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  • Mr & Mrs Smith
    This is just a pure entertaining movie! No deep thoughts, no social, injustice, just fun and simple entertainment!

    You have a very attractive actress a very good looking actor, lots of action, and lots of sexual "simmer". Watch the movie just to be entertained, you will like it....more info
  • Doug Liman's commentary put me to sleep
    I love love love this movie so I bought the "unrated" disc as I thought it would give me some interesting insight into the actors and the film, etc. I was so sadly disappointed! If you put the director's commentary on as your watching the film, you will literally fall asleep, he is so incredibly boring. I thought directors are great storytellers, but man, is he a drip! I could not sit through it!! Doesn't anybody look at this stuff before it's sold to the masses?!? So I turned the commentary off and watched the same dvd I could've rented from netflix. Not fair for 20 bucks!...more info
  • Many hats
    When I sat down to watch this film at home, i put on my romantic comedy hat for a nice evening. But as the story progressed, I had to put on my spy hat, adventure cap, my drama hat and eventually my sonics hat. This movie has it all! Not to spoil it...but Mr. and Mrs. Smith are really Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
    I did feel, that the movie was lacking in a strong political stance. I mean...where does this movie stand on current issues? This is imporatant to me, and it was not covered. 3 stars and no more....more info
  • A real silly movie! Too much action & too little plot!
    A real silly movie! Reminds me of the Spy vs. Spy cartoon in MAD Magazine. I saw it on Cable and switched channels half-way through. There's such a thing as TOO MUCH ACTION in a movie, and on top of it, it had very little plot! I wouldn't have paid a dime to see it at the show or to rent the DVD....more info
  • Love the heat!
    Lots of heat, great looks and fun action. Pitt's comedic timing is great. One of my favorites....more info
  • I Actually Like the Rated Version Better
    I felt this one showed more about their marriage. But the end fight scene lacked the original romance that the rated version had, simply by eliminating the background music. Its amazing what a simple music score change can do to a movie. However, this will remain one of my all time favorite movies. Sex, romance, and violence all rolled up into one. What more could a woman ask for?...more info
  • Mr & Mrs Smith
    I love this movie. Sure, the ending is a letdown and there's not much depth to the movie overall, but it is simply a fun ride along the way. The Blu-Ray version looks great. I'm not big into special features, to be honest, so it doesn't bother me that the disc is rather short on special features. I do wish that this had both versions - the Director's Cut (which I've never seen) and the original theatrical version, but they've only included the original. That's the only real letdown for me....more info
  • Who hasn't wanted to kill their spouse?
    This is a great premise, explored with humor and action. Anyone who is married has gone through ups and downs in their relationship - and everyone knows marriage can be dull at times. Angelina and Brad get far more spice than they bargain for when it's revealed that they're both assassins hired to kill each other.

    The dialogue is reminiscent of the old school detective movies, quick and layered with double meanings. Both leads are sleek, with sexiness oozing from their pores (as if anyone doesn't know this). Their house (the primary set) is full of "Jetson" type gadgets and enough weapons to wage a war, yet remained comfortable and tasteful (a humorous combination).

    I was impressed with the stunts and car chases; however the shoot outs got to be a bit much at times. The knock down, drag out fight between the leads is comic brilliance - they really don't hold back and the result is well, as you can imagine, better than make up sex.

    Vince Vaughn is memorable as an assassin living with his mother. He delivers his one liners with comic ease and leaves the rest of the cast members in his wake.

    I'm sure if I wanted to probe, I'd find a few plot holes, but who would want to go and ruin such a perfect cheese. Not me, I'll take mine with a glass of wine - this movie is a keeper. I'll be watching it on many anniversaries to come.
    ...more info
  • My reveiw
    Hi I did not think that I was going to enjoy this movie, but I think that these two actors act great together and this movie was one of my favorites....more info
  • Reference material for video and audio
    Don't misjudge the picture quality and sound quality of this blu-ray title because it is a part action part romantic comedy. The technical aspect of this disk is top-notched. For PQ it has lots of pops in many scenes, for SQ this DTS-MA track is one of the best sound design and mixing for a blu-ray!...more info
  • [blu-ray] best version of the movie so far...
    owned two different copies of the DVD.

    the blu-ray shows more lush colors and detail throughout the movie. the audio is outstanding; when the Smith's house blows up, i hear objects land throughout my 5 speaker system that i didn't hear with my DVD version.

    recommended if you like the idea of 'upgrading'. ...more info
  • The War of the Roses - but without the character
    Watching Mr and Mrs Smith was not unenjoyable, but I'm not sure that I would do it again. The film sadly failed to reach the excellent potential of a promising plot idea. The actors look stunning and there are some nice action scenes, but otherwise, there is little really going for it. At times I was reminded of the relationship between Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas in the War of the Roses, but that film that offered much more in terms of plot, dialogue and acting performances (even the house trashing was more enjoyable).

    This film clearly it has an appeal for many people - it's just that I'm not one of them. ...more info
  • A very Sexy, Gunpowder-filled movie
    Since this was the start of the romance between Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, it only seems fitting that it would be an all out assault on every viewing member's wishes (Sexy Woman/Hot Guy, an endless hidden cache of weapons, exciting life, deeply in love when death seemed certain...more info
  • Works as spectacle, but not much more
    Comedy action thriller in which Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play married couple John and Jane Smith who are unaware that they are both assassins working for rival agencies until they are ordered by their respective bosses to kill the same target (Adam Brody of The O.C. fame). Being given the same job leads to the couple discovering the truth about each other and they are then ordered by their respective bosses to kill each other, and are given 48 hours to do so. Will they obey their orders or will they remember their marriage of half a decade or so? This movie is undoubtedly entertaining, with lots of explosions, gunfights and diverting action sequences. The banter between Pitt and Jolie as they attempt to kill each other whilst still calling each other `dear' and `honey' is amusing, but ultimately director Doug Liman doesn't pack enough plot into this film to make it excellent, despite the obvious star power of Pitt and Jolie and the film's tongue-in-cheek humour. Worst of all there is a glaring plot hole towards the end of the film, such that in the final analysis this film works as spectacle, but not much more. ...more info
  • Love & Hate
    Basically this about 2 people who have "secret" jobs only to find out that they don't know of each other's secret life. After a twist they turn on each other but the flame of their past won't allow themselves to pull the trigger. They come together when they need each other the most. They're both fantastic actors, Angelina of course looks fantastic and the action along with pretty funny makes this movie an A+ in my book....more info
  • Oh yes, this is a great re-make
    I really liked this movie, it has action sex and explosions. The on-screen vibe between the two is great....more info
  • What a Dumb Movie
    If this is an example of the projects America's highest paid actors are choosing, I have some serious concerns. There is no substance; no redeeming value of any kind here. My guess is the film is attractive to teens who either want to be Pitt and marry Jolie or vice versa. The actors mumble through the few lines and the rest is "shoot em up." Waste of time....more info
  • Even better the second time!!
    I hadn't seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith since it was in the movie theater. I liked it but only remembered a lot of action and things blowing up. For some reason, I decided to buy it now...and was glad I waited since it says it's a collector's edition.

    Watching the movie again on my own tv, there were so many parts I had forgotten. I understood more of it and liked it a lot! As crazy as their life was together,once they found out the truth about each other,I think they got along better and saw each other in a totally different way. Their chemistry was amazing...just one look and you could sense it.
    In my opinion, the excitement of their lives and their likes beats any romance. ...more info
  • A terrible movie
    I happened to watch this movie on a transatlantic flight. If I had paid money to see it in a theater I would have asked for my money back.
    The premise is clever but all else is totally stupid: bullets flying everywhere, someone hit by a car, things blowing up. Nobody gets hurt.
    An unfortunate showcase for two "beautiful people". ...more info
  • Another fun popcorn movie.
    I went into this with low expectations, I came out rather satisfied.
    The action is non stop, the acting is decent, the script is well paced.
    Is it corny? Yes.
    Is it unrealistic? Yes.
    Who cares, IT'S FUN!!!!!!!
    Lots of explosions and Angelina and Brad whooping each other. Angelina definitely winning.
    Rent this some night, kick back and enjoy the carnage.
    ...more info
  • Director's Cut smoother than the Original Cut
    If you haven't watched the theatrical version of this movie plenty of times, you may not notice the minute changes from that version to this director's cut version.

    Some of the dialogue has changed and some scenes are extended. The Bogota Dirty Dance scene has been extended, as was the War of the Roses fight and love scenes. The Dance of Death towards the end is also slightly different. Also different was the hidden lives of both Smiths weren't revealed until much later in the movie.

    I truly enjoyed the original cut, but this cut cleared up some minor foibles I had w/ the first. Adam Brody's scene was cut out of the beginning, which I thought worked better for the movie because in the original his introduction went nowhere, other than his reappearance toward the end. There appeared to be a lot more character development in this version as well. Of course more Bogota scenes are dreamily sexy as was the love scene after their big marital spat.

    If you're a huge Mr. & Mrs. Smith fan, I would recommend buying both the theatrical release and the Director's Cut. If you don't want to buy both, I think the Director's cut is actually better than the original.

    The only part I wish was that Brad & Angie to do some of the commentary. The commentary on this disk wasn't as interesting as the Original Version dvd, because Doug Liman is constantly talking about the cost of the production which is kind of boring, I would have liked hearing more about the plot, tidbits about the sets, bloopers, more on why some scene got added or removed---anything but the cost and days of production.

    As far as the Bonus disc, there are plenty of deleted scenes to enjoy. I would highly recommend getting this edition....more info
  • Mr & Mrs Smith
    As for the movie's story and theme, it was good. I am writing this more to talk about the quality of the DVD. It slowed down and stopped in around half a dozen places, but restarted and continued on it's own. Overall, considering the price we paid, it was a not a bad deal....more info
  • Short version?
    My husband and I saw this movie in the theater. We both remember the movie being longer. Is this a cut version? The scene in the beginning with the dancing in the rain is super short on this DVD as is the scene with the angry sex. We were disappointed by that and no explanation on the box. Usually you get the "director's cut" longer version on DVD than in the theater. What gives? Quality was great. A fun movie....more info
  • Excellent Film. One of the best I've seen in a while.
    This is a great movie. Dare I say it, the best movie either one of them has been in ...ever?? Great dialogue, great action. great film!...more info
  • Action
    Content but maybe too comfortable in their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Smith think they know absolutely everything about each other there is to know. And the thrill is gone. Then they find out inadvertently when shooting at each other that they're both hired assassins. And their next hit is their spouse. What follows is a funny, action filled road to finding their way back to a happy marriage...more info
  • Surprisingly entertaining.
    Reading the hyped descriptive language about the film, I thought that this would be yet another one of those highly predictable scripts that would have me mouthing the lines in advance of their delivery. I was wrong. While I cannot profess to be a fan of either Pitt or Jolie, I truly enjoyed this film. Yes, you have to turn off your brain a bit and ignore reality just a tad, but this flick is entertaining. The back and forth dialogue between the two principals keeps one interested, and the zeal with which the two pursued their vocational duties adds to the balance. Not for everyone due to the "shoot 'em up" scenes and romantic petting in one particular spot, but enjoyable for the rest of the family....more info
  • What's not to like
    Angelina Jolie in a leather teddy and automatic weapons. Nuff' said....more info
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith
    Very well done and quite suspenseful. Story line was believable and fast moving. Most enjoyable. Jolie, ...more info