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Seagate FreeAgent Go Dock and Case 100521233 (Silver/White)
List Price: $37.99

Our Price: $17.76

You Save: $20.23 (53%)


Product Description

This pack contains a dock with 4 feet (1219 mm) attached USB cable and a durable, protective travel case.

  • Simply pop in your FreeAgent Go to easily access your files.
  • No more fumbling for cables!
  • Have a dock at home and work for the ultimate convenience.
  • Protective travel case included with dock accessory pack

Customer Reviews:

  • just as advertised
    This is the docking station for the Seagate FreeAgent hard drive, its a usefull complement to the FreeAgent and works well, even though it uses 2 USB ports, sits well on my desktop and looks reasonably good, I would have liked to have the product on another color since my FreeAgent unit is red but only Silver/White is offered at present. The length of the cord is appropriate. The quality of the components, plastic and cord is good. Overall this is a good product that works just as advertised....more info
  • Not Mac compatible!
    Watch out -make sure you get the correct versions for your computer. I bought the dock, the hard drive, a hard-sided case - basically the whole works - for my son only to find out that this version was only for PCS and was not compatible with Macs. This was not clearly marked on the package and since my son opened it and tried to install it before discovering the mistake, we couldn't return it. ...more info
  • A luxury item
    This dock is not needed to use the Seagate FreeAgent Go portable hard drive, but it sure makes a desk look less cluttered. I've got one for my computer and another connected to my SlingCatcher. Moving the hard drive between docks is easy and I I like how it only takes one hand to insert or remove the hard drive from the dock. I would consider the dock a luxury item....more info
  • FreeAgent Dock
    This product is great, the only reason why I did not give it 5 stars is the fact that it does require the use of two USB ports. Make sure that you have the room on your CPU....more info
  • Decent
    I don't understand why everyone talks about this coming free with the Seagate FreeAgent USB drive. I got mine only 3 days after most reviews and had to buy this separately. Anyway... this is a solid product. The dock gives your drive a nice profile. You don't need the 2 USB ports at all, only one to run this. The case is alright. I wish it were a little more sturdy than it is....more info
  • Great drive
    Great drive - good capacity and simple to use. Docking station is a must if used often...more info