ASUS Eee PC 900HA 8.9-Inch Netbook (1.6 GHz Intel ATOM N270 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, 10 GB Eee Storage, XP Home) Black
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Product Description

The new Eee PC 900HA offers you more options for your mobile computing needs, providing the power of a full-sized laptop--with the latest Intel mobile processor and a 160 GB hard drive--in a compact body with an 8.9-inch screen. Designed specifically for mobile devices, the 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor uses a brand new design structure new hafnium-infused circuitry--which reduces electrical current leakage in transistors--to conserve energy, giving you more time away from the wall outlet. Coupled with the ASUS exclusive Super Hybrid Engine, you'll also enjoy up to 5 hours of battery life with this Windows-powered laptop.

The Asus Eee PC 900's 8.9-inch screen is easier on the eyes, and the integrated webcam makes video chats a snap.
Much more compact than a standard-sized notebook and weighing just 2.5 pounds, the Eee PC 900HA is perfect for students toting to school or road warriors packing away to Wi-Fi hotspots. In addition to the 160 GB hard disk drive (HDD), the Eee PC 900HA also features 1 GB of RAM, VGA-resolution webcam integrated into the bezel above the LCD, 54g Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g), multiple USB ports, SD memory card slot, a VGA output for connecting to a monitor, and up to 10 GB of online storage (complimentary for 18 months).

It comes preinstalled with the Microsoft Windows XP Home operating system, which offers more experienced users an enhanced and innovative experience that incorporates Windows Live features like Windows Live Messenger for instant messaging and Windows Live Mail for consolidated email accounts on your desktop. Complementing this is Microsoft Works, which equips the user with numerous office applications to work efficiently.

For journalists, photographers and other professionals who need to use a computer in the field to create, to communicate and to collaborate with other colleagues, the Eee PC's combination of power, extreme portability and rugged build makes it the ideal computing solution. The keyboard is 95 percent the size of standard notebooks, making it more comfortable to type for larger hands.

It's also a great choice for young students, with a built-in Dictionary that's great for homework, and it includes two modes of intuitive graphic user interface design to accommodate both experienced and inexperienced PC users. The Eee PC also handles your digital images, movies, and music as well as Internet radio.

Nicely light at just 40 ounces (2.5 pounds), the Eee PC 900HA has an 8.9-inch wide TFT LCD with a 1024 x 600-pixel resolution (WXGA)--making it more comfortable on eyes than its predecessor. In addition to its 54g wireless LAN (802.11b/g), it also offers wired Fast Ethernet (10/100) connectivity and a 56K modem. You get three USB 2.0 ports, a VGA output for connecting to external monitors, headphone and microphone jacks, and a Secure Digital (SD) memory card slot (compatible with MMC memory cards). It's equipped with a 0.3-megapixel webcam (placed in the bezel above the LCD) and integrated microphone, allowing you to snap still photos of yourself while on the go for sending via email or join video chats with friends and family.

Battery-Sipping Processor
The Intel Atom processor uses a brand new design structure that packs in 47 million transistors into a single chip sized at just 22mm (0.87 inches), and it uses just 2.5 watts of power--less than 1/10 of the 35 watts used by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor--for excellent battery management. This 1.6 GHz Atom N270 processor also includes a power-optimized front side bus of 533 MHz for faster data transfer on demanding mobile applications and a 512 KB L2 cache (which temporarily stores data).

Together with the exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine, you'll enjoy a longer battery lifespan of up to 7 hours, allowing you to stay in touch and be connected for a longer period of time while on-the-go. It offers a choice of performance and power consumption modes for easy adjustments according to your computing needs. The Super Hybrid Engine toggles between the following three modes:

  • High Performance Mode (high performance with some power savings)
  • Super Performance Mode (maximum performance)
  • Power Saving Mode (maximum power savings and minimum noise)

Online Storage from ASUS
With this Eee PC, ASUS also provides 10 GB of online storage (easily accessible via a desktop icon), which enables you to download up to 5 GB of data per day. It also provides secure file encryption and accessibility from both Windows and Linux platforms. Whether you want to share images with friends and family or store big business presentations, you can now access your data with ease and not worry about space constraints. The Eee Storage service is complimentary for the first 18 months, and it must be registered within the first 6 months after date of purchase.


  • Operating system: Windows XP Home
  • Internal memory: 160 GB hard disk drive (HDD)
  • RAM: 1 GB DDR2
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel Atom
  • Memory expansion: Slot for MMC/SD(SDHC) cards
  • LCD: 8.9 inches, 1024 x 600 pixels
  • Networking: 54g Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), 10/100 Fast Ethernet
  • Peripheral connectivity: Three USB 2.0
  • External video: One VGA
  • External audio: One headphone and one microphone port
  • Webcamera: Yes, 0.3 megapixels (VGA)
  • Battery life: up to 5 hours
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds (40 ounces)
  • Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.7 x 1.33 inches

What's in the Box
ASUS Eee PC 900HA, AC adapter, printed operating instructions. It's backed by a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

All Eee PC’s come with ASUS’s ZBD (Zero Bright Dot) guarantee. If the purchaser discovers one bright dot within 30 days of purchase, ASUS will replace the panel without cost to the purchaser.

Netbook Eee PC 900HA offers more options to users for unique user experiences. Long hours of battery life, built in high speed connectivity and exclusive 10GB file-encrypted Eee Storage with easy accessibility makes it the ideal traveling companion for outdoor activities. The 8.9 display provides comfortable viewing, and a full QWERTY keyboard makes for easier typing and relaxing usage. Built-in camera ensures users stay in touch with the important ones. User friendly XP pre-loaded. ZBD Guaranteed for best quality LCD. Content includes Eee PC, battery, AC Adapter, Sleeve Case, Manual and Recovery CD.
  • XP-Preloaded with 160GB large HDD. (Partitioned into Two 80GB drives)
  • ASUS Super Hybrid Engine and 4 cell high density battery pack allow for longer battery lifespan. Super Hybrid Engine offers a choice of performance and power consumption modes for easy adjustments according to various needs.
  • High Speed Connectivity Anywhere with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g.
  • Exclusive 10GB Eee Storage with easy accessibility anywhere online.
  • Free 1 YR Warranty (6 month for battery, 30 day ZBD Guaranteed) and sleeve

Customer Reviews:

  • ASUS Eee PC 900HA 8.9-Inch Netbook
    I bought this ASUS Eee PC 900HA 8.9-Inch Netbook (1.6 GHz Intel ATOM N270 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, 10 GB Eee Storage, XP Home)to use while I'm traveling on my motorcycle.
    It's small and that's just what I needed as luggage space is at a premium on a motorcycle.
    The unit works well for what it's designed for.
    I wouldn't want it as my main computer. The keyboard although small works well but I wouldn't want to do a lot of typing with it.
    I use it mainly for e-mail and Internet access and loading routes into my GPS while on the road.
    Since there's no CD in this unit you'll need to use a network or memory cards to add new programs that come on a CD/DVD. I did not find this to be a problem.
    I upgraded the memory to 2gb and it's performance is very acceptable.
    If you're looking for a small computer that's very mobile this unit will do the job.

    ...more info
  • Works well
    So far so good. Small keyboard is hard to get used to. It is fast and portable. Battery works for a few hours. Great computer...more info
  • Screen Flaw - Returned it
    The one star is mainly because the screen was flawed. Along much of the left side the screen was black in a very random way - covering up anything on the screen that should have been visible. I spent only 10 minutes using it, only long enough to get WINXP going so i could be sure the flaw stayed beyond the boot up screen (it did). But in those 10 minutes I learned a netbook is not for me. With a cell phone the tiny screen and keyboard is a fair trade off for being able to put it in my pocket. But the small screen on the netbook would be grueling after awhile. I touch type and the keyboard was just too small for proper finger position. Maybe I could have gotten used to it, but I would not want to try. I would rather lug my laptop around. So I guess the screen flaw was a good thing....more info
  • NICE Netbook
    This is a very nice netbook. Lots of disk space, storage space. Intel ATOM is recommended for netbooks. Has sufficient RAM. Is very light and portable. I recommend this netbook to anyone. Very satisfied with it....more info
  • Best in class
    I have had my asus for about a month now. I am a power user and have no less than 4 notebook computers I use ranging in size from a gaming 13.3 to this 8.9 screen. When I bought the Asus I purchased a 2GB Ram module at the same time so when I unboxed it started 2 GB instead of 1GB Ram. That being said here are my likes and dislikes about it.


    Screen is great. I have read reviews that say the screen is not bright enough but I have used my Asus in the car extensively under full sun no problems.

    Size is great. I find of all my notebooks if I don't have a gaming situation or media intensive applications, i.e., I just want to write, surf or edit some photos in Photoshop; the Asus is the one I go for. It's a great compliment to my Blackberry.

    Keyboard is great. Yes this is a great keyboard. Click thru, feel, and function are the best in class. The keyboard is also its biggest fault but only by inherent design.

    Performance is great. The Asus has outperformed my Gateway running a Duo Core. Boot up time is fast and I have had no issues with multi tasking apps. I have loaded Adobe Photoshop and MS office suite.
    Here is a tip: don't load your machine with a resource intensive anti-virus program like Norton or McAfee. These anti-virus programs use lots of Ram and Computer resources and are the number one reason your computer slows down or crashes. Find a lean anti-virus program; there are some good ones out there.

    Battery is great. If I'm using wifi, Bluetooth and a couple apps I get 3 hours, if I have wifi and Bluetooth turned off and only work on editing in word, I get over 5 hours of use.


    Keyboard. As mentioned above the keyboard is the best in class but as is the nature of the beast, when you want an ultra portable you have to make sacrifices and space is one. It is only a matter of training your fingers to be familiar with the small keys and slightly different layout. You will make more errors regardless but again don't blame the beast for what it is.

    Hard drive. I really wanted a solid state hard drive in the size of 32GB or bigger but Asus does not offer this.

    Bluetooth. Again Asus does not offer a Bluetooth option and I had to buy a separate dongle that I must tote around.

    Power adapter. If Asus had come out with a mini folding adapter it would have been perfect. Fact is the adapter is going to have to travel with you because at some point you need to recharge and all adapters are the Achilles heel of notebooks/ netbooks.


    for the money and quality Asus wins. I looked at HP Mini, Aspire and Dell. Both the Dell and HP models where considerably more expensive and the Aspires overall design turned me off plus upgrading the ram was difficult at best. The Asus works well for its intentions and I find myself using it more than any other notebook I own. Easy to carry around and gets the job done.

    ...more info
  • Great netbook
    great little netbook. It's a bit small to type but I just have to type a bit slower. But everything is in it. Just smaller. I bought it to take to work for searching for information. The small weight is perfect. I like it....more info
  • Love it! Portability at it's height!
    I received this product about 2 weeks ago and so far I love it. I have an Asus 15 inch laptop and I hate lugging it around everywhere. This eee allows me the portability I look for when traveling.


    Size, of course
    XP Windows!
    160 GB HD
    Able to upgrade the RAM to 2 gigs, which is MORE than enough.
    Internet speed. At first this part worried me, but I haven't had a slow connection yet. I have downloaded different items from the web to test its speed and I am impressed.
    Runs Starcraft! and Baulder's Gate! All of them. :D


    Keyboard took me a few days to get used to.
    The built in 'mouse' seems a little cheap to me. The buttons seem flimsy, but workable because I rarely use it and carry a portable mouse anyway.
    Hard to buy a portable CD ROM Drive. Which is understable. I wanted to put some games on the system. ...more info
  • Asus 900HA Netbook
    This little machine is great. It is a little hard to get used to the small keyboard. But I love the idea of using it were I can go. I take it with on the job and other places. The light weight is a bonus, and the battery life is cool. I wish they made this a long time ago. I would have bought it then instead of the other laptops I own. The price is reasonable and have recommend to a lot of my friends and other coworkers on this device. It is great for the student who can sit in several classes typing up notes or working on a paper for school. And the space on the Hard drive is amazing. Like I said there are some things to get used to such as the keyboard, but after a few days your hands will get adapt and you will be sailing through.

    ...more info
  • Not bad, sadly mine is toast
    Starts off as a rather cool machine. I searched and compared all of the mini laptops out there and I voted this as the best. The solid state drive ones are still to pathetic storage-wise to be any good in my opinion, and the newer models are simply too large. If you want a laptop bigger than this, then just get a normal laptop. It will likely cost the same and give you better performance.

    In all, the specs on this thing are rather decent. No wireless N on these yet, but then that is rather new tech, and if you need it you can get a card for it. Expanding the memory is a must and adds to the experience nicely. Battery life is nice as well, giving you something around 5 hours of browsing.

    So why the low score you ask? As of this moment, mine is dead. Working fine one moment, then the next time I turn it on nothing. I have only had the thing for two months so it seems to be covered under warranty (I guess I will find out next week as ASUS doesn't do returns on weekends). After searching, I have found that this is not a rare problem for these things. Judging by the tests the tech guys ran it through, the problem has been narrowed down, but not fixed.

    I have owned half a dozen laptops of different brands over the years, and never had one die like this. I have bought 2 items from ASUS in the past year, and both are now dead.

    If I could get my money back I would, sadly I will just have to hope that a repair or replace will be good enough....more info
  • The smallest one in 8,9 inch netbooks
    - The smallest dimensions in 8.9 inch category
    - Up to 4 hours battery life

    - Screen is not so bright as I expected. And the resolution does not give the best quality
    - Keybord is hard to use (But do not forget that 900HA is really small)

    In general:
    - If you care the smallest dimenisions and the battery life 900HA is the best choice for you, but if the keybord is important for you you may also wanna look at the Acer Aspire One (I do not know about the Aspire One's screen/resolution quality)...more info
  • Battery
    Battery is not 5 hour long as stated. After overnight charging ,it show 4 and half hour only...more info
  • difficult to order for me using Amazon for the first time
    I think that this notebook was a good purchase and a reasonable price. I was unaware that it needed a modem for it to work. I think that I had difficult selecting the one I wanted and had trouble getting it by just one click maybe if I put it in my shopping cart it would have been easier for me using a gift card to order. Bob Verbridge...more info
  • Excellent Netbook
    This is the 2 netbook that I Ordered, and it's great.. great quality.. well builded, keyboard it's a little smaller than ordinary but soon you get use to it....more info
  • Great little netbook!
    This thing is amazingly small and works great. I installed Windows XP Pro from an extra license I had laying around, so I can't speak to its functionality under the original installed software. However, its lightweight, portable, the battery lasts a long time, and the screen is nice and bright.

    If you're planning to load another operating system, such as MacOS (if it were legal to do so, of course), you would want to select a different system. However, it runs Windows flawlessly.

    A couple things I would change: the sleeve that comes with it just isn't big enough to put the charger and the netbook in. Only the netbook fits, so I use it for padding on the other bag I picked up at Diesel. Second, the battery takes a long time to charge (3 hours or so), but it takes a long time to drain as well. Those two will always be similar in time. Also, I miss my dedicated HOME and END keys.

    The display is brighter than my Dell D620 15" display. Overall, aside from the annoying fingerprints it shows on the outside, I'm more than thrilled.

    I would recommend this unit and would buy another....more info
  • Very cute, but the screen doesnt always turn on
    I think it might just be my netbook, but the screen doesn't always turn on when the netbook is on. The small keypad makes it harder to type for a long time, but that's expected. After a couple hours, your wrist and shoulder would probably start hurting. Ideal for notetaking. definitely. it's very light weight and portable....more info
  • Travel worthy
    As an expatriate construction engineer I travel quite a bit and need something light weight yet fully functional. The ASUS Eee PC 900HA is all I expected at a remarkable price and near perfect for my needs. My only problem is the space bar that needs to be hit just right to work....more info
  • Hilarious
    I have no bad opinion on this laptop, except the "Hard to Press" touch pad buttons. I would definitely recommend this to my friends. Buying this product in Amazon and shipping was exceptionally good!!

    ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    The ASUS Eee PC is an excellent computer (netbook) for the price and features. For $300 you can almost replace your desktop (except for the much smaller screen and keyboard). I keep the netbook synced up with my main desktop most of the time so they act as backups for one another. The small size and weight of the Eee PC makes it ideal for me to carry around when I'm working at different sites or even around the shop. It works well with external DVD and CDROM drives and othe USB devices. I will probably get a few more of these as PDA substitutes. Connect a MagicJack Internet phone for $19.95 a year and youve got a phone also. Highly recommended.ASUS Eee PC 900HA 8.9-Inch Netbook (1.6 GHz Intel ATOM N270 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, 10 GB Eee Storage, XP Home) Black...more info
  • David vs Golisth
    For a small unit this computer will keep up with the best. It is light weight, small size makes it a winner in the travel mode. ...more info
  • Support is a joke
    Product is nice when it is working. But if it crashes for some reason then support is a joke. My windows on EEE PC crashed in the warranty period. After spending hours on the phone I reached a representative and she says :
    "You have to purchase a recovery DVD for $30, and you have to buy an external DVD driver to recover it"

    They didnt sent any recovery DVD with the product.

    ...more info