisfying conclusion (I suspect the Hitchcockian touches were deliberate, as many of the book's elements parallel the classic North by Northwest; witness the name Robert Thornhill, suspiciously close to that of Roger Thornhill, the unwilling hero of that movie thriller). Baldacci remains in top form, showing that the success of previous books (Absolute Power, Total Control, The Simple Truth, and The Winner) was no fluke....more info
  • Fun read
    Though it does have some corny love scenes ~~ it is a gripping mystery read as well as a jab into the lobbying's lifestyle. I do know that though I love visiting Washington D.C., I have no desire to live there!!

    Faith is a lobbyist whom Lee is sent out to investigate and to protect. Little do they both know how fast and how murky the web ensares both of them ~~ Faith's boss is being blackmailed by a prominent figure in the government. There are the expected twists and turns ~~ but none so breathstopping shocking!

    It is a fast read and entertaining enough that you can't put the book down right away. It's definitely a book to read on a long plane flight ~~ it'll keep your mind on the book. Baldacci doesn't disappoint ~~ as usual....more info

  • Well Written Ending
    Not one of Baldacci's best. The characters are not well fleshed out. But yet it does make for a fast read. 3 1/2 stars, I bumbed it up to four because of the finale.

    That being said we have a whistler-blower, Faith Lockhart, who has information that will allow the FBI to put away quite a few Congressmen. Problem is the CIA has been using her boss to gather Intel on these same Congressmen for their own purposes. In steps an unsuspecting Private Investigator who just happens to do everything he can to save Faith. All the while both the FBI and the CIA are seeking them after.

    This story has blackmail and plot twist that you will not see coming. But in hindsight you will see they were well developed. The ending of the book is actually pure Baldacci. It is well written and is worth the read.
    ...more info
  • Solid read, moves quickly
    A fast paced read that has some pretty cool turns. At times it can be predicatable and I did question some of the decisions that several of the main characters made; but overall a good summer read.

    The characters are written in more fo a two dimensional nature then I would like. I would love to have them flushed out a bit more but given the limited space I can understand his decision to go the route that he did. The ending is a bit disappointing and leaves a few questions dangling up in the air....more info
  • Overmatched and overwhelmed by barrage of seemingly all-powerful secret conspiracy commandos . . . er, almost
    The story starts with the plot to terminate one "inconvenient" whistle-blower (Faith Lockhart). The unexpected complication is a burglarizing P.I. (Lee Adams) who frustrates the assassination and rescues the damsel in distress. Congress is involved as well as the CIA and FBI. The 451 page adventuresome chase is through double-crossing who-can-you-trust terrain. The romance is unsurprising, typical, and some of the best dialog. The 'run and hide for your life' is great suspense. The counter attack/sting is pure Baldacci brilliance. Saving Faith gives you a front-row seat to a great adventure/mystery but doles out the background details necessary to full understanding one plot twist at a time....more info
  • Not bad but far from great.
    After titles like "Absolute Power", I really expected more from David Baldacci. While this isn't a bad book, and actually did keep my interest, it wasn't the dynamic page-turner that I was hoping for.

    Like others have said, the opening stages are a little rough. The plot is intriguing but as the book wears on, it becomes predictable. You know what is going to happen, just not HOW it is going to happen. There was a nice twist at the end, but not enough of one to get the book up to 4 stars.

    It's a good read overall but not a top priority book. If you have a choice, go for a David Morrell, Tom Clancy, Gayle Lynds, or someone in that class....more info

  • Good casual read
    Good story, although a bit slow in places. Faith Lockhart has information that will allow the FBI to put away quite a few Congressmen. Problem is that CIA has been using her boss to gather intelligence on these same Congressmen for their own purposes. ...more info
  • Alright, but not my style
    Saving Faith was definatly a great book towards the end. Things picked up the pace and everything was finally making some sense. The beginning, however, seemed slow to me and maybe it's because this isn't the usual type of book that I read. I'm not so interested in the political type books. It did eventually get better though and I've definately read worse....more info
  • Good airplane reading...
    Okay, so it's not going to win any awareds but for what it is - a political/action caper - it's engaging and a fairly quick read despite being 500 pages.

    ...more info
  • Very disappointing
    I had previously read, and reviewed, Baldacci's "Absolute Power" and found it mediocre - my biggest complaint being the almost unbelievable premise for the plot. However, I decided to give Baldacci another chance and picked up "Saving Faith". Sadly, I was disappointed once again. This time, however, more so.

    It's not altogether clear who is supposed to be the hero of "Saving Faith". Lee Adams, the private eye inadvertently caught up in a turf war between the CIA and FBI; Danny Buchanan, the political lobbyist who has turned to corruption and bribery for a noble purpose; or Faith Lockhart, Buchanan's glamorous colleague. Or is it even Brooke Reynolds, the FBI agent who has been working with Lockhart? One of the book's major problems is that the reader is left wondering who the hero is - given that many of the characters are not developed fully.

    Another major crticism which I have of the book is something that I do not normally look at in popular fiction - the quality of the writing. The book contained a number of clear contradictions (i.e. a character who was said to have 3 children but then referred to "both" her children in conversations with others). Admittedly, this can be considered nitpicking but an author should take sufficient care to ensure that the story is consistent throughout. It's things such as this, combined with the book's very one dimensional plot, which caused me to think that the author had churned this book out relatively quickly. The quality of the story and the writing suffers as a result.

    All in all, a disappointing book....more info