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  • Great Points
    I was a little hesitant about getting these points as the only other review was unfavorable, however once I received these points, I have really enjoyed them. My whole family loves them; I can say we will probably get more. I would recommend these points to anyone with kids as they can be enjoyed by all. ...more info
  • XBL Marketplace awesome but costly! How to get free mspoint cards!
    I love the Xbox live marketplace! Unfortunately when you're an gaming fiend like me, you end up spending a lot on microsoft points. I've spent a ton of money on cards like these, but I don't anymore because now I get them for free. Now I can download all the content I want without spending any money at all! If you want easy free microsoft points please check out the website below. Trust me, it's simple and 100% legit. Thousands of people are already using the program and gaming for no cost at all! Even if you're doubtful, just take a look. You'll be glad you did. info
  • Nice
    I just bought this for my Rockband game , and it really is that good. Because i prefer buying a card instead of giving Microsoft my Credit Card numbers , because the charged me 0.50 Dollars without my permission. So choose wisely...more info
  • Continued price hikes limit value of points
    Amazon used to sell these for $15.99 - an absolute steal, then they bumped them to $17.99, which was still well worth waiting for the points to arrive via mail. However, at the current listed price of $19.99, the price is identical to buying the points directly over Xbox live or through Unless you are buying these as a gift, there's no point in ordering them at the current price level. ...more info
  • Always buy these for as low as you can go.
    The points are the points. We need them even if sometimes we would rather just be given a price in dollars to more easily say, "Thanks" or "No thanks," to....more info
  • Extra maps, songs, and more without a credit card.
    You may see this as a piece of plastic, I see it as more songs for Rock Band 2 and other in game content. Makes a great gift for anyone with an Xbox 360, as there's no way you can have too many points and everyone, no matter what game you're into, can benefit from it....more info
  • Valued Product
    This card lets you download new songs for Rock Band, maps for Halo 3/Gears of War, new weapons for Chrome Hounds, new cars for Forza Motorsport 2. Also movies, Television shows, exclusive videos, etc.....more info
  • Great Gift
    Xbox Live points were a great gift for my husband, expanding his gaming experience. He can now purchase additional game play features to enhance already stellar games, such as Rock Band 2. ...more info
  • Never Go Wrong w/ Points
    W/ all the things you can do/buy w/ these points, they are RECOMMENDED for any SERIOUS 360 player!!...more info
  • That was a great deal
    I got 2 of them. The price reduction was great and free shipping made it even sweeter....more info
  • 1600 Live points
    Nothing much to say, it would be better if you receive the code via email instead of have to wait for the delivery and also waste paper for just a code....more info
  • good points
    The points made a great Christmas gift. This way the person can make their own choices....more info
  • Good alternative to credit card
    Great alternative to giving MS your credit card. I'm going to buy another, perhaps 40000, to get the Watchmen game. Great product from MS that us credit cardless kids can use!...more info
  • Worth it
    Hey, it is what it is. 1600 points, I typed the code in within 2 minutes, and had a new 360 game within 5 minutes! Very fast, very convenient, had no problems at all...more info
  • Xbox Live 4000 Points
    The timing was great, the price... well I guess that can't be negotiated can it? As far as "were there points actually on the card?" I don't know as it is a Christmas gift! So all I can do is say the item itself looked as if it were the real McCoy.... and the shipping perfect!...more info
  • Xbox 360 Live 4000 Points
    It is worth the money. 1600 Microsoft points doesn't buy anything. I recommend the 400 points to everybody....more info
  • Keep it simple!
    Purchased points and then used it to activate the annual membership, eliminating the hassle of having to add a credit card to my Live account. No auto-renewals, no hassles with cancelations, etc. Adds the extra privacy and security while protecting me from future headaches....more info
  • Great Way To Buy On Live!!
    These points cards are great, you buy your desired amount (4000) in this case, and it saves them to your gamer card account. Its nice because even if you want one 800 point game you still have a reserve for those new releases down the road. I also think it would be good for people that utilize the movie and tv episode downloads. Not having to run to the store or enter your credit card on your controller is nice.

    Hopefully the next thing that can be worked out is the ability to digitally distribute these card codes. Just purchase at online retailers (Amazon) and your emailed a password that can be used to get the points from a Microsoft website...that would be nice. ...more info
  • XBL Marketplace awesome but costly! Get free mspoint cards!
    I love the Xbox live marketplace! Unfortunately when you're an gaming fiend like me, you end up spending a lot on microsoft points. I've spent a ton of money on cards like these, but I don't anymore because now I get them for free. Now I can download all the content I want without being worried about overspending! If you want easy free microsoft points please check out the website below. It's simple and 100% legit so just take a look. You'll be glad you did. I certainly was. info
  • Mega Man 9.... Nuff said..... (okay, Bionic Commando!)
    Great product, great price!

    Buy Mega Man 9 and Bionic Commando today!!

    Easy to use, and these games are great!...more info
  • Good deal if You buy from Amazon Direct
    I have bought a few of these before at Target, for 14.99 onsale, but buying on Amazon directly from them is the best deal as long as you go for two or something else with them to get the free shipping. Depending on what state you are in there is no tax. So if that's the case it's a straight shot at 15.97 which is a nice deal. So many great games have come out on XBL lately you really are missing out on gems if you don't buy some of these AAA + arcade titles like Braid, Castle Crashers, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Geometry Wars 2. Plus a bunch more coming soon, and others if you have never bought any from the past.

    The Xbox Live Arcade is a big part of the 360 experience, if you are not taking advantage of it you are missing out on a lot of the best original games to ever come out anywhere. Plus so many great remakes and updates to old classic games. Don't miss out on XBLA, if you have never bought points before it's not a big deal, just don't do anything foolish, like scratching off your code by rubbing too hard. Also buy these from Amazon or true retailers, not from Amazon Market place. To avoid some of the not so funny horror stories I have read here. If you follow those simple rules you will be fine, and will be enjoying a new way to get great original games you can't find anywhere else. ...more info
  • More than enough to buy for this many points
    This is the biggest points card you can buy for Xbox Live Marketplace, but there is more than enough there that is worth buying. I would recommend anyone to find some games they like. The games are only 400-1200 points each, so you can surely find something you want. Best of all, there are demos for all of the games, so you can try them to find out if you like them before you buy them....more info
  • very good
    fast shipping. easy to use. Just the price is 10 dollar less later for a while. But Amazon drops the post price grantee policy. Otherwise I can get back the [...] dollars. [...] notified me that. It has some other tools when shopping online. You can take a look if you are instereted....more info
    just go to my site and register, follow the instructions. and we mail the codes right to your email same day. its not worth waiting to get or paying for. just do what i do and you can get points like crazy. i got about 30000 points the past month and a half. save yourself some cash and aggravation. register and if you dont believe me, read the testimonals. this is legit. you dont even need a credit card or even need to fill out your address. ...more info
  • Way Overpriced
    I wanted to play a few online arcade games, and the selection is nice (Sonic, Sonic 2, Street Fighter 2, etc); however, for 20 dollars, this card only gave me enough points to cover 1.5 times the price of 1 of those games. This is bull honky, and for 20 bucks, I expect more than 1 outdated video game.

    If Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo would open up their eyes and realize that the only reason people turn to emulation and ROMs (which I'm sad to say that I have, at times) is because they really try to stick it to the consumer--price-wise--on games the consumer has already bought on prior technology. If these retro-games were available for something like $2.00 each, I would buy a ton of them. Until then, compilation discs are still a better bet for your buck. I would suggest Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection instead, found here: info