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Altec Lansing UHP326 Backbeat Series In Ear Headphone with Ultimate Ears technology
List Price: $79.95

Our Price: $39.88

You Save: $40.07 (50%)


Product Description

Titanium-enhanced micro-speakers for full-spectrum sound / For iPod, iPhone and MP3 music players / Includes soft-sided carry case

  • 10 mm Titanium -enhanced speaker
  • 8 piece custom fit kit with multiple tips for reduction of background noise
  • Tangle free cloth cable

Customer Reviews:

  • Fantastic!
    Every positive review on here is correct. These are some of the best in-ear heaphones, if not the best pair of on in-ear headphones, you will find at this price point.

    Songs just sound crisp. Altec Lansing makes no mention of this on their packaging but even the cord to these in-ear headphones is a welcome surprise. Every pair of headphones I have owned have been made of a black plastic cover. The UHP326's cord is constructed of something completely different that seems so much more durable (as the plastic has been known to come apart in cold weather or simply wear off with plenty of use).

    I am 100% satisfied with this purchase. No regrets....more info
  • Not for me.
    I have tried several In-Ear headphones. I don't find them comfortable. I replaced this with ATH-ES7 and am quite happy with that....more info
  • Good for the money, but could be better.
    These headphones (UHP326) do what is most important -- blow the standard Apple headphones that come with iPods out of the water. That said, the sound requires tinkering with the iPod equalizer to get just right. Another small quibble: though I really like the durable, heavy cord, it's very, well, heavy, which means that while exercising it tends to pull on the ear plugs a bit, making it a necessity that when you wear these, you really put them deeply into your ear. Overall, though, for the price, I highly recommend them....more info
  • Nice replacement
    I bought these headphones as replacement for my stock headphones from my iPod. Overall, the quality is excellent. As has been mentioned, the bass is lacking, and it is even a little difficult to get really pumping bass through any of the standard EQ settings available on the iPod, but the sound can be described as crisp. Occasionally I've had to adjust settings as some songs can sound a little tinny, but I think this has more to do with the compression of the song itself rather than a fault of the headphones. Overall, very impressive and comfortable for the price. ...more info
  • Stunning Value
    These headphones are simply amazing for the price. Crystal-clear clarity, wide dynamic range and a tight bass. Wow!...more info
  • what a find!!
    Altec Lansing UHP326 Backbeat Series In Ear Headphone with Ultimate Ears technology
    $40 headphones that sound great,really deliver a real bang for the buck,
    they leave my Bose triport in the dust.they stay in the ear,are comfortable and bring my music to life.I guess if I were to say one word about them it would be WOW!!!so pick up a set, you wont be disappointed....more info
  • Altec Lansing UHP326 Backbeat
    These in-ear headphones work great. What makes them great? The sound at low or high levels, the comfort, the cloth cord, the price. I could never keep the regular type earphones in for very long without them irritating my ears, the in-ear makes a huge difference....more info
  • Wow!!!
    I bought this product reluctantly (because I couldn't listen before buying) and based purely on a cnet recommendation along with the customer reviews here on Amazon. I have owned three iPods and am now embarrassed to say that this is the first time I ever thought of upgrading the headphones that come with the iPod. And all I can say is WOW!!! The sound of these earbuds is just incredible! I feel like I'm in an entirely different, far superior sonic universe now whenever I listen to my iPod. The presence of actual, real, deep bass, balanced mid-tones, without any crashy highs is exciting beyond words. The sound quality of these earbuds easily beats not just the Bose Tri-Port's in my opinion but just about any headset made by Bose at a fraction of the price. I mean, I paid $40 for these out the door - delivered!

    I had a friend of my whom is a professional DJ here in Los Angeles try them out the day after they arrived and he was immediately impressed, they even out-bassed his Senheisser Pro DJ quality full-size headphones - that's how good these are. . . .

    Look, I'll be honest here, I'm not one of those guys who has owned all kinds of exotic, high-priced headphones before to compare these with, but I am someone who knows what tight bass and smooth mid-tones should sound like and I know these headphones have it. I was just looking for a small, inexpensive upgrade to my iPod's earbuds but I got so much more than that.

    Don't walk - run and get these as soon as you can. You will not be dissapointed....more info
  • Commuting is now much better
    I have been looking for a good pair of personal headphones for a while. I had two main requirements. 1)They needed to have excellent sound and 2) they need to stay in my ears.
    These Altec Lansing UHP326 In-Ear Headphones do that and so much more! First of all I am completely impressed with the sound quality from these small in-ear headphones. I am completely surrounded by my smooth jazz and traditional classical music as I go about my daily commuting in and out of the city. I can now enjoy my favorite digital playlist or video on my iPAQ 2495 without disturbing my fellow passengers ( with the exception of an occasional chuckle when watching a video).

    The Altec Lansing UHP326 headphones also, 'stay' in my ears comfortably while I am running about the city. I love the fact that it comes with multiple ear bud covers (as I have small ear canals and previously only wore the earbuds with over-the-ear clips).

    These headphones work equally well with my PDA, laptop and home stereo (while sitting in my massage chair). Thank you Altec Lansing for a great product and thank you for a good price and prompt delivery (even allowing me to track my purchase online...right to my desk at work).
    I sometimes use my headphones to listen to music samplings for my clients right at my desk or catch up on mid-day online news stories without disrupting the rest of our small office.

    I have recommended these to friends and colleagues. And now I don't mind commuting to and from matter what the outside weather. There's a concert going on right 'here'. Trust makes for a better commute for everybody.

    Thanks again....more info
  • Great Earbuds!
    Right up there with the V Moda Vibes, in which I paid twice as much for.
    They seem to be a little more durable as well....more info
  • Excellent value for the money
    I bought these phones 1 month ago. They had been making good sound since then, so I reviewed here.
    Description: In ear headphones with hard plastic enclosure and gold accents, a logo (ALTEC)written over each piece, 4 pairs of white tips that do not resemble the traslucent ones in the advertisement, one of them are of the flanged type, the rest are small, medium and large tips. A shoe-lace type cord, of very good quality, grey, with equal lenght at each end of the phones, with an slider guide to adjust the cord in the last feet or so. The mini-plug looks like gold-plated, of the straight variety. A soft grey carry bag, also with the logo Altec Lansing, very useful to carry the phones and maybe an Ipod shuffle too.
    Use: the mini plug fits easily in my Mp3 player. The tips are of good lenght to let the phones snug tightly in the ear canal, the cord is very very noisy, specially in the last two feet, where every touch or rub against you or your clothes send bumps to the phones. The phones do not fall easily because are very light.
    Sound: these phones have decent, extended, articulated bass, which improves with the right eartip size. Try all of them before choosing the one you'll use, it's a mandatory test to obtain more extended bass and noise rejection from the outside, but do not expect lots of bass: these are more than enough to satisfy all users except hip-hop and electronic music lovers. The mids is where these phones really shine: liquid, tactile, natural, neutral. And the highs is where they really fall short of more expensive phones: At first they sound crispy and brilliant, but after few minutes of use you'll discover that they are forward, grainy, and sometimes produce harsh sound, if you have an equalizer in your player turn down the 4khz and above bands to obtain a more relaxed and natural sound, otherwise you will end up with hearing fatigue. Thinking it was my mp3 player, I tried them with my hi-end cd player, obtaining the same results.
    Comparisons: against the stock phones of my mp3 player, is a no contest situation: always change the stock phones, otherwise you'll not enjoy any resemblance of good sound. More enlightening was the comparison agaisnt the similarly priced Sennheiser CX400: the Altec Lansing are a better product in quality of materials, cable (cloth vs. plastic), the tips have more stiffness than the ones of the Sennheisers (keeping the phones in place), and in the sound department the Backbeats have better and more robust bass, same midrange sound but with less agressive highs, more extended and defined. To my surprise, this was also a no contest.
    Conclusions: these are one of the best values in its price range, you can find better sound spending a lot more money. Good fit and finish (although the traslucent tips looks more gorgeous), very good sound, Amazon price outstanding. Go ahead, you will not be dissapointed. ...more info
  • Worth every cent
    These are amazing! They have just a good all around sound. Good highs, mids, and lows. The smallest ear piece fits in my ear the best and it seals off outside noises pretty well. It comes with a case that seems pretty durable. The case is big enough to hold both my Sansa Clip and the headphones which makes things easier. The headphone chord material is like shoelace material which makes that also durable. So all in all, even if these headphones were over $100, I would still get them because they are that GOOD. ...more info