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Samba Travel Case for JBuds J2 Earbuds (Black)
List Price: $29.95

Our Price: $12.99

You Save: $16.96 (57%)


Product Description

The JBuds Samba Premium Travel Case from JLab is designed to protect and organize both your earbuds and MP3 player, or other digital devices and accessories. This ultra stylish art deco case features a Brazilian Samba Jacquard print over a rugged EVA shell. The inside is lined with soft plush velvet and features 2 fitted mesh pockets. Finished with rugged molded rubber logos on the top and zipper grip, for a premium look and feel. Use multiple Samba Travel Cases to protect and organize all your digital gadgets with style: - JBuds J2 / Earbuds + Any iPod Or MP3 Player - Digital Camera + Charger + USB Cable + Accessories - Cell Phone + Charger - Smart Phone / PDA + Charger - Bluetooth Headset + Charger - Power Cords, Chargers - GPS Unit + Cables - Flash Drives - SD Cards - Micro / Mini Mouse - Business Cards / Coupons - Personal Items Available in 10 custom colors to perfectly match the new iPod Nano Chromatic 4th generation and the new JBuds J2. Also perfect for any pair of earphones and your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPod video, iPod shuffle, iPod classic, Sansa, Zune, Creative, and any other MP3 player, as well as digital cameras, smart phones, and any compact digital device. Please check the dimensions of your device to ensure the best fit.

  • Ultra stylish, rugged, portable case to organize and protect your JBuds J2 and your iPod.
  • Soft plush velvet inner lining to protect your digital gear.
  • Two fitted interior mesh pockets accommodate accessories of any size.
  • Case interior measures 4.75 in long, 3 in wide, 1.2 in high.
  • Also perfect for any pair of earphones, all mp3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, smart phones, chargers, power cords, cables, flash drives, and any compact digital device.

Customer Reviews:

    I travel a lot for work, and the iPod is great for the plane, but the USB and other cords were a pain, and the iPod in pocket is not great going through airport security. This case lets me keep cords together with iPod securely in my briefcase/purse. And the shell is just hard enough to be protective. I hope they keep making these for when I wear out the one I now have....more info
  • Rockin' Little Case!
    Even though the product description says its for J2 Earbuds it holds much more than that. I put my iPod Nano, the cord to charge my iPod, 3 sets of earbuds and my dualjack in it. This little case keeps all that stuff in one location. I love it...and its cute too....more info
  • Great Case
    This case is perfect since it can hold both my earbuds and ipod touch. It is lightweight and provides great protection. I've been looking for a case that would hold both and this works great....more info
  • Gift of Joy
    I purchased the Samba Travel Case for my daughter for Xmas to go along with her new i-Pod Classic. She was very pleased with the quality. The case is sturdy enough to protect her valuable gift, but yet light enough for ease of carrying along.
    Finally an on-line purchase that I did not have to return!
    Thank you. ...more info
  • Fits Creative Zen Vision
    I bought this case to carry a Creative Zen Vision. This older Zen is bulky, a snug fit into this case. Nothing else fits in the case with it. Works perfectly for what I needed. ...more info
  • hardcase protection
    I wanted something that would protect my Ipod Nano my Jbuds J2 and my usb connector cable from jostling around in my backpack. This product is a zippered hard case with webbing on the inside. It has worked well for me...more info
  • Just what I needed!
    Love this little case, it's just what I expected from the pictures and reviews. I also purchased an armband with new headphone and it all fits in this tiny case. Love that it is very sturdy in case it gets sat on or stepped on. The color selection made it difficult to choose but I got the green to match my green Nano. Price was very reasonable. Can't think of one thing I don't like about it! ...more info
  • perfect little case
    for those of us who misplace everything, this is a perfect little hard case for any small electronic. I have several - for i-Pods and small portable radios. Don't lose earbuds or connectors or gadgets. The bright colors are easy to spot anywhere and the case is hard enough to protect - plus stylish....more info
  • not as good as advertized
    I bought this for my daughter's Ipod Nano. It's big enough to accomodate the Nano and earphone. The material feels cheap and the zipper is not very smooth. I think it's overpriced. There are better and cheaper alternatives....more info
  • Perfect
    This travel case is perfect for what I need and it really looks great too. It's strong enough to protect what's inside, and roomy enough to hold my MP3 player, earbuds, and more. I bought 3 in different colors and gave 2 away as gifts. The recipients were thrilled! ...more info
  • Great product!
    My kids received these from Santa for Christmas for their ipods, and they just loved them. I love the variety of colors and the quality is great! My one daughter has even used hers as a camera case. I would highly recommend these! ...more info
  • Love it
    This has been great. I can fit all my little accessories in here and none of it will get crushed at the bottom of my purse....more info
  • Quality stylish case
    I just got my new JLab case and I love it! Quality finish, stylish and protects my gear. Great for travelling so that my ipod isnt rolling around loose in my bag. keeps it together nicely. I really like the products from this company, super high quality gear....more info
  • i-pod holder/case
    This item is custom made for most ipod's and a pair of ear buds. It works flawlessly, but could use a little more room, as you can not have your i-pod [mine is the ipod classic] in the protective cover you bought for it, and place it in this travel case. It could also use a little room so you can store a short mini aux. input connector to complete your travel ipod gear....more info
  • Sturdy and functional
    The first product arrived with a faulty zipper. Exchange for another product was painless and quick. The case is sturdy. There are two net compartments inside and the size is just right. ...more info
  • Simple but Perfect
    As always, order arrived just as advertised, and even early. Case does exactly what it is supposed to. I like how the case is a hard shell with a soft outer layer. I was worried that it might be too small for my classic Ipod, but it fits it perfect and holds the Jbud Earbuds just fine. Easy way to transport ipod and keep earbuds together. Reccomend to anyone. ...more info
    The case is cheaply made. The zipper was hard to open & close. I've had the case only a few weeks when the zipper got harder & harder to open & close. The zipper finally broke, the zipper handle broke away because the attachment point on the zipper runner split & the handle came off. The zipper wouldn't operate at all, before & after the break. I'm very disappointed with the case! Maybe the round case would be a better product, so the zipper wouldn't have a corner to go around. Live & learn!...more info
  • Perfect! Love it and so pretty too! Very practical.
    This is so perfect for my needs, but I am a waman and I think that it would be way too feminine looking for a man.

    I bought it in two colors, the gray and the black, one for each of my MP3 being a hot pink, 1 gig iPod shuffle gen 2 and one for a red 8 gig Zune.

    The size is pefect. Just large enough to hold my players, chargers and ear buds..and a few instruction pages. No tangeling of my ear buds and everything fits compactly in its place.

    It is just the right size to throw into a purse or stash away just about any place. And lastly, it is so pretty and well made. Great purchase!...more info