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Netgear 802.11N Router with DSL Modem
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Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:Surf, make Internet phone calls, play online games and stream HD video simultaneouslyReplace your old DSL equipment with Wireless-NPush N connect securely connects at the touch of a buttonUse with RangeMax Wireless-N adapters and boost your performance and rangeWireless-N router with built-in ADSL2+ modemWi-Fi on/off switch to turn off wireless signalsEasy setup with smart wizard installation CDPush N connect using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)A secured connection at the push of a buttonConvenient on/off switch helps save energy when not in use

  • Up to 10x the coverage and 15x the speed of 802.11g networks
  • Operates in 5 GHz radio band to avoid interference from 802.11b or 802.11g network devices
  • Security features include WPA, WPA2, rogue AP detection and 802.1x with RADIUS support
  • Integrated 802.3af PoE eliminates extra cables

Customer Reviews:

  • disappointed with the set up and customer service
    All i have to say is, i didn't get this here, we got it today and our local Best Buy...and it cost 119 bucks..and i only planned to spend 70 max! I was told it was the best for multiple wifi connection (my son has a psp, my other son has the ds lite and my husband has his ps3) so...instead of the cheaper 99 dollar one (g router), i chose to get this one.

    This was HELL to put up!!! It says on the box how easy installation is....but no..i spent 5 hours on the phone combined between my phone co., verizon and net gear..who kept telling me to call the other to do this and that, and the problem would be fixed. (when installing the disk...everything was going fine, until i hit the connection part...the internet button was red..and it's supposed to be green---in the end, come to find out after my calls..they had to use a MAC address or something and it was on my old modem, from verizon!!! if u buy one..and u have verizon...keep that in mind!!) I have to say that the people at netgear seem a little snappy and eager to rush through it and talk fast..and hang up and acted irritated when i repeated stuff to make sure i understood what they meant...i don't know how many times i had to ask them to repeat themselves!! and plus...3 out the 5 didn't speak very good that only irritated me more. But, needless to say...i was happy and thankful for the guy that finally figured out what was wrong and i saw that red light turn green!!

    Anyway...our duplex is only about 1200sq ft. .and the router is in our room..towards the back of the house and my husbands ps3 is in the front of the house...and my husbands ps3 signal was jumping around to around 65%-100%, my son's psp was working flawlesly...and my computer..well...i thought it was going to zoom......but it's about the same..could be because my family is all on at once...but that's why we spent the money we we could all do that. I just might have to spend MORE money and purchase a "RangeMax" adapter--for "maximum" performance--and i sit here and think...uhh it should be that way, as much as we spent on it. I would consider taking it back...but i stressed out today for 5 hours for my hubby...he hadn't been online for 23 i plan to keep it...cuz i didn't go through all this stress today for nothing!!! At least the boys are happy that they can go online with their toys ;)

    loses one star for set up and customer service...and another star, cuz it's not as fast as i'd hoped...more info
  • Works great once you get connected
    This is a pretty nice product overall. In fact, I could even feel good giving it 5 stars if there were a few things different.

    The documentation is not easy to follow. Since this unit has to act as a router and a DSL modem I believe Netgear should take more steps in the setup process to help because your DSL company is not going to help set it up. So, they need to have all of the company DSL specific settings that you might need to ask up front. Would save hours of headache.

    The other small point is the unit does get very hot and does not come with a stand so you can stand it upright to help dissipate the heat.

    After reading a bunch in netgears forums there is also a potential issue with this unit for getting it to connect at the higher speeds.

    With this unit costing much less than anything comparable it is well worth the price. ...more info
  • OK but too expensive as it don't have "dual-band N" and no-USB port
    This is a ok product except its priced too high considering it doesn't have simultaneous dual band N nor does it have USB port(s)! Given that its over priced. If price drops below $75 then it would be a reasonable value....more info
  • Bad Design, Thoughtless Web Interface, Abysmal Customer Service
    As a competent and advanced computer user and web developer, I was quick to dismiss the poor reviews posted to this product's page chocking them up as the frustrations of novice users and the computer illiterate.

    I couldn't have been more wrong.

    I bought this product because it was an affordable 802.11n router that coupled as a modem. I wanted to take advantage of the vast improvement N offers to LAN )Local Area Network) speed. I compared it to the Apple Airport Extreme, which was twice the price and served only as a router.

    This product, which is not listed by model number nor reviewed thoroughly on any consumer electronics based review sites that I could find (e.g. cnet) in my Google searching, seems to be little more than Netgear's attempt to push out an N Draft model to consumers to compete with other manufacturer's who have already put out their N draft boxes.

    From the get-go, the router did not recognize a connection with any of my dsl-safe telephone cords nor ethernet cords- only the ones that came with the router. Universal cords should not be proprietary.

    Each one of my three calls to customer service were with folks in India who had no knowledge of the technology itself. They simply read instructions on the screen in front of them. I had to correct them not just on technology, but because they simply didn't listen. Twice I told them I had a mac. They then asked if I was using Windows XP or Windows Vista. When one of my calls was disconnected they never called me back after asking to verify my e-mail address and phone number every time ("In case we get disconnected, may we call you at...").

    The web interface used to manage the router's basic and wireless settings is an interface designer's nightmare. From submit buttons with no indication that any information has been submitted, to explanations about each setting that were for a model that differed from the one I had purchased. Contradictions in what settings work with others and errors with no path to a solution made for hours before I was up and running wirelessly on all my machines.

    I was able to use get the router to allow me to surf wirelessly on my machines, but found no discernible difference in LAN speed on any of them (which do indeed use 802.11n technology).

    I returned the product and have to come to realize that a) If you want an N router you either need to fork over the dough for a good one or wait until the N is no longer a draft and becomes a standard at the end of the year and b) I will never shop Netgear again....more info
  • Fast and reliable WiFi router with ADSL modem
    Very fast and reliable WiFi router with ADSL modem.
    Easy to setup.
    Flexible & powerfull settings.
    Recommended to users who need fast WiFi and use filesharing/VOIP software....more info
  • No disconnections, after two months
    I purchased this to replace the "free" Motorola dsl modem I received from AT&T which kept losing connection. AT&T replaced the first one within a few months, then the replacement started dropping connection within a few months as well. This Netgear router-modem replaced both the cheap AT&T modem and my D-link 4500 router. The results are better than expected. No disconnections yet, and it has a decent user interface (isn't quite as nice as the one I had with the D-link, but it is sufficient).

    This is set up at one end of my house with a direct connection to my TV, Xbox, and AV receiver. I then use wireless for PS3 and my iMac. My iMac is located in my office at the opposite end of my house, maybe 50 ft. away, yet my internet speed is still just as fast as ever before. In addition to having great internet speed, my iMac also communicates on the LAN with the receiver and Xbox at the back of the house with no problems to date....more info
  • Good product and Tech service
    The Netgear DSL Modem/Router was easy to install. The DSL provider did not clarify initial id and password so that caused a delay. The Tech service folks at Netgear were very helpful (I had to be patient...took over 4 minutes of hold period b/f talking to someone).
    I returned the product because the DSL provider's speed was slower than I wanted. i would recommend the product....more info
  • Easy setup on my Mac; bad install/setup CD
    This was bought to replace a Qwest-provided Actiontec DSL modem. The old one was hanging and requiring a power-off reset up to several times a day, and I was getting tired of having to do that.

    The package arrived yesterday. I opened it and popped the setup CD into the drive, and it would spin, chatter, then eject. I went to the Netgear web site and grabbed the setup and reference manual .pdf files, downloaded the firmware update, and started hooking everything up. The web interface had a setup wizard; the router went through this and configured itself pretty well. I performed the firmware update, then went in and tweaked a few settings (I have a static IP address, set up wireless security, etc.) I was up and online within about 30 minutes of unwrapping the package.

    This was one of the easiest setups I've ever had to do. This item worked well, straight from the box, without a lot of hassles. I didn't have to contact Qwest or my ISP. With the network setup I have at home (mix of Mac and PC, wired and wireless, with a networked laser printer) this works very well. I beat the heck out of the network last night and, even with the strange mix of systems and an additional wireless access point there were no problems at all.

    I would have given one less star for the CD not working, but I found that it really wasn't needed and the installation and setup went extremely smoothly....more info
  • Netgear router drops LAN connections
    This product should be good but a combination of two problems have lead me to return this product: 1. wireless LAN connections repeatedly drop, and 2. tech support is unable to even identify the problem. I'll cover just the first one in this review. I bought this DGN2000 in December 2008 to replace an old 2wire modem/router. For over 4 years, that router kept 4-5 devices connected flawlessly to each other, if not always to the broadband network. I could always exchange files between two Apple desktops, an Apple TV, an Apple notebook and a Dell notebook. I could leave a device asleep for a day or shut off for a week, and it would connect without a hitch everytime.

    The purpose of getting the DGN2000 router was a more reliable, hopefully speedier broadband connection. I get those results only when my devices aren't being kicked off the local network. Sometimes after a few days, sometimes after a few hours, I have to start a series of restarts to get the wireless LAN working. Each episode begins with the inability to see other computers on the network. For example, my Apple TV won't sync with iTunes on my desktop. Everything says the network is working (the router admin pages, the devices' TCP info) and 1 device might even have Internet access, but any attempt to use the LAN times out.

    I don't know if this can explain anything, but the strangest clue to me is that while it broadcasts the wireless network's name as usual, it will start to broadcast the default SSID too ('NETGEAR') so that it looks like there are 2 networks. Why? Should I have left the SSID unchanged? But that's an unacceptable solution (I live in a dense city).

    Maybe this is easy for those you experienced with configuring networks. I just wish Netgear would invest in hiring some of you so that I could get past their Tech Support's solution of "Reset it. Now it works? Ok, problem solved. Please answer the survey on my performance."...more info
  • Great clutter reducer
    I got this to replace my old DSL modem and wireless router. It works more reliably than my old D Link router. It wasn't obvious from the instructions that all the DSL settings need to be applied, not just OK'd. It wasn't too hard to set up the DSL, but not completely obvious, either. The router side was a snap to set up.

    I have it working with a Mac laptop, Dell laptop, and Wii. No problems with using it with those. It is reliable and fast enough that I don't use ethernet cables, reducing cabling, number of box, and power supply clutter....more info
  • Netgear DGN200 Wireless N router/ADSL Modem
    I purchased the Netgear DGN2000 combination wireless n router and ADSL Modem to upgrade to wireless N. The product was extremely easy to set up. I have had this product for a month now and it works as advertised. The WiFi signal strength is much better in the home with wireless n. I can transfer picture and music files much quicker between computers on my home network.
    ...more info
  • Extremely easy setup
    Just purchased this product and it took less then 30 minutes to setup. I did have to call Netgear to reconfigure my Wireless settings as the ones I had chosen caused me to get a very slow connection and not get a signal. Once support gave me a couple settings - all is great.

    I am very happy with the ease of setup. Now lets see if it lasts!...more info
  • Extremely easy setup
    Just purchased this product and it took less then 30 minutes to setup. I did have to call Netgear to reconfigure my Wireless settings as the ones I had chosen caused me to get a very slow connection and not get a signal. Once support gave me a couple settings - all is great.

    I am very happy with the ease of setup. Now lets see if it lasts!...more info
  • GREAT PRODUCT - Dumb Manufacturer
    I am extremely happy with this device. I was able to replace my DSL modem and my G Wireless Router with one device and upgrade to N wireless.
    The dumb part is that the vertical stand clips that are somewhat universal on a lot of Netgear products are not included with this unit, even though they will fit. I want to stand mine vertically and I e-mailed Netgear and they told me that they can not send them to me since they are not supossed to come with the unit AND they will not sell them to me. They are PLASTIC CLIPS. You can not get them anywhere else since they are made specifically for the Netgear device chassis. There is no other graceful way to have this unit stand on it's end as the edges are rounded.
    Sad. ...more info
  • Solid Stable ... So Far
    I should have written this review right after installation, it would have been more helpful to y'all. But here the skinny. The thing has been working like a champ for the last couple months. The kicker is the setup.

    Just like one of the other reviews, when I initially set this thing up, it would connect and then disconnect, back and fourth. Very nightmarish. I did *not* try to call the company, so unlike those people who had trouble with the support, I can't comment.

    I wish I could remember exactly what the key was to solve the problem, and I'm really sorry I cant. This is what I do know. I've setup a number of wireless AP's in the past and thought I knew what I was doing: bad idea. After the problems, I went back to the beginning, read the manual all the way through and then started from the beginning. Oddly enough, the thing worked fine. I know there was something the manual had me do which I had failed to do during the initial attempt, but I don't remember what it was.

    Upshot is, I love the thing. It's fast, it's up, and I don't have to deal with it ... ever. I paid $105, it's $89 now. I'd have no trouble recommending this thing....more info
  • great product.
    have been using it (Netgear 802.11N router/DSL modem) for about a month now and it's been GREAT. for those out there that are not exactly the "IT friendly" people, it's EXTREAMLY easy to setup, basicly if you know your dsl logon name and password this modem will do the rest with it's walk through software. Wireless works great, but i use more hardwire for everything I have. This was for sure exactly what i was looking for in a mode/router. (only thing i cannot review on is the use of the 802.11N speeds, as i only connected at 802.11G, but works great on G!)...more info
  • Easy setup - Good perfprmer - Love it
    My DSL connection started to go up and down like a yo-yo. The culprit was my eight year old Alcatel 1000 modem. I purchased the DGN 2000 and combined three pieces of hardware (modem, wireless access point and router). The DGN 200 is rock solid. My two kids were home from college over Thanksgiving and their MacBooks were in almost constant use. The wireless network performed flawlessly even though the router is located in the basement.

    It would be nice if Netgear would have included a USB port for a network printer or hard drive. Other than that, I am very satisfied with this product....more info
  • No USB port is the main drawback - ok at $89 - too expensive at $96+
    When this item was about $89 it was an ok buy considering no usb port for printers or external hardrives, so you have to buy more expensive netwrk printers and network hardrives. So a USB port really would be a big cost saver.

    But now the price is just to high for this considering it was cheaper and electronics are supposed to go down in price and not up....more info
  • good equipment, limited documentation
    The router did not setup easily in my case. Netgear support was surprisingly good and the setup cd has the options to configure the router properly. BUT unless you're very experienced expect to spend more than an hour configuring your unit's security. There is no written setup documentation with the device.
    My unit has been working great (once we made it through the setup and configuration) for a couple of weeks. I am concerned about the ventilation. The unit runs hotter than others I have used before (att standard equipment and linksys). Hopefully, it will have a reasonable life. It's speed and signal strength are excellent....more info
  • not so great for macs
    I was really excited about this product because I could stop renting Qwest's modem. Well, it arrived and I spent a couple hours trying to complete their "easy 3-step" set-up. Finally, I admitted defeat. After an hour on the phone with tech support, which sounded like two different Indian men, they told me I would need to take the router, hook it up to a pc, download an update from an ftp site and then hook up the router to my mac and go through the whole set-up process (the one I spent hours on today) again. I'm in the creative industry and don't know anyone who even owns a pc and I doubt kinko's is going to let me come in and hook up my own hardware. I attempted to find contact information for customer service on their website, but all I can seem to get is tech support. I hoped they could send me a new one that is updated, but it's not looking like that will happen. My mac meets all the requirements described on the box for this product. If you have a mac and you buy this product, I might suggest going to Best Buy (even though I love Amazon) just so you can utilize the Geek Squad. Though depending on where you live, that may or may not be a more appealing option. If I can find a pc and get this stupid thing working, I'll edit my review to reflect that experience....more info
  • ****Warning****Netgear nor AT&T will help you*
    Just bought this DSL&Router and could not get it to work. Spent two hours with Netgear on the phone and two hours with AT&T. Nether had could help or had a clue why it would not work. Finally a friend pointed me to [...] My Mac address for my ADSL was not the same as the MAC address for the router. Went to the LAN setup page and unselected,"Use Router as DHCP Server" BINGO

    ...more info
  • It Works Fine
    I have had this router now for about 3 weeks running two wireless and two networked computers. It replaced the Actiontec modem/wireless provided by Qwest and an old SMC Barricade router.

    I am pleased with this unit. My prior setup would sometimes lose the Internet and the problem could only be solved by rebooting both. 3 weeks of uptime to date and not one issue.

    The Netgear also has a better setup utility. I like that you can not only have network security, but also specify which computers are allowed to connect to the wireless.

    For just under $100, this is a great product. I highly recommend it....more info