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Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat in Baker
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Product Description

Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat Your baby is getting big, but they still can't see out the window! For safety and comfort, the Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat is here. Why you and your child will love this item: In four fun patterns, it will be a sure fire hit with your little one. The padded arm rests on the Graco TurboBooster Seat will adjust to fit a growing child, making the ride even more comfortable. In fact, the car seat allows for a child of nearly five feet in height! There's even hide-away cup holders for your independent tot. For a ride they'll love to take, order the Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat today!

  • Padded arm rests are height adjustable
  • Forward facing only: ages 4-10, 40-100 pounds, and 40"-57" tall
  • Dual hide-away cup holders for snacks on the go
  • Deluxe seat pad is removable for machine washing

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Price. Quality item.
    I bought this booster car seat because I often chauffer my grandson around and I got tired of borrowing his car seat and having to return it immediately after using it. He's six years old and big for his age. This seat allows me to easily use the rear seatbelts to comfortably secure him in place. My daughter paid three times as much for his booster seat and it's identical in design and quality to this one. I really can't see a reason to pay more. My grandson's safety while he's riding with me is of the utmost importance so I was prepared to return this item if it didn't measure up. Since the price differential was so huge I was prepared for something that might not be as good but I was pleasantly surprised. This is a terrific value for the money and I highly recommend it. CAUTION: It should NOT be used for infants or toddlers. ...more info
  • Booster seat is a good value.
    Our kids had outgrown their car seats and after checking with Consumer's Reports, we decided that this was the best booster seat for our kids. In addition to decent padding for them, the seats have cup/stuff holders on each side of the seat. This is important as some boosters have the holders only on one side, which is okay if you have one kid. But if you have two seats, you need to be able to open one on the left side and one on the right. The only reason it did not get 5 stars is that we thought the armrest would flip up (as in other brands) but it does not, making it a little more difficult for them to reach over to buckle themselves in. Otherwise we like the product very much....more info
  • Nice Booster seat
    We have found no problems with this highly rated and nicely priced backless booster seat. Our granddaughter has given no complaints and she uses it often. We've used in for over two months in three different cars....more info
  • Cute Car Seat
    If you have a little one that likes Disney "Cars", they'll love this seat! My 6 year old son does. Cup holders on each side and arm rests have 2 levels. ...more info
  • Love It!
    My daughter loves this seat! I do agree that the cup holder can be a problem. If you are turning a corner in the car a cup can tip over in it because they just didn't make it deep enough but we just tell her to hold onto it. It's not a major big deal and even if I had to do it over I would still buy this seat again. it's comfy, cute, and my daughter feels like a big girl in it....more info
  • Graco Booster Seat
    The booster seat came in pretty fast. My daughter loves it. The handles were a little hard to slide in, but once they were in - it was fine. It is so much more convenient than the big booster seat we had been using, and it's pretty lightweight as well. We are very pleased with the seat so far....more info
  • car seat Boster for children
    Excelent product, and very nice. Is a motivation for children use this type of product and upgrade the safety in travel....more info
  • Excellent - Simplicity and safety at last
    Our daughter just turned five and formerly rode in a belt-positioned booster seat converted from a harness arrangement (i.e., it was a full bucket seat, not a backless booster.) She used this with the harness after outgrowing her infant seat. She outgrew the harness a year ago and the seat converted to a belt-positioning booster.

    We've never been happy with the way in which the shoulder belt threads through the positioning slot so that it fits properly across her shoulder. It was prone to get tangled or not travel smoothly through the slot. We feared it wouldn't retract properly to protect her in an accident.

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) rated this Graco backless booster with belt-positioning clip the safest in its Oct 08 survey of booster seats. We bought this for our daughter (in the "Fly Away" butterfly pattern) and are thrilled with it. She adores it, as it makes her feel like a big girl (and, of course, it's pink.)

    Her head is positioned safely against the back seat and headrest (she is tall and has a long torso for her age). Best of all, however, the belt-positioning clip works like a dream. It's simple to install and adjust, it doesn't rub against the child's back or arms and a parent can quickly and easily adjust it to ensure the shoulder belt passes directly across the shoulder of any child. No more worrying about the shoulder belt getting stuck and failing to retract upon a sudden stop or collision.

    Others have complained about the scant padding on the seat. It's a bit thin but frankly thicker than the padding in her former toddler seat. She doesn't complain at all, even on rides of three hours or more. If it ever became an issue we would simply insert a piece of foam underneath the seat fabric... problem solved. (I gave the seat four stars and not a five because this is the only area in which Graco might have improved it... actually I rate it a 95/100.)

    We looked at the Combi Dakota backless booster, too. However, the belt-positioning clip there seems poorly designed compared with the Graco. Buyers commented on the Amazon site that the Combi clip was very difficult to adjust and an inferior design compared with the former Combi model.

    The belt-positioning clip is the most important part of the booster; everything else is secondary. Without it the child is simply not safely secured with the shoulder belt. In a collision the belt can lacerate or even break her neck if it rides above the shoulder and can break her arm if it fits below the shoulder across the upper arm. We have found that no matter how much she moves around while riding in the seat the shoulder belt with the clip usually returns to its proper position across her shoulder on its own. We rarely have to re-adjust it on her while driving.

    Another reviewer here complained that the armrests have plastic fitting clips that are insufficiently strong. We didn't find that at all. I wouldn't advise taking the armrests out regularly; however, they fit very snugly (it was difficult to push the armest down to snap them in initially) and have a two-position height setting.

    When the seat arrived from Amazon we took it out of the box, snapped in the armrests, read the instructions for the belt clip and installed it all in the car perfectly fitting our daughter within ten minutes. It couldn't possibly be more user-friendly.

    We're very happy with the Graco Backless Turbobooster and will certainly buy another one for our second car....more info
  • Good booster seat
    This was a great purchase for us because we needed a booster seat that was very portable and can easily be transferred from car to car. This booster seat met those requirements plus it is comfortable. ...more info
  • simple & usefull
    very easy to use, can't complain if if you want to. this product does what it is supposed to do. we are happy.

    ...more info
  • Great Product
    My wife and I bought four of these booster seats and are very pleased with them. They are easy to use and our two boys, five and seven, love them. I highly recommend these seats....more info
  • Backless turbobooster car seat
    Product not expensive but would need more padding for seating. Otherwise okay for safety issues....more info
  • Great Price
    I researched other booster seats and really liked this one the best. The only issue I have is the seatbelt attachment does not work well. The seatbelt is near his cheek and he finds it to be annoying. I have to say it is easy to machine wash the cushion. I have had to wash it twice and it is so easy to take off and put back on....more info
  • small and easy
    This is the third one I've bought. They are inexpensive and easy to use. I put one in my mother's car and sent one each to out of state places we frequently visit. It's much easier (and cheaper, now) than having to check a car seat on the airplane. It makes the seatbelt fit perfectly on my 5 year old. Although for her everyday carseat, she has a high back booster with headguards, which are generally safer....more info
  • Great Seat
    My daughter loves the seat (because of the design). There is no installation depending on the child's age and the car. It is so easy she is putting on her own seatbelt now. Less work for mom. The seats arrived within days even though I did not chose the most expensive shipping. Amazon has been a very good site to order from in my experience....more info
  • Great booster seats
    They were just what i needed with the advantage that mcQueen made my boys happy!...more info
  • A good alternative with memory foam
    I looked at this one, but felt the seat was way too hard: as many others have said, there's almost no padding. Fortunately, I found another Graco car seat with memory foam for the bottom. It's not a lot, but it does make a difference. From what I understand, though, this version is only available at Walmart....more info
  • Love It!
    I bought this seat for my husbands truck and both my son and husband love it. It is small enough to put behind the seat when we don't use it and my son says it is comfortable and he feels like a big boy....more info
  • perfect for my 5 year old
    i thought it was white, and was hesitant for stains, but it's gray ~ AND MACHINE WASHABLE! my child loves it and there is an attachment to pull the shoulder belt snug against the body if smaller siblings or friends need to borrow the seat. for $20, i certainly can't complain about cushioning b/c you get what you pay for, but graco has upheld its reputation in our home :) only downfall is that when it is placed next to another carseat, it's hard to reach the buckle, so it's better in a bucket seat or separated from another safety seat....more info
    Excelente calidad del articulo y a muy buen precio, excelente marca. El tiempo de entrega fue muy eficiente...more info
  • It works and is cute
    I'm not sure what a booster like this is supposed to accomplish. It raises my child up a few inches and that's about it. There is no security strap or harnessing apparatus to attach the chair to the seat in the car. There is a little black strap that attaches to the seat belt behind the child's shoulder...not sure what that's for. The instruction manual showed how to install the strap, but didn't say what it's for. I assume it's to keep the seat belt off the child's neck, but it's quite a feeble attempt and not really worth the hassle of using it. The fabric is cute and I haven't tried to clean it yet....more info
  • Great
    I bought this for a visiting aunt's son who loves the movie "Cars." The seat is very comfortable, easy to put together and easy to adjust to the size of the child. I also love the cupholders and the fact that they're out of the way of kicking feet, plus can be tucked away when not in use. Although the seat is sturdy, it isn't too difficult to pull it apart for packaging and shipping (the arms are removable and the cover comes off for clean up). An absolute steal for the price! ...more info
  • Big fan of the Graco TurboBooster Seats
    This is our third Graco TurboBooster seat... I bought two for my twins a couple years ago. When they outgrew the backs i saved them and this time i just bought a base for my youngest daughter. She was thrilled to get one with the "Princesses" on it! and the back from the older ones just snapped in place. These are great, easy to use, adjustable, the cup holders are handy. Easy to clean... I have nothing bad to say about them at all
    ...more info
  • Best marketing ever!
    Ok, I try and avoid the princess stuff at all costs. But you can't get away! I recently went back to work and Grandma is now providing child care. This seat was a way to make it fun for my little girl to ride in Grandma's car. I also bought the Cars version for my son. Both are thrilled! They can't wait to go for a ride in Grandma's car. They love them. All family members who have used these comment on how easy they are to use. Before buying I did research. Our prior seats were the Britax Marathons. I was very hesitant about just a little booster, but when I called my local store that does the Britax seats I was suprised. He stated, "A good booster seat is the one your child will sit in. They are just glorified phone books." I laughed and ordered these. We have 6 of them. Two for each car and no need to change them out. It is affordable since they are so cheap. Great deal, Amazon does not save money but is so easy since there is no driving around, and they are the only place I have seen the character ones....more info
  • Comfortable and sturdy
    This is a very comfortable and easy to use booster.
    Assembly was pretty easy and instructions where clear and simple to follow. Overall, worth the money.

    This may be our 4th or 5th Graco product, and so far we have been extremely happy with all their products including durability, design and price....more info
  • Graco Booster Seat
    This booster seat works well and is reasonably priced - the cup holders are a plus. ...more info
  • Great Booster at a Great Price
    I recently bought this booster seat for my daughter and we really love it. I love it because it is so easy to use and lightweight, but also sturdy and will last a long time. I also really like the fact that it is backless, which makes it so much easier to take in and out of our vehicles. My daughter loves it because she feels like a big kid and she is able to do the seatbelt all by herself now. I have two other small children, so having one be able to get themselves in and out of the car saves a lot of time and hassle. I would definitely recommend this booster to anyone!...more info
  • No complaints
    Bought this for my 5 year-old grand daughter. Simple to use. Easy to transport in and out of the car....more info
  • Great basic seat.
    Due to differing laws regarding child seats in different states, we happen to be legal without them here in NH. However, our parents live in IL, where seats are going to be required for several more years. On a recent trip to IL in which we flew to Chicago, we realized that it was actually cheaper to buy new seats for my twins and ship them to my mother-in-law's house than it was to pay the ridiculous airline baggage fees each way. This way, too, we could leave the seats there for the next few years and not worry about it.

    This is a great basic seat, perfect for what it is. The seats we do still tend to use here at home, even though they aren't required, are also Graco. They are a little nicer, having a tempurpedic type seat stuffing material that is more comfortable, but they are the convertible bottom portion of the full backed booster style that was significantly more expensive.

    For a secondary seat, these are perfect. They were very economical and work great. The basic pattern is better for my nearly 7 year olds than the character patterns which they are already pretty much beyond.

    I believe that the covers are washable, but of course as these are sitting in IL and were only used for 4 days, I can't comment on that part of it.

    My children always enjoy having their own cupholders, too. These in the seat are easier to reach than the ones in our van, for sure, and my mother-in-law's car doesn't have them in the back seat.

    I really recommend this as a replacement or secondary booster....more info
  • Graco Child Booster Seat
    Lightweight and practical booster seat. Easy to carry between vehicles or cheap enough to have one per car if required. Works well for my 5.5year old....more info
  • Easy to travel booster
    We ordered this booster before traveling with our 4 and 2 year olds by plane and then using a rental car. It was easy to carry in a shopping bag as carry-on or in the plastic checked bag with the car seat for our 2 year-old. That made flying much easier with the new checked baggage restrictions since car seats and strollers count as your one checked item per ticket on United.

    It was lightweight, easy to use and easy to transfer between cars. The cup holders slide into base when not in use making it easier to carry or travel. It worked great given all of the other things we also needed to bring when traveling with 2 small children. Now it is easy to keep at Grandma and Grandpa's house or car trunk if they need it during visits. Also, we used super-saver shipping and it arrived within a week. ...more info
  • My daughter loves it!
    Was looking for a "Cars" car seat every where. Found it on amazon. Wanted a light weight car seat that was easy to move around. This works very well and my daughter loves the theme. I also like the fact that the cup holders can be pushed in and taken out only when needed....more info
  • Graco Car BoosterSeat
    The item is made well for the purpose of transporting my grandkids
    whenever necessary. The fit well & the kids like them....more info
  • Good for travel
    Got this booster seat for my 4-year-old daughter before going on vacation. It was light enough to carry easily. Since you can't use these on planes, I checked it and it made it through 4 flights fine.

    The cover comes off easily for cleaning. The only feature I don't really like is the cupholders--they're too shallow and drinks tend to tip over. But for $20 I'm not complaining.......more info
  • Princess booster car seat
    My granddaughters were delighted with the new Princess car seats, I feel good knowing they will remain in them and safe. The service was excellent they were received by them the next day. I had a very positive experience. Thanks...more info