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  • Doable Millenium Heist: Value 8 Billion, One Dollar, 67 Cents
    Stealing the Rembrandt was just for practice. Ginny Barker (Catherine Zeta-Jones) who worked for Waverly Security had a much larger goal in mind robbing the International Clearance Bank during the Millenium Celebratrion on New Year's Eve in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but she needed help. She had been planning this event for a few years ... Hector Cruz (Will Patton) head of security had noticed she had no friends. She had no social life. She worked long hours doing statistical calculations and creating computer graphics examining all angles of the rooms and items her company insured and protected. He worried about her. She convinced Hector to let her attempt to catch and bring to justice the highly successful thief: McDougall (Sean Connery). He was a handsome foxy older gentleman, a wealthy Scotsman who had no need for the money but was a thief for the challenge of it. He was in the gallery where the Rembrandt was showcased during its opening exhibit, he was the likliest suspect. Hector was worried because two agents had previously disappeared trying to apprehend McDougall but Gin Barker convinced him because she was a woman ... she could do it. Despite misgivings, he gave her the chance to try.

    Sean Connery played the aging gray haired foxy thief to perfection. He lived in Scotland, in a castle on an isolated island. He thought he had everything ... until he met Gin Barker. She followed him about in London, and watched him wander into a computer company, where he managed to steal five chips easily worth a million dollars each. She was exhausted as she returned to her hotel room, only to discover her luggage missing. She was too tired to report it immediately, pealed off her clothes and and prepared for bed ... totally naked because her dressing gown was among the missing items. She was shocked to discover someone staring at her in the dark. It was Mac (McDougall). He asked why was she following him around London. She then presented to him her grandiose plans. He mentioned his rules: "first we try, then we trust" and the corollary, "it's strictly business" ...

    First he tested her and when she passed all his challenges, beyond his wildest expectations, he took her up on the job. They trained for the highest value monetary robbery of all time. This film appeals on multiple levels: it includes mystery, romance, tension, unexpected twists and turns in the plot and exotic locales, London, Scotland and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The May - December romance and relationship which builds from total distrust, to mutual respect, to outright admiration is fun to watch. Catherine Zeta-Jones is believable, beautiful and in fantastic form as she executes gymnastic maneuvers that would make a Gold Medal Female Olympics Champion blush with pride. Sean Connery delivers a superb performance and also delivers outstanding one line responses to her confident approach. He says, "I don't like surprises." She replies, "There won't be any." He countermands, "Trust me, there always are." This is a highly enjoyable film and receives my highest recommendation for acting, story-line, plot development, action, and intrigue. Erika Borsos (pepper flower)...more info
  • After The Matrix, The Best Film Of 1999!
    This is a great film! Sean Connery turns in some of his best work here as a crook named Mac who attempts to pull off one last, multi billion dollar heist! The Extremely Beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones plays a respected agent who teams up with Mac in order to try to catch him. Don't miss the last 30 minutes of sheer action as they attempt to rob one of the biggest banks, not to mention the biggest building, in the world! Then again, Don't miss any of it.
    Don't get trapped into not seeing Entrapment!...more info
  • Worth watching
    Sean Connery And Zeta-Jones seemed an odd couple. But the actually compliment each other and create a chemistry which is not quite sensual but it makes the movie fun to watch. The plot, the clever dialogue and the twists make an entertaining film. The plot may be a tad far fetched but it is only a movie that will keep you on your seat (or sofa). ...more info
  • How lucky can Sean Connery get?
    I mean come on, Sean Connery has played just about every part, noble and righteous kings, always get the girl Bond, James Bond, and an ex-con called upon to break into Alcatraz to save the planet and many more. Now Mr. Connery gets to act with one of the most beautiful actresses in our day. Catherine Zeta Jones (The Mask of Zorro, The Haunting) is a professional thief, being masked by a professional job working for an insurance company. When Virginia (Jones) is sent to hunt down a stolen painting we discover her as the thief. 'Gin' goes to the home of Robert MacDougal 'Mac' (Connery) to help her pull off the thieving job of the century.

    What starts out as a business relationship soon turns into a physical attraction to each other, hence Connery being lucky. Although the story line and plot are not very thrilling, Connery and Jones make it a worthwhile show, maybe not to own, but definatley to watch....more info

  • A Charming Caper with a Dash of Romance
    An upststart, high stakes thief (Zeta-Jones) is taken in by a master of the perfect heist (Connery) and a May-December romance. This movie thrives on intricacies and unexpcted plot twists. Unless you are a veteran in the detective genre, this film will keep your eyes glued to the screen and your mind racing with possible outcomes. I recommend this movie for men and women and for those first "stay at home with a movie" dates. Include the Thomas Crown Affair and you are in for a sexy and intriguing evening....more info
  • Stay Retired
    Dude, Sean Connery needs to stay retired. Seriously. You can't steal anymore. An insurance investigator and art thief played by Catherine Zeta-Jones (too hot to even by near the retired guy) is assigned to check out the retired burglar. They join forces after much bickering and do a good job. Then they go for a huge Y2K bank theft. This movie moved too slowly for me to even care about what was going on. Zeta-Jones would be a good Bond girl, but not for Connery. Blasphemy! Ultra funny Ving Rhames was also in this movie, but he made a couple of appearances. The ending left an opening for a sequel, but I hope they just leave this as it is. No more artifact, young woman movies!...more info
  • What the Eye never saw...
    It might be the subtitle for this highly entertaining action-thriller. In fact it's more a cat and mouse game... but who's the cat? In the best tradition of Hitchcock's "To Catch a Thief" it's a well balanced movie.

    Sean Connery is in his top form when mixing duty with humor.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones is amazingly subtle in her role. She starts out cocky and glizzy only to end up being confused to the kazoo in her encounter with Connery.

    This is a pure actioner, not a minute passes without a twist in the plot and nobody stands still for much too long.

    There double-crosses, triple-crosses and quadruple-crosses,... well in fact, there are so many crosses one could become dizzy...

    It's a harmless no-brainer, but so well acted and directed that you will be constantly gripping your armchair just to see what happens next.

    The DVD edition is not top notch, but with a movie like this one who cares... You get engulfed into the action practically as the movie starts and the rollercoaster ride ends when the movie ends. So who's got the time to examine wether frame 121 was sharp enough or if that squeeky noise on the right channel was really perfect.

    Once you enter in the game it won't let you loose one minute and you will almost shout at it to stop, but as Zeta-Jones, you will be dragged even deeper into the charade and be so fascinated by it that you won't want it stop once it does.

    The finale is a pure surprise and, though not unexpected for a Hollywood movie, truly original.

    If you like this kind of movies, this one is certainly for you and will keep you guessing to the end on the who does what to whom and why... but who is really what and does really what to whom? Have fun with it... and let the ride of your lifetime begin......more info

  • Is It Me Or Is Sean Connery Old Enough To Be CTZ's Grandpa?
    I never wanted to see the movie in the first place with I just ended up seeing it because I thought Catherine Zeta Jones was hot at the time and I just wanted to see her in action. Well... the movie [is bad]! Sean Connery is wonderful, as usual and Catherine Zeta Jones does a good job but the chemistry between the two is terrible and the characters are meaningless. Some of the things that happen in the movie don't need to happen but end up happening. And what bothered me was how the movie consistently had this sensuality that teased you (for example: when Sean Connery stole all her clothes, did he have to steal all her clothes and walk in on her while she's sleeping? They show her but the shadows are covering her nudity. Another example is when Catherine Zeta Jones is lying in bed and half of the blanket is covering her nudity, just enough to cover. Why not show her naked?! Everybody would love to see it!)

    Anyway, the movie [is bad]. The dialogue is [bad] but the best part is watching Catherine Zeta Jones in action....more info

  • Just Silly
    I'm sure men will enjoy this movie more than women, if for no other reason than they get to see Catherine Zeta Jones doing some intricate acrobats, meant to display her perfect body. But other than the fact that Jones and Connery are two very attractive people, who have great chemistry together (despite the age difference), Entrapment has very little to offer. It's a caper that ridiculously turns into a bad romantic comedy, and in the end it is as unsatisfactory as it is silly....more info
    Catherine Zeta-Jones is her gorgeous self here, ensnaring men on both sides to achieve her aims. She portrays an insurance investigator and goes undercover to catch Sean Connery's aging thief character in the act, but she is really planning to use him in an even bigger heist. Of course you find out in the end that there has been more double crossing going on than meets the naked eye. There is a lot of interesting scenery in the film, a lot of Catherine looking beautiful. But overall the film is quite intelligent and passably believable in the way it is carried out. It has its happy ending, so it is not by any means perfect, but it will be riveting enough to keep you watching until the end....more info
    If you're a movie buff,you've seen this kind of formula caper film too often already.Don't you think that SEAN CONNERY has played these roles to death by now,after 40 years?It would be fun if he played a grandfather for a change.We're lucky to have CATHERINE ZETA-JONES ,who with her beauty makes it tolerable to watch.But maybe you're not a movie buff,and you just want to be entertained for 114 minutes after a hard day at work,then this is for you.Watch out,you might fall asleep on your couch.You'll be glad to go to bed even if you are alone.What about the story you might ask?Who cares really?Don't bother....more info
  • one of my fartotive sean connery movies
    entrapment was one of sean connery best movies he is a master art theif and cathrine zetra jones plays gin the fbi agents when a rembrants was stolen before the new minelliuam the evdients points to sean connerychasrteters so sit back whan watch this fast placed movies it is worth the rented especially the parts about theifs and bllackmail...more info
  • A Charming Caper with a Dash of Romance
    An upststart, high stakes thief (Zeta-Jones) is taken in by a master of the perfect heist (Connery) and a May-December romance. This movie thrives on intricacies and unexpcted plot twists. Unless you are a veteran in the detective genre, this film will keep your eyes glued to the screen and your mind racing with possible outcomes. I recommend this movie for men and women and for those first "stay at home with a movie" dates......more info
  • Reminiscent of The Thomas Crown Affair
    Sir Sean ( the quintessential James Bond of our youth) emerges from his retirement home and pursues and is pursued by the exquisitely, beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones who gives an admirable performance as the exquisitely, beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones. Her acrobatic endeavors (or those of her stunt double?) are truly impressive. The mandatory special effects and chase scene are included.
    There are more plot twists than Bush/Cheney explanations for our invasion of Iraq.
    The pertinacious flaw is the disparity in years between the aging Connery and the relatively youthful Zeta-Jones.
    A great movie to watch while sitting on the couch, kicking off your slippers, munching popcorn and preparing to be entertained....more info
  • Didn't see that coming!!!
    This film appears to have been written pretty much to accentuate Zeta-Jones appeal, but there is much more to this film, and even in its sensual parts it really does keep itself quite well to what is needed to support the plot.
    Three things in this movie really make it stand out.
    The first is the plot. There seems to be a hidden meaning to every scene, and to almost every scene a twist that brings us into a totally different spot. It's like a wild roller coaster ride in the dark.
    The second is the robberies. It is amazing to watch the high tech devices in the hands of experts used to waltz through some of the most intricate security systems. There are some minor slips in the robberies technically speaking, but nothing that destroys the film or even the robberies.
    The third element is the chemistry between Zeta-Jones and Connery is extremely intriguing especially because of the age difference. And who's to say that normal people don't do strange things like that all the time?
    I'm tacking a fourth on here: In my opinion this film is the best work either Connery or Zeta-Jones has ever done.

    Also if you are looking for a similar movie with real style. Thomas Crown Affair appears to be essentially it's counter part. The only real difference is I think Thomas Crown Affair over did every aspect of itself....more info

  • Entrapment One of my favorite Movie's
    This is my favorite movie's. This is an action movie. Now why do I like this movie because the Petronas Twin Towers are in it. Good story. For parents out there is some stuff that you might not want to let you kids see but that is only 25% of the time....more info
  • Entrapment
    Sean Connery is one of the few men I know who can do no wrong. He played this role with the his usual skill and panache. He was an extremely convincing as a con man. The beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones was a good match in this role. ...more info
  • Entrapment (Blu-ray)
    Very good movie. I've seen this before on TV. The Blu-ray version is great....more info
  • This Was Soooo Cool!
    I don't care what anyone says, Entrapment was one of the best movies I've ever seen!! Sean Connery is fantastic (I didn't expect anything less from him) and so was Catherine Zeta-Jones. I'd recommend it to anyone. Cool and funny. SEAN CONNERY AND CATHERINE-ZETA JONES ROCK!!!Need something cool to watch? This is it, buddy. ......more info
  • This Was good
    This was one of the best Sean Connery movies I have ever seen. I'm a big fan of him and CZJ. I really don't see why people don't like it. So what if Sean Connery's old! I don't think that interferes with his acting. Just a couple complaints. Too many bad words. This would have been just about perfect if it weren't for those words. They are just not needed. And THANK YOU for not having any naked scenes. There are just TOO many of those types of movies in this world. I'm putting this movie on my wish list. It's funny at times and really cool and exciting. No questions asked....more info
  • You will be surprised till the very end
    Bought the DVD after watching The Thomas Crown Affair, I happened to find out that Entrapment belongs to an higher and different rank. Connery and Zeta Jones are amazing in their roles, they give a very believable performance as thieves, of course helped by a sophisticated and well written plot and a perfect choice of music. The capers are very inventive and suggest an accurate research by the writers, even the romantic part is handled with such a grace that almost you don't see the huge age gap between the characters. If you have not seen the movie yet, as it happened to me, you will be pleased and entertained by both the movie itself and the extras, which as usual are always too few for a movie like this. ...more info
  • hmmmm......
    This movie was OK. Just OK. There was really no excitement in it- the last Y2K scam scene was really pretty badly done. But the part of this movie really bugs me is that Sean Connery is so old!!!!! I don't mean he's too old to be acting or whatever, he just seems so perverted in this movie (jones/connery sex: the most disgusting thing i could think of and never want to see again). Let's not add to the other fact: there's absolutely NO chemistry between the two leads. But whatever: if you're a die hard action fan and don't mind watching sean connery make out on the floor with catherine zeta jones, this movie's pretty good....more info