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Mr. And Mrs. Smith (Unrated)
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  • Reference material for video and audio
    Don't misjudge the picture quality and sound quality of this blu-ray title because it is a part action part romantic comedy. The technical aspect of this disk is top-notched. For PQ it has lots of pops in many scenes, for SQ this DTS-MA track is one of the best sound design and mixing for a blu-ray!...more info
  • Doug Liman's commentary put me to sleep
    I love love love this movie so I bought the "unrated" disc as I thought it would give me some interesting insight into the actors and the film, etc. I was so sadly disappointed! If you put the director's commentary on as your watching the film, you will literally fall asleep, he is so incredibly boring. I thought directors are great storytellers, but man, is he a drip! I could not sit through it!! Doesn't anybody look at this stuff before it's sold to the masses?!? So I turned the commentary off and watched the same dvd I could've rented from netflix. Not fair for 20 bucks!...more info
  • New Take On the Domestics
    When first exposed to "Mr & Mrs Smith", I had my doubts. First, romantic comedy is something I really don't like admitting to enjoying, (no matter how many guns they have). This movie was a pleasant surprise, and I had a real hoot watching it, (and many times since).

    The humour is verbal with some very good lines, but this is also made punchier by the plethora of situational gags exploiting the contexts they are used it. Sounds dull and dry the way I say it, but what it amounts to is a complex comedy that works. The tentative questions about "how many" are given a whole new twist with the Smiths.

    Pitt and Jolie have an on screen chemistry that works in most scenes. There are a couple of fizzled points, but for the most part, they really spark well and add to the laughs. Jolie's line "Are you still alive, Baby?" is a classic. Pitt once again demonstrates his ability for comedy, and Jolie also has a knack for it.

    Having two enemy assassins married to each other was an inspired innovation, and it really goes off with people like Pitt and Jolie in the lead roles. Vince Vaughn still plays much the same character as in other movies such as Wedding Crashers (R-Rated Widescreen Edition) and Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story (Widescreen Edition). That sort of "I'm ok, you're ok" guy that Vaughn seems to do well with, recently.

    All in all, this is a great movie. I think I may have to admit that romantic comedy may be something I like. Bummer....more info
  • Mr & Mrs Smith
    This is just a pure entertaining movie! No deep thoughts, no social, injustice, just fun and simple entertainment!

    You have a very attractive actress a very good looking actor, lots of action, and lots of sexual "simmer". Watch the movie just to be entertained, you will like it....more info
  • Dumb movie but ok entertainment
    Ok to watch it while playing guitar or something else but to give 2 hours to this movie is not worthwhile. The plot is insultingly stupid but the action is fun....more info
  • Even better the second time!!
    I hadn't seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith since it was in the movie theater. I liked it but only remembered a lot of action and things blowing up. For some reason, I decided to buy it now...and was glad I waited since it says it's a collector's edition.

    Watching the movie again on my own tv, there were so many parts I had forgotten. I understood more of it and liked it a lot! As crazy as their life was together,once they found out the truth about each other,I think they got along better and saw each other in a totally different way. Their chemistry was amazing...just one look and you could sense it.
    In my opinion, the excitement of their lives and their likes beats any romance. ...more info
  • The Tabloids Made It Famous.
    As far as movies go, MR. AND MRS. SMITH is essentially an action movie containing a snippet of intrigue. However, sentiment for the film will remain high because MR. AND MRS. SMITH will always be looked upon as the film that brought stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together (despite having probably been involved together before working on the production). The film opens with John and Jane Smith (Pitt and Jolie) discussing their life together and looking back on the rather bored domesticity they shared in the early years of their marriage. Originally they found each other attractive and compatible. But, more importantly, the marriage was a convenience for both John and Jane are top international assassins. Their relationship enters completely different territory when both John and Jane are both sent to assassinate the same target. They end up getting in each others' way and the man they were sent to assassinate gets away. They vow to get rid of the other assassin. Upon discovering that they are trying to kill each other, John and Jane have to decide whether the love they have for each other is real and worth fighting for or to keep fighting until they kill each other.

    MR. AND MRS. SMITH is slightly better than the usual action flick. Much of this is because of the film's stars. As much as I hate to admit it, Brad Pitt is a decent actor and Angelina Jolie is not a terrible actress. They are both known more for their looks than their talent, but unlike many of the pretty faces that show up in movies they have some acting chops. However, looks and talent aside, the real reason that MR.AND MRS. SMITH stands out from other similar action movies is because of the chemistry between Pitt and Jolie. The weakest scenes in the movie are when their characters try to prevent each other from finding out what they really do for a living and when each of their characters "struggles" with how they feel for each other. They like each other. They like each other a lot and their passion is white smoking hot.

    Not being a fan of either Pitt or Jolie, MR. AND MRS. SMITH wasn't a film I was very excited to watch. I will admit that it was slightly better than I thought it would be. The story isn't especially strong and there are some scenes that make many James Bond films seem plausible and realistic. The acting is much better than in many action flicks. I especially enjoyed Vince Vaughn's supporting role as one of John's co-workers, Eddie. Even though I know most will be drawn to the film because of either Pitt or Jolie or both, I was more impressed with the secondary actors in the film. Unfortunately, they receive very little screen time at all. Highly recommended for fans of Pitt and Jolie. If you just enjoy watching action films, you could do better, but you could also do much worse....more info
  • Action
    Content but maybe too comfortable in their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Smith think they know absolutely everything about each other there is to know. And the thrill is gone. Then they find out inadvertently when shooting at each other that they're both hired assassins. And their next hit is their spouse. What follows is a funny, action filled road to finding their way back to a happy marriage...more info
  • Short version?
    My husband and I saw this movie in the theater. We both remember the movie being longer. Is this a cut version? The scene in the beginning with the dancing in the rain is super short on this DVD as is the scene with the angry sex. We were disappointed by that and no explanation on the box. Usually you get the "director's cut" longer version on DVD than in the theater. What gives? Quality was great. A fun movie....more info
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith
    Very well done and quite suspenseful. Story line was believable and fast moving. Most enjoyable. Jolie, ...more info
  • A terrible movie
    I happened to watch this movie on a transatlantic flight. If I had paid money to see it in a theater I would have asked for my money back.
    The premise is clever but all else is totally stupid: bullets flying everywhere, someone hit by a car, things blowing up. Nobody gets hurt.
    An unfortunate showcase for two "beautiful people". ...more info
  • Another fun popcorn movie.
    I went into this with low expectations, I came out rather satisfied.
    The action is non stop, the acting is decent, the script is well paced.
    Is it corny? Yes.
    Is it unrealistic? Yes.
    Who cares, IT'S FUN!!!!!!!
    Lots of explosions and Angelina and Brad whooping each other. Angelina definitely winning.
    Rent this some night, kick back and enjoy the carnage.
    ...more info
  • [blu-ray] best version of the movie so far...
    owned two different copies of the DVD.

    the blu-ray shows more lush colors and detail throughout the movie. the audio is outstanding; when the Smith's house blows up, i hear objects land throughout my 5 speaker system that i didn't hear with my DVD version.

    recommended if you like the idea of 'upgrading'. ...more info
  • Angelina and Brad's Debut
    Good action, great duo! I also enjoyed Vince Vaughn's signature humor.

    A married couple of five years finds their once hot romance strained from the secrets they have being keeping from each other. Both work for independent assassination organizations, and both don't know it in till the two are set up to take out one another. Watch as both go from trying to kill one another to rekindling their romance and take on the corporations to stay alive (and when I say rekindle, I mean intense action scenes filled with shootouts, fist fighting and trying to run each over with cars).

    The movie is as entertaining as it is humorous. You got some great gadgets such as a knife drawers coming out of ovens, weaponry, the works. Makes it all very enjoyable to watch. Brad Pitt is pretty funny, he has the same sort of character found in his Oceans movies, witty remarks, smooth humor. Angelina Jolie's character is more organized, punctual and seductively tough. Vince Vaughn plays Brad's best friend and coworker, he adds the punch lines and the absurd remarks. They all fit their parts well, and together they make one great movie!

    ...more info
  • 2 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    A star vehicle and nothing more, Mr. & Mrs. Smith is reminiscent of Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief: both movies seem to feel that watching sexy stars interact is inherently interesting when all the evidence points to the contrary. ...more info
  • Overrated to the xxxtreme
    Everyone I talked to seemed to really like this film. I may be more likely to dislike it because I was so skeptical from the start that I would only watch it when it came on cable. Overall, the film was boring, not very funny, and even the acting fell flat.

    In the end, this represents what I think are actually the worst movies: the lower level of mediocrity. It wasn't bad enough to make it campy and funny, and it wasn't good enough to truly entertain me. However, I will give it credit for being better than Crank....more info
  • Bonnie & Clyde meets True Lies
    This movie was almost as entertaining as the off-screen love triangle that this movie sparked between Pitt, Jolie, and Aniston. You get a sense that Pitt and Jolie are falling in lust with each other during the making of this (who could blame them?) and that helps intensify every scene (as if it needed it). Wild and fun and stylish, the only thing that might have improved it would have been a cameo from Aniston herself. Come to think of it, she may have wanted to visit the set more often. ...more info
  • A very Sexy, Gunpowder-filled movie
    Since this was the start of the romance between Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, it only seems fitting that it would be an all out assault on every viewing member's wishes (Sexy Woman/Hot Guy, an endless hidden cache of weapons, exciting life, deeply in love when death seemed certain...more info
  • Oh yes, this is a great re-make
    I really liked this movie, it has action sex and explosions. The on-screen vibe between the two is great....more info
  • Can't get enough
    My husband and I can't get enough of this movie we watch it ALL the time. Great action/comedy movie. Heard there will be a no. 2 can't wait!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Works as spectacle, but not much more
    Comedy action thriller in which Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play married couple John and Jane Smith who are unaware that they are both assassins working for rival agencies until they are ordered by their respective bosses to kill the same target (Adam Brody of The O.C. fame). Being given the same job leads to the couple discovering the truth about each other and they are then ordered by their respective bosses to kill each other, and are given 48 hours to do so. Will they obey their orders or will they remember their marriage of half a decade or so? This movie is undoubtedly entertaining, with lots of explosions, gunfights and diverting action sequences. The banter between Pitt and Jolie as they attempt to kill each other whilst still calling each other `dear' and `honey' is amusing, but ultimately director Doug Liman doesn't pack enough plot into this film to make it excellent, despite the obvious star power of Pitt and Jolie and the film's tongue-in-cheek humour. Worst of all there is a glaring plot hole towards the end of the film, such that in the final analysis this film works as spectacle, but not much more. ...more info
  • Bogotš¢
    I think the movie is funny but as a Bogota citizen, the movie shows a awful picture of my place. I know we are full of problems but we are trying to improve. People who make this movie have not idea about how Bogotš¢ is and I feel so sorry. I invite them to come and see how wrong they are. Bogota is one of the best cities of latinamerica... besides here is cold weather..... This movie just help to make bad impression of my country. Here, many people has expressed their anger against the Bogotš¢ scenes. What would happened if we were the films maker and we show one of your places the way they did????....Please be more careful when the subject is one like this....more info