Acer Aspire One AOA150-1029 8.9-Inch Netbook (1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB Hard Drive, XP Home, 3 Cell Battery) Black
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Weighing in at just over 2 pounds, the Aspire one mobile Internet device is the ideal traveling companion that lets you take the Internet on the road without the heavy load. Good things come in small packages, just like the Acer Aspire one mobile Internet device providing ultra-portable performance to enjoy full Internet browsing, communicate with friends and family and enjoy a variety of entertainment in a small portable design that keeps you connected on-the-go. The Intel Atom Processor combines performance, power and efficiency to explore the Internet and stay connected while on the go. Enjoy reliable on-line access with 802.11b/g Wireless to explore the Internet and view photos or video clips and listen to music in a comfortable browsing environment on the Acer CrystalBrite display. Windows XP Home Edition lets you surf the Internet, edit documents and photos, read email, and enjoy the webcam to chat online with or take still photos smoothly and reliably right out-of-the-box at a great price. Store all of your digital albums, music libraries and documents on the high-speed 120GB hard drive. Sufficient storage that's easy to upgrade, just pop in an external SD card. Whether you are a first time user or just want a second computing device to easily check e-mail and surf the Internet, the Aspire one was designed for simplicity with a intuitive desktop design, widescreen display and easy-typing keyboard. 8.9 diagonal WSVGA (1024 x 600) CrystalBrite TFT LCD Display Integrated Crystal Eye Webcam Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 Built-in Stereo Speakers Acer InviLink 802.11b/g Wireless 10/100 Ethernet LAN Multi-in-1 Card Reader SD, MMC, RS-MMC, MS, MS Pro, xD 3 x USB 2.0, Headphone/Speaker/Line-Out, Microphone-in, VGA, RJ-45 (LAN) Approximate Unit Dimensions - 9.8 (W) x 6.7 (D) x 1.14 (H) Approximate Unit Weight - 2.19 Pounds

  • Box Contents - Acer AOA150-1029 Mobile Internet Device, 3-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery, AC Power Adapter, AC Power Cord; Software Bundle - Windows XP Home, McAfee Internet Security Suite, 1-Year International Travelers Warranty
  • Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz Processor
  • 512 KB L2 Cache, 533 MHz Front Bus speed
  • 1024 MB DDR2 (PC2-4200) RAM
  • 120GB (5400 RPM) SATA Hard Drive

Customer Reviews:

  • Acer Netbook
    Love this, got rid of my itouch and use this, fits in wifes purse, love windows xp.
    would recommend this to anyone wanting to go wireless.
    Amazon price was better than Best Buy.
    Watch the Hard Drive size if you buy from Best Buy, they only offer a 8GB Hard Drive.
    Ordered 1day shipping, didn't come for 2 days, but Amazon refunded me 11.00.............I wouldn't consider any other company for getting exactly what you order and great customer service....more info
  • A great netbook for an awesome price!
    I bought two of these when Amazon had an unbeatable deal a few weeks ago. I really had no other choice in netbooks because the AAO is the ONLY netbook that has all the keys on the keyboard the same size and the shift key is in the right spot. I'm a touch-typist, so if I can't type on the netbook it's not usable to me.

    - PRICE! I got a great deal on this. So good, I bought 2 for less than a regular laptop!
    - The size is perfect for putting on your lap. Regular laptops my give you more screen real estate, but are usually too big and bulky to sit on the couch with.
    - Screen is nice and bright, I see no bad pixels or defects in the two that I bought.
    - HD video works great on VLC! Flash video sucks, though. Windows version may be better. Plenty of work-around are available to get avoid using Flash on Firefox, which is a great relief!
    - Keyboard is perfect for touch typists. Keys and buttons are pretty solid, except for the wifi switch. No problems plugging in USB devices, headphones, or anything like that.
    - Works excellent with Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04. Even suspend and hibernate work with no problems! I didn't even bother to boot into Windows XP.
    - Once the fan control in your operating system is working, it is really quiet most of the time.
    - It gets warm, but NEVER hot. It's sitting on my lap right now.

    - With the small screen, you may not have a good experience if you're using Windows or don't like to "tinker" with your apps and operating system to fit into the small screen. Some windows will not fit on the screen, making you move the window to get to the OK buttons. A little annoying, but I can certainly live with it.
    - Like I said above, the wifi on/off switch is a little loose, but I never use it anyways and it's in a place where I never see it. It still works, though.
    - The top of the netbook is prone to reallly noticeable fingerprints and smudges, at least if you get the black one. I guess that's why they sell skins for these :)
    - On Ubuntu, the 3 cell battery last a few minutes shy of 2 hours, no matter what I do on it. This is sufficient for me, and you can always buy the 6 cell for a decent price.
    - The trackpad, although small, works pretty well, but the trackpad buttons are placed on the sides and are a little hard to click. I worked around this easily by using the tapping and scrolling features on the touchpad, and holding down a key and tapping for a right click. Drag-lock is built-in to Ubuntu.

    Overall, this is a great netbook that I've done everything on except converting media files. If you are a Linux fan and love to tweak, and have a desktop to do your heavy processing for you, then this is definitely the perfect device for you. ...more info
  • Best for carrying everywhere
    The Acer Aspire One comes with really nice specs for doing daily stuff like Web Browsing, music and IM. Has enough room on Hard Disk for carrying as much music as you would have on a regular desktop or notebook, so you can back you iTunes collection up in this thing. Also has built in microphone and webcam, which means Video conference (Skype) out of the box.

    3 USB ports for peripherals or external storage and built in multicard reader so you can see the pictures you have just taken with your digital camera.

    The 3-cell battery lasts about two and a half hours, but is upgradable if that doesn't meet your expectations. Is just a big larger than a Moleskine notebook, so if you didn't have any trouble carrying your Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban copy with you this will be no problem a all since they are about the same size. The weigh is less than one kilo.

    I would recommend it for people looking for an upgrade for a laptop at a reasonable price, for using it for daily tasks (I have played Half Life, Counter Strike and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit on it and plays better than my Vista machine) and for people looking for mobility.

    5/5...more info
  • Great! Except for one thing.
    I love my net book. Its easy to carry around. I use it mostly for sitting in my easy chair and reading e-books and watching videos. I got it instead of a kindle because most of my reading is done with PDF files. The kindle and the Sonny reader don't handle PDF files well. I also use it for playing songs and other audio files.

    The only problem I have is that the left click bar sticks so sometimes I get unpredictable results. It doesn't have a mouse, but has a pad to control the cursor, and a left and right click bar instead of a mouse with right and left clickers. I don't know if it is just mine, or is a general flaw. But it is irritating. ...more info
  • The little netbook that could... and does :)
    Recently there has been a small revolution in computing of sorts... the "netbook" or 'mini laptop'. What is a netbook? Well, they are tiny laptops that are in a new class of their own. Up until recently, the smallest class of laptops were defined as the "ultra-light" or "super ultra-light". These laptops usually had 12 inch screens and weighed around 3 pounds. Many of these ultra-lights did not have DVD or CD drives, but relied on "media docks" for these capabilities.

    The new kids on the block "netbooks" are even smaller... having screens roughly 9 to 10 inches and weighing around 2 pounds. Many have hard drives that are flash based... also called solid state hard drives. So what has brought about this tiny revolution? Well, today's technology has finally made it possible to have tiny laptops that are powerful enough, light weight, and energy efficient enough to be practical. Also, the Intel Atom chip (which is a minuscule marvel that offers 1.6 Ghz of computing power while sipping electricity) is a big reason why these netbooks are even made possible. So as you read this review, keep in mind that these computers are not mere toys... but are in reality tiny little work horses :)

    Review: The Acer Aspire One

    This review is for the Acer Aspire One with 160GB hard drive, 6-cell battery, 1.6 Ghz Atom processor with 1GB of RAM, and Windows XP pre-installed. Please note that there are several different versions of this Mini-laptop. Some of them come with different hard drives (some with solid state hard drives), and some with different battery options (like a 3-cell instead of 6-cell), and different Operation Systems too (Linux lite). I picked this one because the 6-cell battery lasts 5 hours or more, it has XP included, and it comes with a 160GB hard drive. It also makes this version the most expensive... if you're wondering why there's so many different prices floating around for the same model laptop.

    Well, I've had this laptop for few days now and I'm very impressed and happy with what it can do. It runs Windows XP very well and you can have several programs open at the same time... meaning that it can multi-task pretty well. It seems to have a very solid build, strong screen hinge, and a beautiful (glossy) high contrast screen. The colors are very vibrant and the black level looks great. I am surprised at how quickly it can load web pages and video from youtube... there is very little lag time. For example, if you're watching a video on youtube and you switch to full screen mode, it doesn't slow it down and switches quickly. And although one of the drawbacks of this netbook (or any netbook for that matter) is that there is no DVD or CD drive, it played DVD videos off the hard drive great and (oddly enough) comes with Win-DVD software pre-installed. One of my worries before buying this was that I thought that the screen resolution might look pixelated since the resolution is only 1024 x 600, but it actually looks very sharp. The only thing is that you do have to scroll down more often while viewing web pages than normal due to the smaller screen size. Another thing that surprised me about this laptop was that even when you use all of the USB ports (it comes with 3 total) at the same time, it doesn't slow this laptop down. I found this out when I plugged in a USB Mouse, external hard drive, and external DVD burner ... and burned a DVD using data off the external hard drive. It passed the test with flying colors and didn't skip a beat. The only major negative thing about this laptop is the design of it's mouse. Not only are the mouse buttons positioned badly on the sides of the touch sensor... but the size of the buttons are super thin and tiny. I think they could have easily improved this by at least making the mouse buttons larger. The bright side is that you can always use an external usb mouse if this is a major annoyance for you. Other than that, this laptop has surpassed all of my expectations. Here's a quick list of pros and cons:

    -Beautiful Screen with vibrant colors, high contrast ratio, and bright!
    -6-cell battery is amazing (offering 5 hours or more of use)
    -160GB HD, Runs XP great, good multi-tasking capabilities.
    -3 USB ports, and the Multi-card reader can read new SDHC cards
    -Built in mic and web camera (video from camera looks good)
    -Built-in Wifi worked well for me and web pages loaded quickly.
    -So portable and light... about the size of a small textbook.
    -Runs quiet and doesn't get hot while running.

    -Badly placed and designed mouse buttons
    -No DVD or CD drive (but no netbooks available offer one)
    -Screen could be larger (an extra inch could go a long way)


    If you're looking for an affordable and portable laptop that has enough processing power to run most applications, this mini-laptop might do the trick for you. It is perfect for the student that is always on the go... especially considering the long battery life. It's probably not the right one for you if you run processing intensive software though... such as video editing or gaming software. Overall, the Acer Aspire is an amazing little laptop that is a wonder (even for us tech geeks) to see in action....more info
  • Acer Netbook
    The Acer Aspire One Netbook is a terrific little PC because it not only works with the internet but has the ability to run Microsoft Office Applications, Audio and Video and when you add an external CD/DVD drive to it you can load ptograms to it. It is a rugged and lightweight and makes great travelling companion.
    Suggest getting a leather case for it with an outside pocket to carry the power supply and cord. Took it on several trips and connected to the Internet with no issues. This is a great little system because of the full keyboard. Suggest adding a wireless mouse to make it easy to navigate but the touchpad works with a little practice....more info
  • Desktop replacement
    This is probably the hottest machine around. Will probably get two more of these to replace my desktops and reclaim my living space. Only problem I had was adding my printers. Seems that it doesn't like printer servers or usb hubs. I needed to connect the netbook directly to the printers instead of thru a network. With such portability, it was just a matter of unplugging the usb cable from the printer server and connect the printer directly to the little netbook. Actually, it took me less than thirty seconds. My wife now wants hers in sapphire blue with a six cell battery instead and so does by son who will use it for school and when he is away from school and not close to his desktop computer. Certainly, this is money well spent. Please read all the positive comments from the other users. There is no sense repeating all the good reviews. You will not regret this purchase. Also, if using a notebook mouse, try them all out before you purchase. I did not realize how uncomfortablly small and tiny some are. I have large hands and had great difficulty making the adjustment to to smaller feel....more info
  • Not a bad netbook
    Yet another present for my girlfriend. She loves this little guy. Beware that the screen is small and it takes some getting used to. The battery last fairly long (I think more than an hour). Really lite and fast on the internet....more info
  • Satisfied
    I am very satified with this product and have enjoyed using it. It is very easy to travel with this laptop because of the small compact size. It was just what I have been looking for in a small laptop computer. I would recommend this product. Is there something that I can get to cover the top because it does pick-up smugs and fingerprints....more info
  • Great !
    This Netbook is Great. You may need an external cd drive to load your software. Love XP that's loaded. Buy the extended battery if you need more then 2 hours (adds weight and bulk + extra cost)....more info
  • GReat little machine
    I bought this when amazon was the shipper and it was a great price.
    For less than 300 (i know its 600 now) you get an Intel 1 atom processor 1 gb RAM and 120GB of space to work with. its great.

    the webcam is crystal clear, and the mic is up on the monitor, so theres no worry for feedback. the wide screen display is a great asset. this little machine is so much more easier to use than my dell which has almost the same aspects, minus the webcam.
    the keyboard is @ 90% the size of a normal one, and the trackpad is a moderate size... not too big, not too small.

    the only down-sides that i have with this thing is the fact that
    1 it only opens 170 degrees, which means you have to be careful not to overstress the moniter.
    also the fact that the buttons are on oposite sides of the trackpad is awkward for me.

    all in all, i say go for it when the price is right....more info
  • Acer Aspire
    I purchased this for my freshman son's school work. This netbook seemed to give the most bang for your buck. While shopping for it, some reviews complained of a noisy fan. I haven't detected any noise so far. He doesn't keep it on for hours on end, though. It is easy to use and the small keyboard is no problem to use. My 6th grader enjoys using it as well. It starts up quickly, but he probably hasn't burdened it with a lot of programs yet. He currently acesses the internet through our cable modem and has yet to take it out to test connectivity. I don't forsee any problems with that....more info
  • Customer Service?
    First, was absolutely spectacular with their customer service department! THANKS!

    As for Acer, there were problems. I removed my new netbook from it's factory sealed box and followed the setup instructions and turned it on. It shut down 30 seconds later. After calling Technical support at Acer, they informed me that it had a problem and needed to be sent to the repair facility in Texas. I insisted they replace it considering it was NEW! The Technical Support Operator told me repair was my ONLY option. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was denied that option. I will never do business with
    Acer again. Any company that won't replace a new item that is defective does not deserve to be in business. This is not the service you expect from a new up and coming company.
    ...more info
  • fast shipping
    shipping was fast except for UPS keeping package at the front door rather than at the leasing office......more info
  • My considerations for choosing this notebook
    I'm a computer professional. I already have a USB DVD burner, a USB keyboard, USB mouse, USB hub, external wide-screen monitors. I considered a full-size notebook for $ 100 more with a 15.5" screen, an Intel duo @ 2.2 GHZ, 3 GB RAM, Vista, more powerful video, HDMI, etc.

    Compare what you need and the purpose for buying a portable when deciding. If I didn't already have all the other peripherals, I would have chosen the full-size notebook for $ 100 more, which is quite a bargain compared to only a year ago. Of course, considering the rate of technology advances, in another year I wouldn't be surprised if these little netbooks are more powerful than today's full-size laptops.

    So I chose this model because I want something extremely light that I can actually put in my lap while watching T.V. - not some 10 lb. powerhouse. And the Aspire has all the I/O connections and network connections most anyone would need.

    ...more info