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The Simpsons - The Complete Eleventh Season
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Product Description

Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 10/07/2008

Simpsons Season 11 includes all 22 episodes from the 11th season and bonus material on all 4 discs.

Customer Reviews:

  • Always a fan
    I'm not one of those people that gave up on "The Simpsons" after season 10. I very much enjoy everything they put out. Season 11 has a lot of classic episodes that are worth owning and I love how creative the packaging is. Recommended to Simpsons fans everywhere....more info
  • Box?
    I have been a fan of The Simpson's since the Tracy Ulman Show. As with any show, they do have some bad episodes. Of course there are more good episodes than bad. If all you have to complain about is the packaging, then life is still good....more info
  • This season blows
    I grew up loving the Simpsons. I would record the show off TV and watch it over and over again. I quit watching sometime around season 8. Once the show came out on DVD, I started buying them, and I've gotten to see episodes that were new to me. I have to say that after what I'm seeing in season 11, I don't think I'll be buying any future sets. If you like these episodes, there's nothing wrong with that or you. I just honestly feel a big drop off in quality with this season. This show isn't making me laugh anymore. It seems like they jump the shark with each episode here. I understand that the show had been around for quite awhile at this point, and you gotta start running out of ideas, but this seems prevalent through the whole season. The first episode here felt to me like it was only about creating a reason for Mel Gibson to make a cameo. The episode wasn't funny, and throwing Mel Gibson at me doesn't make up for it. Many of these episodes seem to be less about story, and more about throwing gimmicks at the audience. In one, the Simpsons must flee Springfield and begin living on a farm, just to do something different. In another, for some stupid reason, Mr. Burns allows the Simpsons to watch after his mansion while he's away. They even killed off Maude Flanders. It's like they didn't have any good ideas, so they said, "Lets kill off a character." The season isn't terrible, but it's not at all what it used to be. I guess I just miss the earlier episodes where the show was funny and had heart, and there were actual stories, not just gimmick after gimmick. In "Missionary: Impossible," there's a slam against Family Guy towards the end. Family Guy is called "crude, low brow programming." Why did the writers feel the need for this? Were they jealous cause they knew that Family Guy had become a much more entertaining show? Don't insult a better show because yours sucks. Try harder to make your show good like it used to be.

    I bought this season for only 15 dollars, and you know what? I got ripped off....more info
  • Overall a good but lacking season.
    Like so many people in my age range, I practically grew up with the Simpsons, and they will always have a place in my DVD collection. That being said, this is not the best season. It's not bad, but nothing on here compares to the heart warming episodes of seasons 1 - 4. And It can't really stand up to the ingenious humor of seasons 5 - 10 when the Simpson really seemed to hit their stride. That being said it has a few stand out moments like the Behind the Music special, or the death of Maude Flanders. The most striking aspect of this season is Homer's behavior. He seems to have lost his Brain. And your often left wondering why he would be allowed to keep his children, or why Marge would stay with him. He just seems largely mentally handicapped. Where in the past he did crazy stuff, but they kept some aspect of sanity or logic no matter how flawed. Overall Nothing is bad, just little is truly great on this outing. And I'm sure you have heard by now that the redesigned packaging, though interesting is poorly constructed, and make accessing the DVD's difficult. ...more info
  • Unless you want scratched DVDs...DO NOT BUY. Makes for nice drink coasters though...
    Ordered this season to complete my girlfriend's set that I got her for Christmas. The only reason this is getting 1 star is because The Simpsons are just all around greatness. The packaging however...ummm...not so much.

    I tried to avoid the Krusty head packaging at all costs, but this is just as bad! The DVDs are kept in these little sleeves and the DVDs are so hard to get to, you practically have to pinch it and get your fingerprints all over the DVD, and as you're sliding it out, the packaging is so tight, you're scratching it to all hell. That is...of course...that they weren't scratched when they were put in by manufacturing.

    Gave it the benefit of the doubt and asked for a replacement box set to be sent out. I mean...who wants an incomplete set...right? Man, when we got the new set, it was even more scratched up than the first! LAME!

    It's really bad. And I mean...really bad. Until they come up with a new packaging system, we won't be purchasing this eleventh season. And to top it off, I just found out that some of her other seasons' discs are scratched as well. Wow. Someone needs to get on this ASAP.

    If you don't have any of the DVDs...I suggest you wait for a Blu Ray release. Maybe then...they'll have come up with a way to actually get you unscratched and completely playable discs. There's no point in getting these if episodes are going to be skipping around in places.


    Not AMAZON's fault by the way. ...more info
    I'm a HUGE fan of the Simpsons and I look forward to every season.
    I am very happy that Fox is doing this package also. I am one of those who do NOT like the Limited Edition Head boxes. Not because of the way it looks on my shelf but because my husband and i watch the Simpsons on a daily basis i find that the heads are to flimsy. I own only Homer and Marge heads and the inside plastic that holds the dvd's broke off the box. I am very picky when it comes to my dvd and VERY careful on how they are handled. I am not careless on how i treat my dvd's. Anyway, I am very HAPPY that they are doing the regular packaging and hope they continue with the rest of the seasons. NOW ONLY 2 DAYS to go..WHOO HOOO...more info
  • Exelent as always.
    This season as all others is just exelent, nothing more to say. I hope the others get released soon......more info
  • FOX SHAFTING PROCESS in progress. Please wear a hard hat at all times!
    This is a very short review for the "regular" box release.
    The outer slipcase is smaller than the previous releases. The 4 dvds are placed in an "accordion-style" cardboard sleeve. If anyone thought that Seasons 6-10 were getting the shaft compared to Seasons 1-5, then this is the next step in the Fox shafting process. It really is sad to see Simpsons come to this. To put it in a financial perspective - I would pay $30 for Seasons 1-5, $25 for Seasons 6-10, and $20 for this season.
    Bravestarr volume 2 from BCI got a better treatment than Simpsons Season 11 - only a few of you would know what I'm talking about.
    The "accordion-style" cardboard sleeve can scratch your discs b/c it's cardboard that the disc rests against.

    I'm trying to be optimistic too. The "accordion-style" cardboard sleeve is colorful and colored on both sides. The booklet is bigger than the other releases and is detailed, per usual. And a slimmer outer slipcase takes up less room on my already crowded 300+ dvd bookshelf, of which most are cartoons. It's about as slim as the CaptianN/SuperMarioWorld Shout! Factory dvd release - maybe a little bit bigger though.

    I thought Fox couldn't shaft their releases any further but I was wrong. I guess Seasons 16-20 will be paper dvd sleeves in a Simpsons themed cd jewel case if seasons 11-15 are this.

    I hate to see how King of the Hill is going to get treated.

    I gave it three stars because it's not the end of the world....more info
  • Funny as ever, but lousy packaging!
    The eleventh season still has great quality writing and is as enjoyable as ever, so if you're a Simpsons fan you won't be disappointed. My only beef is with the packaging. I don't know why they couldn't just stick with the same packaging they'd started with. The first deviation were those molded plastic portraits. Those looked cool, but if you wanted to shelve them spine out, well, they made it impossible. So, the manufacturer relented and made both the conventional and the molded options available. But now the conventional packaging has taken a down turn, presumably to be more "green." They've eliminated the plastic trays with locking hubs in favor of sleeves (like an old LP album), in which the disks are inserted. My disks arrived pre-scratched, so taking them out and reinserting them would just compound the wear on them. So, for the content itself, I'd give four or four and a half stars, but I give the overall item three for bad package design....more info
  • Great show, terrible packaging!
    Welcome to the eleventh (!) season of "The Simpsons", one of the best and longest lasting shows on television! With this season you get some of the greatest episodes, including one of my personal favorites, "Behind the Laughter". Of course you also get some wonderful commentaries, which are always entertaining, and the usual raft of extras. All in all, a great set, with one notable exception.

    The packaging bites. Totally bites.

    The producers of "The Simpsons" and "Futurama" seem to have got it into their heads that making "green" packaging for their DVD's is somehow better. This is also seen with movies such as "There Will Be Blood". Basically what it boils down to is "cheap, cardboard packaging that is almost guaranteed to damage your DVD's when you remove them."

    The packaging for this season of "The Simpsons" is particularly notable for this failing. The disks are jammed inside tight cardboard sleeves. When you remove them, you're almost going to have to grip them by the top and bottom, promising tons of fingerprints. Unless you're very careful, you're also likely to scratch them.

    I understand the idea of wanting to not fill up our landfills with tons of plastic, but really, people. How many of you bought the previous seasons of the show on DVD and then threw away the plastic trays that the discs were in? Not many, I'm wagering.

    So five stars for the show and, much as it pains me to do it, only one for the packaging. Thus the set gets a sad little three stars and no love....more info
  • Simpsons 11
    They took all that time before coming out with season 11 the least they could have done was make a case that does not scratch the dvds. You have to wedge them between two pieces of cardboard, don't know why they decided to downgrade....more info
  • Mediocre season, WORST PACKAGING EVER
    Yes, people argue about what seasons are good or bad but I wish I had listened to those who said to stop your collection at Season 10. Season 11 episodes struggle to hard to be funny and fail miserably in the process. There are a couple of keepers, but with with 20 episodes a year it's not that hard to get two or three right. Another point that is mentioned often in the reviews is the packaging,and IT IS AWFUL. I'm starting to get the feeling that someone has pure, uncontrollable hatred for the Simpsons-buying public. Why else would they make this awful cardboard contraption that is impossible not to damage if you try to open the slits for the discs more than 2 millimeters? And of course sliding the discs in & out between sandpaper can't be good, either. It's purchases like this that make me wonder if all my video-downloading friends aren't on to something....more info
  • One of the better Simpsons seasons
    The eleventh season was one of the best. Almost all the episodes were classics. ...more info
  • Worst. Packaging. EVER.
    As far as the show goes, it's The Simpsons. I love 'em and the episodes are great. But here's a warning: the packaging is the cheapest, most poorly designed, pain-in-the-a$$ packaging ever thrown together for a dvd release. Folks, it's just awful. First you have the co-called "collectible" head case, which is made of thin, cheap plastic which scuffs amazingly easily. Also, because of the weird shape and size, it is impossible to stack on your shelves with your other dvd's. I have steadfastly avoided these awful head case packages since Fox has been producing them.

    But the really awful thing, which is a consistent factor with both the head case and the traditional case, is the terrible design. No plastic spindles to keep your discs separate and secure... no, here they are jammed, tightly, into an awful foldout cardboard sleeve. So tightly are they packed in there that trying to slip your finger into the sleeve to retrieve the disc without tearing, bending, or otherwise breaking the package is virtually impossible. What's worse is that the backing in these sleeves is not smooth and slick, it is instead rough and fibrous and is guaranteed to scratch the discs all to hell. Even the outside slipcase is cheaply made, bending and crinkling with no more than a withering glance. You should probably stay away and rent it from Netflix.

    And with this terrible downgrade in the quality of the packaging, you might expect a lower price. HA! Not a chance! To the nitwits at Fox, we Simpsons fans have supported you for 20 whole years, and this is the best you can do for us? You need to start having a little respect for the fans who shell out their hard-earned money for your products.

    I'd love to give the set five stars, but with this poorly designed, bound to fail, cheap-a$$ packaging I can only manage two. And I'm being generous....more info
  • Cheap Cheap Cheap Worst Packaging EVER!
    So far, 2 of 4 of my discs have damage. This is the cheapest, lousiest packaging I have ever seen any DVD set in. No way to remove discs without tearing the packaging or putting your fingers on the disc. Looks like someone wanted to make a few extra bucks by using the cheapest, cruddiest packaging EVER. And since you are sure to damage the discs, you are sure to buy this again. The only reason I bought it is I am a major Simpsons freak. So, unless you have a sick need to own them all, like I do, don't waste your money on this season. Whoever OK'd this at Fox should be tied to a flatbed and ran out of town, or catapulted. A fine example of how Babylon tries to suck the last dime from the workin man. Very sad. I am ashamed I was too weak to pass this up....more info
  • I'm done. I'd rate this zero stars if I could.
    For many years, I have been happy to pre-order my Simpsons DVDs months and months in advance. When Fox decided to put season 6 in the stupid "collectible" boxes I wasn't happy, but they seemed to learn their lesson and made replacement "boxes" available for season 6 and had regular boxes available for each subsequent season. For some reason, when the new season was announced at Amazon only the special edition packaging was available and it wasn't clearly identified as a special edition. So once again, I received a crappy box that won't fit with my other DVDs on the shelf. I'm sending it back and would like to order the regular box, but for some reason Fox and Amazon has seen fit to charge $7 more for the non-special edition package. Nice try. It looks like my personal collection of Simpsons DVDs is only making it up to season 10. You should take better care of your customers.


    I'm ammending my review somewhat. After reading a few other reviews where they say that the limited edition box is the exact same box as the regular one with the Krusty face stuck on, I decided to investigate further. The Krusty face is stuck on with that same sticky gummy stuff they use on the back. It came off very easily (but based on my past experience with that gummy stuff, the longer you wait to remove it the harder it will be). Knowing that the the two sets are identical except for the Krusty face stuck on makes me even more mad that Amazon is charging $7 more for the regular set. But every other review complaining about the cardboard sleeves are dead accurate. I'd still only give this a one (or zero) star rating. Fox is getting cheaper and cheaper with their packaging. This may well still be the last set I get....more info
  • VERY Disappointed in Season 11
    My husband and I are huge Simpsons fans. We eagerly awaited the DVD release of Season 11. What a disappointment! Each episode in this season is feeble in content and story line. The episodes fall extremely short of the usual ironic comedy, but true to life, situations that the Simpson family find themselves in. When Season 12 is released, we have decided to rent it, before buying, to assure ourselves that it is worth having in our Simpsons seasons line-up....more info
  • Hmmm...
    I'm not quite sure what to think of this, but when I first purchased the boxed set--I got the one with Krusty's plastic bulging head. First, it was a little challenging sliding the plastic cover off. Then when I opened the accordian-style booklet: no dvds??? Ohhhhh, they're in between the accordian folds. Lodging my fingers into the folds--allowing the cut cardboards to paper-fut my fingers along the way, I was finally able to release the dvd from the trapped folds. It was an ordeal, indeed, just to watch one disc from this slightly questionably season. I must say, I miss the old seasons where the writers and producers were good and weren't my own age and were born about the same year Lisa was born. I love The Simpsons, but it's starting to suck--if you don't believe me, check out the ratings. All in all, I was a little frustrated about how they made the new box set (probably another idea by a 24 year old--idiot). But I was entertained by the whole theme (carnival/Krusty Land) of the dvds and the artwork. Kudos on that. And I love the whole enlarged head idea because, I'll admit, I like to be one of the few Simpsons lovers who has them and rubbing it in other peoples' faces. It just makes me feel good. Ha Ha! P.S. I do own all of them. ...more info
  • That's it, I'm done with the Simpsons DVD's
    I've resisted for as long as I could, but I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon of complainers about the Simpsons DVD's. I have bought every season up until 13 and kept my frequent disappointment or frustration quiet. No more. It's nice that they want to make the packaging pretty and all, but I (used to!) buy the DVD's to WATCH them, not admire artwork or packaging. This packaging ensures that the discs will become scratched or broken and worse, yet AGAIN, they have opted for transluscent images/holes in the disc printing, making it impossible to read in some DVD players. It's taken me way too long, but Groening, Fox, et al, will not see another penny from me. If I want any future seasons, I will buy them USED from Ebay, thus cutting money out of their greedy, ignorant pockets. Remember the season where the discs had to spin to match heads a bunch times before every viewing?! How hard is it to just make a friggin DVD that just PLAYS well??!!! Worst marketing ever....more info
  • For Shame Fox, Amazon
    I am so very disappointed in Amazon and Fox for waiting until the last minute to announce a regular box version of Season 11. I had already pre-ordered the Krusty Head box; which is not described very well in the listing, and Amazon didn't post this new listing until after my order had already shipped.

    Guess they are really trying hard to unload those unpopular "head" boxes. The "head" box is even $5 less than the more desirable box! ($29.99 for the Limited Edition Box vs. $34.99 for the regular box at the time of this writing)

    Very disappointed in Amazon. Even more disappointed in Fox. Try harder next time guys....more info
  • Simpsons Season 11
    I've been a big fan of The Simpsons since 1990. I recognize that they peaked around 1996/1997, but I continue to watch since it's like "hanging out" with old friends. This season is lack luster (much as season 10), although I'm glad I own it, no regrets. It's a collector thing.

    The packaging is "unfortunate." I am someone who appreciates the plastic tray for its ability to prevent the discs from receiving scratches. Season 11 is packaged in an all cardboard unit that allowed for my discs to be removed with scratches. I was not pleased, but they play...well one disc has a weird pause, but...All of the packaging for this season seems to be the cost-cutting, eco-friendly cardboard, so people like me have to accept it.

    ...more info
  • Great episodes as always but...
    This is just a tiny review but beware of the packaging of this season! Gone are the clear plastic spindle pages to hold each disk in place. The are just in cardboard sleeves. The set that I got plays fine but had glue and several scratches on the disks from the packaging/manufacturing process. Fos better step its quality game back up!!...more info
  • Not really impressed with this season..
    I didnt even really enjoy Season 10 that much, but in all honesty, I enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than this one!
    I have always been a huge Simpsons fan, but it was sad at how much I didnt dig this season..I was actually looking forward to finishing the set half way through! I had already gotten over it!
    My experiences weren't good with this DVD set at all..
    At first..I didnt get the DVD edition I wanted. I had been collecting the heads, so when I got the edition with no pissed me off because it looked nothing like my previous DVD sets, and to a DVD perfectionist like annoyed me!
    THEN came the horrendous packaging..OK I get they dont want to use plastic...but it is so hard to get the discs damages the disc!
    The art is fantastic, but I wish the executed the packaging a little better. I wish I could teach them a lesson or two so us Simpsons fans can get the packaging we deserve for putting up with their drastic packaging decisions over the past 5 years!!
    THEN came the episodes, they were just..not that funny. Honestly, I would put The Simpsons glory years at Seasons 3-9...10 if I was being really kind.
    However, with that being said..the last episoe 'Behind The Laughter' was GREAT! It is worth the whole set in my eyes! One of the most creative episodes in their history, in my honest opinion..its a shame it was the last episode on the disc!
    The extras are great, with all the commentaries..but if you arent a big commentaries fan..then theres not much else. Kind of disappointing, but the commentaries are a good enough extra.
    So overall, I was disappointed in the declining quality of this seasons episodes. The packaging was horrendous and I hope they fix it for next seasons release.

    Episodes - 3 stars
    Extras - 5 stars
    Packaging - 1 Star
    Art - 4 stars

    So 3 stars from me!...more info
  • When the show was still good HORRIBLE PACKAGE
    A good season of the show.
    NO longer at it's best but season 11 is much better than the show is now.

    Took WAY TOO LONG to release season 11 to DVD after the release of the movie to DVD December 2007.

    Good extras as normal with the set. Other film makers should pay attention. Most TV DVD packages have little to NO extras. Even with season 11 at least we get a wide choice of extras to look at. And, they still have the brochure with info on each episode & extras.

    I still have every episode on tape. Yes, I still have a VCR & tape everyone.


    It is 1 of these packages where you have to open both ends to get the inside with the discs to come out. ONCE YOU GO THROUGH ALL THAT UNNECESSARY WORK YOU HAVE TO FIGHT TO GET THE DISCS OUT OF THE TIGHT HOLDING AREA.


    That's all we the public who buys these want-UNNECESSARY WORK!!
    ...more info
  • Buy Elsewhere
    I didn't buy this season from amazon and where i purchased it the price was the same with or without the krusty face add on. Its still the simpsons and if your a fan who wants it to fit on your dvd shelf like me, just find it somewhere that they don't charge extra for the regular package.
    ...more info
  • A Four Star Season, with One Star Packaging...
    The content of The Simpson's Eleventh year on the air is open to debate. Was this past the show's heyday? Probably. Did this season still manage a ton of brilliant moments? For sure. It's the Simpsons, you know the show and you know you want this set. It's totally worth the price of admission. The only negative is that the makers of these DVD sets can't seem to get the gosh darn diddly correct or uniform. In this release, They've gone to stiff cardboard sleeves to slide your discs into. Lame, crappy, cheap, and scratchy. I assume this is to make the packaging more "green.", although I suspect that it is also cheaper to manufacture thus making the studio more "green" as well. What's wrong with the packaging everyone else is using? Four stars for content, but one star for the lame packaging....more info